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Michael Jackson Justice: LIE LA LIE PART II

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Michael Jackson and
The New World Order

Review - Please Click here for Part I

Michael lived pretty simply.  It was those signing contracts, hiring thugs and CIA handlers around Michael, putting in calls to “friends of friends” and relatives to file lawsuits and copyright infringement suits against Michael that ran up that debt.

I wonder how many “Michael Jacksons” flipped property in different parts of the world through fake probate files and “dead” Michael Jacksons?  (There are quite a few of those in the world by the way . . . Jackson is a very common name.  So is Michael.)

People affiliated with Branca, who have been affiliated with other celebrity and  estate scandals:

- Weitzman
- Alan Watenmaker
- Gelfand, Rennert and Feldman
- City National Bank
- Paul Gordon Hoffman
- Zia Modabber
- Bert Fields
- Shawn Holley
- Sony
- Quincy Jones
- Tommy Mottola
- Mark Geragos
- Karen Langford
- Trudy Green
- Alan Whitman
- David Braun

Remember Randy Quaid, who was on the run from stalkers and those trying to steal his property?  What was the list of people he gave us that were conspiring to ruin him?

At 1:30 Alan Watenmaker – Estate Planner
Warren Grant – Business Manager
Lloyd Braun – Ex Attorney
Bruce Berman – Studio Executive
City National Bank – Entertainment Division
Loans taken out in his name

They’ve been able to do these things Quaid said, through the creation of a phony probate filephony living trusts (Branca), secret bank accounts, FAKE LOANS, bogus corporations, SMEAR CAMPAIGNS AND FALSE ARREST

Sounds like the same blueprint they followed for Kurt Cobain’s missing estate monies and  . . . Michael Jackson!

Do you know how common the name “Michael Jackson” is?  In Los Angeles alone there are 20 Michael Joseph Jacksons Just in the LA Basin and surrounding neighborhoods -   And those are only the ones that are still alive.  It would be real easy to create a fake probate will and a set of records off a dead one.  Michael’s “Legal Team” – NOT hired by Michael.

They have been aided and abetted in their schemes by the ENTERTAINMENT COMMISSION, CITY NATIONAL BANK - The same bank Michael’s attorney and his accountants did business with on Michael’s behalf:

Michael’s deposit for Neverland

City National Bank – Bank of the Stars

Page 4 of the Estate Will Document
Hoffman, Sabban and Watenmaker
Weitzman’s firm and Jeryll Cohen

Page Nine of Estate Hearing
Branca has too many lawyers
Involved in this estate.  Why?

According to the amendment
AEG Got Ripped Off too
Yet the Branca Bloggers continue to
Try to implicate AEG on the basis of
Of Ticket Refunds and the Insurance

AEG No Longer Has Insurance Policy either!
Covered this last year on this blog

The row over Michael Jackson’s millions of dollars he left on his death has taken a dramatic new turn.

His estate are going to war with his insurance company over a $17.5 million payment.

Further down it says, “But Lloyds has asked courts in Los Angeles to declare the policy null and void, claiming Michael – who passed away from acute Propofol intoxication in his rented Los Angeles home – had lied about his medical history and drug use.”   Source

Estate Administrators hired
Gelfand, Rennert and Feldman
To Audit Royalties
The same accountants who
Signed checks on Michael’s behalf since the 1980’s!
Conflict of Interest?  Yes!

An Attorney representing the “Special Administators”
Files a claim against MJ Estate for legal services
Accrued since 2008!    Why would the Special Administrators
(Branca and McClain) hire people -
(Arnold and Porter from the U.K.!) hire people that
Were petitioners for claims against the same estate they

Major Conflict of Interest. There are MANY of them here.

How does an attorney file a claim against an estate then get appointed to that same estate, as Weitzman has done?  How does Arnold and Porter “represent” special administrators of MJ’s estate and then file a claim a couple months later for fees against that same estate?  Someone explain this to me!

Legal fees to previous lawyers who helped them in their schemes? –

The firms of WatenmakerWeitzman and the “Katten Firm
For “fees” just between November of 2009 and May of 2010
A grand Total of $1,229,329.
(this of course grew later)

This isn’t counting of course ongoing services from Weitzman and Watenmaker.  This is just those six months with THOSE firms!  This is why there will be nothing left for Michael’s children when they hit age 40 and finally get control of whatever estate is left after Branca and his mob bilk it.  This is how they work.  Other “celebs” that Watenmaker and Branca are involved with?

One blogger called it “predatory financial necrophila”.

Kurt Cobain/Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain –

I covered Courtney’s “MySpace” tirade against her lawyers and accountants, using DEAD PEOPLE to set up accounts, use their power of attorney to flip houses – I covered that here -  “Let’s Talk About Banks”, where I have copied Courtney’s rant,  and discussed her other cases, where she lost custody of her daughter, and lost any rights to the Cobain music Catalog here -

And here is the WebProNews about the “MySpace Bomb” by Courtney.  Watenmaker is also involved with the trust for Cobain.

Watenmaker does not even have a real website.  What respectable “Living Trust” lawyer would have a website that looks like this piece of junk? -

The same building where “Showtime Networks” and “The Army U.S. Department of Defense” share office space - , and  respectively.

Courtney loses custody of daughter and agrees to sell 25% of catalog, looking for a buyer for the other 75% -

Courtney drops lawsuit???  What happened there?

Courtney’s “rant” disappears off her “MySpace” page.  But too late.  Many, MANY other bloggers caught it before it could disappear.  And of course no one believes her because she’s a “drug addict” . . . which is why it is so important for those assisting Sony in Michael’s character assassination  on the drugs, to perpetuate that rumor.

Elvis Presley –

According to Branca’s own website, he has represented the Elvis Presley Estate, and if you take a look at the link, you will recognize quite a few companies that have become involved with Michael Jackson.   Quite a few of Watenmaker and Sabban’s clients are also Branca clients/affiliates.

Randy Quaid - mentioned his friends Heath Ledger, David Carradine and Chris Penn (Sean Penn’s brother).  He also mentioned targets Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Mel Gibson.  I don’t know who their lawyers are, but they are currently playing ball.  Shawn Chapman Holley was representing Lohan and SHE works for Weitzman’s firm.  Her husband worked for Sony as Michael’s tour vocal director and sometime backup singer and of course Weitzman himself represent’s Branca and McClain as the estate executors.  Talk about choking on nepotism.  Branca and Weitzman have some sort of weird business romance going on between the two of them.  They share a financial rubber doll called Michael Jackson (sorry Michael, but that’s what I see.)

Mel Gibson
The establishment didn’t like Mel’s Movie “Passion of the Christ” and I think even Michael’s self-professed spiritual advisor, Rabbi Schmuley called the movie “Blasphemous and a travesty”.  Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan share a lawyer – Blair Berk  and also Queen Latifah, Reese Witherspoon, Traci Gold and Ozzy Ozborne.

Michael Jackson – Watenmaker’s firm also did his estate planning and trust (So how is Branca named executor on a document that fires Branca from managing Michael’s estate in 2003?)  Branca waited for Miss Katherine to file “intestate” before pulling that old 2002 will out of mothballs.  And Branca thinks he STILL has “control” of Michael.  Like these people didn’t KNOW after all these years what and who Branca is and is capable of.

Watenmaker and his law firm also co-founded this organization in L.A.:

They have their own family foundation (of the firm’s same name) under the

According to Watenmaker’s own website, they were very much involved in what was set up against Randy Quaid.  They do probate files, living trusts, estate trusts, wills, etc… All of this mirroring what went on with Michael’s money and Kurt Cobain’s money.  Branca had Michael’s power of attorney all those years.  So did other lawyers and accountants working against him up through the Goldman Sach’s fiasco in January of 2004.

"Our estate planning practice includes the preparation of willsliving trustsirrevocable trusts, charitable remainder and charitable lead trusts, insurance trusts, living wills, durable powers of attorney for financial matters, and durable powers of attorney for health care. We also advise clients on succession planning for businesses and international estate planning." – Source,  all of which Branca would have needed to do what he is currently doing now in Michael’s name.  And for the fees Watenmaker charges, you would think they could come up with a MUCH BETTER website.  Fella’s that’s embarrassing!

Now that we’re familiar with Branca and his fellow racketeer partners, lets’ continue with Randy Quaid and his Michael Jackson-like battle.

From Courthouse News Service

"The 220-page lawsuit, which mixes attachments with notes scrawled over the pages in black marker alternating with the pages of the lawsuit, also suggests that someone had a plot to kill Quaid and his wife.

     After City National Bank's estate planner allegedly told Evi Quaid that the bank preferred to manage the assets of "dead actors," she heard a man's voice on her cell phone in Texas saying, "'If you kill her, there's a lot of money in it for you.'"

     "Evi wasn't sure if this was an actual threat on her life or meant to intimidate her as a witness, but this together with the stolen life insurance policy and the estate planner's insensitive remark, and now Alan Watenmaker, the estate planner acting very evasive when we request trust ID numbers and the fact that Watenmaker's firm did Michael Jackson's will and life insurance policy trust, has us very suspicious of their motives," the lawsuit states.

     Quaid says his case has a few "striking similarities" to the situation Michael Jackson was in before his death.

"Aside from the fact that we both used the same law firm to do our wills and trusts, one of Jackson's music attorneys was David Braun, Lloyd Braun's father. David Braun resides in Santa Barbara County where Jackson had a series of legal troubles brought on by false accusations before his death.” – Source,

These people also reached out to friends and relatives in and around Santa Barbara County to get them to file civil complaints against both Quaid and his wife Evi.  (Michael’s lawsuits are in the hundreds, even dismissed drummed up quite a nice chunk in legal fees for Michael) – We will talk more in depth about THIS another time because it is there that things get interesting.

Quaid also gets very emotional when he mentions the deaths of Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Christopher Penn and David Carradine.  He mentions Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears and Mel Gibson as “being played to get at their money”.

The same is now being done with John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey and possibly Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes.

They Don’t Really Care About You

This link, posted on the same blog I did about Randy Quaid, links Howard Weitzman and Watenmaker DIRECTLY.  Weitzman and Branca were involved in Cobain’s estate (as per Branca’s own web site).  Dorian Holley’s wife, Sean Holley works for Weitzman’s firm.

Hoffman, also working on Michael’s estate, was named by Courtney Love in her rant on Myspace -

And that little “Heal the World Foundation” deal where Branca sweet talked Melissa Johnson out of the trademarks?  Well, those no longer reside with the Jackson Estate either.  Branca sold them to Triumph International and according to THIS document, Branca is also the “Chief Executive Officer” of Triumph, which means HE owns the trademarks.  But look at this:

Look at where Branca’s “title” is, circled in red.  What does that say?  It says “Its Chief Executive Officer”.

ITS???  Guess where I got this document?

On Taaj Malik’s website.  What idiot would word someone’s title on a LEGAL document “its chief executive officer”???

Is Taaj Malik faking documents?  We’ll get to these people further along.   Triumph International was Michael’s company before Branca came on board.  How is it legal for Branca to appoint himself as director?  It’s listed as such on the “SeeGlobalEntertainment” website so Taaj’s little secretarial error is only that.

They are also associated with this big warning sign -

Branca is making money hand over fist at both ends of contracts involving Michael Jackson businesses.  The DEBT he is paying off is debt that he and his cronies helped themselves in the form of forged loans, falsified with powers of attorney, doing to Michael exactly what they did to Randy Quaid and Kurt Cobain.

They used deception and “plants” to isolate and inflict injury on the relationships of these celebrities with their friends and sometimes their own relatives  against them.  Courtney Love’s daughter Francis is one example, and Quaid’s brother Dennis, Michael’s family, Lohan’s family, Spear’s family and now the newest addition to the mind control victim’s train, Miley Cirus and her dad Billy Ray.

John Branca has a lot to cover up.  And as you can see he has a whole team of bloggers that work their tails off – TO THE POINT of being given access to legal documents, some of which only Branca or the COURT would have access to.  Some of the info is NOT public record because it has been sealed.

Taraborrelli – as spokesman for the estate, helps them out.

How in the world did Michael spend $30 Million more a year
Then he took in when he could barely leave his house?

John Branca is only the direct connection to the Michael Jackson Estate.  This goes WAY BEYOND the music business.  But we’ll work our way down.

Branca is aided and abetted by Sony Corp., The California Justice system, and if possible, the bottom feeders UNDER the lawyers involved – the tabloid locusts and cyber-trolls.  Wait until you see how this works!

J. Randy Taraborrelli –

According to the tabloid, fairytale author, Taraborrelli proudly boasts that “John Branca has been my friend for over thirty years.”  Frank Cascio has also hitched his wagon to Branca to get in on a little of the Michael Jackson Estate monies citing “I like John Branca, I don’t care what anyone says”. 

Does that include  what MICHAEL says, Frankie-boy?

The Cascios and Mob Friends the Israelis
Frank, Ariel, Uri and Boteach

After Michael’s Death
Frank Casio with Schmuley
Promoting another book

John Branca’s “friend of thirty years”
J. Randy Taraborrelli and his problem with me

Karen Faye vs. Anyone that Loved Michael

 Karen Faye’s job, as well as that of the other handler’s/watchdogs/trolls was to separate Michael from anyone that cared about him.  His family “had too much influence” on him (they say this like it’s a bad thing), or Michael’s ear was whispered into  many times against those they deemed a threat to their control of Michael.

The Jewish Connection – Branca/Geffen/Weisenthal
More in Common Than Music?

The Plan has something to do with “Unity”

Consolidating and taking individual ownership of personal and intellectual property is the goal of the elitists, for whom Branca and those like him work.

Stringer was replaced by Kazuo Hirai in January of this year.  The announcement was made on February 1st. – source, CBSNews

Rob Wiesenthal was named president International of Sony Music Corp.  A company that did not exist before it’s involvement with Michael Jackson and the 50% acquisition of the ATV catalog in Michael’s possession.  People that had originally bid against Michael for this catalog back in 1984 and 1986 are now part of the “management” team.  Lisa Marie is said to have helped talk Michael into selling half of the ATV to Sony, perhaps with the promise of getting Elvis’s songs back.  How cozy.

NEW YORK, March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony/ATV Music Publishing announced today that Robert S. Wiesenthal has been named President, International. Mr. Wiesenthal will join the company in this newly formed role on June 27, 2012 and will be based in New York, reporting to Martin Bandier, Chairman & CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Sony/ATV Music Publishing is a joint venture between Sony Corporation and the Estate of Michael Jackson." - Source,

"As was announced in November 2011, an investor group that includes Sony Corporation of America, in conjunction with the Estate of Michael JacksonMubadala Development Company PJSC; Jynwel Capital Limited; the Blackstone Group's GSO Capital Partners LP; and David Geffen signed an agreement to acquire EMI Music Publishing. Subject to regulatory approval, Sony/ATV Music Publishing will help oversee EMI Music Publishing . . . In addition, Mr. Wiesenthal will become part of Sony/ATV's senior executive management team and will thus advise Mr. Bandier on new business initiatives, strategic partnerships and other potential opportunities to enhance Sony/ATV's business operations." - Source,

Now the Branca bloggers?  How are they going to cover his butt on this one?  Marty Bandier, David Geffen, Wiesenthal, Branca (who now again also has a “share” of the Sony/ATV after Michael wanted him kicked off in 2003).

Then of course this article highlights David Geffen’s contributions to this coo.  I guess corrupting Michael’s child friends wasn’t enough.  He has to dive back into the pants of the Sony/ATV as well all with Branca’s blessing and participation.

Michael Jackson Estate, David Geffen Part of Sony-Led Consortium Buying EMI Publishing for $2.2 Billion

"Citi Global Banking acted as financial advisor to Citi and EMI. Clifford Chance LLP, Shearman & Sterling LLP and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP acted as legal advisors to Citi and EMI. The Raine Group, Peter J. Solomon Company, UBS Investment Bank, and Guggenheim Securities, LLC acted as financial advisors to the Group. UBS Investment Bank acted as sole lead arranger of the senior credit facilities. Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP and Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP acted as legal advisors to the Group." - Source, Hollywood Reporter

Branca/Weitzman/Sony/Geffen/Spielberg and…Depp?

Depp talks about being “made into a product”
And “people putting their hands all over you.”

Depp is connected to both Spielberg and Geffen as well as the now infamous Hunter S. Thompson (Satanist, child abductor and snuff film videographer according to Paul Bonacci and former Senator John DeCamp) tried to get the pedophile ring in our government investigated.  Hunter S. Thompson is connected to Depp, Geffen, the Boystown Scandal, the Bush Whitehouse, and the abduction of Johnny Gosch, the D.C. Call boys and the rumored Dick Cheney human hunting expeditions at the ranch in Colorado.  Source, Good Story here linking those names.

Depp would have been introduced to Geffen in the early 1980’s when a band he wrote a song for was signed by Geffen Records.  You can find this on his Wikipedia.  Depp shortly thereafter became a heartthrob on “21 Jump Street”.  Since Depp is a year older than me almost to the DAY, Depp would have been a tender seventeen or eighteen when he was getting his feet wet with his first published song.  He and David Geffen have definitely crossed paths during Depp’s early career as a “21 Jump Street” youth.  They are to this day collaborating in other “projects” like:

Back to the Future –

"But the big question is who will step into the eccentric, 1.21 jiggawatt fueled shows of Dr. Emmett L. Brown? Spielberg saves that for last as he says, none other than Johnny Depp will step into the shoes once filled by Christopher Lloyd. It took some real convicing according to Spielberg, but it was the money that got him" – Source, the screenrider.blogspot

Yeah, it gets them all, doesn’t it?  Shia LaBoeuf who will star in this film, also has a name which is so similar to that of the lawfirm that just filed chapter 11 bankruptcy that is ALSO named as consultants to the Estate, Sony/ATV and the EMI deal (with Geffen) that I’m not convinced that they’re not related.  LaBeouf is another child of Russian Jewish and military parents.  LeBoeuf’s legal firm was also involved in Michael’s business affairs on and off while he was still with us.  His firm was also involved in the Sony/ATV-EMI deal which just happens to include the Motown catalog.

Interesting history on the firm here.  They were going into bankruptcy in May of 2012.  The Dewey and LeBoeuf Lawfirm filed for Chapter 11 and some news stations called it the largest law firm to collapse in U.S. History.  Maybe Michael can save them.

This one had more detail:

"On May 4, the firm sent "conditional advance notice" to all US employees under the Federal WARN Act that their employment may be terminated. The letter advised all employees of their rights under Federal and New York State law in the event of termination. The letter provided the firm's first formal acknowledgement to employees that the firm could ultimately close.
The five members of Dewey's office of the chairman committee left by mid-May.  Corporate restructuring company Zolfo Cooper began to manage the firm's New York office,  and accounting firm BDO International was expected to commence administration of the London office." - Source, Wikipedia

So um . . . what happened?  Did they come back?  Or is this where Michael’s “debt money” came from?

Obviously it seems they are back in business.  Failure and incompetence, theft and embezzlement gets rewarded here, because “that’s the way it is in this world” as Jermaine said to Arab T.V. during his interview about them going after Michael.

I wonder if and how this will effect the Jackson’s “Unity” tour when this is finalized?


  1. Bonnie said:

    "Branca waited for Miss Katherine to file “intestate” before pulling that old 2002 will out of mothballs."

    Wow, Bonnie, freakin' good catch!! It never dawned on me that THAT was the reason Branca didn't just come out with the will/trust right after Michael died. It makes so much sense to me that he waited to see if there was another will/trust in anyone else's possession before he did that. smh I don't know how that slipped by me, but I always thought it was strange that once Miss Katherine filed, he lickety split came out with that bogus document.

    And that will/trust is beyond me. I used to work for an estate planning lawyer. I NEVER saw a will connected with a trust, it was either one or the other. It's common knowledge in the legal community (at least around here) that if you have a will, it's just like filing a request with the court for the attorneys to slowly drain that estate of any monies. It's like saying to the court "please probate this and please oversee this estate until everything's gone". I saw it happen like this when my ex's aunt died with a will and $80,000 in money and property. That estate was open for 2 years in the probate court. By the time they wrapped things up ALL the money was gone and they just went ahead and divied up the property to whom the will said it should go to in the first place. On the other hand, a trust is completely different. A trust keeps the court out of things, keeps the estate out of probate. It keeps the lawyers out of things. The trust goes on with the representatives handling things. I don't know what kind of malarkee was going on to draw up a will AND a trust but something's fishy about that...besides the fact that I think BOTH documents are forgeries...smh again.

    I'll probably be posting more comments as I read through these last blog entries you put up. Lots to read :O You've outdone yourself Bonnie ;)

    1. Debbie,

      Oooh goodie! Then you have a little more expertise in this than I do! I've worked for lawyers in the past, but not estate lawyers - commercial real estate and environmental lawyers.

      The "Will" may have been something that Branca realized he could only use to spend money HE earns with Michael's name. The trust was set up before Branca, but the New Horizon Trusts were not set up by Watenmaker. They were set up by Fortress in Miss Katherine's name and under one of Michael's companies. Everything is half-owned or under someone else's name . . . This is what you do to either dodge taxes or hide assets before a divorce battle.

      Michael was divorcing the industry. Just like God "gave Israel and bill of divorce and put her away".

      So Branca can oversee and even possibly earn percentages of earnings of trusts within an estate, but that's kind of like watching a house with a locked safe in it that you can't get into. Mahvelous!

  2. Bonnie said:

    "What idiot would word someone’s title on a LEGAL document “its chief executive officer”???"

    Well, not to defend them, but it's done all the time. I've worked as a legal secretary and I'm also a paralegal. I've typed releases and answers to interrogatories and other legal documents under the direction of attorneys. When an individual is signing for a corporation, the company is given then the person's name is given and then, for a title, "its owner" or "its chief financial officer" or "its CEO". So:

    XYZ Corporation

    By: John Smith
    Its Chief Executive Officer

    is the correct format. Smith is signing in the capacity of the Chief Executive Officer of XYZ Corporation, or put another way, he's signing for XYZ Corporation, as its Chief Executive Officer.

    What I'm more concerned about is that Branca's signing for Heal the World Foundation as its attorney in fact and then signing for Triumph International as its Chief Executive Officer. Double dipping, conflict of interest, call it what you will. It looks shady as h*ll.

    1. Oh it is? Funny I've never seen that. Thank you very much for clarifying that for me (Its . . . brother hee-hee!)

      Yes, the conflict and double dipping. That's why I posted it but I'm glad you clarified the "its". I wonder who's giving Taaj these documents???

    2. For the "its" thing, it may be that different offices do it differently or maybe it's a regional thing. Here in Michigan, both the estate planner and the insurance defense firm I worked for used that same format when a company was "signing" a document.

      And yeah, I wonder who's giving Taaj the docs too. So many docs have just just "miraculously" appeared online, and so quickly too, just days or hours after supposedly being created or signed.

      And on a side note, having worked in insurance defense, it really riles me up when I see some posts out in cyberland regarding Michael settling that first case in 1993 (not here Bonnie, just out there, on other boards). Some know it alls always have to say something about what insurance companies do and don't do. Michael did not settle that first claim; his insurance company did; that is what's stated in some legal documents that were filed in the 2005 case. His insurance company settled the claim for "global negligence". Furthermore, by settling, they did not admit liability (and therefore, neither did Michael). That's huge! Some people say "no, insurance companies don't settle without your consent". Oh yes they do. We did it all the time. Look at your policy (car, homeowner's) and it will state that the insurance company has the right to settle with or without the insured's consent. Like I said, we did it all the time, without insured's consent, and boy were they I'm sure Michael was. OK, rant over. ;)

    3. Deb, exactly my point about the court documents. I will tell you this, of the things that THEY don't want dug into, the pedophile connections are definitely one of them.

      John Branca's father and uncle were both professional ball players. Branca's dad was head of the Sports Commission in his town in New York. Sandusky's father was head of the youth sports organization in Pennsylvania and more specifically with Brownson House in Pennsylvania and created the junior wrestling program, junior football, basketball, boxing and was inducted into the Junior Sports Hall of Fame. I'm sure Branca's dad and Sandusky's dad crossed paths. Sandusky and Branca are close to the same age. Then again they may not even know each other. (stranger things have happened).

      Just the connection to the "Thousand Points of Light" program for Sandusky's program is enough to make some very high level connections.

      Yes, I know Michael did not settle any claims in regard to Chandler. I was just told to lie about it and played a part and he didn't have any choice with two of his sisters in danger (and apparently nephews and sister in laws too!)

      Yes, I used to have an insurance license and I know when the insurance company is the one paying the claim, THEY have control on whether they settle or not. People posting this stuff on the internet think everyone is a stupid as they are.

  3. "...Martin Bandier, Chairman & CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing..."

    Wow, isn't he one of the people Michael was bidding against when Michael first purchased the ATV catalog? How convenient that he is now running the show at Sony/ATV.

    1. Yes, yes he is. Yes it is convenient isn't it?

  4. Ughhh....Bonnie, I can see why you cry and don't feel well a lot of the time. Reading this stuff is simply nauseating. I just posted a comment about Martin Bandier and read the next paragraph and my mind and stomach are just spinning. The lengths these people go to take what isn't theirs is mind boggling.

    1. wait until you read part six. It isn't just money they're taking.

  5. About Johnny Depp. I listened to his interview on "Inside the Actor's Studio". Came upon an interesting tidbit. He was asked how he came to live in France. He said that he was there, working with Roman Polanski, when he met his girlfriend.

    1. Depp is getting more and more . . . dark. And he reminds me a bit of Tom Cruise in his creepiness. Anyone that lived around Hunter S. Thompson for ANY amount of time can't come away with their sanity.

    2. Funny you should bring up Tom Cruise. His lawyer is Bert Fields...Michael's attorney at the beginning of the 1993 case. Tom may want to rethink his choice, unless old Bert has learned to speak with caution in these last 20 years.

    3. Tom will be sorry! Isn't Bert Fields like, in a walker now?

  6. Bonnie,

    After reading all the stuff these people are doing, it really dawned on me that not only it's about greed but straight up racist as well. I can't remember anybody who is a talented multi-millionaire went through the crap Michael Jackson has gone through. And on top of that, they are getting away with it! No one is being held accountable nor punished for this.

    Where is the justice?!


    1. Yes, it's racist and it's hatred, and it's a desire to destroy and mark anything that is pure and innocent - like children.


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