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God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, April 16, 2012


Purging the Inventory of Lies

And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?

And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all.

And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.

And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;

All You Have To Do
Is Reach for the Truth

I am going to post a series of emails between myself and a person calling herself Belinda.  This is just one of MANY over the years that have tried me in this way and don’t worry, I won’t be posting everyone’s emails.  We don’t have time.  I’m just making an example of her because like the others, she follows a blueprint that stands out and I want you to see it.

The reason I am posting these emails is because they are the acute definition of “contradiction” just in the reading of them.  This happens with a lot of truth bloggers, not just me and not just in the MJ community.

While reading this, one major fact will stand out above all else.  That this was a monumental waste of my time – which is what it was designed to do.  But I am including this because some of the conversation will be useful in the future blogs to this one, part two of which will be up today.

Jesus says you will know them by their fruits, and this one has maggots crawling all over it.

Mr. Michael Jackson – there is conversation in here that will embarrass you.  Please do not read.  Just know that there is a core of fans that has less respect for you than some of your enemies.

Before we begin, let us remind ourselves of some true definitions.

Fan:  short for fanatic/ fa·nat·ic (f -n t k). n. A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause. adj. Fanatical.

Entomology: It was originally shortened to fance then just to the homonym fans. However, Merriam-Webster, the Oxford dictionary and other recognized sources define it as a shortened version of the word fanatic, and the word did first become popular in reference to an enthusiastic follower of a baseball team. (Fanatic itself, introduced into English around 1550, means "marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion". It comes from the Modern Latin fanaticus, meaning "insanely but divinely inspired". The word originally pertained to a temple or sacred place [Latin fanum, poetic English fane]. The modern sense of "extremely zealous" dates from around 1647; the use of fanatic as a noun dates from 1650.) However, the term "fancy" for an intense liking of something, while being of a different etymology, coincidentally carries a less intense but somewhat similar connotation to "fanatic". The word emerged as an Americanism around 1889. –

The word “virtue” appears in the King James Bible six times  (Source), all in the New Testament.  Six is the number of man, as evidenced in the very first chapter of the Bible in Genesis, describing both man and beast created on the sixth day.  The definition of “virtue” . . .

Virtue: - the quality or practice of moral excellence or righteousness
2. a particular moral excellence the virtue of tolerance
3. (Christian Religious Writings / Theology) any of the cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance) or theological virtues (faith, hope, and charity)
4. any admirable quality, feature, or trait
5. chastity, esp in women
6. Archaic an effective, active, or inherent power or force
by or in virtue of on account of or by reason of
make a virtue of necessity to acquiesce in doing something unpleasant with a show of grace because one must do it in any case
[C13 vertu, from Old French, from Latin virtūs manliness, courage, from vir man]

With that in mind re-read the scripture I posted above in its context with respect to the definition of “virtue”.

Below are the emails.  It started with a couple of questions that were so elementary for a “lifelong fan” who admitted to reading my blog, knowing what was in it, I had the audacity to question her about it.

I have highlighted and numbered the hypocritical statements from one email to the other as they bear witness to her motives.  It’s also important to understand that this first email was not the first she ever sent me.  We have had other conversations about the blog content before this.  So after seeing these rather elementary questions, I researched her, and her I.P. address and her circle of friends, which she also reveals below after playing ignorant.  You’ll see.

********* Start Belinda **********

Hello, Bonnie.

In one of the emails you mentioned something about "re-education".[1] What do you mean by that? What did Taylor and Klien had to "re-educate" Michael on?

I thought of something - what do you make of the late Johnny Cochran? He let OJ walk free and forced, imo, Michael to settle the child abuse case in 1993.[2] I never understood why Michael had to settle.

[2]Do you believe that Sony along with the media, lawyers and the accuser and his family created these false allegations just to ruin Michael? I have always believe that the child abuse mess that Michael dealt with was a set up.

What do you make of this website -

[3]This site/blog seems to focus more on the child abuse trial mess that Michael went through instead of focusing on the truth on Michael. Now, the blog is focusing on Michael's Christian faith. 

[4] I am still not understanding why you think that AEG are not as guilty of Michael's murder than Sony/executors and Klien are? I am not understanding your logic.

********* END EMAIL ***********

1 – She clarifies in a subsequent email (below) that she already knows the answer to this question.

2- She is asking me if I believe that Sony framed Michael or took part in framing him with the media. Lawyers and accuser.  She also reveals she already knows what I think further down.  Has anyone who’s read my blog ever had questions about my feelings on this?
3 – This is David Edward’s and Deborah Ffrench’s blog.  This is an attempt to distract from the issue that this blog is a Branca/Estate Executor’s blog.  They are focusing on the Christian faith of Michael even after “some” of them there have attacked me over that very issue.  This will be a significant point in subsequent blog topics as well.

My Reply

Hi Belinda,

Re-education is a term used in both Nazi Germany and Stalin's Communism.  It is brainwashing/training or re-training the mind to get a person back under control.

Taylor and Klein took Michael to Beechy (Beauchamp McColough) in London supposedly for Detox, but it wasn't detox.  It was mind control.  Whatever Klein was doing was not working.  He called Liz for help (which he admits to doing, just not why) and Liz and his then manager Bob Jones took him to London.

Johnny Cochran?  He was crooked. [1] But it wasn't Cochran who talked Michael into settling.  He was fired and Weitzman was brought in (probably because Cochran couldn't get Michael to say yes, settle).  Weitzman and Branca are two peas in a pod - they worked together on Cobain's estate as well, bilking it.  It was Weitzman at Michael's helm during that case then Michael fired him too shortly thereafter.

Of Course the child abuse charges were a set up. [2] Didn't Samantha tell you all this?

vindicatemj - works for Branca.  His name is David Edwards.  Deborah Ffrench also writes for the blog as well as occasionally Catherine Gross who spends more time making comments about Michael's buns then talking about scripture.

You have to go back and read the first year I wrote the blog - the whole 2010 year. The explanation is in there as to why I don't think AEG had anything to do with Michael's death.  It has to do with paperwork and the money trail and COMMON SENSE.  AEG was a mousetrap.  [detail truncated to save space].

A concert could not have existed without Sony's permission to perform the songs.  They already had Michael's permission.

Michael knew once Sony was involved, they [Sony] would want to bring THEIR PEOPLE in.  This included Branca, DiLeo (probably), Karen Faye and Michael Bush, Dorian Holley etc..... and AEG had to comply if there was going to be a concert.  However, they had to set it up as if they were unaware.  Branca and Sony got sucker punched.

There ARE tapes that exist of that house.  You mark my words.  Not the erased, abbreviated ones we saw during Murray's trial, but the full tapes.  Someone has them.  Also there are other tapes of the AEG rehearsals.  Anyone in the business knows you always keep a master.  No matter what.

Keep watching.  Lots of surprises coming.

[2]Tell Samantha I said hi.


************  END  ************

[1] There were several lawyers claiming to have been involved with the 1993 case.  Weitzman was one of them.  How can it be legal for that man to be executor of Michael’s estate?  How can it be legal for Branca to be executor with a blatant conflict of interest?  People like Edwards see no problem with this.  They are rewarded with court documents just handed to them.  Since they are in love with Charles Thomson and Thomson is in love with Taraborrelli and Taraborrelli has been friends for John Branca (according to his own facebook post) for 30 years, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the pathways worn out by these posers of Michael fans walking back and forth to each other’s bordellos to get a quick reward.

[2] I found several posts on Samantha Degosson’s page by Belinda.  She claims not to know her.  You will see why this is impossible further down in her replies.  

Belinda's Reply:


So, let me get this straight - in 1993 when Michael was on these horrible drugs that Taylor and Klien gave him, he went to London for detox but was re-educated instead? So, when Taylor had a press conference about putting him into a detox center, that did not actually happened? Interesting. I noticed that Taylor was there before Michael's family was there. There was probably a reason why she was there before his family.

I think you are getting it confused – [1] Johnnie Cochran did a press conference in 1994 stating that Michael settled the child abuse case. If Weistman did that, why didn't he state that in the press conference? I do not remember Johnnie getting fired, it was Fields who was fired. I read somewhere, if my memory serves me right that Taylor was, I believe, implicitly involved in Michael settling in 1994 by bringing in Johnnie Cochran. I do remember someone who worked for the family coming on Access Hollywood around 2004/2005 stating that Michael and the family were going to fight that mess. Something made Michael want to settle and I do not believe J.[2] Randy Tarborrllei's take when he stated on David Gest documentary on Michael that Michael told him that he wanted to settle and did not care. David Gest also stated in his book that Michael wanted to fight it and was ready to fight it and then David turn on to the news and found out that Michael settled. Something must have forced him to settle. My guess is the re-education with the use of drugs from the usual suspects.

I have followed the child abuse case from the beginning to the end and [3]I do not know a Samantha and she didn't tell me anything. I felt that from your comment, that you have insulted my intelligence. [4]I do not rely on "fans" to tell me about Michael Jackson. I do my own research on this man. The child abuse case was never a child abuse case. It was a show for the media and the public to trash him so that he will never recover. Everyone was into the show except Michael, his family and most of the fans. That Katie Burrell "fan" and BJ Hickman (a "fan" as well) were the main ones treating the case like it was a show. I believe their were plants from Sony and the media to create ruckus. Katie Burrell, like Debbie Rowe, Frank Casio, Frank Dileo and Karen Faye, was a source for some of Roger Friedman's articles. BJ Hickman made a deal with Diane Demon Dimond about something. I am not sure what it is. Pearl Jr. was planted to make the trial a show. That is why I do not discuss the case because it was about destroying this man and not about the truth - which was he was innocent and that case was a smear campaign to ruin this man.

[5]As for vindicatemj - I do not read the blog but I do believe you when you stated that these people work for Branca. One reason why I stated that is because all they ever talk about is the allegations. Why? The allegations was a smear campaign to ruin Michael. We all know that he did not do anything but cared about the children. The Jerry Sandusky case was known by the media for years but it was revealed after someone had the guts to revealed it. The media used his case to remind the public of the smear campaign they created with the help of Sony of Michael's situation. It was just another way to keep the mostly stupid public focus on the created story and not the reason why the media waited this long to tell people about the Penn State coach. VindicateMJ is about about these frauds telling young, silly new "fans" about a "case" that was never really a "case".

[6]I will have to read your blog entries on AEG at another time but I do not trust these people. I feel that they are a scapegoat whether they supposedly set it up or not. I also feel that because you seemed to be a defender of Jermaine and you do not want to believe that Michael's brother would ever put his brother in the mess that he got himself into. If you read Jermaine's book, if Jermaine did not introduced Michael to Tomhe Tohme, who is a snake, then Michael would not know about AEG. AEG employees, the bodyguards, Kai Chase all did not have their stories straight during the murder case. Let's not forget that Kai Chase, the bodyguards did nothing for Michael when he was lying there dying. There are screen captures out there of not just John Branca's law firm giving donations to the district attoney for his campaign but AEG. Isn't that suspect to you?

However, no matter what is stated about AEG, you did make some points about AEG needing permission from Sony to use Michael's songs. I also wanted to tell you some things - you mentioned that Sony bought in their people: Frank Dielo did lie to Michael, Joe and Katherine about certain things. Karen Faye was fired from Michael in 2005 and he hired a make up artist name Lynda Parrish. When Lynda Parrish gave one of Michael's hair pieces to that suspicious Julien's Auctions last year, Karen Faye had a whole twitter fit which prompted her stupid followers to create a petition to demand Lynda Parrish to remove the piece from the auction. Even Jermaine got involved. [7] I was angry when I saw this because I saw that as jealousy on Karen's part. I even had to email Lynda Parrish to let her know what was going on. I saved a screen capture and I will send it to you on a separate email. Karen claimed to be a freelanced make up artist and I always wondered what make up artist wants to work for free? How can they make a living? She worked with the biggest star ever and she is still a freelance make up artist? That tells me that it is a lie because she could not make a living doing that. I did a google search on freelance make up artists and basically they work for no one. However, how can they make a living? How did Karen feed her daughter or put her into college?? Then there is Michael Bush who, I read somewhere, is releasing a book about how he dressed Michael. So, I do see you logic in Sony hiring their people to work with Michael. Michael had a whole staff he hired working for him and then they were replaced.

I do believe there are more tapes out there that a lot of people do not want out there. I have no doubt about it.

I do have something to state – [8] I do not know what you are trying to imply when you told me to say hi to Samantha. I do not associate with these Michael Jackson fans. I do this alone. I have a blog, I promote it myself and I do my own research. I have a friend who is close to the Jacksons and was very close to Michael that I rely on and [9]yes, I friended Taaj Malik on facebook and follow her on twitter. Yes, I do have links to blogs that are run by Sony. I have even linked your blog because I like your blog. The only reason why I linked vindicatemj was because the blogger added my blog to their links. That is it. I do not rely on them at all. [9]I know that you mean well, Bonnie, but the truth is and you stated this on your blog, you only became a fan of MJ after he passed away. That goes the same with the bloggers behind vindicatemj, probably Taaj Malik, that Samantha person, that idiot Deborah Kunesh, Dr. Kathy Moritaty, etc. I was a fan my whole life and I know a lot more than you probably do. I was a member of which is now MJJC and [9]I was friends with the former owner of MJJForums who told me personally that she worked for Sony for six years during the 1990s. She came from the message board known as the which hosted MJ haters. I have always believed that the former owner of was a Sony plant. [9]Ron Sweet was also a member of MJJForums and the current owner of now MJJC is Gary who we all know is associated with Sony/MJ Estate. The message board that I was involved in The King of Pop Discussion Board are filled with Sony plants - two I became friends with not knowing what they were truly about. So, [9]when you make assumptions about true fans who are asking you questions that are harmless, you start to become paranoid. Not every single MJ fan are interested in the conspiracy. Does that make them suspect? Not really. I do not understand why some people do not believe the conspiracy. Heck, Michael's own family do not believe it. Read Jermaine's book - he would not even question the people behind his brother's murder. Jermaine is a huge defender of Karen and John McClain who is one of the executors. Tito and Rebbie implied that MJ was on drugs or a drug addict but cannot tell people that Michael's handlers, Klien and Taylor drugged MJ. LaToya shouts conspiracy but continues to go on shows of people who trashed her brother, i.e. the View and the Wendy Williams show. Joe abused his children and pimps his son's likeness all because he is not getting any money from the estate. Katherine is being controlled by her nephew Trent Jackson. That would explain why Michael's children have verified accounts on twitter and are being exploited doing these laughable appearances. For example, I like Ellen DeGeneres but what was Paris doing in that show if she has nothing to promote??? Access Hollywood was invited to Blanket's 10th birthday party - since when did they celebrate birthdays and since when did the media, the same media that created the smear campaign to destroy Michael, get invited to birthday parties that the family throws? Tito, Janet, LaToya, Jermaine, Jackie blindly defend Taylor knowing what she did to their brother. I mean, I can keep on going and going. Before you start with the assumptions and blindly defending the Jacksons and their questionable behaviors, think about Michael. I do not need anyone to tell me that Taylor was not his friend - I have always believed that. I do not need people to tell me that Klien is not a creep - he is a murderer. I do not need someone to tell me that Karen is full of shit, I know she is. [10] I respect you and your blog and that is why I email you.

[9] I do not speak to Taaj on a one to one basis because I do not know what she is truly about. I have no clue who Samantha is and if I did, I never spoken to her. There are some fans out there, Bonnie, who are true blue and like you, are trying to find out the truth into what happened to Michael. It is just that some of them are doing it differently than you. You are probably correct about some of these fans, but do not put me in that category. I do not go half way across the country to stalk his family and participate in stupid campaigns that means nothing to me. [9] Taaj promotes my blog on twitter by retweeting the links to her followers. I need people to read my blog so they know the truth. I am not going to burn bridges because of assumptions that have no basis. So, I am not going to tell Samantha "hi" because I don't know who that person is.

Watch out for the email of the screen capture.

*********  END EMAIL********

[1] Like I said, there was more than one lawyer piling on Michael.  All of them wanted him to settle.  Michael did not want to settle.  Cochran was fired, but much like Oxman, that did not stop him from taking center stage.  Weitzman was also fired, but he was still instrumental in working with Michael’s other lawyers to pressure him into settling.  Look who controls everything now!  Follow the money!

[2] Taraborrelli, on the Guest documentary states Michael wanted to settle.  Right.  And who was his friend for thirty years again?  Branca.  And who is controlling that estate with Branca, representing the estate executors?  Weitzman. 

[3] She does not know Samantha.  The third denial and again further down you will see why this is impossible.  I insulted her intelligence.  Poor baby. The victim card again.  Identifying deception and insulting someone’s intelligence is not the same thing.  If you don’t want to be insulted, get better at lying.

[4] She said she does not rely on “fans” for information, she does her own research.  Remember this.  Because it is EXACTLY what she uses to try to discredit me later [see #9 on this email, several of them]. 

I agree with her that the 1993 case was a fake and the 2003/2005 trial was just a show.  It was a fake trial just as the Murray trial was a fake.

[5] – She is correct about this paragraph.  Note that she has picked on Pearl Jr, the “fans” and the David Edwards/Branca blog.  Keep that in mind.

[6] – The issue with AEG.  She quotes Jermaine’s book. This is funny, because she does it again in another email, but she bashes the family – after quoting them to make her point!  She touts the screen captures (which I have) of AEG’s donations to the politicians . . . well, companies do that.  MOST companies do that.  Some even donate to both campaigns to avoid being accused of partisanship.  I think it’s stupid, but it’s a civic duty to them.  Jermaine’s book did not say he introduced Michael to Tohme.

[7]  She had to email Linda Parrish?  Are they friends?  Anyone else on a private email basis with Linda Parish?

[8] Denial #4 in only two emails.  But keep reading.  She cancels this out almost immediately.

[9] See?  That didn’t take long did it?  Yellow highlight?  A very familiar mantra.  Let me make this perfectly clear to dearest Belinda right now.  I AM NOT A FAN.  Got me?  Good.  Moving on.

[10] she respects my blog and that’s why she emails me (???) After all that?  These emails started  right around the time I started making comparisons to Michael and Christ.  Timing?  Lengthy emails + Timing + repetitive and regressive questions = motive?

My Reply:


Well?  Thank you for your email.  It must have taken you quite a while to write it and I thank you for your time.

Before we continue, I would like you to understand that I do not have the luxury anymore of believing that people with connections to certain people are automatically good guys.  The reason being is that every SINGLE fan, fan group-fake Sony Plant including Taaj Malik, Karen Faye and everyone you mention (yes Tarraborrelli too) I have had personal tangles with.

Then, when I get asked questions like this:

"Do you believe that Sony along with the media, lawyers and the accuser and his family created these false allegations just to ruin Michael? I have always believe that the child abuse mess that Michael dealt with was a set up. "

Then in the next email tell me that you know more than me (which is fine, lots of people wear that crown) about Michael, I get a little suspicious.

Most "lifetime" fans are more than aware that child abuse allegations were a set up (both of them).  So when a "Lifetime" fan who "probably knows more" than me has to ask ME - a Post 2009 fan, if I think the accuser's family created these allegations to set Michael up, I get a lot suspicious.  Especially when I see you posting on Samantha Degosson's Facebook page, then you tell me you don't know her.  If you know Taaj Malik, you know Sam Degosson they WORK TOGETHER.  They all work together.  Degosson, Faye, Malik, Jacobs, Thomson, Taraborrelli, Ron Sweet, Jennifer Jones, Hughes, Eddie Jones, Aphrodite, Wagener, Gest, Branca on up through Sony.

Taaj Malik and I used to speak on the phone.  Eddie Jones asked me to start sending him my blog directly to him and so did Majestik (Joe Jackson's handler and psycho extraordinaire). That's when I started pulling away.  Taaj Malik would ask me not to post certain blog topics until she had time to get something done.  I found out later that she was publishing mine and other's blog information.

When I made the announcement that I was leaving both Degosson and Faye's Facebook pages, I got a call from Malik, who told me THEY were paying her way to Vegas to meet Joe Jackson, like this was supposed to sway me to stay friends with her.  The pics were photo shopped as were Degosson's (this was the week before I exposed Degosson's fake Michael pics).  When I exposed Malik's pictures, I got calls from her through three in the morning (my time) threatening me.  So honey, whatever bridge you think Malik is going to lead you too?  It goes nowhere.  And you know what else?  Something tells me that if Michael burned his bridges when things didn't look right, he would still be around today.

As far as Michael's family goes, well . . . From what I see you are much more willing to give people like Taaj Malik a pass when Michael's own family has had to deal with these leeches for decades.  Perhaps like you, they are just not burning bridges.

As far as Moriarty's book goes . . . well Tom Mesereau was the one promoting it, so you tell me what that means?  Does that mean Tom Meseraeau is a sell out?  Or was he working for Sony all along too?

I have had my time wasted by people who flatter me long enough to get my confidence, then turn around and start telling me that people that were Michael's enemies were his friends and Michael's family were really his enemies.

For the record I do NOT like Degeneres.  She is a rude and rather conceited ass.  My husband's uncle turned over his house for a movie they were shooting there with her, Tom Selleck and Kate Capshaw.  This was HIS HOUSE and she refused to so much as shake hands with him, like he was some lowlife.  I would have told the producer to take a flying leap after that but he didn't.  The Movie was "Love Letter".  It's the old, grey mansion (that was white before they painted it to look old) on Atlantic Blvd in Glocester, Mass.

You may or may not want to continue corresponding with me after this.  But regardless of what you decide to do, your suspicions of Michael's family, while understandable are unfounded.  I have Jerm's book, I have Latoya's.  I got angry too and I do not know why they are writing the same lies the followers have told them BUT . . . I do know this.

If you are trying to catch a rat, you have to put a little cheese out.

If you are trying to catch a LOT of rats . . . you need to put out a LOT of cheese.

This conspiracy is not just one person or one entity.  It is a network. And there is no point in nailing just one or two if there is more to fill their places. The whole network has to be exposed.  The family is not the problem.  (Debating Joe.  Can't get past that Majestik/BBC interview in the hotel room, that ticked me off!)

If you are true blue then just come at me honestly.  Asking me questions I know you already have the answers to does not help me trust you.

I'm sorry, but try to have a good week,


***********  END EMAIL  **************

I ended it amicably enough.

Belinda's Reply

Hello, Bonnie.

Ok, here is the thing, Bonnie and this is why so many people attack you, [1]I am a lifetime fan and I have always believe that the child abuse case was a scam/smear campaign. When I asked you that question, I wanted to know what you think. I already know that the child abuse case was a smear campaign to ruin Michael but I wanted to know your take. If you are suspicious by me asking that question to you then you are getting too attached to the Internet. You have no idea who I am to suspect anything. If I was a plant, I would be able to pay off my debts and live the life stalking the Jacksons. If I was a plant, I would not go through any of the things I went through over the years with Michael fans. When I mentioned that I know more than you do about Michael, and I do, I am not "wearing a crown" I am telling the truth. I was not trying to attack your intelligence, like you did with me, I was trying to get you to see that you can't judge fans when you became a fan yourself three years ago. Where were you before??? What made you not support Michael in the past? How can people take you seriously when you weren't there in the past?? I was there when no one was there and I have always been there. It is not a crown that I wear, it is a fact that you can't bear to accept, no offense.

I never, ever posted on Samantha DeGossen's page. There are fans name Belinda. My name on facebook is Belinda O. and the only way I would have to post on Samantha's page is that I have to be one of her friends on facebook. So, guess what? I am not one of her friends on facebook so I could not have possibly post on her page. Now, if  my posts were mysteriously posted on her page, I know nothing about that. You are starting to become a paranoid person, Bonnie. How in the world would I know who works with who? Do you think I spent me time caring about who is cool with who? No. I do not even read half of the things that Taaj Malik states because I do not care to. I have other things to do in my time. How can you assume anything about me based on things that you have no evidence on? I need to see some type of proof. [2]This is the issue, Bonnie, Michael's own family refuses to question the Estate and Sony, with the exception of Randy. Tito, Rebbie and Katherine are friends with David Gest. Jermaine will defend Karen Faye up and down. LaToya thinks that AEG killed her brother. I mean, I can keep on going but yet, you still blindly defend his family who are also cool with Sony and the MJ Estate executors [false]. You are listing these fans, yet you are ignoring the family's connections as well. I see the connections with those and other fans very well but what about his family? If his family were not so cool with the MJ Estate, then I would not even mention them. However, some of them are.

Look, Bonnie, I get it, Taaj Malik is suspect to you - I got you and you know what, I believe you but what can I do? Trash her? Defame her? [Did I ask her to do that?]  That is the issue, Bonnie. I am currently trying to find out information about certain fans myself and I need all of the help that I can get because I believe that a fan, who Michael had a sexual relationship with and who was a friend of mine's, poisoned and drugged Michael [check this out . . .]. I need to see who knows what I know. If Taaj Malik has what I am looking for, then I am going to have to do what I have to do. If I have to pretend to be cool with fans who claimed to know things (this is not aimed at you) in order to find out what happened in that house that Michael died in, then that is what I have to do. I am not satisfied with the case because the real killers, beside Conrad Murray are still free. Now, unless you know someone that might help me figure some things out, that is great. If Taaj leads me up to nowhere, then that is fine with me. I am used to disappointment. However, that is not going to stop me from trying to do what I have to do. I do believe you, though - if Michael did not burn his bridges, he would be alive today.

As for his family - I respect them but until they stop hanging out with the leeches like Karen Faye, David Gest (supposedly), the MJ Estate executors and stop giving Dr. Klien a pass and stop defending Liz Taylor [family never defended them.  Only repeated what they had been told), then maybe I would give them a benefit of a doubt. So far, that is not happening and the only family members that will I support are Randy, Janet, Katherine, the children.

I do not care about Dr. Moritary's book. And as for Tom Meserau - he is a great lawyer that did his job. If he wants to promote the book, who cares? I can't see how that is suspect.

Michael's family, most of them, are in it for the fame. They refuse to tell the truth about him and his life. They let the media call him an addict. His own sister called him a pedophile [apparently she doesn’t do her research, nor did she read my blog.  Then again she said she did.  In either case this is a blatant lie]. His brother was jealous of Michael's career. His father was a child abuser. Those are facts.[Those are the facts?  Where did she get those?  From the tabloids and from Taaj Malik, and Erin Jacobs, and TINI – the fans] Even with those facts, I gave them a chance and defended them. Now, I focused on the truth about Michael. The family hangs out with snakes and like Michael, will never see who is on their side until it is too late. As for his friends, they come and they go. I do not defend his friends or his fans, I defend Michael.

I also have their books and I did not like them either. They were getting their information from fans and not getting them for themselves. Bonnie, please understand that I do not have an issue with you because you are the real deal. [I ask you, does this make sense with what she just accused me of?] I just wish you were a fan before he passed away [what difference would this make?  You can see the good all those “fans” did when he WAS still here, don’t you?]. Before I read your blog, I believed those things the fans were stating about AEG and what happened to Michael because I believed that AEG and Sony were connected. However, after reading you blogs and emailing you, I have now see where you are coming from. As for Taaj Malik, trust me, I am looking into who she knows that is close to the family that she claims to know. If Taaj is indeed bad news, I will unfriend her like I do to anyone that do not trust.

You are correct about the conspiracy. There are a lot of people involved. A lot of people are suspect and I want to exclude some members the family but I am not sure. Joe has no connection to his son's murder, he just gets me heated. I cannot stand him. Sorry. As for true blue, I am as true as I can be. I have no reason to be fraudulent. Asking questions is part of life. People ask me questions, it is just that I do not assume anything.

As for the screen capture - that was last year, 2011, not two years ago. Jermaine sides with Karen. Read his book because he stated that Karen Faye knows everything about Michael. If that isn't siding with Karen, then I do not know what is.

Have a nice day.

************ END EMAIL ***************

[1] – There’s that sales job again.  Lifelong fan.  Congrats.  If this is the crux of all knowledge about Michael then tell me what she is doing emailing me?  She said she asked me because she wanted to know what I think.  She also said in the previous email that she respected my blog.  Does she usually respect something she has never read?  Much of these contradictions are repeated so I will just highlight them as we go and not comment each one. There is a bigger point to this.

[2] – Lots of accusations - This is blatantly false. They did question the estate. That’s what all of post June 2009 and 2010 was about.

My Reply:


I have to disagree with you on why you believe people attack me. They attack me to either throw me off course or to try to bully me into silence.  Being a lifetime fan is just a title.  Anyone can be a fanatic.  That doesn't take love, it takes coveting.

Case in point, your "friend" who says she had a sexual relationship with Michael . . . never happened.  Michael was not a gadabout, he was not a cad and he was a BIBLICAL observer.  His relationship was with God and that is why HE was attacked.

Many of the people who have attacked me have used that very same flimsy weapon.  "You're not a lifetime fan" . . . well so what.  I would say that kind of gives me an advantage, because "gold pants" and "crotch grabs" never thrilled me.  I didn't IDOLIZE him and I still don't.  GOD is the one that opened my heart to Michael, not HIP GYRATIONS.  That allows for a much more unclouded view of the human being.

Michael's family - I spent the last two and a half years writing about this.  You can read the blog.  God will determine where Michael's family stands and for someone who's been a life-long fan I would have to question why you have not seen that they were fighting for Michael right from the beginning, back when the leeches were just beginning to pull Michael away from his family . . . yes, right about the same time that all the Vitiligo and surgeries began.  Right about the time his popularity began to skyrocket . . . [she didn’t seem to like this and completely ignored reference to it.  As a matter of fact, it seemed to anger her.]

Jermaine's book - have to learn to lean between the lines.  Example, "Karen knows everything about Michael" . . . . did it every occur to you that maybe this was because Karen Faye was in on it from the BEGINNING? Right about the time that he was being siphoned away from his protective family?

Most of the people that were around him  throughout his career had ample time to DO SOMETHING to help the man but now, they are too busy trying to cover their crimes on TWITTER by blaming the family for things that happened when they could not even get to Michael.  Then you have posers running around telling people they had a sexual relationship with Michael, as if that is somehow going to save him now.  Selfish fantasies.

I don't care whether or not you find value in me or what I say.  I don't care whether my "fan-hood" of Michael is significant enough for you.  I don't care.  I'm not doing this for me, popularity or any other reason.  People are being deceived and kept from the truth and Michael is still being used to do that.  There are "life-long" fans that are working for the estate and Michael's "estate" executors are still evil, regardless of how many fans forgot what Randy and Jermaine said in the very beginning.

I am a married mother of two boys.  Being a groupie at concerts is so far removed from who I am, that this fact in and of itself should tell you I have no hidden agenda, I don't care about show business or "stars", and I don't have hopes nor do I want to work for any of them.  Before all this I was a church going, Den mother and soccer coach.  I was on the missions committee and worked for the youth group Awanas.  I've lost most of my friends there over this, so ask me if I care what someone I've never met thinks about my lack of presence prior to 2005!

If you are true blue, please take the time to really, REALLY look at Michael's family.  Try to understand that just because Michael is no longer with us, that the handlers went away.  They haven't. They still surround the family.

There is a reason that things are written the way they are written.  The deception is deeply entrenched.  You don't just wriggle yourself free from it just because the culprits believe their main target has been taken out.

I don't know exactly what answers you are looking for, but Michael said it best . . .

"It was written for me in the books.  I have done all I can.  Now God will be their judge".

I really do wish people would listen.

I will try to help you any way I can, but I don't  know exactly what you are looking for, and you have to understand that I may not be able to help.  I don't know everything.  I only know what comes to me as it comes and it is through studying Michael, his work and his love (God, the Bible) that I am fortunate enough to see things come to the surface of this whole mess.  But I write the blog because it is supposed to be shared.

Am I right 100% of the time on every detail?  No.  But when I find that I am wrong, I publish that too.  I want the truth and that is what I am reaching for.

************ END EMAIL  *************

Belinda's Reply (my comments are in brackets/black):


When you falsely accuse me of knowing people and communicating with people, that was when you lost me. [plays virtual violins of pity]

Michael had a lot of romantic relationships with women. Just because he was a man of God does not mean that the sexual relationships did not happen. Remember, Michael was a man and not God. [here we go] For Tito to state that Michael had more girlfriends that he did, for Michael's own son to have a girlfriend when he was 13 years old [excuse me?  This means Michael had sex?  Because his son REPORTEDLY has a girlfriend (and he was 14 when that was publicized], for Michael to talk endlessly about Diana Ross, for Theresa Gonsalves to tell the world her time with Michael [ROLFMBO – Theresa Gonsalves now speaks the gospel truth even though in the email above she suspected her of poisoning Michael??? LOL!  This is a stalker fan, but no, she doesn’t get her info from THEM…], for Michael's cousins finding women for Michael to hook up, that tells me that all I need to know about MJ and women. Maybe, you need to listen to the songs, "Dangerous", "I Can't Let Her Get Away", "The Way You Make Me Feel", "I Just Can't Stop Loving You", "Heartbreaker", etc., he is not talking about God in those songs [Ah-ha!  Now we see the connection to the timing of these emails and what she REALLY wanted to say!]. Those stories are not "fantasies" it is the reality of a man who was in the music business. However, you would not understand that you are probably one of those lame fans who think that MJ never had sex. Sad. [She’s right.  I am one of those lame fans that believes that Michael was INNOCENT and A GENTLEMAN as MICHAEL SAID said on Oprah.  But more than that, the need to tarnish this man still runs rampant with “certain” “Lifelong” fans.  Wonder why?]

As for his family, for the most part, they are good people but that is about it. Joseph was an child abuser who now pimps his son's likeness. Jermaine loves the spotlight and was always jealous of his brother, LaToya is a complete nut who does not know what she is talking about half of the time. Rebbie is a judgmental person who is jealous that her son will never have the career her brother had [???? Is she a fan or does she work for Bashir?]. BTW, LaToya was on the Today show last year and she was asked if he father ever sexually abused her. She stated that she cannot comment on that question. Look at what LaToya did to her own father and yet you want me to listen to her ?? Jermaine raped one of his wives [again, ????], does not pay child support and gave the other one a sexually transmitted disease and you want me to listen to him? Jermaine's book was a waste of time. I think you need to wake up, Bonnie. [I think she needs to go back to sleep and get up on the right side of the bed].

I do not worship anyone but God [watch this . . . .] and that was one of the reasons why I read your blog. I, too, do not care about the Hollyweird lights, camera action nonsense. It means nothing to me. I have seen those things ruined great people like Michael and Whitney. I was happy that someone was finally seeing what I have been noticing about Elizabeth Taylor and Dr. Klien. The show business thing is not important to me. However, go ahead and believe what you want. Your opinion does not matter to me anyway.

I was a defender of the family and I was a defender of his friends but I woke up and remembered that I need to defend Michael more. That is why I do a blog. I want to express my views about various things on my blog. The family need to wake up and stop ignoring the obvious. However, that will never happen. His friends need to wake up and tell the truth but that will never happen. BTW, I will never read Jermaine's book again. It is collecting dust in my closet, they way it should be. I gave LaToya's book to my sister and I do not care what happens to it.

As for you being a mother, wife and a church going person, good for you. It still does not erase that you are wrong most of the time about Michael.

Bonnie, I think it is best to end all communication here. I love God and I love Jesus [again, watch this . . .] but you are too much a religious person to think rationally. [There it is! Maybe I’m just faithful to the wrong god in her eyes?] You defend abusers and dead beat parents [does this mean she no longer wants to know what I think?]. You falsely accused true blue fans, [hmmmm, that’s plural.  Wonder what other “fans” she’s talking about?  The ones she doesn’t get her information from???]  like myself because of assumptions. It is clear that I do not communicate with a Samantha [no, it’s not clear.  She’s repeated just about everything Samantha Degosson has spouted on her FB page.]  but you probably still believe that I do. I unfollowed Taaj Malik, not because of what happened to you with her but because she unfollowed me on twitter for no reason  [really?  In one day?  Wow. Did she know you were writing me or something?]. You let these fans get to you and that is probably why you go through so much. These fans are pathetic so why care what they do?  [She just defended them so she could bash them? LOL]  If there are Sony plants, oh well. Life goes on. Let God judge them.

Michael is in a better place and I hope he knew, before he died, he is not alive [Eh, Hey Michael, did you know before you died that you were not alive?] , Bonnie, he is deceased, who was truly on his side. [actually this writing looks a lot like the emails I would get from Taaj Malik, and she balked at the same notion, the same way that Michael was dead. She was PISSED that I said he was alive.  Another TINI group footprint]  

At then end of the day, you are not a life long fan, [this seems to be more important to her than to Michael] you became a fan when he died. Being religious does not stop someone from being a fan of someone.  You made that choice. You can still love God and love Michael. You can still love MJ and question his family. One more before I stop communicating with you: Michael was grown and made the choices he made. You and his family have to accept that.

**************  END EMAIL  **************

I did reply to this, but since I defended Michael’s innocence in it, I decided not to post it because it would have embarrassed Michael.

So what was the point of posting all this?  Well . . . follow me . . . .


  1. Bonnie,

    I only have three words:



  2. While bloggers of all horizons fight each other hard, the real conspirators move on undisturbed. But Bonnie, you are right, Michael was a man of Faith, his private life was..private & no, no need to be an old fan to understand Michael's character better. Except the Taylor/Klein connection, you & the other Blogger had apparently deep differences. Please do not waste your precious energy as "Lies & Inconsistencies" come back regularly anyway.

    Thome Thome : How did he get Thome's name is unclear but Jermaine says in his book that he effectively first thought of Thome about Neverland & further introduced him to Michael on April 23, 2008 at Michael home in Vegas (P. 406/409).

    1. Line,

      True on bloggers and conspirators. There are only a few people I am going to entertain emails with so I will not have this problem. How high up does this conspiracy go? From fan group vs. fan group to Lucifer vs. God?

      Thome Thome - I thought he got it through Jesse Jackson (that was one story). There was another story that Jermaine got the name through Thom Barrack (LOL, just thought of something. Thome Thome is just one letter away from Thom, short for Thomas Barrack) Hmmmmm . . . .

    2. Wait, wait . . . Jesse Jackson supposedly sent Jermaine or Randy to (another Tom) Tom Mesereau . . . okay, now I got it back.

  3. Wow...
    Bonnie, sending power to you!
    That's pretty crazy. Thanks for sharing!
    That web is enormous.

    1. Thank you for that. She didn't do any damage. :o)

    Hope the prayers worked

    1. Hi MJs,

      Something worked! Could have been prayers. Had something happen tonight. Was going to tell everyone about it but it's part of the blog I'm working on.

      Michael = Laminin :o)))

  5. I agree with u sony a the big monster in all this ..but why is katherine and the jacksons suing AEG??they scared a SONY??? must be....

  6. Bonnie is this real it says Joseph I thought thats his real name I thought u said on another blog post I cant find it The death certificate had Joe???

  7. Gosh, i literally laughed while reading this posting. This is all so sad and entertaining at the same time. While beeing a longlife MJ-fan (music based not crotch based lmao) sometimes i realize again, how sick and twisted mjs life must have been because of all the delusional people around him. i pray for the truth to come out and thank god, people exist like you... be aware there are some longlifefans outthere who really want to know the truth and look for both sides of the medal. i hope mj had moments where he didnt feel pain and i thank god that people see more in him after he passed and stick to his message. gosh, this is wonderful and i met people like you who never were fans before. i had great conversations with them. but yet, i also experienced, they get bashed. its not a matter of beeing a fanatic. its a matter true empathy. greetings :-))))

    1. Thank you for your comment anonymous. I've gotten so many of these There is no point in posting them anymore. I just copy my replies from here and send them to the new person that emails me. They all have the same calling cards, just different names on them (Like in Who Is It).

      I do know and appreciate there are lifelong fans that are not caught up in the mob mentality. I wasn't a fan by the TRUE definition of the word . . . of anybody. But I was an admirer of Michael's when I heard his music, and always believed he was innocent. And I believed to the point of not wanting to know what the press/media had to say about the trial so I would shut it off. I prayed for Michael back in 2005 because by then I knew what the media was. The depth of it I was to learn much later . . . post 2009.


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