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Michael Jackson Justice: If You Just Smile - Through Fears and Sorrow

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, July 7, 2012

If You Just Smile - Through Fears and Sorrow

Unholy Alliance Part I
Knowing Your Government
Michael's Arrest in 2003

And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvellous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God.

2 And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.

3 And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.

4 Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest.

5 And after that I looked, and, behold, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened:"

The Theme of the blog tonight
Tabloid Junkie – Used to Cover
The Crimes of the Cabal
With your pen you torture men
You crucify the Lord
The Lies, the Illusion
Used to Hide Their Hands

I am taking a Revelation break this weekend but when we resume on Monday, I will continue with Revelation chapter 15, so I posted the first five verses above to give you a head start.

The story below is from another blog and is very informative on how Christianity is used to push forward their agenda.  Some of you will recognize the names of some very prominent televangelists and renowned evangelists.  It also links up various organizations and what we were told were “cults” in their attempts to slide folks toward a one world “global” “Religion of Unity”.

Before we get to that, I wanted to emphasize another “Unholy Alliance” which will not fit into any planned topics for quite a while.  But it is important enough to bring to your attention, so I wanted to post it here.

I hope this doesn’t get Austin in trouble, but I believe he wanted people to see this or he would not have included it on the video.

Austin Brown's Listening Party
Held at the El Cartel Tequila Mansion
In Hollywood Hills
Stop the video at 3:47 and look
at the picture.

While Austin Brown talks his cute lil’ self (halfway through the vid), there is a curious picture toward the end of the video at 3:47 minutes.  It flashes very quickly.  Diane thought it was odd and out of place, so she asked me about it.  I did a search and this is what I found:

Narco Nation
@1:30 Seconds is the Picture
Shown at 3:47 on the "Listening Party video above

If you go to the actual link, here: , and read the description, you will see it is an artist who is making a statement about the drug trade between the U.S. and Mexico.  The “false” war on drugs, the purpose of the drug trade by the CIA to fund black ops, etc . . .

This is what the U.S. is doing to Mexico, Mexico residents and our children and young adults.  Most black ops funding comes from U.S./CIA drug business.  The whole Eric Holder/Obama/”Fast and Furious” scandal had to do with this very thing.  But alot of his art also includes references to Satanism and the occult, the U.S. government and the "symbol of the "Star of your god", and pentagrams.

Our own government is feeding our children illegal drugs just like one of the Rothschild brothers did with China and the Opium back in the early 1900's WITH Britain’s blessing and help by threatening war.  A summary of that history can be found here:

Opium Wars

And the U.S. and the Bankers are doing the same thing to our own country (and other countries).

Bonner talks about CIA Drug Business

“Fast & Furious – Let Guns Walk”
The ATF ordered to let guns walk

The ATF’s response to this?  Absolutely insufficient.  Anemic.  Uncaring.   They may as well have just responded with “So what?”

How many children will be killed by these “thousands” of guns?  How many families mutilated and terrorized in their neighborhoods?  How much “power” will the banking cartel families get out of all the sacrifices to come from this U.S. government funded genocide?

And Obama wants to protect Eric Holder?  Where are his brains?  Oh, I forgot.  Perhaps we should ask Rockefeller to change the batteries on Obama’s remote.

Unholy Alliance
Christianity and the New World Order
Uri Geller and a young Al Gore and CIA 

This is the same author from yesterday, “Americanholocaustcoming”.  She actually published an article by Eric Jewell on this subject and it is pretty thorough.  Part two will be published tomorrow. 

"UNHOLY ALLIANCE-Christianity and NWO Part I
The Unholy Alliance -Christianity & The NWO Part I by Eric Jewell

The Bilderbergs.
The Trilateral Commission.
The Council of Foreign Relations.
The Central Intelligence Agency.

Most everyone has heard of these groups and some of the conspiracy theories surrounding them regarding the development of the 'New World Order.'

Now imagine for a moment there is something to this (and there appears to be no lack of documented material justifying these theories). That would mean that at almost every elevated level of business and government, world wide, men and women have infiltrated, become the controlling administrators and are working to effectively control every aspect of the life of the "world citizen."

One aspect of this that has not been properly searched out is the "religious" connection. Surely, given that much of the world is religious, and in the currently reigning SuperPower nation of the U.S., predominantly "Christian," then it would only make sense that these organizations have infiltrated the Church itself and are also actively leading it to into the New World Order as well.

Do the worlds leading Christian evangelicals have ties to these organizations?

Yes they do, and it is thoroughly documented.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon (The Moonies), and the Unification ChurchFor those few of you who are not familiar with the Rev. Moon, in the 60s both he and his Unification Church were universally regarded as a dangerous cult. The abuse his followers suffered at the hands of their mind manipulating master is indeed very well established.

His claims include stating that Christ failed His mission, and that Moon himself is the "new messiah" who is come to fulfill the mission of God. He also claims that it is his mission to 'unite the world through uniting religious forces'. But would it shock you to know that nearly all the big name Christian evangelicals have extremely strong ties to him?

One such Church leader and internationally recognized evangelical Christian, Jerry Falwell, readily admits that he accepted 2.5 million dollars from Moon in 1994 in order to bail out his Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. This was funneled through a Moon organization known as the 'Womens Federation for World Peace' which has been chaired by Beverly LaHaye, Wife of Timothy LaHaye, who is the popular co-author of the "Left Behind" Christian fictional book series and a well known evangelical Christian. The Womens Federation for World Peace paid 3.5 million to the Christian Heritage Foundation, which in turn bought Falwell's $73 million debt, and then frankly wrote it off. The Heritage Foundation then seems to have paid themselves a fee of one million dollars for their trouble.

Since that time Falwell has spoken at many of Moons functions, embracing the cult-leader with unabashed reverence and friendship. Even writings from Moons' Church confirm Falwells comradeship with 'the new messiah' and his cult. Moon has even been a guest speaker in mainline denominational Churches in the past few years. Falwell further praised Rev. Moon calling him, "An unsung hero to the cause of freedom, who is to be commended for his determination and courage and endurance in support of his beliefs."

According to official court records of a lawsuit that was filed in Bedford County Circuit Court (West Virginia), it was alleged that Falwell and an associate flew to South Korea, January 9, 1994 to meet with Unification Church officials. This trip came shortly before Falwell was awarded the Moon money. Falwell stated openly, "If the American Atheists Society or Saddam Hussein himself ever sent an unrestricted gift to any of my ministries, be assured I will operate on Billy Sunday's philosophy: The Devil's had it long enough, and quickly cash the check."[1]

Falwell is not the only evangelical reported to have accepted money from Rev. Moon. Other notable speakers for Moon's organizations and affairs receiving as much as $80,000 to $150,000 have included Ralph Reed, Beverly LaHaye, Gary Bauer, and Robert Schuller, well known for his "Crystal Cathedral" in Southern California and "Hour of Power" 'positive-thinking' television ministry.

The Council Of National Policy (CNP)Another Moon sponsored organization is the Council of National Policy founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye, the aforementioned co-author of the "Left Behind" book series. It is reported that he received $500,000 from a Mr. Bo Hi Pak, Moons #1 man, and a former Korean CIA officer. Though a tape exists showing that LaHaye thanked Pak for the money, LaHaye never denied the charge but verbally attacked the sources verifying the allegation with a barrage of insult.

Other members of the CNP have included:Beverly and Lee LaHaye, also associated with Moons CWA group. Gary Bauer, Bill Bright, James Dobson (Focus On The Family), Bob Dugan, Ron Godwin, Robert Grant, Rebecca Hagelin, Bob Jones the 3rd (Bob Jones University), Alan Keyes (Outspoken ultra-conservative black talk show host and author), Dr. D. James Kennedy (noted television evangelist and Pastor), Peter Marshall, Sam Moore of Thomas Nelson Publishing, Pat Robertson (founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and former Presidential aspirant), Rev. Duane Motley, Ralph Reed, Oliver North (formerly with the National Security Council), Phyllis Schlafly (ultra-right columnist and pundit), Rev. Jim Woodall, John Ankerberg (internationally recognized Christian television personality), Rev. E.V. Hill, James Robison, Jay Sekulow (Attorney and activist for ultra-right/Christian causes), Pat Boone, Larry Burkett, Reed Larson, and many others.

Some of the political leaders involved with the Moon sponsored CNP group include Senators Jesse Helms, Don Nickles, and Trent Lott. Also Representatives Tom DeLay, Dan Burton, and Bob Dornan.

Looking into some of the CNP officers we find not only a just a strong association with Moon, but also powerful ties with the CIA and the Council on Foreign Relations, not to mention association with high level Freemasonry for which many conspiracy theorists have more than a mere elementary knowledge related to the NWO. Another past President of CNP is Rich DeVoss, co-founder of Amway (and 33rd degree Mason).

Coalition For Religious Freedom (CRF)Another past Moon organization was the 'Coalition for Religious Freedom' where again, Tim LaHaye held a paid position as Chairman. It was formed by LaHaye after Moon was arrested for tax evasion. Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, James Robison, James Kennedy and Rex Humbard, have all served as executive committee members. Other notables to serve in Moons CRF include Hal Lindsey (Author of "The Late Great Planet Earth"), Paul Crouch (Head of the Trinity Broadcasting Network), Dr. D. James Kennedy and Don Wildman to name a few.

CRF President Don Sills admits that CRF has received no less than $500,000 from Moon sources. In 1984, despite forces in government opposing the move, Moon was jailed for tax evasion (sentenced to 18 Months in prison and fined $25,000). In a CRF sponsored rally Tim Lahaye asked that people go to jail with Moon in protest.

Kingpins In The Unholy AllianceEvangelists & Politicians

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder, leader & self-proclaimed 'Messiah' to the Unification Church & the world.
Tim LaHaye, evangelist & Christian author of best-selling series "Left Behind."
Beverly LaHaye, wife of Tim LaHaye, author and spokesperson for several Moon funded "Christian" orgs
Paul Crouch, Founder and Chairman of Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of the largest tele-evangelical corporations
Bill Bright, Founder and head of the international evangelical association, 'Campus Crusades for Christ'
Robert Schuller, Pastor and Tele-evangelist from the famous 'Crystal Cathedral' in Southern California.
Rev. Billy Graham, recognized world-wide as one of the most influential evangelical preachers; author and syndicated religious columnist
Pat Robertson, Television Evangelist, Founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network & 700 Club anchor; founder of Operation Blessing; one time presidential candidate

Rev. James Kennedy, founder & pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries, outspoken television evangelist
Rev. James Robison, TV evangelist; Life Outreach International Ministries; associated with many Moon organizations
Ralph Reed, former director of the Christian Coalition and member of the conservative think-tank "Heritage Foundation"
Gary Bauer, Conservative politician and Executive Director of the Christian Coalition; unsuccessful Presidential candidate.
Dr. James Dobson, Pediatrician, author and publisher, head of Focus On The Family, a Christ-centric organization and magazine
Phyllis Schlafly, Christian political activist who says a woman's place is in the home... even though she's not
Jay Sekulow, Christian political activist and attorney involved in family values issues from abortion to parents rights

American Freedom CoalitionLed by Dr. Robert Grant and also a Moonie organization. In a period of a little over 2 years they received nearly 6 million dollars from Moon organizations and enterprises. This group includes Paul Crouch, Rex Humbard, James Robinson and many more, names well known among the evangelical Christian community.

Concerned Women of AmericaHeaded by Beverly LaHaye. The wife of Tim LaHaye, She too has been a public speaker for Moon functions.
Womens Federation for World PeaceAlso headed by Beverly LaHaye and recipient of Moon funding. Former President George Bush Sr. (and one time former CIA Director) received an undisclosed amount for speaking engagements from this organization and his fee is lost somewhere in the 13.5 million dollar conference expense-line according to IRS records.

Family Federation for World PeaceAnother Moon organization which held a meeting in Washington in 1996. Among the speakers at this event were Beverly LaHaye and Ralph Reed. Over 1500 notables from around the world attended.
National Religious BroadcastersMembers include Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Tim LaHaye, Billy Graham, Bill Bright and many others clearly associated with Moon.

Pat Robertson in the early 80s, as Oliver North was trading guns and ammo (and who knows what else) in Nicaragua, was coordinating efforts to use "Operation Blessing" to help supply goods to the Contras. Allegedly these goods included hard cash and gasoline for Contra vehicles.

The head of Operation Blessing was Captain Robert Warren, who was also formerly associated with a CIA group called "Operation Phoenix." Allegedly this was an assassination group that operated in Vietnam. Also associated with this group was... surprise, Oliver North.The Washington Times FoundationA pro-Bush Inaugural luncheon, held in Washington D.C. was sponsored by the Washington Times Foundation, another Moon founded group. Among the attendees were Paul Crouch, founder of Trinity Broadcast Network, Robert Schuller, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Falwell, Don Argue, past president of the National Association of Evangelicals, Pat Boone, a former T.B.N. board member, Billy McCormack (who was a Christian Coalition board member who actually presented Moon with an award) and Southern Baptist Convention President James Merritt.

Council of 56 of the Religious RoundtableAnother Moon associated group is called the 'Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable'. This group is made up of many of the same members from Rev. Moons' CNP and CRF organizations. It marries leading Moon associated evangelicals to the CIA, the Council for Foreign relations, the Trilateral Commission and Freemasonry. CFR, and TLC are closely tied to the Bilderberg group.

The following list of members of the Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable can be found here

GroupWatch was compiled by The Interhemispheric Resource Center,
Box 4506,
Albuquerque, NM 87196.

GroupWatch files are available at :
Religious Roundtable File Name: rrt.txt
Last Updated: 4/93

Members of the board of directors of the Roundtable were: Ed McAteer, founder and Pres; Jack Stewart, Vice Pres; Bob Amis, M.D.; John Beckett, Intercessors of America; Othal E. Brand; T. Cullen Davis; Nancy DeMoss; Rev. Del Fehsenfeld, Jr., LifeAction Ministries; Dr. E.V. Hill, pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church; Rev. Richard Hogue, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church; J.P. Mills; Dr. Paige Patterson, Criswell Center for Biblical Studies; Rev. James Robison, James Robison Evangelistic Association; D.G. Seago, Jr., Mid-Continent, Inc; and Dr. Charles F. Stanley, First Baptist Church of Atlanta.(2,11) In 1986, Dr. James Robison was Vice President and John Beckett was secretary/treasurer.(14) Former Michigan Congressman Mark Siljander has served on the Roundtable board.

Past members of the Council of 56 include:
Jack Amis, M.D.; Ben Armstrong, executive director of National Religious Broadcasters; Rev. Raymond W. Barber, Worth Baptist Church; John Beckett,Intercessors of America; Dr. George Benson, President emeritus of Harding College; Morton Blackwell, President of the Leadership Institute; Neal Blair, President of Free the Eagle; Tim Bobbit; Dick Bott, President of Bott Broadcasting; Dave Breese, President of Christian Destiny; Paul Broadhead; William Bronson; Rev. Fletcher Brothers, Gates Community Chapel; Judy Brown, American Life League; Dr. Roland Byrd; Dr. David E. Calvin, West Ridge Baptist Church; Clay Claiborne, executive director of the Black Silent Majority; Dr. E.M. Cohron; Dale Collins; W.A. Criswell, Criswell Center for Biblical Studies; Paul Crouch, President of Trinity Broadcasting Network; Mary Crowley; Dr. Paul Cunningham, pastor of Nazarene College Church; Dick Dingman, Republican Study Commission; Dr. Jerry Falwell, Moral Majority, Old Time Gospel Hour and Thomas Road Baptist Church; Rev. Charles Firoe, John Fisher,American Security Council; Charles Fitzgerald, director of Operation Lifeline; Ken Fonas, the Fonas Corporation; Richard Ford,Coordinated Consulting; Rev. Roger Fulton, Neighborhood Church of New York; Peter B. Gamma, Jr., National Pro-Life PAC; Ellen Garwood; General Daniel Graham, President of High Frontier; R.M.Goddard; Robert Grant, Christian Voice; Lloyd Hansen; Dr. Roy Harthern, Calvary Assembly; Richard Headrick; Senator Jesse Helms(R-NC); Steve Herring; Rev. Melvin Hodges, 1st Baptist Church of Glen Oakes; Don Howard, Accelerated Christian Education; Mildred Faye Jefferson, M.D.; Congressman James Jeffries; Representative Louis (Woody) Jenkins, Friends of the Americas; George B. Jones; Dan S. Kauffman; General George Keegan, Jr.; James Kennedy, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church; Bill Keyes, Black PAC; General Albion Knight, Jr.; Beverly LaHaye, President Concerned Women for America; Dr. Tim LaHaye, Scott Memorial Baptist Church; Reed Larson, President of Right to Work; Larry Lea, pastor of Church on the Rock; Marian Maddox, Point of View Radio; Connie Marshner, President of the Family Coalition; Don McAlvany, President of the International Collectors Associates; Bob McCustion, chairman of Faith Ministries; Dr. William H. Marshner, chairman of the Department of Theology at Christendom College; Congressman Larry McDonald (deceased); Jay Menefee, Robert Metcalf; Dr. Bobby Moore, Broadway Baptist Church; Dr. Gary North, Christian Economics Foundation; Larry Parish; Paige Patterson, President of the Criswell Institute; Howard Phillips, The Conservative Caucus; Dr. William A. Powell, Sr., Editor of the Southern Baptist Journal; Randall R. Rader, deputy counsel to the Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution; Dr. Ross Rhoads, Calvary Presbyterian Church; Bill Richardson, California State Senate; Bobby Richardson, Ben LippenSchool; Gary Richardson; Rev. Tom Riner; Phyllis Schlafly, President of the Eagle Forum; Earl Seall, White's Ferry Road Church of Christ; Cory SerVaas, editor and publisher of the Saturday Evening Post; Doug Shadoux, National Republican Party; William S.Smith; Scott Stanley, editor of Conservative Digest; Rev. George Swanson; Helen Marie Taylor, U.S. Representative to the United Nations; William Taylor; Bob Tilton, Bob Tilton Television Ministry; Michael Valerio; Bob Weiner, President of Maranatha Ministries; Paul Weyrich, President of the Free Congress Foundation; Earl E. Whitwell, Kim Wickes, Kim's Ministries; Don Wildmon, President of the National Federation for Decency; Rev.John Wilkerson, Bethel Temple; Rev. Ralph Wilkerson, Melodyland Church, J.C. Willke, M.D., President of National Right to Life, and Jack Wilson, executive director of the Council for National Policy.(2,12).

The following are a few shortened bios from the same source, associated with this Roundtable of 56...

Govt Connections:
Major General George J. Keegan, Jr. was the chief of the U.S. Air Defense Intelligence and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, worked for the CIA from 1963-1966

General Daniel Graham (ret.) During the Vietnam war from1967-1968 he was chief of the Army's military intelligence estimates. In 1971 Graham served as director of collections for the Defense Intelligence Agency, the pentagon's version of the CIA. In 1973 Graham served as a deputy to CIA Director William Colby and from 1974-1976 he was the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

Groups belonging to the Roundtable include: The Christian Broadcasting Network, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Moral Majority, Christian Voice,Church League of America, National Religious Broadcasters, Campus Crusade for Christ, Plymouth Rock Foundation, National Association of Evangelicals, Gideon Bible, Wycliffe Bible Associates, and Intercessors for America.(15) Ed McAteer was sales marketing manager for Colgate-Palmolive Company when he retired to become the national field director of the Christian Freedom Foundation (CFF), and organization devoted to training evangelicals for places of leadership in government. From there McAteer moved to the righting Conservative Caucus where he served as national field director until founding the Religious Roundtable.(1) He is or was a member of the board of the evangelical Wycliffe Bible Associates.

Unity: A One World Religion?
In light of the ties between nearly all Christian "evangelicals" with Rev. Moon, the CIA, the Council for Foreign Relations, the Trilateral commission, the Bush family and Bush Sr's "New World Order", is it any wonder that after the September 11th tragedy, Billy Graham prayed in the name of God, AND ALLAH, as dignitaries from many faiths were gathered before him? This prayer was broadcast the world over. His call was for religious cooperation and 'unity of all faiths,' the trump of Rev. Moon.

Franklin Graham's (son of world renowned evangelist Rev. Billy Graham, and heir to the very lucrative and influential Billy Graham Evangelistic Ministries) answer to a question by NBC's Tom Brokaw, ..."it's very important that all the faiths, all the denominations are coming together, cooperating together, working together; it is a wonderful testimony to the spirit of America, and the dedication of the American people."

Moon also owns the Washington Times, THE conservative voice of the nation. Though this establishment should have gone under several years ago, Moon pours multi-millions of dollars annually into this paper. He also owns the publication "Insight". He indeed owns many businesses and operates in media of several nations worldwide.

In Central America He is the owner of the "Tiempos del Mundo" (Times of the World), another leading news publication, making him the conservative voice there as well. In the early 1980s, Moon was shooting for the acclaim of all of Central and South America. He met political opposition from Carlos Menem, Argentinas President.

His rescue came in the form of one man. That man was George Bush Sr. former director of the CIA, former Vice President, and former President of the United States of America.

Bush was the principal speaker at the Sheraton Hotel at a Moon sponsored event, with 800 to 900 guests in attendance giving this manipulative operative remarkable credibility overnight. Bush declared enthusiastically; "...The editors of The Washington Times tell me that never once has the man with the vision interfered with the running of the paper, a paper that in my view brings sanity to Washington, D.C. I am convinced that Tiempos del Mundo is going to do the same thing."

Both George and Barbara Bush made several speeches in Asia in 1995. In Tokyo, Japan during one Moon rallying function, over 50,000 pro-Moon advocates were addressed by the two. This was sponsored by the Womens Federation for World peace.

It has also been speculated that Moon and Bush were seeking joint business ventures in South America.

An interesting fact is that despite over 30 years of allegations (from some U.S. government officials seemingly out of the loop) of Moons connections with the Korean CIA (and as we can now see the American counterpart as well) no steps have been taken to deport him, let alone prosecute him.

ConclusionWhat do Rev. Moon, leading Christian evangelicals and the American government have in common? And, just what does this have to do with the "New World Order," as (re)coined by George Bush Sr.? There can be no doubt that these dark elements of government, industry, banking, and intelligence are leading us into their new world order, and their influence has been extended to nearly every Christian in the world through these leading evangelicals who claim to represent Christ. Perhaps this Rev. Moon quote from August 4th 1996 may give us a little more "insight"...

"Americans who continue to maintain their privacy and extreme individualism are foolish people... The world will reject Americans who continue to be so foolish. Once you have this great power of love, which is big enough to swallow entire America, there may be some individuals who complain inside your stomach. However, they will be digested."

Could this be the 'falling away' of the Church so often preached by these same evangelicals? The great 'apostasy' which will, in the last days render much of the Christian Church faithless to their original calling and subject to the manipulation, will and prophesied plans of the 'Antichrist'?

References:[1] Falwell quote from Christianity Today Magazine
Christianity Today, February 9, 1998

'Moon-Related Funds Filter to Evangelicals'
by John W. Kennedy[2] Moon's 'Christian Ecumenism in the America's Conference' in Montevideo, Uruguay. "  - Source,

We will have more tomorrow on this.  The author in this article focuses on common road crossings with Reverend Moon and the Moonie organizations but tomorrow we will also look behind that organization, and the Scientologists, the Mormons and Judaism

Michael, I love this Song
But it makes me want to cry
Always Praying for you, God Bless you

MIchael and then President of Ghana
Jerry Rawlings


  1. Syria now . . . isn't this just grand? Now Wikileaks is The state of Israel's tool: Didn't take them long to brainwash him now did it?

  2. The Moonies are everywhere Bonnie. Whenever I see their name I'm reminded of the fact that they've been trying to get money out of the Jacksons for years. The whole Segye Times/Moonie issue with the Jacksons.

    The delightful Robert Schuller -Crystal Cathedral I've read about with regard to Rick Warren, Neal Donald Walsche and people of that ilk. You know the ones. We know what type of religion/spirituality they are encouraging.

    On the 23rd march 2004 Mr and Mrs Moony had their coronation in D.C. Prior this, Rep. Charlie Rangel declared: 'I Charles B Rangel, member of congress, 15th congressional district,by the power and authority vested in me, this 16th day of april 2004, do recognise you as 'true parents', exemplifying self giving service and leadership and as King Of Peace in the key areas of reconciliation and peacemaking over 5o yrs.'

    Then on the 24th April (the day after the 'coronation' in D.C.) Mr Moon told the members of his church: "Yesterday the crowning ceremony was a great historical turning point...Look at America, homosexuality and lesbianism is a violation of God. Many States have said they will allow Gay Marriage. This is a satanic position.This is not the will of God......Now is the time for women to go to the front line. Invisible God is Fathers position, visible God is the Mothers position. This is the Age of Women. The women must stand up and bring the movement of reconciliation and love....192 nations must become one....Christianity must rise up and embrace Islam and Judaism. America gave Father the crown as the king.However you must really be serious to desire to practice this. Otherwise the crown from America has no meaning for me...from now on all women must stand up. God loves Christianity, Judaism and Islam. America must stand up to unite these three. Yesterday the Senate and House together offered the crown as Peace king to True Parents....Christianity centering on America must unite and lead the way by embracing all religions."..........Karen Smith, the director of the UN office of Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, explained the meaning of the coronation for the Unificationists>>>>>>>>'in effect, the crowning means America is saying to Father 'please become my King' some extent then America is beginning to take its true providential position before God and will then 'find' its correct way forward, a way that is not seen by those blocked by Satan's thinking etc. Our work in the USA will need to expand this foundation, quickly, eventually to the point where America is central to the establishment of CIG (cheon il guk- the movements term for the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH) by 2012' !!!!!

    * The Moony's said otherwise to the general public

    Well, this talk sits nicely with the whole Feminist thing, doesn't it?? The Moony's are tied to everyone involved in the URI too,,,,,,all Christian groups, wiccan groups and the like gather together, whoever so fancies joining in..............and scariest of all is the fact that its noted that Christianity, Islam and Judaism are to be brought together etc etc. These are the very three that a certain group of futurist/pagan/co- creationist/ fakeChrist lovin mob of homo-universalis' want to get rid of.....this will cull the overpopulated world and remove those who actually believe there is a creator....God. Anyone who believes in God is considered dangerous or useless in the future agenda.


    1. TL,

      I have never run into a Moonie in my life, LOL! Maybe they don't advertise it. I did dream of the Hari Krishna's once.

      The Moonies, While Charles Rengle's choice of "parents" are just one of the religions laundering money for the cabal but they are definitely not the source of the trouble. Here are a couple of Main stream news excerpts about the event:

      "Moon, 85, has been controversial for years. Renowned for officiating at mass weddings, he received an 18-month prison sentence in 1982 for tax fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice. In a 1997 sermon, he likened homosexuals to "dirty dung-eating dogs."

      Among the more than 300 people who attended all or part of the March ceremony was Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Minn.), who now says he simply was honoring a constituent receiving a peace award and did not know Moon would be there. "We fell victim to it; we were duped," Dayton spokeswoman Chris Lisi said yesterday.

      Other lawmakers who attended or were listed as hosts felt the same, she said. "Everyone I talked to was furious," she said. With Minnesotans demanding to know whether Dayton is a follower of Moon, Lisi said, the senator persuaded the St. Paul Pioneer Press to write an article allowing him to reply.

      The event's organizers flew in nearly 100 honorees from all 50 states to receive state and national peace awards. The only "international crown of peace awards" went to Moon and his wife.

      Some Republicans who attended the event, including Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett (Md.), said they did so mainly to salute the Washington Times, a conservative-leaning newspaper owned by Moon's organization. "I had no idea what would happen" regarding Moon's coronation and speech, Bartlett said yesterday.

      But a key organizer -- Archbishop George A. Stallings Jr., pastor of the Imani Temple, an independent African American Catholic congregation in Northeast Washington -- said Moon's prominent role should have surprised no one. He said a March 8 invitation faxed to all lawmakers stated that the "primary program sponsor" would be the "Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP), founded by Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, who will also be recognized that evening for their lifelong work to promote interfaith cooperation and reconciliation." The invitation was signed by Davis and the Rev. Michael Jenkins, as co-chairmen of the IIFWP (USA). - Washington Post

      A test run on Messiah claims (There will be many false prophets and those declaring they are Christ) -

      The event's co-sponsors were the Washington Times Foundation, the United Press International Foundation, the American Family Coalition, the American Clergy Leadership Conference and the Women's Federation for World Peace, according to the invitation. Stallings, a former Roman Catholic priest who was married in Moon's church, said Moon's association with those organizations is well known. - All U.N. and/or Catholic organizations. The CBS News links for it are no longer up.

      Lisa Blount - another strange and untimely death at the age of 53. She played in Officer and a Gentleman. Found it on the CBS site and thought I'd post it.

      I think Moon is a distraction but at the same time, his church is used to launder money. There are other connections to this guy or East Coast Babylon would have nothing to do with him.

    2. Just to let you know, I've met Roscoe Bartlet. He was our district's congressman and this is just my personal opinion, but the man is an idiot. Bought, paid for, packaged and programmed by the elite.

  3. Another June 25th date of significance (cough) in 1995: Bishop Swing unveiling the plan for the URI to the public during the UN anniversary interfaith service held at Grace Catherdral.


    1. Here you go . . . interesting FAQ. The person admits to being sarcastic

    2. Here we go - Moon has ties to Rockefeller. That tax evasion charge is probably how they got to him. "Moon is the founder of the cultic (and occultic) Unification Church (better known as the 'Moonies') and has had help from the Rockefellers. Also of interest is that the prominent political figures that have endorsed Moon are those with ties to the NWO (New World Order), and include Ted Kennedy, Mason Mark O. Hatfield, Mason Jesse Helms and Illuminatus William F. Buckley." ["Billy Graham and His Friends", by Dr. Cathy Burns, p. 103-4]

      These are horrendous ties to the Masters of the Illuminati! As you study these connections, you will see that Moon is very firmly and well connected to the uppermost levels of the Illuminati.

    3. LOL, one of their sources is what I posted last night.

    4. You know, this site TL is a prime example of the very thing they preach the NWO will do which is - "75% - 90% truth" with lies mixed in. Paragraph further down on that site:

      "Thus, Buddhists, Mohammedans, Hindus , and Christians will be told that this "Christ" is their Messiah and they are to follow him, giving him their allegiance and worship. Which Christian leaders will step forward, urging their followers to follow this Man of Sin and give him their allegiance? Before you can entertain this question, you have to understand that Rev. Moon has been charged with "uniting the world through religious forces", i.e., play a huge role in the religious deception once Antichrist does arise. As we proceed through this article, you will see that Moon has evidently zeroed in on the Christian Right-wing as his major field of endeavor."

      Do you notice a very large RELIGION missing? Can you guess which one it is?

      Rev. Moon is another distraction. Another fall guy JUST LIKE the Catholic church is being used.

      Which Religion condemns Christ, accuses him of being a deceiver, and to which ALL MONIES in the industrialized world flows?

      Why no mention of them here?

      The monies did not come directly from the moonies. He was and HAS BEEN financed by someone. You don't become a billionaire by serving in the Korean CIA for crying out loud. I'm deleting my other posts. These people are misdirecting from the true source of this crap.

    5. And right after I posted THAT comment above, you would not believe what happened. Must be I'm on the right trail.

      Thank you whoever did that.

    6. Six visits from Israel in the last twenty minutes . . . THAT'S unusual...

  4. Soup and sandwich for lunch even though it's TOO HOT. I haven't had that in a long time. Reminds me of the childhood I didn't have except at my grandparents house, LOL!

    I cut the grass in 100+ degree heat. I got some color and my face is red (I wore a hat!!!) and the rest of the back yard it just going to have to wait until tomorrow. Ugh!

    We are seven weeks away from Michael's 54th birthday. 54. He should be relaxing in front of a fireplace with his slippers on, reading a book in a wing-backed chair with his cognac (oops, I mean hot chocolate - I mean hot tea - geeze) with his children running in and yelling "surprise!!!" And he should have a wife to give him a backrub. Any volunteers? I can't, I'm married.

  5. Sure I w'd volunteer..but am a Jurassic Parc citizen, yiik :o)

    1. LOL! You are not! Stop that! I'm sure Michael would find you BEAUTIFUL! :o)

  6. In 1893 they had a meeting in Chicago(of all places)to try to encourage this UNITING of churches and it took another 100 yrs for them to meet again but the work has continued in leaps and bounds since 1993....or so I read. The theosophists were apparently very popular in the 1893 gathering.....people wanted to know alllllll about them !!! So many things seem to happen around 1993, don't they??

    Hey, I've never met a moony either.....thank God. There is big money around them, so it seems, and I still can't believe they put their claim in for millions from the MJ Estate. They really gave the Jackson family a hard time and perhaps still are.



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