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Michael Jackson Justice: Billie Jean is the Devil and Michael the "Chosen One"

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Billie Jean is the Devil and Michael the "Chosen One"

The “Keys” to the “Kingdom”
The Temple’s Desecration

“Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.

8. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.

9. I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

10. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

11. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

The passages above will mean something to you when we get to the end of this topic.  Keep in mind that the devil is a thief and a corruptor.

Who I am To You

Yesterday, Micheline and I had a very interesting conversation about DNA and I’m going to include it toward the end of this series, because it kind of fits in with what we discussed yesterday and will discuss tomorrow.

We had covered or rather, reviewed Michael’s symbols/emblems, his Neverland gates.  We covered Masonic Symbols, some scripture describing both Lucifer/Satan and Christ and finally we discussed the first ten minutes or so of the video posted below.

Solomon’s Key Revealed

In this video we covered the numbers 5, 55, 555, but Hoggard also discusses the number 4 and its prominent use in the Bible.  Going in order, the numbers he brings up are:

The numbers 10, 22, 23, 33 and the numbers 3 and 4.

 . . . My notes broke off yesterday with the numbers of the Bible relating to antichrist, Satan, Satan defeated, devils and the number of the wounds of Christ., those of the “5” numbers mentioned above.  Further in the video, Hoggard quotes Daniel 2:41.  It talks about the forth kingdom being divided.

And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.

42. And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

43. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

What does this mean? 

They are talking about the fallen angels. The ones in Genesis 6 that originally came to earth and had children with “the daughters of men”.

The first numbers prevalent in the KJV of the Bible that Hoggard mentions is the number 5 and the number 10.

In yesterday’s Ezekiel 28:13, Lucifer had ten different stones enlaid in his body, and pipes and tabrets (musical instruments) also in his body.

Celine Dion was quoted in a source that Michael’s body “was a musical instrument”.  I posted it on a previous blog not too long ago.  But Lucifer had ten different precious stones in him.  Where else did “ten” show up?

The ten commandments of course in Deuteronomy 4:13, and in Revelation 17:12 the beast has seven heads and “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.”

Then in 1 Samuel 25:37-38, Nabal’s heart dies and he becomes like stone for ten days, until the Lord smote him.

Nabal was the son of Baal.

Then Hoggard shows a picture of the Sephiroth which in Jewish Mysticism or “Kabbalah” is the “Tree of Life”. 


He explains that the mystery religion mixed with Jewish tradition (Israel played the harlot and her treacherous sister Judah, as told in Jeremiah 3 and did all the things God told the Jews NOT to learn from the Caananites. 

This Sephiroth has 10 attributes (in which they believe God manifests) and 22 paths to enlightenment.  The followers of Jewish Mysticism believe they will reach enlightenment by following the 22 paths between the attributes.

Freemasonry teaches the same thing, that you go through “levels” or “degrees” to obtain “Illumination”.

The Mormon church also teaches that men can become gods, and is based on Freemasonry, also by going through “levels”.  Same with Scientology, same with most of your pagan religions.

The Holy Bible is the ONLY book that promotes being “saved by Grace”.  The Bible is the only one that teaches coming to Christ “as a child” with “that kind of innocence.”  The only way we can obtain that is through the cleansing of Christ’s sacrifice for us, accepting and repenting.

Very few really understand the being “born again”. 

As we go through the information in this video, you are going to see clearly what “sin” is, what “corruption” is how God teaches us it can be repaired.

Hoggard attributes the number 23 as a big number in Kabbalah and other “mystery” religions, and shows how this number shows up in the King James translation of the Bible.  Again, did the Masons take these numbers from the Bible or was the Bible re-written to include these numbers?

The devil mimicks.  He doesn’t create.  Some background on the King James Bible:

Three important issues must be understood and addressed when discussing the translation of the Bible from one language to another: first, the reliability of the document being translated; second, the knowledge and skill of the translators and third, the philosophy of translation (formal or dynamic equivalence).  On all counts, the King James Bible still stands supreme.  In 1881, influenced by and sympathetic to the Darwinian theory of evolution, two men, Brooke Foss Westcott and Fenton J. A. Hort brought forth a different version of the Greek New Testament - one which differed from the Textus Receptus (the underlying Greek text of the KJV) in over 5,700 places.

This Westcott-Hort Greek Text was later to become the basis for the English Revised Version and the American Standard Version.  It gave great weight to two corrupted manuscripts-the Vaticanus (Codex B) which was found in the Vatican Library in 1481 and was known to the KJV translators but was not used by them, and the Sinaiticus (Codex Aleph) which was found in a monastery wastebasket at the foot of Mt. Sinai in 1844.  The Vaticanus and Sinaiticus appear to have been copied from the same source in the 4th Century and held great weight with Westcott and Hort due to their antiquity.  Tischendorf, who discovered the Sinaiticus manuscript, noted at least 12,000 changes that had been made on this manuscript by others than the original copyist.  It is difficult to understand why such documents as these could lead one to ignore the simple fact that the Greek text underlying the King James Version, the Textus Receptus, agreed with 90-95% of all known Scripture- related manuscripts, numbering over five thousand.”

 - Source, Jesusissavior.com___________________________________

Tyndale who’s work the Geneva Bible was based was strongly influenced by Martin Luther.  Martin Luther –

Luther taught that salvation is not earned by good deeds but received only as a free gift of God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer from sin. His theology challenged the authority of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church by teaching that the Bible is the only source of divinely revealed knowledge[2] and opposed sacerdotalism by considering all baptized Christians to be a holy priesthood.” – Source, Wiki on Luther

So this is why I still use the King James Version and Geneva Translations together.  It is the closest to the true manuscripts in existence without requiring me to learn Greek or Hebrew.   Michael’s past “Jehovah’s Witness” Bible, the “New World Translation” say they translated from the older manuscripts of Greek and Hebrew, however their textual basis is listed as Wescott and Hort, who are Jesuits who took a lot of their work from the Codex Vaticinus or the Catholic texts.

Comparisons of the earliest English translations consist of the Geneva Bible and the “Great Bible” (which included the Apocrypha)

The Great Bible includes much from the Tyndale Bible, with the objectionable features revised. As the Tyndale Bible was incomplete, Coverdale translated the remaining books of the Old Testament and Apocrypha from the Latin Vulgate and German translations, rather than working from the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts.” – source, Wiki/greatbible

The Geneva Bible is one of the most historically significant translations of the Bible into the English language, preceding the King James translation by 51 years. It was the primary Bible of the 16th century Protestant movement and was the Bible used by William Shakespeare, Oliver Cromwell, John Milton, John Knox, John Donne, and John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress . . . Like most English translations of the time, the Geneva Bible was translated from scholarly editions of the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Scriptures that comprise the Christian Old Testament. The English rendering was substantially based on the earlier translations by William Tyndale and Myles Coverdale (more than 80 percent of the language in the Genevan Bible is from Tyndale).[5] However, the Geneva Bible was the first English version in which all of the Old Testament was translated directly from the Hebrew (cf. Coverdale Bible, Matthew Bible).” – Source, Wiki/Genevabible

While all English version in print are missing all or part of the Apocrypha, those can be found and compared to the KJV scripture for truthfulness.   It is also interesting to note that the KJV of the Holy Bible was commissioned by King James of England and was completed in 1611.  On the same source as posted above:

“ . . . in the providence of God, two very important things happened in the 15th and 16th centuries for which we should all be eternally grateful. First, was the invention of the printing press and second, the Protestant Reformation. It was the combination of these two developments that made possible the translation and publication of the Authorized King James Version of the Bible in 1611. From then until now, this wonderful gift of God and its subsequent translation into every known major language in the world has changed the course of history and we enjoy its benefits today.”_____________________________________________

The highlighted section is foretold in the Bible by Jesus in one of my favorite chapters in the Bible:

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

14. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

15. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)"

No matter what translation you read, with a word changed here or a sentence structure change there, the truth is still in there, irrefutable.  They all tell the same story.  We can argue about syntax or what accent was on which consonant.  But prayer and faithful reading of the Bible will show you the answer if you are truly seeking it.  And God told us above that the gospel will be preached to all the world right before the end of days.

It was “All For Love”
L.O.V.E – Love, OVercomes Everything

It is pretty hard to argue a book that is coming true right before our very eyes.  Everyone one of you is a part of it.  This story . . . HIS-tory.

I will breeze through these other numbers mentioned, post their corresponding verses, then we will get to the meat of why these numbers are important and where this is all leading.

The Number 23

- Luke 23:23,  “And they were instant with loud voices, requiring that he might be crucified. And the voices of them and of the chief priests prevailed.”  This verse is also the 23rd occurrence of the word “crucify/crucified”.

- Serpent spoke 46 words (23x2) to Eve in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3. This is in verses 1, 4 and 5.

- There are 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) in the human cell. Source  (That’s not in the Bible but you will see how the Masons use this info too, so I pointed it out)

Scientific Diagram of human Chromosomes

Humans have 22 pairs of chromosomes with the 23 pair being the gender chromosome pair.  If a girl she will have two x chromosomes and if male, an “x” and a “y” chromosome.

- Living Sacrifice: This has nothing to do with the number 23 except indirectly.  It has more to do with the number four which will be explained further down.

Hoggard quotes Romans 12:1  “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.  2. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

This is a very interesting chapter in Romans, especially Romans 12:1, which describes offering ourselves as a “living sacrifice”.  This is the putting aside of yourself and giving yourself to the will of God, offering him to use you.  Giving yourself up to him  (God's way of saying, "Give In to Me".   Go check out the lyrics to THAT song - are we laughing now that he's not around?)

Ironically in Daniel 12:1, the Prince Michael is taken up, away. Goodness is taken out of the world and what happens?  A time of trouble like there never was since there was a nation.  We will come back to this later and make some Comparisons to physical loss of Christ and the loss of the Prince, Michael.

The Number 33

Next Hoggard quickly goes into the number 33 and their significance both in the King James version of the Bible and in Freemasonry.  The outline for these instances of 33 are:

- “the Beast” mentioned 33 times in New Testament

- “Beast” mentioned 132 times (33x4) in Old Testament

- Christ was 33 when he died on the cross. Christ dying on the cross shows destruction of the Beast – man of sin

- 33rd Word spoken to Eve by t he serpent in Genesis 6 is  the word “eyes”.

- 33rd Degree Mason (Scottish Rite) = All Seeing Eye or “Illumination”

Now comes the interesting part.  Hoggard discusses the numbers three and four in the Bible and in Freemasonry, why they are significant in the Bible, and why and for what the Masons use these numbers . . . .  There are some strange coincedences with Michael Jackson too.

Keep your eyes open . . . Michael knew everything.  Everything

Tomorrow, we will dig deeper in the desecration of the temple and what that means to you.

It happened much too soon
She called me to her room . . .


  1. "Luther taught that salvation is not earned by good deeds but received only as a free gift of God's Grace through faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer from sin."
    Bonnie said : "..prayer & faithful reading of the Bible will show you the answer"

    I am neither lutherian nor a regular reader of the Bible :o( but understand the fundamentals of the Word of God. However if one prays & reads avidly the teaching of the Bible but makes mean, egoist or inhuman deeds in life (many convinced Nazis went to church regularly), what's the point ? Adversely, humans showing natural compassion, generosity for others but not praying or reading regularly the Bible, will they receive no salvation & be left outside at the doors of Paradise ? e.g. I love Michael for his unique kindness & good deeds on Earth & before he could fully understand at the age of 5 his mother's religious teaching, Michael already showed his naturally-born goodness & empathy for the suffering ones. I do not challenge any Bible's holy words but its interpretation by the humans over the ages.

    1. Hi Line,

      Reading the Bible on a regular basis does not get you into Heaven. The DEVIL knows the Bible, so??? It's not in the brain what gets you there but what is in your heart. Reading the Bible just helps you understand God's character and the history of God's love for others. It's a wonderous book full of truth.

      Praying for me just keeps me closer to God. Anyone, from what I have read, who calls on God or asks for salvation will receive it. It's those who are moved through the heart that turn away from God that will not get in. God doesn't make our choices for us. We do have to decide to love God and others as ourselves.

      You don't have to READ THIS to FEEL THIS:

      John 13:34
      A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

      1 John 3:23
      And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment.

      And this one is the one I like too:

      1 Peter 3:8
      Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous:

      Line, you feel as I do when Michael passed? That kind of love? Then your heart has that capability. You were moved. I will be going more into this but consider Michael a wake-up call. The Bible just helps us better understand and recognize that when it happens to us.

      By the way, in Jermaine's book, this supposedly happened with Michael after Thriller (at home in 1984), not at the age of five . . . see what I mean about contradictions?

  2. Thanks Bonnie, very good answer & verses. I do not dispute the Bible's teaching, only our human contradictions. We are all inequally gifted spiritually but right, nothing prevents any of us from reading the Bible & attempting to live Its teaching. As to Michael, whether dead or alive & beyond our sorrow, he left on June 25, 2009 something deeply spiritual & good on Earth thus the "wake-up call" term indeed applies to him. Michael'faith at 5 : right; my sentence was just wrongly written.

    1. Hi Line, I know what you mean. I don't think of it as being inequally gifted. I do think that some either refuse to see (self is first, which is something we all struggle with from one moment to the next) and others just don't even know what their gifted and are in a period of discovery.

      It's like with ANY other relationship. A spark can be ignited to love someone, whether it be Michael, or a child you see that has suffered, compassion for an animal or God Himself. The Bible is the one book we have where we can get to know God and how he works. Then you really fall in love with him. Those who don't have access or have never seen a Bible can pray and talk to God. Others see God in creation but it is the love in the heart that God works with. Once you let that in God can show that person the rest and lead them in a direction to get to know him better.

      I do absolutely advocate reading the Bible because regardless of what word is used to describe an item or an emotion from one language or version to the next, the CORE truth is in there. Inquiring minds can seek out and pray about something they don't understand.

      Your sentence is not wrongly written - I saw that story about Michael being five years old too and I think it was quoted from Miss Katherine in an article. It may have even been on an interview.

      Lots of mixed up dates on quotes. Randy Phillips was quoted as saying Michael told him he's afraid God will give Prince all the good ideas when it was actually Quincy Jones that first recounted this back in the 1980's. So you are not wrong . . . the PAPERS are. :o)

    2. BONNIE, you are a God-sent teacher♥

    3. LOL! I don't know! Every once in a while I feel God yanking on my spiritual choke collar! Sometimes this is really hard. I shed a lot of tears, mostly of guilt for letting doubt creep in. I go back and forth with what the family is doing, or I see people I thought that loved Michael doing questionable things or cavorting with people that we all know hurt him. It is REALLY hard to take sometimes and I get angry. That's the worst. The anger keeps you from REALLY looking at what you THINK you're seeing.

  3. Lost in translation...
    That moment that you translate as Prince Michael left,
    "stand up" moment,
    in my Bible in my language, if I translate it to
    English, will be "rise", but I always took it as
    he sort of "rise against" something, not that he "left".
    Of course ours is in pretty ancient language too, and "rise"
    might be like he indeed left this world. That's my problem
    with Bible - I only know modern language (well, used for
    last 2-3 centuries anyway) and I "get" the text only from
    that perspective :( very limiting yet offers great number
    of interpretations, when I really want just 1. It's not
    easy, eh?

    Anyways, the moment Mr.Michael Jackson left us was unexpectedly
    moving, indeed, and many people who never were "fans" (after
    learning more about some, we might be happy we never were
    "fans") or
    even admirers were affected and cried, even though they thought
    there was no reason to cry. Love level was reduced
    drastically in the world, this is what I felt. Like Love
    was taken away, not to mention music.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Translation is found in 2 Thessalonians 2. Take note of verse 7 (Michael's number):

    5Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

    6And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.

    7For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

    8And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:"

    He that will be taken out of the way restrains the evil until that time that he IS taken out of the way.

    Last year I was reading Daniel 12:1 and for the first time associating it with Michael. This little spark deep in my brain went right to my heart. So I typed in a search term "What does "Michael stood up" in the Bible mean?"

    It took me to a Jewish site where they were talking about the Hebrew Bible and the translation of Daniel 12:1 to English.

    The words "Stand up" and "Stands for" was discussed. What they said was that the Archangel Michael was seen as the "restrainer" - the protector of the children of Israel (Not just Jews as some Jewish sites claim, but ISRAEL the tribes of). Those that could speak/read Hebrew were arguing with other "Jews" about this very topic and how modern Jews just took ownership of all the tribes of Israel and someone said "There will be very few Jews in Heaven".

    I got past that and searched down to the actual translation and copied it. I found it in my notes on the computer for you, so here it is:

    >>>>>>"Daniel 12:1 ve'ba'et hahee (And at that time) ya'amod (he will stand up/arise/stand up and stand still) mikha'el (Michael) hasar hagadol (the great prince) ha'omed (who stands) al beney amekha (over the children of your people)....

    The verb ya'amod is a Qal 3ms future verb meaning that a person stands up and stands still (not doing anything in this context). If Michael stood up to do something, then it would say so, but it doesn't. So the context is that he stops doing whatever he was doing and stands up and stands still.

    The second part of that verse in Daniel 12:1 tells us what Michael was doing, which was standing for the people of Israel against others (implies spiritual and physical).

    So Michael is assigned as the restrainer against forces that come against the people of God (both Jews and Christians). At that time, however, Michael is ordered to stand aside for a short time at the time the antichrist is revealed. This will bring a time of distress on the earth during the allotted time of power of the antichrist." >>>>>>>>>>>

    I don't believe this is strictly Israel's children but it was interpreted that way because Daniel, who received the vision is of the tribes of Israel.

    I was going to cover all this on a later blog, but there's a sneak preview.

    1. Sorry, ran out of room.

      I did not want to post this yet, but there it is.

      When you read this, please think about this in the context of what is behind this conspiracy. A couple of years ago, when I said this was about more than just a publishing catalog, I was not kidding. I just did not know exactly HOW TRUE that was. When you have top government agencies of the big three (We'll call them the U.S., Britain and Israel) doing their damnedest to take this man down, using just about every industry possible from the press and media to the legal, financial and even medical fields to CHANGE HIM and later try to kill him, you KNOW THEY KNEW WHO HE IS.

      There, I said it. They knew EXACTLY who Michael is. But I spent about a year in denial. What agent of God would wear gold clingy pants for crying out loud? I fought with myself over this back and forth and back and forth.

      Now this games goes to a whole new level. And the best is yet to come . . . That is if they don't shut me down now.

      Have a great weekend.

    2. * Thank you !!! * :)

  5. The translation issue is very involved. I sometimes think that those who are filtering their new/ancient beliefs in with the Word of God are making the very most of the 'translation' issue. It can be used to their benefit to slowly but surely present a bit of a different truth, so we must be aware. There is a certain reverand/pastor from the USA who is very busy mixing all sorts of beliefs into his agenda and people are buying it. Just recently I was reading about the 'stand up' issue and it actually stated that it meant to 'be still' or equally, 'stand your ground'. I pray that most people still know the Word.

    The chromosones have always reminded me of a little language when you look at them laid out !

    Have a nice day. TL

    1. Hi TL,

      That "certain reverend/pastor" wouldn't be Rick Warren now, would it? The new "Chrislam"?

      It's funny (or not funny - serious) that when I have a question about what something means the way it is phrased in the Bible, usually I will be shown in another verse, just like that 2 Thessalonians 2 that came in miraculously. I had always glossed over it before, for other more pertinent passages in that same chapter.

      Chromosomes!!!!! Yes, I am getting to that. It was supposed to be up tonight but a two hour phone call held me up. Perhaps tomorrow!

      Nitey-nite :o)

    2. Yes Bonnie, Mr Rick Warren !! Of course he's not alone, there are too many of his ilk.

      Cheers, TL

    3. Unfortunately you are right. Televangelists. Even my beloved Baptist churches that I grew up in. It's going to be the individual heart that gets reached, not the church hierarchy which seems to create a crutch sometimes for the individual seeking God. I worry about a lot of people who did what they are told, go to church yet don't know to cultivate their own relationship.

  6. Hello. I just wanted to say that i miss and love Micheal more than ever. Just when i think my grief is over, it comes back in tides. All i have to do is look at a photo of him and it all comes back. He has love in his eyes.
    I just want to add that if the Jackson brothers use a hologram of MJ on their "Reunion Tour", then i will be very angry and will lose all respect for them. Yet again, using MJ to make money when he isnt even here to voice an opinion. The Tupac thing was wrong too. Tupac is dead, so how does he have a choice if he is to be on stage or not? All so wrong. Let him rest. Cherish the memories, but dont do this!!!
    If the Jackson brothers were doing a tour with fresh material, and new songs and dances - then i would be all behind it. But they are not... they are using songs and routines Michael made them famous for. Its like they cant let the cash-cow go. Why cant they make their own music and make their own tours unique for themselves without MJs name? **shakes head**
    Ive given up following the likes of Karen Faye and TINI - they all make me sick. Three years of this has been too much for me and i just block them out.
    Unfortunately i was made aware from UK papers that Matt Fiddes and Mark Lester are going to LA to court to make DNA applications over the kids to prove they are theirs and not MJ's. I think 2012 i is the year the truth will come out and its about to get messy.
    There is even a rumour Janet is to get married and adopt MJs three kids????
    I wish MJ was still here. I miss him with all my heart.

  7. Hi Monika,

    You're not alone. One of the phone calls I had yesterday was Micheline. We both still go through this. With me its a little easier because I know ultimately why this is all going on but Micheline is not familiar at all with the Bible and we do a lot of talking about this (Hope she doesn't get mad at me for saying that).

    Then there are others that are just in denial of Michael's part in this and thats just because they haven't done the research which I can understand.

    LOL! I know! The hologram issue! Boy was I angry and we don't even know for sure if that is the case! We know Jackie was quoted as saying they MAY use one, but I'm sorry. I'm sure you feel the same way but that is just macabre. Do they have one tuck the kids in at night too? I mean its just too horrible to think about. Its no better than the thought of the estate executors and Sony killing off artists that don't want to cooperate and recreating them for profit. But even THIS is a distraction for what they really intend to do, not just with Michael, but with other "lying signs and wonders".

    I did see the news items about Matt Fiddes and "Oliver Twisted". Does Blanket have ANY of Fiddes features? At all? No. Let him go take his DNA test. Scarier than that? Once they get ahold of DNA, they can do practically anything they want with it. Why do you think Michael talked about having hair swept up after a trim for fear of people stealing it for DNA? That stuff wasn't put out there for fluff. Michael had real fears about that for a reason.

    I'm telling you knows everything that they are doing.

  8. Cloning is no secret.


    1. No it's not. Growing embryo's for stem cells is no secret either. Grow, slaughter them, build Frankenstein from the stem cell - up.

  9. Hi, Bonnie - why would I be angry that you said I was not familiar with the Bible? Not everyone is, and though my mother was raised a Catholic in France and my father attended Trinity Lutheran as a child in Brooklyn, my siblings and I grew up in a household without a formal faith and none of us attended any church. But as you know, the dynamic at the time was such that faith would not have saved our family from being torn apart. If anything, it would have masked the tragedy that was unfolding in a family that could not have been saved. The only solution was dissolution.

    But today, I appreciate how you have introduced me to the Bible in ways that relate to Michael, the conspiracy, all of our lives today and world events. Thanks to you, with what little I know now, the Bible is the only true moral compass society has if we hope to avoid self annihilation. And the way you integrate the Scripture with our real time circumstances is great for Newbies like me to get a taste of the Good Book. Do you think there is a "Bible For Dummies?" :-)

    I really had to share this part of my email to you today on the blog about Matt Fiddes:

    What is this SOB trying to do...turn little Blanket's life upside down?!?! If Fiddes is doing this, claiming he wants visitation, someone has to step in and protect Michael's child! You don't just pass a little boy around for visitation with so-called biological parents who never spent one lousy day trying to get to know the child. This is ABUSE! If Fiddes donated his sperm for Michael, that did not come with the right to take anything away from Michael. I posted some links below. The first one claims Fiddes is the father of five children, while another site claims he has only three children. In one of the sites, you will see a photo of Fiddes during Michael's trip to Exeter, UK (with Geller standing next to him). Take a look at the expression on Fiddes' face as he stands behind Michael. He locks in on Michael...looks evil. And in the last video link below, where it talks about Fiddes being a fraud claiming to be close to the Jacksons, Katherine claims Michael didn't even remember who Fiddes was! Then pause at 1:55 and look at his eyes and nose. His eyes are small, close together and deep set, like a monkey - not at all like Blanket's big dark eyes, which is a mirror image of Michael. And Fiddes' nose is nothing like Blanket's. Blanket has a small, broad shaped nose like his daddy. I don't care how many ninja schools Fiddes runs in the UK or Europe, this guy is a fraud when it comes to his paternity claim! I wonder if the media is just printing more lies, and that none of these claims are really true. For Fiddes, even if it's a lie, it's publicity that keeps his name out there. For the most part, the people who surrounded Michael were pigs and bottom feeders, who hung around him for the spotlight and a piece of his fame. When are these vultures going to leave this man and his children alone? :-(

    1. Matt Fiddes is not getting anywhere with this. Did he even really do this or is this just a tabloid story?

      IF TRUE - The worst that will happen is Matt Fiddes will pay for a DNA test on himself to prove one thing. That Matt Fiddes is Matt Fiddes . . . Oooooh! Big news! Meanwhile, Fiddes would have to get the American courts to demand a DNA test from a minor child of a celebrity and it ain't gonna happen. Nothing is going to happen. Miss Katherine will never grant permission and Fiddes is nowhere on the will so he has no grounds, even if he does try it.

      (I laughed at the "self-made man" comment. Yeah - Multi millionaire bodyguard? Wonder who financed his "highly successful" string of dojos? Uri Geller and some misappropriated funds from "Heal the Children"???

    2. "The Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Schools have been helping people improve their lives through teaching Martial Arts since 1997. Our main goal is to enhance self-esteem and confidence in a member. We achieve this through building self-confidence and character, and by developing a sense of respect for others, in addition to teaching incredibly effective self-defence skills and action-packed, fun classes!"

      Since 1997? Guess he didn't become "good" until AFTER being a bodyguard for Michael Jackson. THEN afterwards his business just took off, eh?

      Question . . . If Matt Fiddes was a successful teacher of Martial arts "since 1997", how and why did he end up being a body guard for Michael Jackson AND WHO was running his school?

      "At 29 Matt Fiddes has risen rapidly to become one of the world's leading martial arts training gurus. The Matt Fiddes Martial Arts brand is now based at 500 clubs and Matt has become a successful entrepreneur who works to support charities, especially those that help children develop and fulfil their lives."

      According to this, Matt Fiddes was 14 years old when he started his Martial arts school, and he was only 18 when he began "bodyguarding" Michael. Further down it says this:

      "Bullied throughout his time at school in Swindon Matt became a black belt martial artist at the age of 11 and had opened his first martial arts school aged just of 17. He went on to own the largest Martial Arts school in the UK within just six months."

      Weally???? So a year after he began being a bodyguard for Michael, he went on to own the largest Martial Arts school in the UK.

      Self made man or HELPED HIMSELF to someone else's funds? Uri had Michael so drugged up, no wonder he didn't know who Fiddes was (according to Miss Katherine).

    3. I had read an old article at one time which state Matt gave his services to Michael for nothing. Michael knew Matt had made his own money and was more trusting of him knowing he wasn't hanging around Michael to gain something. I saw a photo of Matt, Uri, Mark and Schmuley (if I remember correctly) and they'd had the christening of one of Matt's children and two of these guys were the Godfathers. Jermaine and Tito planning that show with Matt a few years ago had me in two minds about Matt, the same way I am about Uri. I can't help but think of Uri saying how proud he was to be a part of Michaels extraordinary comeback. The one that could only be outdone if Elvis came back to life! Something going on with these friends from England.


    4. I don't know how old the article is, I read that two days ago on one of the tabloids online about it (May have been the one I posted the link to, I'm not sure).

      You said "Michael knew Matt had made his own money and was more trusting of him knowing he wasn't hanging around Michael to gain something" . . .

      >>>>>>>>>>> Is this your assertion or is this what it said in the article? Miss Katherine said Michael didn't even remember who Matt was and I can't imagine Fiddes just volunteering to "bodyguard" Michael in his late and very early 20's out of the "goodness" of his heart when he had a fledgling martial arts school to run. Being good friends with Uri, I can only IMAGINE the kind of training he had . . . as a kid.

      Michael wrote Geller off back in 2002. I wonder what part Geller thought he was going to have in Michael's comeback?

      And what of that message at the top of the artwork?

      "Angel 2000"

      Was he killed in 2000?

    5. I read that older article about Matt a couple of weeks ago. I didn't find it in here. Actually I was reading a few articles about the English connections, as I do from time to time. Its not my assertion Bonnie, it was from the article but not a direct quote. I've wondered on occasion if Michael had already passed long before June 25th. I have other thoughts about what might have gone on from about 2000 onward, or perhaps earlier actually but one is never game to say too much out loud.


    6. TL, thank you. I didn't see quotes around that which is why I asked. I don't remember if it went into that much on the article I read.

      I believe "This is It" was written in a way to be interpreted both ways, which is why I was so attacked about Michael's "four years to get it right" - The Luciferian side really believes Michael gave in. I do not. The song chosen for "This is It" is incredible. Right out of the Bible. Then when I succumb to doubt and start to cry, I go back to the Bible and it's in there . . . the whole battle/deception/strong delusion and the "let the reader understand" and Michael's "Don't let go of my hand".

      I'm with you on the possible priors to 2000. "I'm onto her game and she'll get played the same".

  10. Giant hail in China - I don't know how big rice bowls are over there, but that is how big they say they were:

    Nice picture

    10th, 11th, 14th and 15th in (respectively) Texas, Missouri, Nebraska and Tehran Iran

    raining dead tadpoles in Japan

    This happened April 10, 2012 in Oklahoma, 4.25 inch hail

    Beam me up, Scotty!

  11. Princes and Michaels abound ! 'Prince' or 'Michael' or 'Prince Michaels' everywhere we turn in this saga. And Michael left us on Princes special day. Yes Kenny felt the need to tell the Prince story to Oprah too, and there was something very curious about that snippet.

    I see Uri mentioned above. I often wonder about his interesting artwork that was used for Michaels album (the culled version at any rate). All symbolism. Israel noted. Ancient/New Age piece.
    I still have a question mark next to Uri's name on the list.

    Have a nice day, TL

    1. What was Prince's special day? June 25th? Prince was born on June 7th and Michael's son Prince was born on the 13th of February. Blanket on Feb. 22.

      Uri Geller - I've seen better artwork but . . .

      Note at the very top it says "Michael" then "Angel 2000". To our right is "U.S.A. Jerusalem" one word written under the other. A sideways pyramid (three sides) and below that a "cube" (four sides) four plus three is seven . . . I'm working on that now.

      At the ver bottom under the fish that says "God" underneath it, is the words "You are I love". Going back up the center and to our left is another pyramid with flames shooting out of the base on on the pinacle, spaceships, the head of an eagle (or phoenix) and the all-seeing eye. There is also dead center a man and a woman . . . this is either the churchbride and the Christ bridegroom OR this is the "sons of God/daughters of men".

      Oh, and right above the fish tail (where it says God) is the date August 29, 1958.

      Anyone want to guess what that means???

      Kenny on Oprah

      "Like a firefly . . . shines from the inside out", "He's still so much alive for me, thank God", and "Michael is so present in the film" . . . (well, he was IN IT wasn't he?)

      I don't know what you mean about having a question mark next to Uri's name on the list. What list?

    2. Bonnie, Prince as in Big Prince, the singer. Michael left on the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain. I had a personal chuckle over this. Maybe I shouldn't be so irreverant.

      I know Uri and all the English cohorts. I'm in about 10 minds over the goings on with some of these connections.

      Cheers, TL

    3. Luciferan and Luciferase - makes the lovely shiny bioluminescent creatures Bonnie. That spooked me seeings Michael specifically called Kenny to ask for fireflies, or so he tells us.

      Sorry for the many small messages. TL


      Well, now we know what is behind the scientific community.

    5. TL, I had asked what List you were referring to when you said you had a question mark next to Uri's name. I wasn't sure what you meant by that and was asking for clarification.

    6. My own personal list. Those that leave me pondering their roles in all of this.

      Regards, TL

    7. So you have a question mark next to Geller's name? Hmmmm. I never did. I've seen the pyramids in his back yard during strolling interviews in his back garden.

  12. I agree with spotlight. Matt Fiddle have monkey eyes and he also have a face as long as a Fiddle. But why waste your time talking about him when there is great news out there, like Robin has awakened from his coma!! Hang in there Robin, please God let him stay on planet earth for a while longer. He still have important things left to do. And he seems to be such a nice person. He deserves to be alive and happy. Miracles happens, you know miracles happen……

    1. Thank you for posting the news, Anonymous. Seems to be the second time he's cheated death. Hopefully prayers are answered on Robin. :o)

  13. Uri Geller is good friends with Mark Lester, Matt Fiddes, Shmuley Boteach, Deepak Chopra and was the one who introduced MJ to Bashir for a fee : nice little Scavenger clique ! Uri Geller introduced evil-eyes Matt Fiddes to Michael in 2002..they all abused Michael but couldn't control him. Now they attempt little by little to reach to the MJ3. And wait until these kids further grow-up :o((

    1. Exactly Line - "clique" is a very good description!

      Wonder what they think they're going to get out of the children? These people only know "ownership" of people. I keep remembering the picture of Michael and the expression on his face in that picture with Debbie Rowe. NOT HAPPY on his wedding day with his hand on her baby bump! And DEFINITELY NOT HAPPY in any of the pictures with Geller and Fiddes.

      Question - Michael Jackson's 1999 interview with MTV -

      First think I notice is his eyes. Something very, very wrong with them.

      Second thing I notice toward the middle and then toward the end. Michael cannot remember the names involved in his videos and who wrote Thriller - the interviewer has to prompt him! Steve Barron, Bob Girardi and Rod Temperton. He can't remember these names????

      He also remembers he did not come up with the concept for "Bille Jean" so he says. So if he didn't come up with the concept, then this was not about Michael's "brothers" groupies (as he supposedly states in Moonwalker). And it further cements my assertion that "Billie Jean", with the "Illuminating" sidewalk wherever Michael walks and the "Illuminating" bed when Michael gets into it (In a hotel with the sign's lights out - enter "This Place Hotel/Heartbreak Hotel") and couple that with Uri's artwork AND Biblical scripture and what do you have?

      Not a wholesome picture.

    2. Second Question, to Line . . . .

      Line, the two women on the billboard in Billie Jean. One with blondish hair and the other one that bears a resemblance to a young Diana Ross . . . any opinions on that?

    3. Line, let me add, Michael remembers Tempterton's name but calls him "a German fellow". At 10:10 Mike says he didn't "come up with that concept" for the "Billie Jean" film and says "I think a British fellow uhmmm, " and the interviewer prompts him "Steven Barron" and Michael says, shaking his finger, "yeah, Steve Barron" (even though the interviewer mentioned Steve Barron earlier in the interview in place of Bob Gerardi). Michael had NO CONTROL over that film and begged for a piece to dance, so they I guess allowed that and that is where the "Illumination" of the sidewalk where he dances/walks" is added.

    4. Line, At 10:43 on that MTV interview Mike says that "ONE OF THE WOMEN ON THE BILLBOARD is Billie Jean . . ."

      So who is the other one?

    5. Woooh ! Bonnie, you challenge whatever nano-grey is left in my brain cells, but first I see a strong black eye-liner under Michael's eyes : with such great eyes, superfluous:o) Now apart Michael's omissions you named above, all I see is his usual-self adorable but vulnerable human being speaking articulate about the Thriller's start & making-of, even avowing his fear to watch scary movies ! In the 1980s, Michael had certainly chemistry to work with the colourfoul character John Landis but Michael in Thriller was already well immersed in the Illuminati "bed" but maybe didn't realize fully yet & if he did, what could he do ? but in 1999, he knew & his Song in the Rio favellas was already 2-3 years behind. The Thriller music & the originality of its Video are great even today but the Video's theme very scabrous in 1982. All I retain is again what Michael said however in other words: they make of you (Michael & others) a very rich & successful star (Thriller/Illuminati theme), keep you in their clutches & if you don't obey like a puppet to their rules, the slow descent to hell begins. Michael in 1999 was well advanced in this descent but he had to keep his composure publicly e.g. this 1999 interview.

      Billie Jean girls : both beautiful but with cold & preying eyes, especially the blond one. Groupies are dumb but these two are dangerous : under the form of seductive femmes fatales, did they actually represent somber entities working in the background ? Michael had no relationship with any blondish girl then, or ..? Debbie Rowe & LMP (not blond) were not in the picture yet. In Billie Jean Michel had the roleplay of a saddened guy but his own eyes did not play : at the height of his success, his eyes were really sad as if Michael still very young felt a sort of foggy premonition of his destiny. Also the Thriller Video was his own creation but very Illuminati influenced (who knew it then?) thus beyond Michael's own control in 1982. Sorry, Bonnie, I know it is not the brilliant answer you expected but it is only my honest, spontaneous..& usually long one. Now your correct answers...??:O)

    6. Before you said : Diana Ross. So did the "illuminate path" start with Motown & end up with Ross's name on a Will ? otherwise...heeeelp !

    7. or.. Susanne de Passe from Motown ?

    8. Line, here's a pic of the young Susanne DePasse

      I tried to find one of the same angle. The mouth is too wide but the possibility is there too. The line that bothers me from "Billie Jean"

      "she called me to her room - it happened much too soon". meaning he must have been very young. Susanne didn't have the access to Michael that Ross did living with Michael. for over a year (according to some sources). I remember Miss Katherine saying how quiet Michael became after touring with Motown early on , "he changed after he started touring, I think the stage did that to him".

      Getting angry again.

      Now I want to smack people.

    9. Michael Jackson explains Billie Jean : publicly, but was it the same version privately ?

    10. Oh, and that interview with the older gentleman (what's his name?) where he said Michael told him on a tour bus "there's just some things you can't tell your parents".

    11. Oh! And I agree with you. THAT Michael, even though I don't like the look in his eyes, sounds like the real Michael even though he can't remember Steve Barron's name, Bob Gerardi's name or can't remember the Ron Temperton is British and not German. (He did study some in Germany). It sounds as though Michael is trying to remember lines on parts of this.

    12. Maybe Michael's eyes looked that way because the inteviewer's voice looked a bit similar to the cold voice of the lawyer who interrogated him in 1996 in the poignant & heartbreaking Video we all know :

      Now I go to bed. As I'm awful at guess games, you can smack me but ..I run no risk from here :o) Good nite ! Diana Ross...Grr...if so, it was so long ago, but which role she might still play, this is what would worry me now.

    13. Michael recited what he said Billie Jean was about. The lyrics though tell something else. No. Not at all about groupies. (he's admitted to the labels wanting him to lie about something as mundane as how old he was as a kid).

      LOL! You have no idea how long my arms really are! But I won't smack you. No way!

      Don't you just get that urge to reach in that video and take him out of there. (And smack Howard King instead?)

  14. Illustrated at the centre of the picture are the profiles of a man and a woman looking towards each other crowned with the head of an eagle and bound between their lips by a symbol representing the tunnel of light. Light that shines for future hope and love. The word PEACE and a heart connect their third eyes representing love and calmness.

    Uri explains what all of it means. This is why I said 'new age' and 'ancient' earlier on.

    Regards, TL

    1. I did read that further down. But if you know Uri's religion then you also know what "bloodline" he thinks is responsible for his "Illumination".

    2. There are too many symbols in Uri's artwork that suit well the group of people who are busy trying to turn the world into one massive Kibbutz. No offense intended to those who like the idea of a Kibbutz but you know what I'm referring to Bonnie. We are all ONE can have different meanings, can't it?

      Oh and if you are referring to Sigmund, yes I'm aware.


    3. Before I sleep I just wanted to say that I think of the Disneyworld 2002 video of Michael and I believe that is him (its those eyes) so hopefully the Angel 2000 does not mean Michaels literal death.

      Goodnight/day, TL

    4. Uri's Artwork with its symbols was long all over many an artist's album covers. What may have changed was perhaps Uri's zeal in putting out too much too soon. (Michael as God or an Angel for example).

      No, I was not referring to Sigmund, I was referring to "The Watchers".

      Disney 2000 - There are two distinct differences I have noticed in Michael's eyes from one video on youtube to the next. And that is the prominence of his eyelids, shape of his mouth and his jawline/chin. And I don't believe these features jumped up and down from one day to the next, I don't care how much surgery the press and the other conspirators say he had. You don't go from no eyelids to heavy lids and back and forth every few months. We have the same anomaly in the "This is It" film. Michael's eyes are either soft and lidless or they are heavy lidded and hard looking.

      Good example of the contrast is the 1999 MTV interview posted above (eyes hard, lifeless, heavy lidded) and the Disney 2002 film (eyes soft, lids not visible, brows heavier, mouth softer and fuller etc....)

      Same with the period pictures with Uri Geller and Boteach. you have a seemingly drugged, heavy lidded Michael standing in front of Parliament or at the Exeter Soccer Match (he looks drugged), or you have the soft featured Michael sitting with Geller, Boteach and Ariel Sharon in 2001. There he is actually slightly smiling and does not look drugged.

      Not sure the "happy" one is Michael. You look at Michael's younger pictures and he has rather prominent eyelids (example )

      Makes you wonder how many Michael's were running around out there and "which" Michael had all the surgeries.

      There is also a tie to the vitiligo and the Pineal gland. Interesting.

    5. Sorry, one more . . . this one with both Ross and DePasse together. The whole thread is on the both of them trying to look "white" or "high yellow" whatever that means.

      Scroll down and you will see pics of Ross kissing Depasse and other pics of Depasse.

    6. BONNIE, I can't copyyour links !?

    7. I typed your link & yes, saw both their pics. So these are the 2 "Billie Jean" ? Now I go to sleep for good. G-nite.

    8. Apologies, when you said 'bloodline' I was thinking his actual, literal bloodline, relations, family etc. It always had me a bit gobsmacked knowing Uri and Frued are supposedly related.


    9. Line,

      I'm sorry, I know its a pain in the butt, but I had to copy protect. If you can when you come upon the link, open the window and then copy the link in the browser bar. The comments though should have clickable links but Google doesn't allow. I don't know how to copy protect just the blog content and leave the comments free.

      To TL - Yes, that fact hit me like a ton of bricks too. Then to learn that Uri is up to his pencil neck in our CIA and was around poor Michael with that viper Boteach tag-teaming as Michael's handler.

      Family business.

  15. I WAS WRONG . . .

    Last year, I posted a song from Evanescence.

    It's about Michael, and not flattering either

    "Call Me When You're Sober"

    Don't cry to me.
    If you loved me,
    You would be here with me.
    You want me,
    Come find me.
    Make up your mind.

    Should I let you fall?
    Lose it all?
    So maybe you can remember yourself.
    Can't keep believing,
    We're only deceiving ourselves .
    And I'm sick of the lie,
    And you're too late.

    Don't cry to me.
    If you loved me,
    You would be here with me.
    You want me,
    Come find me.
    Make up your mind.

    Couldn't take the blame.
    Sick with shame.
    Must be exhausting to lose your own game.
    Selfishly hated,
    No wonder you're jaded.
    You can't play the victim this time,
    And you're too late.

    Don't cry to me.
    If you loved me,
    You would be here with me.
    You want me,
    Come find me.
    Make up your mind.

    You never call me when you're sober.
    You only want it cause it's over,
    It's over.

    How could I have burned paradise?
    How could I - you were never mine.

    So don't cry to me.
    If you loved me,
    You would be here with me.
    Don't lie to me,
    Just get your things.
    I've made up your mind.

    She's singing from the position of the Devil in the music industry to Michael - asking him to "make up his mind" . . . "jealously hated no wonder your jaded you can't claim the victim this time . . . "

    Couple this with the "Seventh Son" from Iron Maiden. The whole industry is in on this, some artists more willing than others.

  16. Regarding the 'different faces of Michael'. The Michael at the Wall St opening in August 2001 is not the Michael that got up and performed the two shows soon afterward for the 30th anniversary. You cannot have a thick nose at the end of August and then a very thin one and a whole new tight looking face a few days later. I guess this is why I look to the Disneyworld video of 2002 and think to myself that that Michael looks more like the Michael I think of than either of the Michaels we saw in New York. Now that whole period of time in New York is integral to a larger story. The Michael that sang Blood on the Dancefloor looks more like the Michael from the 2002 vid at Disneyworld. All very confusing. Of course, that's the plan, never let anyone be too certain of what's what and who's who.


    1. Huh. I can't seem to find the Wall Street Opening now (Wasn't it his birthday or something? He was turning 43?)

      I agree with you. And according to "This Time Around", Michael knew he was being faked and WOULD be faked. Not just doubles but FAKES.

      Yes, I noticed that same thing with his nose, even during the Bashir documentary. Some speculated that there were three different Michaels. (getting angry again).

      I think the reason we lean more toward that 2001 Disney World Michael is because he is wearing very little makeup, he has "soft" eyes. As a matter of fact I will bet you (not much, I'm broke) that the 2001 Disney Michael is the same Michael we see sitting next to Ortega watching the auditions for dancers in TII. Some of the TII Michael's look like women because the shoulders are so narrow (Mike has broad shoulders).

      The BOTDF Michael looks the least like Michael of any other of the films he's done. Ghosts is definitely him. I would bet my life on that one. I have thousands of pictures of him on my computer and flash drives (I just dumped a bunch of duplicates). Maybe this is why the BOTDF Michael is sitting down dancing most of the time or "posing" near a table or chair?

      I wonder how Michael feels with people fawning over pictures of him that are NOT him? He's got to be watching all of this from somewhere.

  17. Bonnie,

    You made mention of Uri's pyramids. He is not the only one that has me literally panicked over symbols of the ancient/new. Do you ever have a look at the sites of Donte (his Tumblr), Genevieve and sometimes Obee. Not to forget Prince and Paris with their scalar medallions. I was hoping beyond hope that these young people were 'pretending' to be interested in all of this to throw certain people off the scent. I pray I'm right but who knows?


    1. I have seen Donte's tumbler. Then you have Jaafar posting the "anti-Illuminati" gifs and images. Makes you wonder if they sit across from each other at Miss Katherine's dinner table and throw these things at each other.

      I didn't notice Prince and Paris' medallions. I'm going to assume they are pretending. If not, then I'm sure God will deal with the Jackson family as He sees fit. I defended them enough. I am reaching for the truth. They know what it is. I'm not going to let go of Michael's hand to grab theirs. They know what they are doing and they know what it looks like. I'm sure they were prepared for the fallout. I pray for them because this is not play. They make me angry sometimes but I can't waste time on that anymore. I'm sure they've seen things I don't want to.

    2. Yes, I'm praying its all a distraction tactic of Michaels. It has to be.


  18. I seem to remember Kanye and Beyonce singing a somewhat shocking song at the 2009 BET award show tribute to Michael. They basically seemed very happy that he was gone and to this day its been one of those things that make me go hmmmmmm...clear path for someone else to step up? Of course I cannot seem to find a video to support my memory. None of the performances that nite seem to be on youtube. DId anyone see/remember this?
    Bonnie still don't know what prayer you had answered from the other day. Am I being impatient or nosey LOL

    1. MJS, I dont' watch T.V. so I didn't see the BET awards either. Yes, some artists seem happy, other just seem strained. I don't think they are anticipating "stepping up". I do think though, that they are waiting for the "next level" of this thing and that may include a fake.

      The prayer I had answered . . . Well, It's coming. It was a Bible verse I found that answered a question that I will share with you. This was supposed to go up tonight, but the topic was too long so I cut it close. It connects more dots, lets put it that way.

  19. This is 2002. I note the eyes here.


  20. Hey Bonnie,

    Hope all is well with you. I've been very busy lately with school and job search and hadn't read your blog for about two weeks...I just got caught up a couple days ago; have just been skimming really to get the gyst of the direction you're going. I'm not happy that I can't get in depth into the blog right now
    :( I did read a few comments today tho and some of them really reflect where I've been at for a while now...that being thinking there were multiple Michaels out there. Whenever I see pictures of him or see video, I'm constantly looking at his eyes, his jawline, his mouth, cheeks, etc. comparing to see if I think it's him or an imposter. smh

    Anyway, the reason I'm writing is that I read a comment of yours above and thought I'd help you out with an explanation.

    You said "the whole thread is on the both of them trying to look "white" or "high yellow" whatever that means"

    "High yellow" means light-skinned or very light-skinned black. It's a term from a while back, probably the 50's or even before, used by blacks to describe another black person who is very light-skinned. So, using it in context for Diana Ross and Suzanne DePasse, and using it in the sentence above, they were trying to look white or a shade or two darker, or high-yellow. Hope this helps.

    I'm on break next week, so hopefully I can go back and read a few of the posts more in depth. :)

    Take care.


    1. Deb,

      Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . likely story, LOL!

      Multiple Michael's. Remember this 2-Part blog topic? (Links aren't clickable. Use search feature and type in "tale of two michaels")

      I know! This is why I have so MANY pictures of him on my drives. My husband so makes fun of me and Micheline has heard him in the background when we are discussing our speculations about there being different Michaels (My husband is such a child sometimes). He'll tease me saying "you know every freckle behind every fold of skin and left nostril flair" etc, etc, etc and he goes off on one of his "rants" as my son Jon calls them.

      What other reason can there be for a 5'9 and a 5'11 Michael, or a tiny nose vs thicker nose, or a deeper chin cleft from one day to the next, or a square face to an ablong face with a sharper chin, wide eyelids to recessed eyelids to no eyelids, protruding eyes to deeper set eyes, irises that are bigger in one pic than another, hands that change appearance from one day to the next . . . yeah. More than one Michael.

      Thank you for the explanation on "high yellow". I can't wait until the day that we are all just PEOPLE!

      "they got place baby
      kicked in the face baby
      you hate your race baby
      you're not the liar"

      Thanks Deb . . . don't let the stress get to you.

  21. As always Bonnie Love your insight I have only just had time to watch the Prophecy Club video very insightful to say the least!

    Matt Fides - he's totally a dooshbag - I took pics of his twitter just because I could not believe what I was reading . In a scary way he praised Michael then he put him down in the same sentence . I sort of perceived he was jealous of Michael's Fan Following or even admiration Michael still gets today.

    He also mentions that Uri is like a father to him. I am not very clued up so I am reserving my comments but I just feel so strongly that maybe Uri is making Matt say or do what he is doing maybe it is a part of his plan. Matt always seems to state " I was self made millionaire at the age of 20." But then on his twitter page he tweets to other famous people asking if they remembered him being MJ's BodyGuard etc etc like a lost little boy crying out for his own admiration also self promotion with a bad taste.

    Matt has deleted many of his tweets when he went on full rants . Maybe he got some good advice, however i have all the original. not too sure if this one is still up but it def gave me a deep look into his soul when he replied to someone saying those children are Michaels facts are facts; his reply " oh yes they do look like Black Americans don't they ? Have all the features and black skin like their cousins Grow Up"

    That shocked me he a total nutcase !
    This is shocking and crazy I feel he's a puppet for someone else's ill wishes toward our beautify MJ3 Lets pray for them all. Sometimes Its all too much.

    P.S Bonnie your links I can't copy :( !


    1. ROFLMBO Selena! Your description of Matt Fiddes. That's an expression my son uses all the time . . . trying to get him to stop or at least keep it confined to conversations with his friends.

      You mention Fiddes being jealous of Michael and the adoration he gets, which when seeing this myself is what reminded me of the lyrics to the Evanescence song "Call Me When You're Sober". It seems like a complete stab at Michael and his "disobedience" to the "system", but there is also some very distinct jabs at God and/or Christ (Can't keep believing, we're only deceiving ourselves and I'm sick of the lie . . . Must be exhausting to lose your own game? and "You're too late" - As if!) I don't like her anymore.

      Yes, I have no problem perceiving Geller as Fiddes "handler" and I'm sure brought him up into a proper Illuminati Slave. Why is it that you can see in the eyes a person who's soul has atrophied?

      I never paid attention to Fiddes Tweets but one has to wonder what wack job would send their kids to a martial arts school with someone THAT undisciplined teaching kids?

      I'm sorry you can't copy the links. I had to copy-protect because of pain in the butt unscrupulous people. If it makes you feel any better I can't copy my own work either. I type it in or do a search on half the url.

  22. I listened to the 1999 interview he looks different because he is skinnier to me he lost weight maybe his lupus came back at that time he did become sickly in 2000. He said he wrote billie jean on rodeo drive in LA (in another interview) I saw he says its about groupies I dont know ....the lyrics when I read them seem like someone is tempting him to do something he does not want o do especially when he says "40 days and 40 nights" like in the bible...he has bad memory most fans say I dont know if its medication or he could have been drugged ...his laugh sounds genuine so I know its mike in this video for sure.

    1. I'm talking about his eyes, JA. His eyes are wrong. Something is wrong with them. I did notice he was thin, yes. Aside from that he could not remember either Bob Geraldi Nor could he remember Steve Barron (Billie Jean's director! Seriously!)

      Yep, you have the same thoughts I did a blog entry or two back, we went over the lyrics to Billie Jean, the "round" (Illuminati Round Table - Headquarters). It's the section of lyrics where he sings "She told my baby we danced til three then she looked at me, then showed a photo of a baby crying his eyes were like mine" and "the kid is not my son". He has three children - the THIRD ONE has eyes like his. I don't want to go there.

  23. I beleive diana ross was apart of MJ's initiation he loved her from he was young till the 80"s he wanted to marry her he was "sprung" as we young people would say. And Diana is a whore she slept with barry gordy and gave the child her husbands name she slept around to move up higher in the industry. Michael and Diana i believe used to be intimate sexually even probably to the end of her first marriage in the late 70's. Thats my take on "Diana Ross. So did the "illuminate path" start with Motown & end up with Ross's name on a Will ? otherwise...heeeelp ! " you have me thinking she wrote a song similar to your are not alone a cover in like 1996 or 97 and she said somthing like she wanted to reach out to Michael with the song I read it in a magazine.

    1. I'm not calling anybody those kinds of names, JA. We don't know ANYTHING about Diana for sure. We are asking questions.

      I don't think Michael and Diana had anything physical. A handler is a possibility. The Illuminati Path could have begun before Motown. Michael did not put Ross's name on that will. I think most fans believe that will isn't worth the paper its written on.


    what do you make of this Macaulay saying he wants to distance himself ...side eye Macaulay I thought he stood by MJ. Didnt he testify in 2005????

    1. Yes he did testify. When he said distance himself, he didn't mean it in a bad way, he meant it respectfully, in giving Michael his space and not crowding him. I believe there were some people that Michael wanted sheltered from this stuff. Michael knew it was about more than just an overzealous D.A. And he didn't want friends dying over this.

  25. I think the BOTDF Mike is the real Mike he looks good there actually he just has on more wight looks a bit buff maybe gym his cheeks are not sunken like when he looses weight they are fuller could be due to weight gain or a little surgery post sweeling...I am not in no way one of those who believed he did a whole lot but he did sum to tighten up for youth and maybe less wrinkles.... LOL i didnt know what BOTDF mean i had to google lol

    1. I voice is definitely his. I tend to agree with you on that being the real Michael. He's in a lot of makeup there and you see very little of the "real" him. I like the lyrics of the song. The lyrics and "To see the world as I do enjoy this simple dance" - The Dance with Billie Jean "in the round"? That is the only way we are GOING to see the world as he did - in his shoes.

  26. Ok fair enough I will not call Diana names on your blog ok but I can otherwise just not here .I am done asking questions about her my mind is made up even if the will fake or not fake with regards to her in that will...I was quoting someone above on the will comment I did not say MJ put her in the will.Listen here at the end of the day Michael was a man... and all men have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I don't believe all that virgin crap in the media sorry.The chemistry between them I have seen for years tells me otherwise and it has been hinted at by people in the music industry for years. I have a right to my belief of Diana and my opinion, I am not pushing my opinion on anyone.

    1. Just trying to keep it clean here. I don't hate Ross regardless of what part I may think she played in Michael's torture.

      Yes Michael was a man. But you understand that your "opinion" although entitled to it is just an "opinion" and not fact. Michael and his interview with Oprah in 1993 - He's a gentleman. I think its a shame that people have to sully the word "virgin" as if it is some "abnormal" thing to be.

      I don't care about people's "opinions" in the industry. You saw what good they did Michael, don't you? The "chemistry" that I saw was of a shy little boy who idolized Diana. After 1993, I didn't see ANY of that. He didn't have a chance to think of anyone innocently again which is why he didn't trust adults. I guess you have to truly listen to his songs and the lyrics instead of listening to the garbage that comes out of the mouths of the lurid in the music industry.

      I do believe Michael loved Diana, as a person he probably knew when through hell in the industry. But after his early twenties I didn't see any chemistry. They were rarely together after 1993 and Liz Taylor was busy "handling" him then. And discussion about who people think Michael "bedded" is not what this blog is about, so that is the end of this conversation.

    2. pardon my typos - I'm on 2.5 hours of sleep. And I can't copy and paste comments so you're stuck trying to figure out what the heck I was trying to say, LOL!

  27. Give me the link to the round table post please. I searched Illuminati round table and it said no results. Thanks for your reply on Macaulay.

  28. There are more than one.

    This one:

    and this one:

    I should have told you to type in "Billie Jean" since that was the song being interpreted. You're welcome on Macaulay.

  29. I know your blog is not about who he bedded i only commented on Diana because the commentor above brought it up. When he said a gentle man he did not mean virgin he means that thing is private. I am a virgin I don't believe it is something to be sullied or looked down on. Well the same could be said for you alot of what you say is opinion. I did not speak of years I spoke in general by mid 80's his connection with Diana was not there or as strong as before and Liz was in the picture i agree with that.I know the music industry spews lies all the time.


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