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Michael Jackson Justice: No More "Trippin'" Over Michael

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No More "Trippin'" Over Michael

Dig Deeper than Michael
Jackson Family Distractions

Now therefore fear the LORD, and serve him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye the LORD.

Short blog today.  Frustrated beyond endurance.

I am sitting here this morning, trying to view my notes through tears – yet again.  

Why the tears?  Well, it’s hard to explain.  A plethora of emotions that fill the torn space between self survival and a mission no one understands (I shouldn’t say no one – but certainly very few in my family).

We will move on of course, as soon as I express the frustration and exasperation I feel every time I go through this cycle of “what the hell am I doing here”.  This usually happens when I get a phone call from a relative that needs help with one bill or another and I can’t help them because I’m in the negative myself.

Then I get emails from people who are popping blood vessels because Michael’s daughter “allowed” herself to be interviewed by Oprah.  So let’s all just throw our lives out the window and see what we can’t do about this, since it’s obvious she’s again being victimized to “up” another Journalist’s ratings.  She has a movie coming out after all and for the last three years, every Jackson has been spotlighted so they could repeatedly “repeat” the same “Michael was innocent” over the same questions about his “innocence” that they can't seem to get cleared up since 1993.

Three years and the message has not changed or deepened.  I keep waiting for someone in the family to step up and liberate the truth behind Michael’s purpose but in three years it hasn’t evolved.  And the last time I talked to someone who thought Michael was guilty – they STILL thought he was guilty.  While we’re fighting for one man, millions are dying.

“They Don’t Care About Us”.

Books have been sold, documentaries have been made, appearances have been indulged in abundance and the ONLY thing that they have managed to accomplish is improve the marketability of Michael’s name.  And if they read the forums, most of THOSE people admittedly would buy whether they believed Michael was guilty or not.  Nice, huh?

If that’s the goal, please tell me now.  Because the people out here deciphering the lyrics, researching the torture, adhering to the Bible (which all profess Michael read every day) are all people that still have to pay their bills, still have to worry about eating, still have to fight members of their family over a human being who’s own relatives WON’T tell the truth.

Do you Know How This Feels?

Most of us out here are not fighting this battle with the knowledge that they have a bunker to go to, or that accountants are paying their bills with the money they’re making off the book they sold about their "dead" relative.

While we’re ripping our guts out over Michael NOBODY is advocating for God, as if God would not exist without Michael.  Maybe I’m guilty of that too.  Maybe all the while I have been trying to decipher Michael’s song lyrics and symbolized warnings I too have been drawn into the constructed “golden calf” who  sold 700 Million albums?

Does anyone have ANY idea how much money that is?  Add to that a huge publishing catalog royalties, merchandise, trademarks and residuals and we’re talking billions.  That’s not even counting all the little side deals he had going on.


I want to show you a picture that someone “shared” to me on my facebook page.

His Kid – Your Kid
Got Any Questions?

That is George W. Bush’s daughter for anyone wondering.  It was a photo passed around Facebook, highlighting the victimizing of the “non-elite” for the benefit of financing the lifestyles of the elite.  The poster caption should have read “they’re FEEDING off of you”.

I am TIRED of indulging them.  Tired of it.  Beyond tired of playing their game. 

How am I going to help people who can damned well afford to help themselves when I can’t even help my own family?

Does the Jackson family seriously care whether my mother’s electric gets turned off or not, or whether my husband comes home with a blown out knee from kneeling on concrete day in and day out to make PET SUPPLEMENTS?

Common sense tells me I should be out chasing the almighty dollar like everyone else.  Why worry about the elite?  They don’t care about you!  They’re just milking you for every last emotionally charged dollar they can get out of you.

Three years Jesus walked through the desert prophesying, healing, edifying and teaching people.

That is 16 waking hours a day times 364 of them times three years.

That is 17 thousand, four hundred and seventy two hours.  That’s how long we’ve been doing this and what have we accomplished?

Nothing.  Because we are still slicing our shovels down into the same dirt.  The people who thought Michael was guilty still think he is guilty.

The same “golden calf” worshipers still believe Michael’s virtue was wrapped in golden, skin tight pants.  Those out there digging deeper than that are not only completely ignored by Michael’s family, they’re DISCREDITED by them when they promote the same garbage and hang around the same people that have FED off of and lied about Michael.

Nobody is EVER going to cry at the same time unless we can all collectively agree to shove the truth under the bus in the name of compromise.  I’m NOT going to do that.

God doesn’t compromise the truth.  And unless the Jackson family can start WITNESSING for the MESSAGE instead of proselytizing for the IDOL, most of you reading this blog are going see the underneath of their chins as they stand over the pit watching you all fall in.  Maybe they’ll be nice enough to shake your hand before you plummet.

Christ died for US.

Michael died for MONEY.  See the difference?  And that’s if you believe he even died, which I don’t.

The faking of a DEATH to mock a RESURRECTION is exactly what is happening.  The devil cannot CREATE remember?  He can only CONFISCATE, MIMIC and IMPERSONATE.

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast."

I can’t sit here and be okay with what is going on.  I’m not happy with the sifting through and throwing away of human beings who are being lied to and deceived into believing that SOMEDAY the Jacksons might think about something OTHER than covering up what really happened.

For God’s sake, just close the curtain if you are not going to tell the truth.  Take your illusions and your cover ups and your covert operations and stop using us.  People put their necks on the line for you and it’s time for the drama to cease.

I do not care that Paris is on Oprah.  I do not care about a “Unity” concert or apparitions and possible lying “signs and wonders” in the name of perfectly explainable particle screens and lights and holograms.

I am tired of seeing/hearing/witnessing people slowly dying on the inside and they don’t see or feel it because they’re “being entertained”.

I am tired of fighting for people that don’t see us, don’t care.

If this is the way Jesus feels every time someone tosses his gift of life aside, then I’m sorry for everything I have ever done that has made him feel that way.

Maybe if Jesus wore gold pants and grabbed his crotch, people would care.  But they don’t.

To the best of my knowledge, Michael loved Jesus and I will leave it at that.  It’s about the message now.  You either get it or you don’t.  And you don’t have much time.

You Called Us Out - We turned Away
With Shipwrecked Faith Idols rise


  1. You're tellin' me that we're comin' to a compromise - Ho!
    You're smiling at me while you're stealin' right before my eyes - Dag on it!
    Somebody said, "Give up instead on how you feel."
    Uh uh
    One blow to the head's all you need.
    I ain't takin' it ya Cheater!

    Bonnie, Michael is David in that song. One blow to the head was all it took to slay Goliath!

    Did you hear the elephant's call towards the end of the song? Michael is calling with them.
    It's like in Dancing the Dream, "So the Elephants March. He is setting an example!

    You are under attack. "They" are feeling threatened. Continue to stand, and when you feel you've done all you can do - STAND!

    My prayers are with you. My prayers are with Michael. My prayers are with all of us here. Like TL says, "STAND UP!" We are not crazy. We have been called! We are the chosen ones! We are blessed! (Even though at times we feel like we gather together, our lunacy shared - but knowing just why we're scared, scared of the moon-or is it the illuminati?) God is on our side so there is no need to fear - so there!

    Have you listened to the song I sent you from the Ultimate Collection, "Who Is It?". After the Olympics perhaps the "Now will you help me" will make sense?

    God Bless YOU!!!!!! :oD

    1. Hi Blake,

      Thank you so much♥ This is a catchy song. Would have loved to have seen a film for that. Got this picture in my head of of people at a Poker table in Vegas, LOL!

      Blake I know why they are feeling threatened. Somebody's watching me (Thank you God!) I have something for you all tonight. I'm cried out but I feel better.

      You say "Stand up". I hear him singing it in "Man in the Mirror". I can smell the fabric softener in his denim shirt as I hug him (figuratively speaking of course).

      I love "Scared of the Moon".

      No, I did not hear the "Who Is It" from the Ultimate because the file would not open. Is it on Youtube?

      Yes, I will help him.

      God Bless you Blake ((((hugging)))))

    2. Blake,

      STAND UP is the motto. Be truthful, stand by it and stand by those you know to be truthful, honest, decent people. If you should ever see an injustice being done I would hope you are brave enough to stand up.


    3. Bonnie, I emailed you the "who Is It" from the Ultimate Collection again. I don't know how else to send it. The utube is not available in the US - go figure. Can anyone else here not in the states check it out? It's the Who Is It (IHS mix).

      This version is VERY expressive. Michael is singing through a pipe (like sometimes it seems like a pipe dream?). You can tell. There are marching drums. Part of the music sound like secret agent stuff. I love the electronic sheep. Another part sounds kind of outer spacy. The "Now won't you help me" sounds alien.

      IHS means Jesus and in a way, it's the story of Jesus the good shepherd, the 40 days in the desert when all is psychedelic like music - all twisted, and he's singing "Have mercy on me." All Jesus went through for us and yet we are still such stupid sheep being lead to slaughter by the "someone else"!

      "...the will has brought no fortune, still I cry alone at night" .... for His bride!

      Lord? Lord??? Please! Just Please!

  2. Sending some hugs to you. Keep the faith. Don't give up. Don't let go of our hands. Don't let go of Michael's hand. Don't let go of God's hand. Listen to Michael's "KEEP THE FAITH" and "ON THE LINE". L.O.V.E from little me

    1. I just lost my post to you. God bless you, I won't let go. I love you. God is awesome♥♥♥ He hears tears

  3. Dear Bonnie,

    Yes, I understand your frustration with the fans, the Jacksons & what's going on in the world. I even read your Blog yesterday but admit I am myself these days out of breath of arguments at times to express anything. Maybe I feel now that we (you above all) went around Michael's character in depth : this is the most comforting for our souls. But most of what revolved & still does around Michael is & will often be disappointing. If any true human justice still comes for Michael, fine, but frankly I do not expect much after 3 years. You at least have the inner feeling that Michael is safe & alive somewhere : I fight with myself to feel the same but it's hard, all the more when we all see the huge business & fame brought to many while Michael did struggle so much for his integrity & his assets' preservation till the end. Blake commented very nicely to you & I may only join her by telling you also : stand up & rebuff the attacks of Michael's enemies. We are with you & Michael, Bonnie♥ The rest, how any clock was placed near Michael's finger at a certain date, it's not that important for it is true that no one knows the day & time, only God does. God Bless you, Bonnie, alike your husband & family & ..Cheer up :o)

    1. Hi Line,

      I thought I replied to this but the post is not there. I'm really sorry, I hope you didn't feel neglected.

      I found out that one of the POSSIBLE disappointing things may not be disappointing at all and we may have all "had this cow" for no reason. An article (2 actually ) that "P" sent me in regard to Oprah.

      I don't have doubts that Michael is alive. But I do sometimes have doubts that he has as much control as I'd like to believe. And to me, Michael's kids are still kids. What did we research all last year about Hollywood children and abuse? That stuff really gets to me. Really, really REALLY gets to me.

      Michael's fingers and clocks and such - They must be important if he is pointing them out. I agree with you. Only God knows the day and time (not even the angels). But other events of catastrophic significance, we know have been foretold in the past. I guess for now we just observe and document for future reference.

      God bless you Line. I love you♥♥♥ Thank you.

  4. Bonnie,

    Please hang there. I have learned so much from you... regarding God, Jesus & Michael. I have always believed in Michael, I myself had so many things going on, I lost track of him and I feel guilty about it.

    Never understand why the Jackson family is keeping quiet. They talk in circles.

    1. Hi J,

      I'm hanging. Got a better grip now. I just had to switch hands, the other one was tired. I think emotions are God's silver cord on us but they also make us do/say stupid things.

      You're not the only one that lost track of Michael. Don't feel guilty, we can make it count now when it's needed the most.

      I know why the Jacksons talk in circles and I know for whose benefit they do it. I just don't handle it well when I see the children involved in this. Hurts me because I don't know if they are being used or not. But I got an answer on one issue so I will share that tonight.

      God bless you. I think you will like tonight's blog, although it killed me. I wonder sometimes if Paul in the Bible ever tried to write his letters to the churches through tears. I'll bet at times he did.

  5. Hi Bonnie:

    I feel your frustration. I have some thoughts..sending you a detailed email.

    1. Hi Cynth,

      I will go read it after I answer these posts. Thank you for your time. God Bless you.

  6. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

    We are here for you. Noboby around me wants to listen either and they think I'm being paranoid. I guess some people just prefer to live in denial. It's easier that way :\

    1. Hi Elena,

      I can say that most of my family is on board with MOST of what I've researched on the NWO people, the elite and all that. They just think I'm "idol worshipping" because Michael is in ever blog I do.

      How do you tell this story without him? You can't. Because he's part of it. He was doing something good. THEY twisted it into something bad while trying to DISGUISE it as good (if that makes any sense.)

      Michael stays. Too bad. Guess I'm just going to have to be "insane" to some people. Thank you and ((((((HUGS BACK))))). Love you!

  7. I was told that Matt Fiddes was coming to America. Anyone know anything about that?

  8. Anonymous - Don't you dare be sorry. I'M sorry. It was my fault. Please forgive me♥

  9. Bonnie, if we're all "insane," then I'm happy to be in the club! I know how you feel about all of this, and venting is part of the process when things reach the breaking point. Clear heads always prevail in the end, and if the Jackson family is as worthy as we believe they are when it comes to their love for and commitment to Michael, then they must be sympathetic to how hard you're fighting, knowing they can't tip their hand. This is what I pray is happening.

    If Paris has been groomed to be an actress, we can surmise that her training started long ago at her daddy's knee, so Michael must have prepared her well for this. As I think back on the interviews she has done so far, she is very focused, looks the host straight in the eye, never gets rattled, and has said more than once that she can cry on cue. Katherine even said as much on Piers Morgan. Cry on cue? I've heard it said three times already. For a young lady and Katherine to remind us that Paris can emote at will, I found it strange that Paris did not give us a sample of that during any of her interviews. Talk about missed opportunity!

    Something else to think about. Paris also said on the Ellen Show and now on Oprah that Michael once said to her:

    "If I die TOMORROW, remember everything I told you. And I heeded his advice and remembered everything."

    Do you see anything odd about that statement? First of all, neither Ellen nor Oprah followed up with any question to ask Paris for an example of what Michael wanted her to remember. I really expected one of them to be curious enough to ask what advice Michael would have given his daughter. It's also a very broad statement suggesting that Michael imparted his experience and wisdom to Paris over a period of several years, or as much as Paris was able to absorb in her young life. Remember she was only 11 years old when Michael "passed." Whatever advice he gave Paris was apparently something she had to remember if her father died. Not a very uplifting thought for a young child to carry around.

    The second thing is, exactly WHEN or HOW OFTEN did Michael make such a somber statement to Paris? We're talking about a father advising his little daughter to remember things if he should die! We can't assume Michael routinely had this conversation with Paris every year - it would be traumatic for a young child to constantly anticipate her father's death, and I just don't see Michael doing this to his children.

    Having said that, it would seem more likely that Michael made the statement to Paris only once - maybe twice, and it would have been very close to when he "left" on June 25, 2009. I see this as being more of a "rehearsal" drill for what was going to be planned, and Paris was well prepared for it. The more I watch her on interviews, the more I see a very cool and composed teenager, who has been groomed to be poised and confident beyond her young years. And that is no accident. Michael did tell Geraldo there were going to be some surprises regarding his children. Granted, that was back in 2005, but he has been known to take his sweet old time to get things just right.

    Remember when Paris said at the one year anniversary interview when Katherine was present that she and Michael used to do improvisation together? Improv is an essential part of acting training, so that in the absence of a script or a forgotten line, one knows how to keep the dialogue going with ad-lib to save a scene. I think Paris has been doing this with Michael for years, and she is showing off her savvy now. And she is very much in the loop with the family for a specific purpose.

    So I ask again...except for the Staples Center memorial when Paris at 11 (three years younger than today) "cried" in front of the entire world, why was there not one tear on cue for daddy for any interview? BIG SMILE! :-)

  10. Bonnie, the only news I could find on Matt Fiddes coming to the USA was that despicable article from April that talked about him wanting to come to L.A. to prove he's Blanket's biological father. I don't know who told you the latest about that, but maybe they saw that news item online.

    This guy cannot be serious about disrupting the life of little Blanket. It's so ludicrous (and Luciferian) to make such a bold threat to insinuate himself into the life of Michael's children that it looks like a deliberate distraction. If not, Joe Jackson still has some muscle left to deal with the likes of him!

  11. We don't see things the way they are. We see things the way we are.

    That quote make me feel frustrated. Does that mean
    that we know nothing about nothing outside of ourselfs? I have always been all about truth. But according to this quote I will never find real truth in things outside my self then. Please tell me this quote is B.S. Because if it's not, It's all like an illusion then, Nobody in the world see things the way they are. We see things the way we are. And all induviduals on earth are unique. So we all see things from different perspectives. We are all wrong or are we all right?, LOL.

    1. You have to remember what the Talmud teaches. It is a selfish book. Judaism teaches that man can be gods and then only a select few. If you're not Jewish according to the Talmud you are cattle, jackasses and a few other adjectives they collectively give the "goy".

      Unfortunately many of us DO see things as WE are, which is why we cannot rely on ourselves. This is why the Bible was written, to teach us that. You focus on God for truth, not on self.

      Your New Agers and Eastern Religions like Hinduism also teach that everyone has their own truth, which is, but is NOT TRUTH. It is PERSPECTIVE. Big difference.

      We are all unique, but in the gifts that God gave us, NOT IN SEPARATE TRUTHS (which in essence is nothing more than delusion from REAL TRUTH).

      God works with INDIVIDUALS . . .their hearts. But we have to chose individually to let Him work there, invite Him to do that. Until then we will never see things the way they ARE. We will only continue to MAKE THEM what WE think they should be, and without God that will come from a selfish point of view.

  12. Thank you. I think I understand what you are saying. We will only see things the way they are through God. And for that to happen we have to get rid of our ego to become one with the holy spirit.


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