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Michael Jackson Justice: Michael Jackson's Innocence Not an Indication of Guilt

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, April 16, 2012

Michael Jackson's Innocence Not an Indication of Guilt

Michael Jackson
Defending the Innocence

Upright men shall be astonied at this, and the innocent shall stir up himself against the hypocrite.

Much like what else is going on in the world, everything surrounding Michael is an illusion.

It is an illusion.  Michael was a tool to these people behind this conspiracy, but more than that, he was also a construction project.  They were BUILDING something and building UP TO something.

All the fan groups and the fighting are to keep you occupied.  They don’t care who’s side you are one, or that the Erin Jacobs camp has more supporters than the Taaj Malik camp (both are on the same side – just like Republicans and Democrats).  Their job is to divide and distract.  They are the internet equivalent of the rioters in Libya and Egypt last year.  Which leads me back to Belinda’s email.

Belinda does not care whether or not I point out her hypocrisy.  Look at the length of her emails!  She contradicts herself sometimes within the same sentence.  She’s either incredibly stupid, or she has one personality that does not talk to the other (the latter I could also believe).  If she thought I was that much a waste of time and so “wrong” about Michael “most of the time”, why would someone spend that much time typing something like that up and more than once?

Could there be another agenda?  Why, yes there could!

Then why would I even waste my time going over her cookie-cutter emails?

Because of the pervasive tone that began showing up in them.  I had to post all of them for you to see this.  Aside from the hypocrisy was the mordant harping on the topic of “religion” and “sex”.

The very first email in this chain she sent me was right after I posted THIS blog topic:

When I answered her she did not reply until I posted THIS blog topic

And the responses continued over the time of the posting of THIS blog topic:

There were other emails and of course comments (some did not get posted) and whenever this happens I always get a new poster or two that wants to “help” long enough for me get pulled off course (this is not everybody that’s new, but there is a pattern).

When my blog was new, I was attacked.  That didn’t stop me or shut me down so “intrigue” and “flatteries” are then enacted.  When I become suspicious, it is ME, not THEM that has the problem. The accusations fly and the same old chaos tactics are used.

The woman Belinda had an issue with my support of the family over “lifetime” fans.   She had an issue with my not being a fan, and she had issues with Michael’s sexuality, God and religion (even though she said she loves God and Jesus).

She says Michael’s songs are not about God.  She wants me OFF the Michael/God topic.  I’ve heard this beat before.

One of the most heated exchanges I ever had was with a Facebook personality with the Karen Faye sect that began posting comments to my facebook page about Michael’s sexual appetite.  I had asked her to stop the comments, I had people from church on my facebook page and she continued with increasingly racy innuendos about Michael.  I finally had to delete and block her.

Another time, I posted a conversation between Micheline and I about Michael’s innocence, his demure when Oprah asked him in 1993 about his virginity and another person insisted that Michael had all these secret sexual partners.  She came back in another comment posting that “this is the kind of thing that creates rumors that Michael was gay!”

In the early 400’s of Karen Moriarty’s book, she quotes several people (a couple pages of quotes) by random people on what they remembered about Michael.  Not all of them were his friends and some were even his enemies, but most had the same basic comment:

. . . He was very emotional about things that moved him.  I guess you’d have to say that Michael was a pure innocent in a world that wasn’t so innocent anymore.” – Brett Ratner, Michael Jackson for the Soul, taken from K. Moriarty, Defending a King, 2011, pg 403

. . . He was an innocent person . . . he came from a very innocent place. – (Paul Gongaware, Producer), taken from K. Moriarty, Defending a King, 2011, pg 405

. . . He was an angel walking the planet . . .” – Kenny Ortega from K. Moriarty, Defending a King, 2011, pg 405

There are a lot of quotes in that book, but looking back over history from 1993 through 2005, ask yourself this question:

Why were so many of the people against Michael Jackson before they were FOR Michael Jackson after his cases?  Geraldine Hughes, Aphrodite Jones, Charles Thomson, David Gest, J. Randy Taraborrelli, Karen Faye (who dumped her mismanagement of Michael’s Web site onto Michael’s shoulders during the trial) and other, lesser known leeches do the ole’ flip-flop with regard to support for Michael?

“Oh, I was wrong after I was wrong before that.”

I’ve pointed out Aphrodite’s hypocrisy early last year, and included some Fox News Clips where she LIED ABOUT WHAT THE JURY THOUGHT OF THE WITNESSES and testifying to the "credibility" of the "victims".

See, Michael Jackson is no longer Mike.  Michael Jackson is now the Estate.  The executors who also work for Sony.  But deeper than that.  Why go to such lengths to trash a man who’s reputation they only planned to resurrect after they killed him?  Was it just for money?

Remember the “mirror image” we discussed in a previous blog?  Who is the mirror image of Christ in the Bible?

Does a heart reveal the proof, like a mirror reveals the truth, see the evil one is you . . .” – Is it Scary, Michael Jackson

Who plans on copying Jesus?  The Messiah?  God in the Temple?

I just want you to recognize me in the temple . . .” – Jam, Michael Jackson

What did Michael say they wanted to do with him?

Everyones taken control of me, seems like the world has a role for me . . .

relax,  this won’t hurt you, before I put it in, close your eyes and count to ten don’t cry.  I won’t convert you.  There’s no need to dismay, just close your eyes and drift away . . .

They really thought, they thought they really had control of me

Take me, shake me somebody’s gonna fake me

We know what’s going on.

Take my name and just let me be

So that is what they are doing.  Nothing about what is being put out there is the truth.  Not the real truth.  They are covering up something bigger than what they did to Michael Jackson.  Geeze, just the ravenous way they courted me when they thought I knew where Michael was and the reaction of Taaj Malik was enough to send slivers of glass up my spine.

Micheline had sent me an email asking me to look at part of David Gest Documentary where Taraborrelli was discussing Michael's sex life.  I HATE THIS conversation (which is why they probably keep attacking me with this topic, to get at me) That is how this conversation started out. 

(Note to Michael wherever you are - This is not to disrespect or embarrass you.  To the contrary, it is to re-establish the integrity of being innocent and to show how they twist that.)

When I read Micheline's email I replied this back to her:

********** My Reply ***********


I have no interest in the smut that spills out of David Guest's mouth, and as far as DiLeo goes . . . Michael's "been with" doesn't mean that they had sex.  And even if they did, I do not care.  For what purpose do these people have in even TALKING about Michael's PERSONAL, PRIVATE life?  Is Michael entitled to NO PRIVACY at all?  DiLeo should be ashamed of himself!

First of all Michael would never, ever have a casual fling with ANYBODY he is ABOVE THAT, and for Frank to suggest that Michael would keep it secret to keep fans from thinking they "lost their chance" only fuels speculation that Michael was ever contemplating partaking of the GROUPIE lifestyle.  They're both pigs if you ask me.

I'm in a mood tonight if you can't tell.  I need to take a break from Michael for a while.  Watching a video of children living in tents with their parents in this country because some fat, detestable Newt Gingrich thinks children should learn how to work as junior janitors so people like him can continue stealing from the poor and giving to the rich.

Whitney to me is another innocent, maybe not as innocent as Michael, but she had that goodness about her.  :o(


**************** END EMAIL *************

Micheline's reply

Bonnie, I agree with everything you said...everything, and I knew the Gest-Dileo comments would piss you off, because it angered me too.  There seems to be another agenda at work here and I'm surprised that a man like Dileo agreed to take part in diminishing Michael's purity.  Gest is only interested in making titillating comments because his mind and mouth are in the gutter.  But I thought Dileo was trying to dispell rumors that Michael was gay, and he seems to make a strong point that he was not in his own unsophisticated way. Frank could have defended Michael by emphasizing that he was a spiritual man who respected women and the union of marriage and simply did not believe in casual relationships.  I would have loved Frank so much more had he put it that way.  As for Whitney, the poor thing was ravaged from drugs when she gave that interview, but you could sense a sweetness about her.  What she said about taking Bubbles home was very funny.  I really miss her presence, too.  Sorry if the video offended you.  I did not send it for that reason.  Your comments about families living in tents was very sobering.  We are all facing grave circumstances in this country and people need to wake up.  I am scared.

Love, Mich

************** End Email ***************

My Reply to Mich.

Good morning Micheline,

Yeah, I hope you didn't think I was mad at you.  No, it was Gest that got to me.  Well I know who Michael is, I don't need any slimeballs like Gest, who doesn't even know who HE HIMSELF is let alone Michael, telling me who he FANTASIZES about Michael being. 

People need to start telling the truth without being EMBARRASSED by it.  If Michael was celibate he was celibate, out of CHOICE to be close to God not because he was gay.

It's this kind of mentality that promotes that it is somehow ABNORMAL for a man NOT to be a sex maniac, thereby laying down a road to enable another crucifixion of a victim who's spiritual choices and purity become the tools used to condemn him!  It's such bullcrap!

We can celebrate, defend and edify people like Barney Frank who's townhouse has served many a D.C. power broker with underaged entertainment and who’s given so many **** **** he can't even **** ***** (don't reprint this anywhere), and crucify Michael Jackson because he wants to promote CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE!

************* END EMAIL ***************

I took out the two slang words.  No need for that on a public forum blog.

Micheline's reply to me, which she did give me permission to post.

OMG...Bonnie, I love the way you put things into perspective!  You nailed it right on the head about paving the way for Michael's crucifixion.  To somehow sully and condem a man because he chose to follow a path of purity and spirituality,  How can we expect any more from the Barney Franks of the world who govern our very lives!  Don't worry, when you spill your anger and cuss, it stays between us [LOL, not anymore!], but I understand sometimes there's just no other way to say it.

I will hold back my judgement of Dileo for the time being, but I think David Gest is one of those illuminated deviants who sold his soul a long time ago. You can see it in his odd behavior and eyes - the guy is like some soul-less android trying to pass for human!  And I feel the same way about his spaced out ex-wife Liza Minelli.  What on earth happens to these people over the years where they begin to act more like mental patients who have lost a grip on the real world?  David Gest does not speak about Michael with the compassion you would expect from a teenage friend who grew up with him and spent so much time at Hayvenhurst he was considered part of the family . . ."

************* END EMAIL ****************

There was a lot more to her email and to save space I didn’t include all of it, but I did want to highlight some points she made in subsequent paragraphs.

Micheline made this statement:

What bothers me is not so much what these creeps say about Michael, because we know better...but why they say itWhat's the real agenda behind these people?  Gest, and to some degree, Frank Dileo both seem to take the same opposite view of who Michael was.  They paint a picture of this horny guy who projected one persona to his fans and did just the opposite behind closed doors.  Yeah...Michael had the sex thing going big much that he blushed with embarassment when asked if he was a virgin!”

And this one –

I think there is still an effort to attach an illiminati label to Michael  by trying to shatter his pure image, even if it means doing it gradually by saying he was secretly having casual sex - in other words, a great entertainer, but no more special as a man than any other guy.  Anything to minimize his value and message.  Is this getting carried away?  I don't think so...the campaign to knock Michael off the purity pedestal is too obvious.

What Michael Deserves

Yes, they are covering something up, and I think what they are covering up is getting closer to Revelation.

By the way, remember that blog I wrote last summer that I keep talking about? 

Yeah, that one – the one about the “Angel of Light”?


Uh, Isn’t Tupac DEAD???


In an amazing hologram, rapper Tupak Shakur - who was murdered in 1996 - graced the stage Sunday night at Coachella, and did a duet with Snoop Dogg.

In the closing set of the three-day festival, the lifelike image of a shirtless, tattooed Shakur rose up and magically appeared in the darkness.

Raising his arms into the air, he yelled, "What the [expletive] is up, Coachella?!"

Shakur's song Hail Mary was then played, with the hologram moving as if it were performing, and then Snoop Dogg joined him for a duet of 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.

MTV reports the hologram was the work of Dr. Dre and some special effects magic.” - Source, USA Today

The Album "Michael" . . . they can do a much, much better job than that.  Heck they can make whole bodies appear.

Unity Tour Anyone?  Or something more?

Wait until you see what else is going on.  We’re going back to Neverland, Peter Pan!


  1. From some emails:

    This is the link to the "TUPAC SHOW". I didn't embed it because I lost count of the "f" bombs. But if you are interested in seeing how REAL this hologram was, check out the link below.

    Diane Sent me this via email:

    From Diane

    “Pac ... You blessed and changed the Game forever at Coachella ... Artist will now have new revenue streams now and beyond life because of your "Image and Likeness" Hologram performance. Many don't understand yet but your "Hologram Rights" are more valuable than recorded masters and publishing .. New movies, tv, songs and more .. A real game changer. Salute to my Homie. RIP PAC”

    Mc Hammer posted this.Michael had a holgram made or so i read.I hope he holds the rights to it and $ony

  2. Man, this is unbelievable. A Tupac hologram?!


    1. I watched the video and amazingly they even had his "cross" on a chain swinging away from his chest as he was rapping and dancing (moving, don't know if you can call that dancing). It was very real.

  3. BONNIE, you said : "Michael would never, ever have a casual fling.." ?? :o) Michael was clearly no rowdy type but I can well imagine he had girl-friends. Only yes, he was a private man & a real gentleman. His noble heart & behaviour & the innocence of his soul are Michael's qualities people should anyhow retain. But instead such rare qualities among others of his, combined with planetary success, were explosive enough to make him a prime target for the showbiz media.

    Frank Dileo : shortly after 06.25.2009 appointed by the Sony/ATV Board & in 2009 involved in a fishy dispute over an Allgood Ent. Binding Agreement related to Michael & family. Both events made me suspect him as being possibly part of a conspiracy : assumption only but no evidence sofar. In his expression, Dileo seemed only more sympathetic than Dr. Thome. Today I could not find the F. Dileo's interview on Michael's private life. Dileo had his warm Italian side but his "godfella" side very much too. Suprising though that towards the end, Dileo complained overtly about the Estate regarding non respected agreements. Dileo heavy weight & weak heart shortened his life but probably also legal & image troubles he met after Michael's disappearance had a toll on him (or was it fear of something else ?).

    1. Line,

      Well maybe "fling" means something different where you live. When I said "casual fling" I mean "casual sex" and he did not. He couldn't even have employees without getting sued, can you imagine the women and the lawsuits if he had done that? I don't think that was the reason though. I believe the reason had more to do with what the Bible says about that kind of thing (he was quoted as saying this to someone who wanted to sleep with him), then any fears he may have had about getting sued.

      Dileo - I wasn't even sure if that was true or not. I thought that was a rumor about being appointed to the ATV board. Branca was one of the lawyers pressuring Michael to get rid of Dileo back in the 1980's, so Branca renigging on any agreement does not surprise me. He did it all of Michael's career. These people around Michael did not work for Michael. They worked for the label. Michael was just a commodity that they had to babysit. Makes me sick.

      Thome as far as I'm concerned is out of the picture. He had nothing to do with Michael's death, he had nothing to do with Sony. He was just some decoy used to put eyes away from the true criminals. Everything . . . every dollar leads back to Sony and Branca, making money on the back and and the front end. They blow up Michael's debt with loans Michael never made and never signed off on (false debt, cooking the books), then used his name to market demonic crap.

      DiLeo's death . . . something else. I don't think he is gone either or at least, not dead.

    2. BONNIE, the "fling" thing : I only joked. Frank Dileo : it's true that Sony/Branca were/are for a good part big conspirators in the whole picture. Thome Thome : through his past pics/videos, I only see him generally as a man potentially difficult to deal with. His face expression & June Gatlin's statement made him however a possible target for the real criminals. It's not over yet.

  4. Wow Bonnie, very interesting exchange between you and the lady named Blinda. A couple of things I want to point out. First, being a long time fan means really nothing. Those who claimed to be long time fans and know many things about him actually did not save him from whatever happened to him. So bragging about it is really ludicrous in my opinion. Second, there is nothing more getting into my sick by some fans trashing Michael’s family. Let’s say that we are a long time fans and we were following Michael and his career, but what do we know about his family’s dynamic? Are we close associates and we have personal contact with them? Really, why some fans put the family down as if they know for sure whether the family used or abused Michael? I am sure his family have quarrel and misunderstanding like every family, but to say they were there to get him, somehow, as if he is the enemy is really sad.

    Bonnie, you wrote several blogs concerning the family and how they went through with Michael from thick to thin when they were no one there. Evidently Blinda did not read your blog as she claims or she just wants to believe whatever she wants and did not even give a chance to analyze what the family went through because of him. I don’t know and I suspect no one knows for sure why the family is seen with questionable people or go to do interviews with the media that tarnished and continue to tarnish Michal, but that does it mean they never stood for Michael in time of good or bad.

    1. Hi Mimi,

      Thank you. Yes, that "title" of long time fan or "lifelong fan" is actually starting to sound more like a an exclusive club that I'm glad I wasn't initiated into. It makes me think that Michael's TRUE FANS are those who are more interested in being his friend, not his owner. The fans who know in their heart that they love him unconditionally know what I mean and won't be offended by that . . . because they DO love him for him.

      I agree with you too on this. You can disagree with his family without trashing them. And before I call someone else out on that, there are times I admittedly say things on this blog out of sheer frustration. (trying to be Christlike when you are on the defensive for someone else is VERY HARD and I am finding that out.)

      That's just it too, Mimi . . . Michael's family did nothing to tarnish/hurt Michael. That was EVERYONE around him when he was getting hurt!

      They use the excuse that Michael's family (I think she said Rebbie and Janet" said he was a drug addict. They NEVER said that. They said he had a dependency and HE DID. Not of his doing! When someone uses Demoral on you in the amounts that Klein used on Michael, you have withdrawls, period! In MK Ultra one tactic they use is they feed you demoral for a short time, enough to get you hooked, then put you through withdrawls as part of your 'adverse trainin'. It's TORTURE plain and simple! So they're going to blame the FAMILY for pointing out the results of something THEY DID!!!! Fans need to wake the heck up!

      I can't get angry anymore about this. Facts are facts. Michael sang about them. If "fans" can't even get Michael's songs, well then, I guess "fan" has a different definition then what I am familiar with.

  5. Great post yet again Bonnie!

    That kid picture of Michael is adorable! Truly looks like the Angel kids.

    What does he mean in his song "Somebody gana fake me"?

    Fake him how?

    1. Well, perhaps "fake him" like they did with Tupac. But then he could mean in the spiritual. If he was singing for God or God through him, then you take that "fake me", he's telling the story on a different level - Through the Bible. The devil steals - wants to fake God/Christ to deceive the people. The "strong" delusion in 2 Thessalonians 2.

  6. Everyone, I have a blog I am working on, but I need some more time because my heart is heavy. I had something good happen tonight, but I don't deserve it. Sometimes I wonder why God doesn't just loose it with me and dump me on my ear. I never thought this would be this hard . . . Just read your Bible, believe in Jesus and go to bed, right?

    Every doubt I let in tears a new hole in my heart and If it keeps up it will soon be nothing but scar tissue. I don't want that. I'm getting angry with the wrong people because the one's who's actions make me angry don't care.

    Something was discovered tonight in a conversation I had with someone else and I have to credit the subject matter actually came out of Moriarty's book - Yes, the very book I have been complaining about. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First things first. Gotta say I'm sorry. BBL.

    1. From Moriarty book?
      This only proves how blind and insensitive I am, oh well.
      Can't wait to learn what that was I totally missed out!

      Bonnie, whatever good happened to you was well deserved :)
      I actually pray for God to send you the Truth and to keep
      you on the right track always, because I'm lost myself with
      way too many tracks to follow. Tried to follow them all,
      but it's HARD and sorta damaging :( Hope He leads you through.

      Take your time, we'll be here,.. waiting impatiently LOL.

  7. Bonnie,

    Check your email. There is something that you need to read that you have written previously in your blog. It's long overdue.


  8. I'm going to sound frustrated, sorry.

    Most of my "inner 3 y.o." died the day Whitney died, the rest of it died couple days ago when I saw 2pac hologram "performing".
    You know, this is really it.
    Today I hear on our local radio (real far from USA) that "...mark my words, some day someone gonna have Michael Jackson or Whitney concert done, and both will be in top form!"
    And that's what I thought when saw 2pac. Give them time, tweak technology a bit and no need for circus impersonators, you get "perfect MJ", "almost real!", "truly immortal!". You get wide-eyed fans squeal and crying, because "it's better than nothing and it's as close to real MJ concert as possible!", can you even get them fainting again..? I hope they can't.
    Handy! Digital artist always looks great, can be 25 y.o. again, endless energy, never complains about this and that, never goes ill or hurt, never argues. Perfect, music industry dream came true. They orchestrate the show.

    "Oops, we just killed another one... but don't you fans, old and new, worry! We have fresh 3D one coming, tour dates on our official website! Poll open too, which MJ do you want to see most? Dangerous era? Thriller era?"
    Exploit them to death, then exploit them in death even more, on a whole new level! Much to fans and even family's delight.
    "It was wonderful! Unbelievable! It was so real! His spirit
    was in the audience!"
    "Have you seen latest MJ concert? Oh it was great! Better than 2013 one!"

    If anyone was waiting for "resurrection" - well, this is it.

    And if just endless profit was not enough, with a figure like Michael, how about we rework the message a bit, too?
    Now can make him promote whatever we need!
    Will there be duets with the likes of Gaga and Madonna?
    How many satanic things can now be promoted with "Michael Jackson"s help?
    I'm really frustrated over this. I don't want such future.
    Don't share teens excitement. Call me "retrograde",
    I take that as compliment in this regard.

    1. Anonymous,

      I know. I completely share your frustration and there is nothing but sinister behind it. But you know what. This is not going to last long. Mark my words. Michael knew they were going to pull this stunt, they've had this technology for a long time, just hidden.

      There is more. Lots of things they are planning to do and God is seeing all this. It is not the real thing and the murderers will not be heroes for faking the very people they kill.


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