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Michael Jackson Justice: Jackson Family Honors And Sorrows and Terror

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jackson Family Honors And Sorrows and Terror

Closing the Gaps in a Broken Circle
Janet's "Baby" in Angel Wings

"Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.  [7] Be not ye therefore partakers with them.  [8] For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:

[9] (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)  [10]  Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.  [11]  And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

[12]  For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.  [13]  But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light."

Stories buried and untold
Someone is hiding the truth
When will this mystery unfold

 Tonight I want to talk more in depth about Jackie and Enid, Tito and Dee Dee, Michael, Latoya and Janet and Elizondo.

Janet Jackson and Elizondo

 We'll get back to Rene' Elizondo shortly . . . 

Jackie Jackson – What Happened to Enid?

The Other “wives and the sons and the daughters”
of the Jacksons

In 1994 Dee Dee Jackson was killed by business man Donald Bohana in 1994.  Below again is the video where Tito and a couple of nieces talk about the evening they found out.

"It was reported that Bohana was a businessman who had debts that totaled more than $4 million. In the wrongful death suit filed by Ms. Jackson’s three children–Tariano, 22, Taryll, 20 and Tito Joe, 17–they alleged Bohana was upset because Dee Dee would not help bail him out of his financial difficulties. The suit stated that he beat and held her underwater until she died." – Source,

Donald Bohana had allegedly been dating Dee Dee for only three weeks when he killed her. He was sentenced to 15 years to life after a judge reopened the case in November 1994 due to a wrongful death suit filed by Tarryl, T.J. and Taj.  This was perhaps a year or two before the note to Dee Dee was written even though it did not materialize until after Michael’s passing in 2009.

The blog I wrote covering the video of Dee Dee with her three boys just after “Jackson Family Honors” took place on February 19, 1994, months before she died.  I did some more digging into Donald Bohana, which honestly didn’t turn up much.

I found a video of the actual proceedings in which Bohana was convicted.  During this video of the news program, they flashed some pictures of celebrities that Bohana was connected to and pictured with.

Donald Bohana

The Jackson family is shown crying in the court room.  Not just Tito, but Jermaine and Miss Katherine.  This isn’t some estranged ex-wife that they shunned.  This family FOUGHT for justice for Dee Dee.  In an old L.A. Times article I found this about his “business dealings”:

"In 1992, to the cheers of the community, he opened the first sit-down restaurant in Watts since the 1965 riots.

But his Denny's "N" the 'Hood was not a success. Two years after its much-ballyhooed opening, Bohana was ousted as manager and the franchise was taken over by Denny's officials, who said at the time that Bohana had failed to make payments on a $735,000 low-interest loan he used to build the establishment.

In 1982, Bohana bought the fast-sinking California Life Insurance Co. Six years later, the firm was cited as insolvent by the state, which placed it in conservatorship." - Source,

The same article details other various business dealings which included a clothing deal with a Chinese company, a $50K contract to teach aviation in a San Gabriel Valley school district, a real estate job and a bank loan agent.  This is such an unrelated cluster of hopefuls, coupled with his mentioned “civic” positions with L.A. I wondered what and how someone like this could be connected to so many celebrities.  This sounded to me like another CIA personality like Chandler and his dentist/screenwriter profession.  He was whatever they set him up to be.  And it is obvious when you see the pictures of the celebrities he is set up with.

During the video above at about 0:54 seconds, they race through a series of photographs that shows Bohana with Mohamed Ali, Sammy Davis Jr., Stevie Wonder

Don Bohana Ali

Don Bohana SammyDavis

Don Bohana StevieWonder

So how did a business man who was a pilot and a struggling entrepreneur end up connected to such superstars as Mohammed Ali, Sammy Davis Jr. and Stevie Wonder, not to mention the ex.wife of a Jackson?  And this is over the space of more than a decade if you look at the aging of Bohanna in these photos.  He was also apparently well known by the civic leaders of L.A. county, those who came to testify on his behalf.

Why did Dee Dee and Tito divorce?  We speculated that it could have been because Tito may have been trying to protect her and the boys, but what if it was the other way around?  Could it have been another case of Isolation and abduction?

Why would Bohana expect someone who was only dating him for three weeks to approach a family who’s son she divorced for money to help a new boyfriend?  Does this story wash with you?

Enid Jackson-

Wikipedia does not even mention that Enid died -

Enid Jackson was also an untimely, mysterious death and the stories that went out in the press consisted of Jackie cheating on Enid with Paula Abdul, Enid driving to a “drive in theater” where she found Jackie and Paula together, yanked Abdul out of the car and drug her across the gravel, then backed the car into Jackie’s legs when he came out to rescue Abdul.

This is Bull-Stuff.

First of all, common sense tells us that since this supposedly happened in 1984, both Jackie Jackson (more than famous at this point) and Paula Abdul (newly MTV’d and still choreographing for other artists like Janet and Madonna) both were known names.  Even if Jackie could have gotten past the hired thugs called security, there is no way either of them would have been dumb enough to attempt to watch a movie at a public drive-in and expect to be unmolested by fans.

Why were no “fans” at that particular drive-in ever interviewed by the papers?  Surely this would have been quite a scene?  And no witnesses?  No Talk T.V. shows featuring patrons on that night?  How in the world did they miss THAT opportunity?

So that leaves to question . . . why was Enid REALLY estranged and HOW did Jackie’s leg REALLY get broken?

Enid was supposedly found dead in a movie theater bathroom from a brain hemorrhage in 1997.  (Another movie theater, you’d think Enid’s murderers would have picked another venue. These people are about as original as a rubber stamp).

Dee Dee was killed in 1994.  Latoya was “kidnapped” in 1989 and Janet’s “secret” marriage to barely disguised CIA-plant-turned-video-director Elizondo in 1991.  Both girls did not escape their “partners in business” for a decade.

Latoya told us in Dutch T.V. interview that she “believed Gordon” when he threatened to kill Janet and Michael because “she had seen things”.  And by the time Latoya gave this interview, both ex-wives were dead.  Warnings?

Stories buried and left untold, someone is hiding the truth.

The STORY is, that Enid was planning to write a book about the Jackson family.  And there are plenty of industry trolls to attest to “knowing” about this “book” or being a “sounding board” for Enid, or claim to have read part of it, or helped her write part of it, etc . . . But let’s look at the supposedly lecherous Jackson brothers.

It is interesting to note that neither Jackie Jackson no Tito Jackson ever remarried.  So there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

Yes I know that Michael recorded a song entitled “Superfly Sister”, in which he calls out his brothers for the promiscuous ways.   But the only information Michael was getting fed about his family was what his handlers were telling him – as they were trying to brainwash him.  And from what I can see the only siblings married more than once were the ones that were Isolated from the family.  The two girls and Michael.  Jermaine was married twice (Hazel Gordy, Halim Rashid), with extramarital relationships with 2 in between those marriages (Margaret Maldonado, Alejandra Genevieve Oazaiza).

Jermaine’s eight children are listed in Wikipedia as three with Hazel, two with Maldonado and three with Alejandra which totals eight, but it also mentions another child “Dawn Jackson” born in 1984.  Who is the mother of Dawn and where is she?  And why is she not counted as one of the “eight”?  It simply says “another child, a daughter named Dawn Jackson” was born on March 6, 1984.

Randy – "Jackson had been with Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza since he was 25 years old and had three children, Genevieve Katherine Jackson (born December 3, 1989) and Steven Randall Jackson, Jr. (born October 2, 1991). Jackson married Eliza Shaffe while still with Oaziaza without either woman knowing he had them both in his life. On June 17, 1990, Shaffe gave birth to their daughter Stevanna Jackson. Jackson and Shaffe divorced in 1991. After the divorce, Randy continued dating Oaziaza, who gave birth to their son Randy, Jr. on October 2, 1991. Oaziaza then married Randy's brother, Jermaine Jackson, and had two sons, Jaafar (born 1996) and Jermajesty (born 2000)" - Wikipedia

Michael also sneakily got reference to the mob as he mentioned “sister’s married to a hood, sayin’ that she’s got it good.” And “saying that the’ve got it great, doin’ what they used to hate” . . . Very telling that Michael knew that what he was being told about his brothers was not in their character or upbringing.  But if Michael was picking on any of his brothers he was singling out Jermaine and Randy and of course Latoya.

I wanted to find out more about this mysterious “Dawn Jackson”.  So in searching for her, I found only comments and speculation.  One of them said:

"I have read that his daughter Dawn was born in 1984 or 1985 and the mother is unknow its funny he has the only child born in that year? and thats the same year janet suppossedly had a daughter with debarge", which leads us to the below:

Janet Jackson’s Secret Baby

This part of my searches bothered me most of all.  At one point, I had to stop and just let myself decompress because if I were to continue, I would have to admit the possibility that something ugly could have happened.  And this is, after all, Michael’s baby sister.

For some strange reason, this rumor was started, that Janet secretly had a baby and that Jackie was bringing her up and according to some, this is a rather old rumor, about eighteen years old.

The rumor is discussed on some sites, but I found this one that explains that “Renee Jackson” is actually Brandi Jackson, daughter of Jackie and Enid.  You see her picture on that site and she looks too much like Enid to “give” her to Janet.

On that same site (blue links are clickable), It states the rumor was started about Janet having a baby with James DeBarge, her first husband.  But they were married less than six months and Janet was touring during that time as was James with his group.  There would have been no time for Janet to carry a child, give birth and recover in the short time they were married because she was on the road.

Other versions of this rumor have Janet having a “secret baby” with her “secret husband”, Elizondo, who we researched here. LIE LA LIE PART VI .

The web site on the “this one” link which straightened out Brandi's identity crisis explains that "The reason that we never heard of Renee before, is because she has been living with Janet’s older sister Rebe, and the baby’s father is apparently James De Barge, the man Janet married in 1984 for 3 months. But you gotta hand it to Janet — She managed to keep her second marriage hidden for nearly 10 years a secret . . ."  Then they try to explain why Janet never denied or addressed the rumor, saying, "No one is sure how the rumor got started, but why Janet never cleared it up is news to me, considering this is a eighteen year old rumor."

Well, eighteen years from 2009 is 1991, not 1984.  And 1991 is when Janet “secretly” married Elizondo.  She was long divorced from DeBarge by then.  And why is this important to me?  Well, we covered THAT possibility before too.

Together Again

From Friday’s entry:  "What “baby” is no longer “suffering”?  And don’t hand me the “lost friend to aids” story, I’m not buying it.  Let’s pretend for one minute that Janet wasn’t somehow spared by these jackals and that Latoya WASN’T KIDDING that Gordon threatened Janet’s as well as Michael’s lives.

Stories spread about Etterlene, James DeBarge’s mother, swears that Janet was pregnant with Jame’s child and disappeared for a few months in Norway, which lead to the rumor that Omer Bhatti was Janet’s child.  But Etterlene also has an integrity problem.  They have her son strung out on drugs in prison (allegedly), and we know how stories get planted in the press to cover ‘OTHER’, truer events.

Janet was not out of circulation long enough to have grown a belly, had a baby and recovered from having a baby.  At least not in 1984/85.  She was still under the management of her father then, and she recorded two albums between 1983 and 1984, she “eloped” in late 1984 and was divorced from DeBarge by Mid-1985.  After this she broke from her father/family.  John McClain took over and hired Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to produce “Control” in six weeks.  That’s quite a feat for someone who carried a baby to term and gave it up for adoption.

Could there have been “rumors” started about a “secret baby”, and this unknown “Dawn” who’s mother has never sued Jermaine and whom Jermaine has never been seen pictured with?

Could the story about Debarge have been planted  much later to cover the demise of a child Janet had with “secret” husband Elizondo?

Just what was Janet trying to tell us in the song “Together Again”?  I keep going over and over the lyrics again and again.  You don’t call a friend who died of AIDS “my baby”.  What “pain” did this “baby” go through?  Why was Janet happy for her “baby” because it was now “In Heaven” and no longer “feeling pain”?

Just what did they do and what did they use to buy Janet’s cooperation and “focus” on her career while the rest of her family was being torn apart?

Did the “friends” of Latoya’s husband Jack Gordon make good on threats to kill family members?  And were Jackie and Tito’s wives singled out, Isolated and killed as a warning to the bread winners Michael and Janet?

Evidence of The Jackson’s
Knowledge of the Industry Early On

Nothing would surprise me anymore, in this industry, as far as how deep the evil goes and what they are capable of doing to their “slaves” – their artists to assure their plans are not upset or thwarted.

Some of the early songs of the Jacksons and even during the Jackson5 tell us they had seen some uglies on the inside of the industry.  Songs like “I’ll be There” with the words “We must bring salvation back”, “This Place Hotel” and “Torture”

And even with inquiring minds who ARE researching and trying to understand what happened to this family and other artists and their families, you have the ever-present trolls out there primping for those who have something to cover up.  You know those people, the ones that insist that there is no way Michael could have been abused except by his father, or that anything sinister ever happened to any of the Jackson family unless of course it had to do with Jermaine . . . those people.

Someone on another forum was posting the same questions about Enid, Jackie’s wife and the possibility that her ‘brain aneurism’ was foul play, and this is the answer she got:

Jackie has never remarried by the way, Tito either. Randy has a steady girlfriend. And as I said, rumors are ongoing about Michael's involvement with the nanny...who's a sister, lol.

No from what I have been reading on the net on this subject she died of a simple Brain Aneurysm in a movie theater bathroom, not quite the way I would think anyone would want to die.

But that is why. She was not murdered and there was nothing sinister of her death at all. You can read more about it at this link:

Also the book was never published the authour to be their publisher pretty much backed out of doing the book as there was other legal battles concerning others that knew the Jackson family and they were battling with other biographers ready to do books on them and the Jackson's and so the publisher decided not to ruin their business and good name by getting involved with the book.

Enid dying was just a health matter. As you will read on the link above.
Also scroll down a bit to find the information on all this, it is a way down after some links and stuff on the page.

Yes, Enid dying was just a health matter, and Michael’s “vitiligo” just “showed up” one day and Michael was a drug addict who didn’t take drugs, and Janet was a lesbian even though she was married to three different guys and had a secret baby somewhere that ended up posing as both “Dawn Jackson” and “Omer Bhatti”.  That’s like saying the “dailynews” is “the gospel”.

I have a couple more people to cover.  And before I do, I just want to say something.

I have complained in the past, about what now seems like such small things.  And I have said things that make no sense now, like remarks of Michael never having to worry about what it’s like to have to decide between paying an electric bill or gas to get to work.  And I have made remarks about the various members of the Jackson family at different times having to do with deceiving fans or lying, or putting “legacy” over integrity when I see someone like Quincy getting too close to Prince Jackson and loose it.  I usually cool off and come back down to earth but today, I’m looking at two dead wives, a possible dead child, at least three tortured members of the siblings of the Jackson family and I have to say this . . .

I will wager that there is not a day in my life that the Jackson’s wouldn’t trade for one of theirs, just to be able to relax.

I believe that if it were up to Michael, he would gladly have taken some of my childhood if it weren’t for the fact that he would not want to inflict me with his.

I believe Janet would give anything to have one day as a mother to my two boys (I tried for a girl, didn’t make it) and I bet she would be great at it.

I believe if Jackie and Enid had been left alone there marriage would have been fixable, and I am positive that Tito would have stayed married to Dee Dee if he thought it would have kept her safer.

I don’t know what it is like to be in the shoes of a Jackson.  I will never know and I will never know everything that they’ve had to suffer, the truth of who died, for what reason and who did it.  But of the things that I do know, one of them is that if It were offered to me, I would ask for and take the burden of the sorrow and anguish, fear and terror they’ve had to endure, because it is probably the only way I could truly show them how much I love them and wish I could fix things that I cannot.


  1. Bonnie, oh my have you seen this?

    Randy has tweeted that it is authentic.

    1. A couple of people have sent this to me, but I have not looked at it yet . . . looking now.

    2. Deb, I read it. I'm going to call bulls--- on this. I'll tell you why when the hoopla-la dies down. (First of all, Team MJ is Taaj Malik and she's not getting her docs from the Jackson family so who else could she be getting them from?

    3. I was just about to email that you to Bonnie. I did not see that one coming. Something tells me that it's bound to get ugly.

      I'm glad that you have mentioned about Enid Jackson's death. What really stood out to me is there were hardly any mention about her death. But we heard about Dee Dee's death. I remember reading about it in 'Jet' magazine back in '94 and 'Entertainment Tonight' did a report on her death since Taryll, TJ & Taj was coming out with their CD.

      But I don't recall ever hearing anything about Enid Jackson's death until recently. Truth be told, I didn't know she died until after MJ's death and I was shocked because there was no report of it. I find that fishy considering that she did marry one of the famous brothers. And you are right about that little incident with Paula Abdul. If that actually took place, we would have definitely heard about that one. (LOL) Fans were dying read anything about the Jacksons especially Michael who was touring with them. During that time the Jacksons was unstoppable and at the height of their careers when they were on their famous 'Victory' tour. I remember because you read about them in various cities and them being mobbed by the fans.

      Something is definitely off about that.


    4. Bonnie,

      I have read that Randy tweeted saying that it's legit. Even the estate has written a response. As soon as I find it I will post the links.


    5. Forget Randy. Like I told Deb below, Randy's been MIA for most of this year and he shows up now? Something big getting ready to go down. All part of the delusion.

  2. You know, I didn't even realize that it was uploaded by her. I just checked & saw her name on the web page. Well, this must go pretty deep then because the estate has answered and Randy said it is true on Twitter!/search/randyjackson8 (can't figure out how to post the tweets here).

    Yeah, I don't know where she's getting her docs from...but the timing...a lot of hoopla...why now? smh

    1. Why now?

      Distraction - something bigger coming down the pike. And I would not worry about Randy Jackson - He's been MIA until now. This is a planned event. Has to do with the end of the month. You'll see.

    2. Just to give you a hint, I have one name for you . . . Elvis.

    3. Some rather ignorant replies from some "stale" Branca-bloggers:

      the girl who was ‏@caramelicedtea
      Let's not forget when they seemingly attempted to funnel Mike's 20% charity money into their fake charity. @randyjackson8 we caught that boo

      andjustice4MJ ‏@andjustice4some
      Revived an old blog on Randy Jackson

      Susanna ‏@SantaBarbara4MJ
      @randyjackson8 No one respects your greed & foolishness: you are NOT IN THE WILL. Deal with it & honor your brother's wishes.

      Isn't it a shame, Susanna that Branca didn't do the same and turned over all those documents Michael requested in writing back in 2002?

      Taaj Malik works with Sam DeGosson and the Erin Coven, who works with Sony - Malik does NOT work for the Jacksons nor is she on their side. And Justiceforskunks has been outed a long time ago as a blogger for the estate.

    4. You know, I saw something about Elvis in the last few days in my meanderings on the 'net, something about a hologram. I really have to start saving some of this stuff I'm reading lol. And with all the stuff coming out about germlines, and cloning and etc. etc. who are we to say it's really a hologram...could be a mad scientist's clone. One of the articles I pulled up said "the company is working on a hologram". What kind of work does it take? Shouldn't take that long if it's really a hologram, I wouldn't think.

      And yeah, the vermin did come out of the woodwork didn't they? I'm appalled at some of words that come out of these so-called fans' mouths. They don't even sound like fans. They sound like "we're in power, yeah we strong-armed our way in, deal with it". They're sickening.

    5. Good point! I thought of that too. All the "hype" around holograms and that display put on at "Coachella" with Tupac's image. "Working" on a hologram. There is some computer work involved in that I'm sure they can't do it overnight though. That phraseology does make you wonder.

      Vermin - Oh yes, the wave of blissful humanity that "hate" for "his namesake". I posted some "answers" on Randy's Twitter and sure enough Qbees came out of the wood work, and Muzik under yet another name and a few others. They remind me of the pack of kids on the school bus picking on that older lady - That is exactly what they are.

  3. Crap, I hit the button to fast.

    Hope your husband is doing good and you too :)

    I'm off to bed, it's near 1:30 here. Take care.

    1. Crap! Well thank you for the well wishes. LOL! I have told my husband how everyone was pulling for him here. God answered prayers there and nothing was found. Thank you Deb for your comforting words. And God bless you too ♥

  4. It was reported that Tito was going to marry this year but nothing more has come up about it.

    Isn't it odd that several make complaints about John McClain. Frank D, Frank C, Roger F and Teddy R. I guess John was busy businesswise with Michael in the early 2000's...

    I wonder if anyone ever tried to halt Margarets book on the family. Its her designer/staff afterall that ended up being Mr wardrobe for This Is It.


    1. TL,

      I had heard that, but chalked it up to rumor. I was very touched by what he said about Dee in that video and I have a completely new plane on which I view Tito because of that.

      Yes, Branca had a lot of "help" with the press back in the early 2000's, but he can't explain why his expertise is benefitting the estate now and from 1990 through 2002 Michael's finances became a black hole while everyone around him was getting enriched, including Branca. It's like Branca didn't come to life until after Michael passed.

      Maldonado and her "book" and her true contributions to "This is It" will come out I'm sure.

    2. Her book has been out for years, just couldn't ever see that anyone tried to stop her from publishing it....wondered if anyone else knew if there'd been a fuss at the time about it.


    3. I was never interested in reading it. It was from what I heard, supportive of Michael but NONE of his family.

  5. Sly Stallone has hired a private investigator Scott Ross, who worked on MJs case in 2005. I think Sly believes there is more to his sons death than meets the eye. Either that, or his grief and guilt are taking over and he is being a typical man and trying to "solve" the issue rather than deal with it.
    There are so many stories... that Sly refused to take Sage's calls and cut him out of his life, that Sage had had dental surgery and was on pain meds (but who dies from dental surgery weeks after????)
    There are reports that the Robbery LAPD Homicide team are investigating the death. Strange how they didnt for this for MJ until AFTER the toxicology reports were released.
    That awful church are threatening to picket Sages funeral (just as they did for MJ's)

    1. Gregory,

      I really hope that is true and I agree with you. It sounds like Sylvester believes there is more to his son's death. The "press" about them being estranged sounds like the same garbage they wrote about the Jackson family and I'm sure trolls from the same school worked on Sly's family and it started early on. Jackie Stallone has some questionable background. I'll have more on Sage's death/investigation later today - it's not a lot yet, but I did some background work. I have something else planned for today for the bulk of the blog.

      Westview Baptist Church? Church leaders are probably CIA lab raised.

    2. I always appreciate your insights, Bonnie. x

    3. It so pisses me off when the first thing the trashy main stream media jumps on when one of these deaths occurs is "drug use" or "suicide". They are so lazy it's beyond unreal. Or is it just that "the first one to say it is right" their minds anyway.

      Yesterday I saw a news clip with Sage's lawyer George Braunstein saying he'd never seen Sage on drugs or alcohol. Can't find the clip now (surprise, surprise) but there any number of written statements floating around the 'net.

      Dental surgery huh? You know, Bonnie, I've also been reading some things about directed energy weapons too. It's so strange the number of people in the entertainment business and just famous people, period, who are dying unexpectedly and YOUNG!! Makes you kind of wonder if the same is happening to ordinary, everyday people too.

    4. Gregory - Thank you for updating on Stallone and the investigation. I hope he sticks to it like Rambo sticks to the woods!

      Deb - I agree, lazy. Investigative reporting no longer exists, if it ever did. The Puppet masters won't have it.

      Braunstein is not clean. Still working on him.

      D.E. weapons - If they could develop and use patriot missiles to knock already flying scuds out of the sky back in 1990, you better believe they could find a person in a theater bathroom in 1997. Drugs can also cause intracerebral hemorraging. Anyone could have slipped things in her drink/food.

  6. Hi Bonnie,

    I guess I got too excited too fast. What delusion? The resurrection of a fake Michael or Elvis Presley? And the Jacksons are in on it? Is that why Randy said the letter was authentic? Also, La Toya, Jackie nor Marlon have signed the letter along with the other siblings. I wonder why?

    I agree, something is definitely about to go down, we all need to watch for it and to not get easily deceived.

    1. Yes, the "resurrection" and more. The Jacksons are mired in it but not willingly I don't believe. By that I mean they know what is going on but have to do what they have to do for now.

      I believe the letter itself is authentic meaning that the Jacksons put it out, but it's a trigger . . . a "marker" if you will. It's not of any legal good. It is the equivalent of a bluff. Why tell your enemy you are going to attack before you attack? And why use Taaj Malik to put the communique out? Did the Estate Executors already have their response ready before this appeared? Seems to me to be the case. It's part of the script.

      Keep your eye on the 27th of the month.

  7. Letter to Branca/McLain : Probably a provocative distraction (I saw too T. Malik's name below the text). Why would the Jacksons deliberately publish this all over the Web ? The law firm Baker Hofstetler is however quite real & seems well-equipped to deal such issues. BUT (let me dream) if the letter were real : I WOULD LOVE IT though I am worried for the Jacksons' safety & Mrs Katherine's health. It's a nerve-breaking situation for her anyway, with or without "letter".

    1. Excellent description "provocative distraction".

      Why the Jacksons would take part in this? I answered above - part of the script. I think I know why they are doing it but can't say. Gearing for a fight? Not sure about that. Miss Katherine needs to be removed and taken away from the situation. She gave me a kiss on the cheek in a dream. She can come live here, but I have no fortress. :o(

      The protection prayer link is still there, up in the right navigation panel on this blog.

    2. BONNIE, what I don't get is :

      1. If real (as you said to SPRING), why was the letter at least not countersigned by Mrs. Katherine Jackson as she & MJ3 only are the sole beneficiaries of Michael's Estate ? The signatures on that letter are legally invalid (unless Miss Katherine took legal measures to appoint some of her children to represent her in case of incapacity & it's not even sure that the Executors would even accept them). The Executors can either throw the letter in the basket or even counter-attack the siblings who signed it, based on the accusations shown therein.

      2. Who wrote the letter (not Taj Malik for sure !) ? Michael's siblings ? lawyers ? playing outsiders ?

      3. Why did Jacky & La Toya also not sign the letter ?

      2. Instead of dealing discreetly the very sensitive issue of "Michael Estate & Will" through their LA lawyers, why would the Jacksons suddenly play a "provocative distraction" with a public letter potentially dangerous to them... unless long ago they prepared underway a plan with trusted lawyers ?

      It is all very unsettling but I did like the letter's contents anyway ;o)

      PS : This René Elizondo seems to be quite a crapulous little gigolo.

    3. Oh ! I forgot to mention Marlon Jackson's signature also missing on the letter. And the word "distraction" I used before was inadequate : we are no longer in games or speculations BUT it's a VERY STRANGE situation. God protect the Jacksons.

    4. Line - LOL, is this my homework? :o)

      1. Because this "letter" is not meant to be legally binding. It is specifically to stir the pot.

      2. Anyone could have written that letter (maybe the Jackson's ghostwriters?) Not Taaj Malik, no. I don't suspect that. I think she was just used to "forward" the message, just like the press like TMZ is used to put "news" out there.

      3. They didn't need Jackie or Latoya to sign for the purpose of this letter. Jackie may still be appearing to work for the estate and LaToya is still appearing to believe the stalker chicks. Could be they are still "not united".

      4. You wrote "2" again, LOL. I don't think the letter was meant to do anything other than stir the pot. One person on twitter was recorded as asking Antony Jackson (a nephew?) "If branca isn't in charge, who is?" and Anthony responded "Someone he could trust". That was rather intriguing. Leads me to believe that Branca and his "estate" executor status is nothing more than a babysitter over trusts that he can't do anything with other than earn on increases brought into the estate.

      Like I said, there are idiots out there blogging for Branca and the estate/Sony that want people to believe that the Jackson's haven't diversified. They don't need to "live off of Michael". They have their own businesses and their own investments. The only people earning money off of Michael and his name are the executors, sony and the demons from the pit harassing the Jacksons - Michael's enemies are the ones earning and that is what they are harassing the Jacksons for, to cover up.

      I LOVED the letter's contents. A little more detail in there I can go dig up on. :o) :o) :o)

      Elizondo - I laughed out loud when I read the word "crapulous little gigolo". That was so funny. Gigilo rhymes with Elizondo . . . sort of. ♥

    5. BONNIE, What you said on Branca, Sony & other demons is right. Sorry for the work I created to you. The "letter" really raised my blood pressure today but if Justice for Michael moves on, it's OK. Good Night ♥

    6. Is it bed time for you over there? Awwww! You didn't create any more work for me than the letter itself did hee-hee! (Thanks Randy! ♥) He probably just wants me to shut up. Have a good sleep. Justice for Mike. One of my favorite sentences.

  8. Does anyone ever wonder who the hell Taaj Malik is?????? I mean really...what on earth is she doing?


    1. Taaj Malik is someone they brought over from England after she was brainwashed and turned into lesbian who is attracted to witches. Oh, you mean her "front"? She's a self employed cleaning lady who spends all her time trying to get into the Jackson compound. When she's not doing that, she's on twitter and the blog trying to convince greener fans that she's already inside the Jackson compound. I used to talk to her on the phone back before I knew what she was. She's a plagiarizer and a thief.

  9. Bonnie, this is another thoughtful blog. Lots of info to look through. I did want to bring to your attention, though, that Jackie did get married again in 2001 to Victoria Triggs. Wikipedia says they got married in 2001 but I'm having a hard time finding out when they divorced. Wikipedia says he stated on Larry King that he was divorced but I can't find reference to what the date of that program was.

    1. Deb,

      Sorry. According to one fan site, Jackie never remarried and that was posted in 2009, so that is where I got that info from. Perhaps that too was a lie and Jackie's referenced "divorce" on Larry King was actually the divorce from Enid?

  10. Bonnie,

    Check your email. Something I 'FORGOT TO MENTION.'


  11. Please read . . . very interesting!!!!

    Dots a lit of I's in the global chaos.

    1. Bonnie,

      Is there a way to read the links you posted? I clicked on the link but it didn't do anything. Plus, I am too lazy to google it. (LOL) I've been meaning to tell you this for a while since a number of articles have been posted here. I can understand that you don't want to post the entire article due to it's length. But I thought most websites and blogs let you click on links.

      Just wondering....


    2. Hey P,

      For some reason blogger won't let you make the links clickable in the comments, only on the blog itself. You can copy the link and paste it to a new browser window.

      I don't know why blogger won't let you format comments but you should be able to copy it or highlight it and left click on it.

  12. The Barclays Libor scandal is not over yet as the ramifications may extend internationally. The banking system may tremble on its base again BUT many small investors as well unfortunately.

    1. London banks are falling down, falling down, falling down . . . London banks are falling down, taking us with them. . .

      Sorry, That just came into my head and it had to come out. Small investors. We have nothing left. I'm not concerned anymore. You can't cure cancer without killing the cancer cells. Praying for God to have mercy and let it be quick.

  13. Bonnie - are you seeing what Paris is tweeting Randy right now????

    1. No. Because it's bullcrap. You're going to tell me that Paris curses? Yeah right. It's probably Taaj Malik.

    2. No, she wasnt cursing. She was saying that Katherine hasnt had a stroke and its all lies. She actually tweeted Randy to tell him to stop telling lies.

    3. Go through her tweets. She cursed. Not at Randy, but on previous tweets.

      Yes, she told her UNCLE to stop telling lies? Are you going to try and convince me that "Paris" doesn't know what's going on with her own family?

      Then she tweeted back "Oh, I thought you meant she had a stroke TODAY!"

      Monika, bullshit, okay?

  14. Lord Bonnie,

    It has gotten ugly. This is not good!

    It's been reported that Paris is at a twitter war with her uncle Randy. How did it come to this?


    1. See above. Surely you are not falling for this?

  15. Hi Bonnie,

    I do think that the letter from the Jacksons is indeed authentic however, it's not legally binding, as you've said. I think this letter is personally from the Jacksons for Branca and McClain to resign as 'executors', positions they have no business being in in the first place. I do also believe that legal action will be taken if they don't step down and comply with the Jackson's request.

    As for the Paris tweet to Randy, I don't buy it either. I highly doubt that is even Paris behind that account.

    1. I agree with you 100%+ on that not being Paris. And I don't believe she would disrespect her uncle either. I have some press on this I will post below. This is getting really stupid, retarded waste of everybody's time. But like I said, I think this was just to stir the pot and when you see what I have to post, you'll understand some of the logic behind this I think. I'm sure there's more to it, but there is nothing better than getting the enemy to do all your work for you.

      I also do not think any of the Jacksons would be doing this unless they had the upper hand in something. A stone is being thrown. What's the left hand doing? :o)

    2. Agree with both of you...throwing stones to hide your hands?? ;)

    3. You ain't done enough for me, you ain't done 'nough for me, I'm tired of you haunting me . . . too bad, too bad . . .

  16. Micheline just sent this through my email:

    Frank Cascio has been summoned. I wonder who he is going to testify for?

  17. Paris being gracious..hhmm !

    Those "Paris" tweets, I'm through. 1. She's too young to twit publicly 2. Jackson's private issues are to be dealt privately. 3. Jermaine latest diplomatic twits(mainly against TMZ) as reaction on her Twit to Randy. Paris is 14 only so I don't bear her any grudge but her new style lately should be a bit more supervised IMO. If it were an imposter like Taj Malik who sent the Twit the family could turn against Malik & maybe I'm naive, but to me Paris sent the Twit to Randy.

    1. Look through the rest of the pics . . . Chris Brown concert. Where is security? Who's protecting her? And in one close up you can tell she is wearing contacts . . . Are they color contacts?

      I am not convinced that Paris did not know what is going on with her grandmother or with the rest of the Jackson family and their plans. Why Jermaine is covering that fake is beyond me, but then again, not it's not. Like I posted below, I trust the family and what they HAVE to do, but I do not have to agree with or edify lies.

    2. No security keep clicking through

    3. Look at her eye tooth! That is not Paris' smile! (at least not the one we saw on Oprah) And who is taking pictures at Paris from the stage? #fakemuch???


      Who's taking pictures from the other side of the barracade? Chris Brown's people? This is staged.


      Not Paris

  18. Spring said:

    "As for the Paris tweet to Randy, I don't buy it either. I highly doubt that is even Paris behind that account."

    I tend to agree. That was my first thought when I saw her tweets. Her tone (if you can have a "tone" when posting online), her language, and yeah, she cursed; nope don't think it's Paris. And have you seen her latest profile pic on Twitter? She's holding a baby. "Paris" in that pic looks absolutely nothing like pics seen in the press. Something's going on...

    Also, Bonnie have you seen Jermaine's tweets? I'm sure you have; they occurred 6 hours ago ;)

    1. Well you know what else I saw Spring? She twittered and "apology" of sorts, to Randy saying something like "I thought you meant she had a mini stroke TODAY" because the mini stroke was covered in a past tabloid article. Which tells me that this person, whoever she is doesn't know SQUAT about what is going on with Paris' grandmother. It's like she was trying cover her butt with that post.

      I posted back to Jermaine just a minute ago about his twitter in regard to Paris. Told him the same thing I am telling you. Not convincing that this girl, if family, doesn't know what is going on within it. I trust what they are doing, but I don't have to agree with the lies. Hope he doesn't get upset with me. I could just keep my mouth shut but the truth should not be silent.

  19. SPRING777.."she cursed" : yes it's Taj Malik :o) seriously I'm not fully convinced but hope you're right. Paris is anyhow too exposed with her Twits which can make her vulnerable to mean attacks at the age of 14 only & all the more when yes, "Something's going on..".

    1. LOL! Sorry, couldn't resist. I think what convinces me is that she sometimes posts pictures of herself that absolutely do not look like her or look so different then the picture she posted prior. Her body build changes, her eye shape changes or the shape of her face ever so slightly. Not to mention that she seems closer to the stalker chicks then she does her own family.

      Let's not mention the fact that she twitters all hours of the day/night randomly, even during school hours or times when she is supposed to be doing a "photo shoot" or an interview. In between that and school and family and shooting a movie, uh . . . when does she have all this time to twitter?

    2. DEB, Sorry, I addressed to SPRING777 when I should have to you : that "letter" story drives me nuts :o[

    3. LOL! And I missed both and thought you were addressing to me! Sorry! :o(

    4. BONNIE : Are-you-talking-to-me ? (Godfellas) :oD

    5. ""I'll make [you] an offer [you] can't refuse." :o)

    6. problem :D

      Line and 2 are silly lol

  20. I am so very tired of being lied to, and strung along and PLAYED!!!!

    Can someone explain to me how a person with only 80 followers DOESN'T KNOW that most of them are industry people tied to Sony? and Doesn't know that Atonclassic is a fraudulent Jacksoncousinposer?

    Freaking psd off!!!


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