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Michael Jackson Justice: Matt Fiddes, Geller and Our CIA/Mossad Fights "Anti-Semitism"?

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, May 7, 2012

Matt Fiddes, Geller and Our CIA/Mossad Fights "Anti-Semitism"?

Mainstreaming Mind Control
MK ULTRA to Change DNA Structure

And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.  32. And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.

33. And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.  34. Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold,  35. And laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need."

Take a look at that passage above.  “One heart” and “One Soul”.  We are one not of ourselves, but in the spirit of the love of God.  Because they came together for the love of Jesus Christ, for the glory of Him they were given great power and great grace.  No one lacked, because they all sold what they owned they each were distributed as he had need.

This was a voluntary thing they did for the all loved each other.  It’s not called “socialism” until a government takes it by force.  It’s not called “usurping” until a body of political conspirators gather unto themselves creating oppression of those they take from. This is also discussed in the Bible.

I read that this morning after sending my husband off to work, and I read it to him when he got home.  It gave us peace, knowing that God not only sees what is going on, but saw it happening throughout history, and told of these days long before they happened.

Taking a look around my weekend, I have to say that things are starting to look pretty interesting.  It started bad, got worse and ended with a nightmare.  Yes, I’m back on the protection prayer, thank you for asking.

We had a 1-2-3 whammy hit us.  First my husband’s work,  then the ongoing disenfranchising of the voters of South Carolina by some crafty election planning by the deceitful and the supreme court who doesn’t seem to care about a stolen election. Then the family issue on my husband’s side.

The work thing could possibly rectify itself.  The theft of the primary election will take a lot of work, but the family issue has been an ongoing issue.  I said this on my facebook page and I’ll say it again here – There is NO lower lifeform, in my opinion, then a person who thinks nothing of using their child as a pawn to hurt another person.  It is selfish, it is toxic, destructive and if that is the only way a person can “get their kicks” or sense of accomplishment, I feel sorry for that person.  I just hope the time on earth lasts as long as it is going to take to put their heart back in straight.  They are accomplishing NOTHING but hurting their child for the purpose of . . . scrounging up a rock to throw to hide their hands.

The nightmare?  Horrible.  Real.  I’m in a hospital but not as a patient.  As a matter of fact very few people there were patients.  It seemed to be a place where people were gathered for safety.  There was a small group of us gathered in one of the corridors of one of the wards.  We could hear the “pop pop pop” of gun fire and we knew the infected ones were being killed.

The shots were in a far off area of the hospital but they sounded as if they were getting closer.  We didn’t want to be mistaken for the infected ones, so we began to move toward a main hallway.

I in my mind I knew that this infection was something that was “given” to people. The infection caused breakdown of cognitive function of the brain and turned people into walking, slobbering vegetables. It also made them aggressive and hungry.  They ate anything they could get their hands on.  It was like rabies but worse.  Thankfully once they got like that they were close to death and weren’t very coordinated.  You could get away easily.  But if they got a hold of you and bit you, like with rabies you would be infected.

As the group of us got to a connector of four main hallways (like spokes in a wheel)  we it seemed we were no longer in a hospital but in a shopping mall.  All the gates were down on all the stores except a couple that served drinks or food.  This was another venue that was being used for people to gather for safety – turned into community shelter centers along with schools, hospitals and fire departments.  Once people in my group began seeing the spatters of blood on the floor from those shot, they began to panick and scatter.  “Stay together, stay together” somebody called out.  “If we stay in a pack we’re less likely to be incorrectly identified!”

The shots were getting closer. Two or three “pop pop pops”, then a break, then another burst.  There can’t be that many of them running around, this sounds more like . . . “They’re shooting us all . . .” I whispered out loud.  The man in front of me looked at me and realization flooded his eyes.  I said to him, “go.”

We both ran in different directions.  There are dozens of blood spatters on the floor as I ran, but no bodies. They took them off quickly.  I woke up with this thought in my head.  My husband was already awake and in the shower.  I was thankful for the light from under the bathroom door.

Aside from all that this weekend, I don’t know what else to tell you other than, there are things coming and even though we are warned about it and know what is on the other side of it, I am scared.  I have never seen my husband break down like that.  I’ve seen him get upset and I’ve seen him cry, but not like that and I don’t ever want to see it again. 

When I hugged him until he calmed down he said to me, “Thank you.  I needed that.  It felt like God hugging me.”

When he said that it made me realize something.  We ARE hugged by God.  Every cell of our body is hugged by God.  If only those who still don’t know him could feel it long enough to want to get to know him.

We are not alone. We never were.  It doesn’t matter what they do to our bodies.  Even killing us, they can never separate us from God.  God put something in us they can never duplicate and that is our souls.  They can even calcify the “seat of the soul”, but they can’t take it out.  Every cell in our body has a way to get the message to us.  It is only our heart’s desire for true love and a decision to let Him in that will allow Him to work within us.

Suffering  Children

Yes, we all are in a way, but some more than others.  Suffering children.  The one’s Michael knew they were using.  From Hollywood’s elite “40-year old midgets” to those languishing in orphanages and hospitals or “other” facilities, wishing “love” or what they understand of it, came from more than the end of a needle or an adult with sick desires.

Corey Feldman – I hope wherever he is, he is okay and we should keep praying for him and the others that began exposing what our dear Matt Fiddes seems to now be verifying.

Matt Fiddes

I wasn’t going to cover this, but since he rather made my job easier, I want to give him some credit.

Here are some quotes from different news sources from Matt Fiddes:

"Multi-millionaire martial arts master Matt Fiddes said: “I loved Michael so much but I finally feel it’s time to get everything that horrified and upset me over the years off my chest . . . “Unfortunately one medic was a racist who filled his head with anti-Jewish propaganda.

“Soon Michael began to spout the same stuff. He even fell out with his close friend Uri Geller for two years . . . Matt added: “We got rid of the doctor filling Michael’s head with rubbish, and we were able to ‘re-programme’ his mind so he didn’t think anti-Semitic thoughts." – Source, The Sun

I’ll get to the content in a minute.  Let’s see what other news outlets picked up on this:

New York Daily Times:

He was an anti-Semitic Nazi sympathizer. One of his many pill-prescribing doctors was an alleged neo-Nazi who sold Jackson on his poisonous bilge.

But Fiddes says Jackson dumped the doctor and was psychiatrically “reprogrammed” so he would no longer “think anti-Semitic thoughts.” – Source, NYDTimes

Today put a different spin on Michael’s “bullet proof vest”.  Take note that the “Estate” has done NOTHING to shut this liar up.

If he couldn’t get drugs, he would drink. When he announced the 'This Is It' concerts at the O2 in London in 2009, he had downed half a bottle of whisky to cope with the pressure. He was also wearing a bullet-proof vest, petrified he would be assassinated due to the child abuse allegations that haunted him until his dying day.” – Source, MSNBC

And other , less known rags have also carbon copied the story, some replacing “paraphrasing” with “quoted” statements from Fiddes.

The content of the first-run “TheSun” article included an “affair” with Whitney, Fiddes claiming (only about the twentieth person to do so) that one of Michael’s children is his.   He threatens (again for the twentieth time since Blanket first opened his eyes in the world), to get a DNA test.  He claims Michael was a hopeless addict (but not to hard drugs, only prescription) and when he couldn’t get drugs he got drunk – but Fiddes doesn’t get credit for that.  The drug rumor was proliferated by others before him (like Gest and Cascio and Boteach).  It’s the “other” information in those articles that stood out for me:

But Fiddes says Jackson dumped the doctor and was psychiatrically “reprogrammed” so he would no longer “think anti-Semitic thoughts.” – Source, NYDTimes

Finally, a confession by someone!

Psychiatricly ‘reprogrammed’.  You know what that is don’t you?

Brainwashing – By Fiddes CIA-trained buddy Geller.  Remember these photos?

This is Michael
On torture, IV drugs and Psychological and physical abuse. 

Take note of Michael's eyes and slack facial expressions (the one above with Fiddes contains a look of anger as well).  Keep in mind that Michael’s CHILDREN were around when all this was going on.  Also keep in mind what these abusers are capable of – talking about Corey Feldman and Haim, Todd Bridges and Dana Plato, Johnny Gosch, Paul Bonacci, Alison Arngram and countless nameless others outside the entertainment industry.

It has been covered here on previous blog topics (all of last year practically) the network of pedophiles in high places, the U.S. government, the crown in England, the leadership in Israel, the U.N., the CFR.  We’ve covered the people who have been murdered who were trying to bring this to light – Like Nancy Schaefer and her husband, Aaron Russo, Bill Cooper, Fritz Springmeier, John Todd and those who have been arrested, discredited, tortured or harassed to cover up this underground destruction of children.

I have yet to have someone from the “Mod Squad” (MOD = Masonic Owned Delegates), gang stalkers, mob-bullies and antagonizers who very well could have been carbon-copied from the mob enticed by Caiaphas to shout down Pilate and demand Christ’s death.

Even if we were to give Matt Fiddes the benefit of a doubt and ASSUME that the press was just making stuff up, or adding to a years old story that Matt claimed fatherhood of Blanket, this disturbs me because the press still printed the brainwashing story where before it was “crazy” talk and “conspiracy theories”.

This means that they are getting bolder.  We already know from release of U.S. government “declassified” documents that Uri Geller was working with the CIA on mind control and mass brainwashing.  We covered that last summer too plus the fact that Uri Geller, Michael’s handler (one of many), is cousins with Larry Geller, ELVIS’S HANDLER!

Perhaps we should be thankful for this “revelation” from Fiddes.  Not to mention that these articles also confirm that again they seem to have no other defense for their actions then to try and label someone an anti Semitic (for daring to talk about Jesus, I guess) just as they did with Mel Gibson.  And anyone ignorant of what a real Semite is might fall for this.  But for those that don’t?  Uri is not a “Semite” nor is Boteach.  They are the “false Jews” of Revelation.  The “Semites” are those descendents of Shem, Noah’s son.  Worshiping with the words of the Talmud does not make you a Semite.  It makes you Pagan.

These pictures below were taken in 2001.  According to Fiddes (and other pictures of them with with Michael), Uri, Boteach and Fiddes were indeed hanging on Michael like a musty coat during this time.  The picture of the three of them with Ariel Sharon was taken in 2001.

Picture of Michael with Ariel Sharon, Boteach and Geller

These are the pictures of the injury that the press “quoted” Michael as saying was  from a spider bite.  However, we discovered by looking at the close-ups that Michael pulled up BOTH pant legs and pulled down BOTH SOCKS for the photo to show people, he had tazer marks and puncture wounds on both ankles and legs.

Michael showing punctures and tazer marks on BOTH legs

What “drug addict” trying to hide his addiction would want to document this with pictures?  Especially a “image conscious” pop star?

Fiddes tries to cover this up in the article with the same lies, but he’s too late.

There is also the possibility that Fiddes is playing double agent.  Perhaps he is using this “old news” story about his claims of fathering Blanket to get “certain” information out to us?  Anyone can turn a leaf right?  Maybe Michael got to him like he did several others?  Is it possible?

Fiddes is “quoted” in one article of saying that Geller was “like a father” to him and he considers him his father.  Where are Fiddes’ parents?

Michael was also separated from his family at a young age, living with Diana Ross (as if Michael would have benefited more from being away from his other brothers and parent) and Bill Bray was right there with Michael through Michael’s late 30’s.  Michael is said to have called Bray “his father”.  This is what handler’s teach their charges.

Where did Fiddes come from?  A home like the one below? 

The Judge Rotenberg Center

I don’t know how I came across this, but I found it and made the mistake of watching it.  It is an autistic child receiving 31 electric shocks for . . . get this . . . for NOT taking his coat off.  Seems MK Ultra and Monarch training are very much in use.  (Think homes for children, Boys Town Nebraska, D.C. Call Boys, Sandusky/Penn State Scandal, The Hershey’s Orphanage etc . . . It’s global).

It was played in court and covered on Fox News.  Ask yourselves what would happen if a parent were just REPORTED for treating their child this way!

On the site in which I found this video, they posted this beneath:

Heidi Stevenson of Gaia Health downloaded JRC's handbook detailing what other "treatments" they fondly use to control handicapped and autistic children:

On pages 5 and 6 is the statement :

Stronger or more restrictive or physical aversives. Examples are … overcorrection (requiring—with physical force if necessary—a student to repeat an action many times); spanks, pinches, or muscle squeezes; vapor spray to the face; brief cool shower; bad tastes; aromatic ammonia broken under the nose; imposing manual restraint such as the 'basket hold' for a period of time; mechanical restraints such as handcuffs and/or ankle cuffs; skin-shock; 'takedowns' (several staff forcing the student down to the floor and holding him/her there until he/she stops struggling); 'mat rolling' (rolling the individual in a mat or small rug for a period of time); and mechanical restraint. PRN injections by needle of psychotropic medications also have an aversive effect in addition to their pharmacological effects.

Unusual corporal punishment - face masks - ammonia inhalation - shackles - takedowns - submission locks - cold showers - foul tastes - spraying in the face like animals - rolling the kids into rugs - food deprivation - isolation - psychotropic drugs: all practices regarded as "therapy." What is this, the Guantanamo Correction Institute?

Actually, this practice is largely inspired by Skinner's Behavior Modification Model -- and it doesn't work! Parents would never be allowed to treat their autistic children in this manner . . . and who would want to?” Source, Activist Post

So here we go.  Everything Michael either exhibited physical evidence of or sang about in his songs.  Of the list above we’ve seen Michael with evidence of skin shocks (pant legs above, healed tazer marks), being drugged/psychotropic drugs, FACE MASKS, isolation (being locked in a hotel room alone most of the day, Jackie finding Michael with I.V’s etc…) Food deprivation (or mind controlled to where you need to be REMINDED to eat), and so on.

Also further down in the same article, she quoted a reporter who covered this school in 2006 –

One reporter, in 2006, documented other JRC bizarre practices like hanging Mickey Mouse posters everywhere. And former head of JRC Mathew Israel (forced to step down after a different controversy in 2007) asking unresponsive patients to blow him a kiss -- patients featured in JRC's original promos who are still there and are in worse, catatonic conditions.

A quick search into Israel, his practices, and past opens up many a disturbing can of worms.” – Source, Activist Post

I went in search of independent evidence of this:

The Mickey Mouse Club Ten years ago, Israel hung up a Mickey Mouse poster in the main hall, and he noticed that it made people smile—so he bought every Mickey Mouse poster he could find. He hung them in the corridors and even papered the walls of what became known as the Mickey Mouse Conference Room. Entering the Rotenberg Center is a bit like stepping into a carnival fun house, I discovered during a two-day visit last autumn. Two brushed-aluminum dogs, each nearly 5 feet tall and sporting a purple neon collar, stand guard outside. Giant silver stars dangle from the lobby ceiling; the walls and chairs in the front offices are turquoise, lime green, and lavender.” – Source,

Read that whole article – The children Israel shows films of who he says responded favorably to the torture are still there institutionalized.

“Blow me a kiss”, is a frequent vocal sentiment Israel is witnessed calling to unresponsive patients. 

(I HATE this topic and thought I was done with it, but I’m not and it is THIS TOPIC that really makes me want God to just forget it, all about us destroy the whole lot of us and just start over.  Those being tortured will finally have peace and those doing the torturing will be no more).

As I read further down, I saw something quite disturbing and It reminded me of the drugging of Michael by Evan Chandler and running his fingers through Michael’s hair while asking him if he was “gay”, as told in Ray Chandler’s book about the Chandler case.

As Katie speaks, LaChance runs her fingers through Katie's hair again and again. The gesture is so deliberate it draws my attention. I wonder if it's just an expression of affection—or something more, like a reward.
"Do you swear anymore?" I ask.
"Oh, God, all the time," Katie says. She pauses. "Well, I have learned to control it, but I'm not going to lie. When I'm on the phone, curse words come out."
The hair stroking stops. LaChance turns to Katie. "I hope you're not going to tell me you're aggressive."
"Oh, no, that's gone," Katie says. "No, no, no. The worst thing I do sometimes is me and my mom get into little arguments."
For Israel, of course, one drawback of having so many high-functioning students is that he cannot control everything they say. One afternoon, when I walk into a classroom of teenagers, a 15-year-old girl catches my eye, smiles, and holds up a sheet of paper with a message written in pink marker: HELP US. She puts it back down and shuffles it into her stack of papers before anyone else sees. When I move closer, she tells me her name is Raquel, she is from the Bronx, and she wants to go home.” 

Help us?

The list of punishments further up almost runs the list of mind control conditioning on any report describing MK Ultra mind conditioning.  I also could not help, and will not fail to point out, the NAME of the school, and the NAME of the person incorporating the torture.

This is the same treatment Michael endured, and Latoya testified about:

Latoya, Michael and Janet talk about abuse

In viewing this video, consider who was surrounding this family.  Everything they testify to here?  Not necessarily Joe.  Think "handlers".

Teachers at this school are not always on board with the “program” either.

I met this former teacher at a restaurant, and our meeting stretched on for six hours. At times it felt less like an interview than a confession. "The first time you give someone a ged is the worst one," the teacher said. "You don't want to hurt somebody; you want to help. You're thinking, 'This has got to be okay. This has got to be legal, or they wouldn't be doing this.'" At the Rotenberg Center, it's virtually impossible to discuss such concerns with coworkers because there are cameras everywhere, even in the staff break room. Staff members who want to talk to each other without being overheard may meet up in the parking lot or scribble notes to each other. But it's hard to know whom to trust, since Israel encourages employees to file anonymous reports about their coworkers' lapses.

Now picture Michael, trying to get someone to help him, and those working for him either don’t care or talk to the WRONG PEOPLE who get rid of the person and install someone more “compliant”.  Meanwhile the press gets fed stories that Michael is unstable because he fires so many people.

New employees must sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to talk about the Rotenberg Center—even after they no longer work there. Of the eight ex-employees I interviewed, most did not want to be identified by name for fear of Israel suing them; all were critical of how the ged is used. Maybe, says one, the use of shocks was justified in a few extreme self-injurious cases, but that's all. "Say you had a hospital that was the only hospital in the nation that had chemotherapy, and they were treating people who had the common cold with it," she says. "I think the extreme to which they abuse their power has outweighed what good they do."

Below is the same article and the recount of a discussion this investigator had with Matthew Israel about Connie Chung’s investigation.

The Hard Lessons of Connie Chung Matthew Israel has been fielding questions from journalists since the 1970s, but few have examined his operation as thoroughly—and critically—as the producers at Eye to Eye with Connie Chung did. In 1993, they spent six months investigating the facility. They even found an employee willing to go inside with a hidden camera. But Israel ended up getting the last laugh. As he recounts the story for me, he can barely contain his glee. "We refused to meet with her unless the parents could be in the same room," he says, grinning. "She talked to the parents, and they really gave it to her." This is no exaggeration: When Chung tried to ask him tough questions, his parent-supporters shouted her down.
Throughout this raucous meeting, Israel had his own camera rolling, too, which turned out to be a brilliant move. Before cbs got its 40-minute story on the air, Israel launched a national campaign to discredit both Chung and her report. He accused her of being "biased" and "hostile," and to prove it, he distributed edited videotapes of her interview to media critics and cbs affiliates. It worked. A New York Times television critic savaged cbs, accusing it of using "shabby tricks of the trade." Suddenly the story was not about whether the school had abused students—but whether cbs had abused the school.
"I don't think it was a positive thing for her career," says Israel, still smiling. It's late in the day, right near the end of my visit, and I'm starting to wonder why he's brought up this topic.

How does a little administrator of a state funded school for the disadvantaged wield so much power?  Who is he supplying with children?  Why could no one get this  man convicted?  Who were his friends and what did THEY have on the politicians, judges and state governor?

In another, separate and more recent article (2011), Matthew Israel was finally investigated and removed from the school.

The founder of the controversial Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is scheduled to face criminal charges in Dedham today arising from a night in 2007 when two special needs teenagers at the center were wrongfully administered dozens of electrical shocks, according to the father of one of the victims and another person with knowledge about the case.” – Source,

The charges against Israel are believed to be related to the destruction of some of the center’s digital surveillance tapes that would have showed what occurred the night of Aug. 26, 2007, in one of the center’s residential group homes in Stoughton. That night, staffers received a prank phone call from someone posing as a supervisor, saying two teenagers, including Dumas’s son, should be administered electrical shocks as punishment for bad behavior earlier that day.” – Source,

Destruction of surveillance tapes!  So the LAPD DIDN’T event this tactic?  Whew!  What a relief!  Hey Bratton!  Guess what?  You’re off the hook!  (not really, I’m testing propaganda).

Dumas said he was told by the attorney general’s office to keep secret the news of Israel’s criminal charges, but he wanted to speak out when approached yesterday by the Globe about the case. “I don’t want to do anything to protect Matthew Israel,’’ he said.” – Source,

This is still going on and it is still being covered up, from the latest Penn State  back to the original exposure of the Catholic church and their priests (they’re not the only church, just the biggest involved).

The latest with Matt Fiddes just verifies the conjoining of several elements;  Uri Geller/CIA, “Jews” or “those that say they are Jews but are not”, and “psychiatric reprogramming”.

I’m not done yet . . . Major crap coming down the pike.

To those that commented earlier today on the previous blog topic, the prayers, the “helping” and support and hugs, thank you very much and God bless you.  I want you to know that I do see this for what it is.  I don’t pretend that I can do this without God.  But with his help, several “people” have not yet had the enjoyment of tangling with me over some of the issues that happened this weekend.   The interference will stop.

God bless you all.  God bless you Michael and thank you for being so strong and not letting go of God under pressure.  You are a big inspiration to me.


  1. BONNIE, I'm melting when you say how you comforted your distressed husband. Pls both hold hand in hand & stand firm together in the adversity.

    Matt Fiddes : the fact he revealed publicly Michael's "reprogramming" doesn't make him a better man but a bold one feeling strongly backed up by his Twister & Boteach family. They don't respect nor will never let Michael & his family in peace : shame on them & shame also on this Liberace Thorson boy, a miserable slug ! Again, wait until the MJ3 grow up..I just hope the Jacksons warned those kids against the vultures who may continue to prowl in their circle in the future. All what Fiddes pretends to know on Michael is fake. Just on Michael & Whitney's relationship in 1987-89 Fiddes knows nothing as he was still a kid then. However on the Vid below, Whitney Houston said herself she wanted to marry Michael (at 2:13) :

    (Whitney: 0.42 to 1:27 and 2:00 to 2:27)

    Did she say it playfully or in fact truly ? Sure is she did appreciate & really loved Michael for who he was : Whitney was sincere : I believe her. Even Frank Dileo in spite of his godfella side, when he talks in the same Vid about the private Michael I believe. But Matt Fiddes, NEVER..Grrr !

    1. Hi Line,

      He seems to be much better today. Much better spirits. We do have to stick together. We both know deep down what those forces try to do.

      No, I never suggested that Matt's "revealing" makes him a man at all. Only speculation as to which entity was actually responsible for the security breech (Matt or the Sun paper), and WHY it was allowed out. (Twister and Boteach Family made me laugh out loud). I didn't even want to talk about Thorson. He's not worth the time. Fiddes isn't either, but mention of the mind control, something we delved into a year ago WAS worth mentioning.

      I agree Matt knows squat about Michael. That's why I ignored pretty much the rest of that info.

      I think Whitney was being playful but maybe semi-serious. I don't believe from that reaction that they ever discussed anything so personal. She just admired him tremendously as we all do. No affair. Sorry Matt.

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    As I saw the torture taking place to control children, and saw the EVIDENCE of the same on Michael's face and legs, it made me sick and made me cry, and I just wanted to take him and hold him, and those kids. There are actually people who would do this to a person just to get them to think their way, and have control over them? We need to pray even harder, and ground ourselves in God's Word, because it is going to get a lot worse, isn't it. Even if a person wasn't made aware of Michael's brainwashing, we can see immediately in those pictures, and in his eyes, that he had been severely altered. The pictures and the footage are all starting to make sense now. I can't imagine what he went through, and what it took for him to come through it standing on his feet. God had His arms wrapped around him... there is no other way He could have broke loose. What love and determination it had to take on his part to take the torture and beat them at their own game.It breaks my heart to think of him dying alone in that room on June 25,2009, when he could fight no more. He was brave even in the face of death. I think God walked into that room, took Michael by the hand, and walked him into Eternity, never to be hurt ever again, but only to enjoy the love that he always longed for.Now the King of Pop lifts his voice to sing for the King of Kings:)
    Thank you for your comforting answers to my questions about Michael feeling our love for him.You took me to the word of God for my answers:John17:22 and Acts 4:31-35, and in so doing, you confirmed to me your mission, and your friendship, which is a treasure. Finally someone understands me, and I now know through you, and the posts of others that have been so helpful, that I am not alone. Maybe we will learn why Michael has chosen us all, and maybe it isn't for us to know, but we can help to do our part to heal our corner of the world,and help those who can't help themselves... who don't have a voice, because love is what the spirit inside of us is made of.
    I am not comfortable with giving my name, but I will sign my initials so you know which anonymous I am when I post.
    Thank you Bonnie for all you do, and for who you are:)God bless.


    1. Hi TLC,

      Thank you for the initials. Yes, it does make it a bit easier to distinguish between the different "anonymouses".

      You are right. We are going to have to pray more diligently as things get worse and they will get worse. Stay glued to His Word and we will know exactly what it is that is happening as they happen. Our reassurance is also there.

      Michael dying alone in the room. Somehow, I don't feel that is the way it happened. I think the way it happened is more like what you said after that. That God took his and and "took him up". It's obvious to me considering things that were leaked early on, like Michael's dad saying that Paris told her "If I'm not here for Father's day don't be mad at me" or something to that effect. Paramedics entering the room at the same time saw two different things and a "Michael" in two different conditions, there was evidence of a preparation by Michael of him "leaving". If I didn't know any better, this almost looked like an "Enoch" type of situation.

      Michael was singing "to the King of Kings" before he even left this earth. Most of his songs were either to the King of Kings or about Him.

      Thank you very much for saying that. We're more than friends I think. If we are one in Christ, doesn't that make us family? (When you said "finally someone understands me" it reminded me immediately of that line in the song "Childhood". Cried).

      Did Michael chose us or did God? Or did God chose us USING Michael to move us? I am looking for this kind of event in the Bible right now. And the closest thing I could find for the prophecy time is this:

      2 Thessalonians 2:5-7......"Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? 6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. 7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way."

      . . . that he might be revealed in his time . . . he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way . . .

      8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:"

      God bless you too, and thank you for the warmth of your conviction. :o)

    2. I had many questions for God regarding Michael's
      I think it was an act of... kindness maybe? "perfect timing",
      as Michael would not make it through scheduled concerts
      anyway, I thought a lot about it. He would not,
      he was close during HIStory tour I think, he had reasons to
      hate touring, and now at 50, 50 concerts, no way.
      _No One_ would survive that, no one. Just no one.
      They never were meant to happen, really.
      So he was taken like this, earlier, from a chosen
      location on a chosen date, and... I still have
      a lot of questions, but not expecting answers to
      come to me, maybe in time, if God decides we
      can have them.
      If that was God who took him of course.
      can't dismiss vile people driven by evil and greed.
      Michael, if you read him carefully, definitely knew
      what the end will be. Premonition. Hey, I even believe
      he said it directly to LMP as she claims.
      He did, I'm sure.

      Yet, he should not be dead, he should not. That's
      when I don't get it and it's so hard to accept.
      His mission was not accomplished and that's what
      makes me cry.
      Just re-read Shmuley (ugh! Shmuck) tapes, yes they are
      old(ish), what MJ says there was actual as he was robbed
      of precious years in 00s and betrayed like never before,
      Michael still had a lot to do for the children and thus
      for all of us, for humanity, a lot.
      We needed him more than we ever realized, so much more.
      I do worry about children and our future more since he
      left, feel very unprotected, how odd is that. That's how
      I feel. Was always concerned about how we
      make kids grow cold, but after he left it's worse.
      No idea where we're going to as a human race.
      They try to dismiss him, make it all "unimportant" and
      non-existant, like "forget about him", "just
      another celebrity", but it's not true.

    3. Hi Anonymous,

      I'm more at peace with Michael's not being here now then I was originally, because I know why he had to go. (Listen to Don't Walk Away"). No he didn't want to go but he knew he had to. I don't like it either, I miss that presence here and everyone who thinks about the timing of all that will know in their hearts that this planet lost a protective hug on June 25, 2009. But it is temporary.

      We are just going to have to get through this and keep our heads turned in the right direction. Nobody is forgetting him, but there are plenty of people out there trying to make us forget who he REALLY is.

  3. Hello,

    Matt Fiddes made the stuff up - he was only 12 years old when Michael and Whitney had this alleged affair (1991) - how would he know about this? And he was only his bodyguard occasionally in 2001 and 2002 (at Uri Geller's request who is a friend of him - dodgy, eh?). I am getting really tired of people making up stuff about him, esp. when it is so obvious that he can't possibly know all MJ's private stuff. And then again maybe it was meant to get out there like this for whatever purpose - there are no coincidences. Arghhh - just makes me really angry and upset and sad all at once.

    By the way, are you aware of this channel?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Yes, most of us agree with you that Matt made most of this up. Fiddes did not even know Michael and probably only had a day or two actually in his presence. (possibly three). At that time I believe Fiddes was still being "trained" by Geller. I have these horrible images in my head of them holding him down and shocking him and I absolutely cannot dwell there.

      This is definitely coming out for a reason. Note the "anti-semitic" label they published in this. They are STILL playing this "victim" card and I'm sick of it. We know the truth! There will come a day with the likes of Geller and Fiddes will WISH for the torture they gave Michael in place of what God has in store for them.

  4. The whole 'children suffering' issue brings to mind the very strange affair with the little boy who said he saw Michael after his death. That same child was 'taken' by the DCFS some months after 'seeing Michael', there seems to be nothing his Father can do about it.The FAther was paid particular attention to by Larry N outside the Murray trial(where he held up placards etc with all the dcfs info relating to his complaint) so that we'd all pay attention. I have often thought this was a set up as its too weird to be real(and that the Father is also an actor) but done for a reason to get our attention. Is something unsavoury going on via the DCFS? and does one particular woman who recently resigned from the DCFS have many more connections to illegal goings on in her past via many govt depts and connections. (RICO, NWO etc etc). We have to get it right for the children so they in turn can do right by the next generation and so on.

    Cheers, TL

  5. The last one from evil failure Fiddes & no less evil media :

    Deeply pathetic but they all should be shut up at some point.

  6. Hi TL,

    I found this on Erwin McGregor (who's a guy) And I found this on Antonia Jimenez -

    Last year I covered the story of a Georgia Senator who was investigating CFS and their connections to "children for sale" and certain states that had "orders" from high level, powerful people for "children" of various physical attributes. Some of these children ended up in prostitution, some ended up dead. Both Nancy Schaefer and her husband were shot and killed in her home. It was "ruled" a "murder-suicide".

    Cynthia McKinney took up the battle all the way up to Donald Rumsfeld and Dyncorp. During hearing testimony about Dyncorp's other illegal activities, McKinney pushed the issue of Dyncorp's active participation in child abduction and prostitution in the foreign countries in which they did business.

    Cynthia McKinney was systematically stalked (she had to hire NOI body guards, one of them said on Camera "this isn't Israel, go back to Israel). When harassed at an airport she pushed back and was arrested and held for 8 months. She fell "ill" while incarcerated and was finally released. Haven't heard much from her since.

    1. Thanks Bonnie, I've never heard these names before but will go and have a read up on them.

      Corruption abounds.


    2. Line,

      Fiddes is pathetic. I wonder if he was programmed with a suicide trigger? They're all going to start spewing their evils. It's going to get worse. They need to make it look as bad as possible, to make it appear that this "entity" is going to come in and clean it up (under the guise of peace, brotherhood and an assault on all religions, which they created in the first place).

      TL - I have more info on that I will be posting later. Right now we have a flood to worry about.

  7. Sorry, yes, I do know of Cynthia McKinney. I knew the face and forgot the name as its been a while since I read anything about her. I see she was supportive of Russell Simmons some time ago and am wondering if she still is. I cannot cope with Russell's ideals or cohorts these days !!


    1. McKinney ran for Green Party Presidential Candidate in 2008. I can't find her in direct Relation to Russell Simmons and he's not someone I'm familiar with.

    2. Russell Simmons, Def Jam.


    3. Unfortunately the whole Father/Son DCFS affair I mentioned above was picked up by the 'Occupy' group and noted on their agenda as something to be dealt with. Yes, i'm sure some people in the group are legitimate but little do they realise what type of people are backing Occupy.

      It just makes the hairs on the back of my head stand up when I see the child in this DCFS issue was brought to attention via Michael. Something fishy going on here.


    4. Thank you on the Simmons I.D. :o) I didn't listen to Def Jam.

      I know who started "Occupy" yes. Good people getting pulled into another mob/overthrow group.

      TL, they are going to use Michael's global appeal, his name, his likeness to market evil. It started with the fake fan groups hawking T shirts in front of the court house, to the "Michael Album" to the "Cirque du Satan" show. Bigger and better coming. Just remember, it's not MICHAEL.

  8. Bonnie, watching (only now) the victim boy autist Vid & reading in detail on this past affair & related issues gave me also the goose bumps : the director was removed but never paid for his sadistic criminal behaviour so clear is he was protected. Alas, many other institutions of all confessions worldwide also continue to cover their corruption with the help of laxist cowards & other monsters. On the showbiz/media side, I repeat myself but am still angry about these mean guys pouring out again after a quiet period their false slandering against Michael : if it were only for their ridiculous output, I would just laugh but much worse may well be behind it & it worries me. OK, other major problems at our doors anyway but some devils now dare to show up to the light.

    1. Like a little pug-dog pinned at the bottom of his trousers, I can never give up with Fiddes :

      Randy Jackson, I am proud of you.

    2. False slandering against the Jackson Family too. There is more dirt coming up too. (How am I going to keep up???)

      A rather summarized blog for tonight but it covers a lot of territory. Then, there is a slightly less sinister issue I have to expose just to get it out of the way.

      Randy Jackson, I'm proud of you too. ♥

  9. I am so sick and tired of all the evil, egoistic and greedy people that's running around on this planet. And they seems to multiply themselves and overcrowd this planet like rats/rabbits. They are everywhere all over the world poisining God's people's ( those with golden hearts) minds and lifes and they are destroying our planet and everything that is holy. Their mantra seems to be control. It is said that, only the strong survive. Maybe we should change it to, only the evil survive.

    If Matt Fiddes loved and cared about Blanket he would never have gone to the press and through them telling the world bad and negative things about Blankets father, even if the things he said is true ( which I doubt) facts about MJ. It tells me that the relationship that he so badly want to have with his ( biological son?) Blanket has nothing to do with love for him. I wish I could put an armour on Blanket to protect him from everyone that comes his way in the future to come, trying to take advantage of him. Or trying to change who he is.

    Isn't it funny that every so called friend who got to know MJ soon got rich while MJ's fortune decreased and he ended up with huge debts.

    MJ and Whitney? That wasn't written in the stars. It wouldn't have worked out even if they had tried their best. They had God, music and fame in common but they were very different as individuals. MJ didn't need a woman telling him what to do. Unfortunately he might have met a lot of those. I love Whitney, but I think she would have been to dominant for him.

    I watched Living with MJ the other day just to hear his voice. Over 40 years in the spotlight, but he didn't spoil us with a lot of Interviews so we kind of end up with watching bad Interviews like Bashir 's master piece. I watched it like a million times. But I never caught Bashir saying that MJ rented SEVEN suites at the four season hotel while he occasionally stayed in Las Vegas. What's up with that MJ? SEVEN SUITES? Coincidence or was it a conscious choice? And if it was conscious, why SEVEN SUITES? What did it mean? Protection? I would like to know. Because nothing MJ did seems to be an coincidence.

    1. Anonymous,

      Don't worry, they have a short time - the evil mantra that you talk about. The Bible does have a happy closing. But I get angry to, you get sick of seeing and hearing about people suffering at the hands of others who think their poop doesn't stink.

      Yes, I saw the irony in that as well - Michael had ballooning loans (who signed for them is anyone's guess - cough - Branca/power of attorney) and their agenda 21 friends. I don't like watching Bashir. I think very little of that is the real Michael. Uri Geller was "handling" him then and who the heck knows what they were giving him/putting him through. I don't believe one word he said about his father, he looked like he was forced to say these things (Why would Michael said "why do you do this to me?" What an odd thing to say unless they were making him say something he didn't want to say).

      Seven suites for seven demons.

  10. Gay Rights Advocates Celebrate Obama's Marriage Evolution.

    ABC News Headline today.

    Some may think this is off topic but it really just ties in with everything else that's going down.


    1. North Carolina just voted against this. They threatened to take the (heard Obama threatened not to have a meeting in Charlotte because of it . . . GOOD! STAY AWAY! You're not our leader anyway, ROTHSCHILDS IS!)

      More ready to go on tonight. Took some time. Made me sick to my stomach.

  11. If even a tiny bit of these speculations, ponderings and assumptions are true about what happened to Michael Jackson, and what is happening on a global level, it reminds of the book by Madeline L'Engle, 'A Wrinkle in Time'. It was one of my favorite books when I was a child; Michael as 'Charles Wallace'. Oyan

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I have not read that book. It's not assumptions. These incidents are documented. There is a difference between TRUTH and PROMOTED information.

  12. Wow . . . I've spoken to three people that have seen this show. One was very disappointed, the other (who at one time bullied me about the Ganesha Om girls) said she loved it/almost cried. I'm beginning to wonder why?

    Cirque du Soleil reviews
    Not one good review:

    1. I'm mean maybe, but I'm happy to see bad reviews.
      I know the show would embarrass Michael and it only
      tarnishes the legacy to be honest, I was always against
      such show, especially since they didn't even bother
      to make it worthy! Just playing his music (too loud
      according to reviews!) is not enough you know.
      Yes, all the $ony/Estate freaks can run up to me with their
      screaming I wasn't there so how can I judge,
      what I saw on youtube is really enough for me to
      avoid that travesty.

      It's just like "Michael" album, really. Just like that.
      No, it's worse.
      Someone's in a hurry profiting from the fresh wounds
      on so many hearts. "Let's bake it quick or they won't go!
      Now while their feelings are still here, let's charge 'em a fortune, too." GREED.

    2. I am VERY happy to see the bad reviews. You are right about it being just like the Michael album, LOL! I just said that to TL above. I was also happy to see that people disassociating Michael's Music from the "Cirque show" itself.

      This is what happens when you take the "creator" out of work. You have imitation and interpretation that doesn't connect to the piece.

    3. Sad to hear...thankfully I have not heard one bad review by people who have gone and said there is alot in the show they we need to pay attention to. Seems Michael is speaking through this show as well? I will be seeing it next month so I will post my own review

      "Michael spoke of Hitler's mesmerizing oratorical skills. He said that oratory is in many ways one of the most effective tools that evil uses to manipulate others and thereby gain power. Michael argued that Hitler used many of the same techniques that showbiz performers use today in order to manipulate audiences and steer them toward evil deed"
      Intersting article by mr Rabbi shmuley

    5. MJs, please stand back and put your hands over your ears . . . . Ready?

      I have no, absolutely no interest in what that advocate-for-real-pedophiles has to say about Michael or anything else. This man is covering up for the very people I am not investigating and while he never said he believed Michael was guilty of the false allegations (Oh THANK you Mr. Rabbi drug-pushing-hypocrite-Uri-Geller-Worshiper), he most certainly assisted Uri and that mongrel Fiddes in drugging Michael and trying to psychologically alter him while calling MICHAEL the drug addict!

      There is not a hell hot enough for either one of them!

    6. CORRECTION - "the people that I AM investigating" I put "not". Two doors open at one time up there.

    7. sorry I thought the quote was intersting not the article

    8. I suspect only people who are a bit too much of a fan
      ("everything with "MJ" on it is great!!!"-ones) or people
      who never saw any other big Cirque show, like the Beatles one,
      or people who never saw _any_ other big
      show or proper concert, or people who can't say "it was
      horrible" because they spent $200 and are afraid to tell
      it was a waste, leave 5 stars.
      Add paid "reviewers", it's old widespread business technique,
      used everywhere, even in my country. If you don't know about
      it, well, I just told you, so you do now.
      Diehard fans, Estate's best friends.
      "OMG a big glove! A Glove!! THE glove! Love it! And socks too!
      5 stars!"
      Ignoring the fact actual dancers' costumes were horrendous.

      We all love Michael here, I jump whenever I hear him mentioned
      or remembered too, but this was supposed to be a great
      tribute, and instead we get maybe worst Cirque show ever,
      poorly done and almost unprofessional. They at least had
      to try, for someone like Michael Jackson, like they did
      for someone like ...the Beatles? See how he gets
      the bad one now? He was bigger than B and E, why is that
      cirque tribute to him is the least bearable?

      Michael is mistreated once again, in death, as he was
      mistreated all his life. They are tarnishing his legacy
      through every single bad tribute and odd posthumous
      release. I don't know if they are blinded by greed
      or if they do it intentionally, to misrepresent the perfection
      Michael's work is. People already can't tell apart
      bad music and good music - "it's all about personal
      preferences! Tastes differ!" - hell yeah. If "Michael"
      album is "another fantastic 100% MJ work!", then I'm the
      president of South Korea.

      Okay, think I'm done with my rants about that :)
      LOL the topic gets me, it really does.

  13. Anonymous - the portion of your post above is below and really struck a chord with me:

    "We needed him more than we ever realized, so much more. I do worry about children and our future more since he left, feel very unprotected, how odd is that. That's how I feel. Was always concerned about how we
    make kids grow cold, but after he left it's worse. No idea where we're going to as a human race. They try to dismiss him, make it all unimportant" and non-existant, like "forget about him", "just another celebrity", but it's not true."

    >>> Bonnie and I were having a similar conversation tonight. Your feelings about where the human race is headed is the struggle I have in trying to come to terms with Michael's "absence." There are times when I don't think I can bear to see one more photo of Michael's face, seeing the pain behind his eyes. Those three photos above with Geller, Schmuley and Fiddes are the most tormenting, because they reflect a visibly damaging change in Michael's life that began to take its toll. Is this really the beautiful child at the bottom of this blog? Is it the same darling 19-year old who smiled so sweetly talking to Molly Meldrum about family "togetherness?" Is this the gentle and bright eyed Michael who told Sylvia Chase in 1980 he just wants to make people happy? What they did to our beautiful Man In The Mirror? I look at him in those photos and his injured legs - his beautiful dancer's legs, and I silently scream.

    The betrayal Michael suffered at the hands of vipers is something none of us can rationalize, because we can't fathom the idea of harming such an innocent and loving soul. Our senses have been shocked and our faith in human nature shaken to its foundation. I often feel a sense of despair at what our hearts have lost, and it's no joke. We have seen what happens to a room full of children when Michael enters. We have seen fans cry with overwhelming emotion when they touch him. We see the way royalty and heads of state respond in his presence. We have seen how iconic celebrities in their own right gravitated to Michael.

    Yes, this beautiful man of God had a unique and magical effect on the world. And Satan was desperate to corrupt Michael's message. They used every sick trick to bring him under control, and when they failed they tried to devour him. I pray every day that did not happen. But if an angel like Michael, who gave so much to the world, can be wiped off the face of the earth, what does that say about the rest of us? What are we waking up to every morning now that he's gone? Who will ever have the same impact on our lives, and how can there be children who will never know the joy of being touched by Michael's divine hand? I just can't imagine it.

    The answers we're all looking for and what we feel in our heart for Michael are valid and as vital as the air we breathe. We have spent three years educating ourselves on who Michael really is, and in doing so we have learned who we are. We love him unconditionally and suffer for him and through him. Our connection to Michael is akin to being joined at birth - and being separated from him is traumatic on body, mind and soul. The relentless assault that Michael endured was an assault on all of us. Michael felt the suffering of others and took it personally. We are an extension of Michael and take his suffering very personally.

    Love, Micheline

    1. Micheline,

      You always write so eloquently! Beautifully and truthfully said - our aching hearts are one.

      (Sigh...wiping away yet another tear...)

    2. Yes Micheline, Michael would hug you for feeling his pain so deeply.

    3. Hi Mich,

      In addition to the phone conversation is the "war" we are born into (mentioned on a video on the new blog) between good and evil, which Michael fought on a world stage.

      It is no accident we all feel the way we feel about him. And what we feel about him is about to get twisted and manipulated by others, so be on guard. What they tried to do to Michael they will attempt to do to us. Michael's life, our warning. (I love him so much, I wish I could give him back everything!)

      You are right Micheline. We take his suffering very personally, and I believe I am not the only one what has maybe asked God to let us bear it. The fact that we still cry over this testifies to that. Not only his pain but feeling the pain HE felt seeing what they want to take from children. The destruction of innocence and lives.

      Blake - I'm handing you a tissue. How many times I have wanted or even envisioned holding that box in front of Mike and wanting to rock him until his sobs subside.

      Line - I do think Michael hugs us. If you close your eyes you can feel it. It's soul to soul.

    4. One additional thing to this - Michael said more than once "We are one".

      What stronger evidence to we have. We don't just feel the love, we feel his pain. Jesus said as much. A divine example of that "one heart one soul".


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