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Michael Jackson Justice: LIE LA LIE PART VI

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, July 14, 2012



Luke 18:16
But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God."

Luke 17:24-26
" For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day.  [25]  But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation."

Luke 22:15
And he said unto them, With desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer:"

Yeah, I'd rather suffer [than cause others to suffer]. I hate to say it because I have suffered a lot. God, have I suffered. But I would rather suffer.” – Michael Jackson

I was up too late again last night, thinking.  And as I lay there in bed . . . thinking, I felt it.  Then I thought it.  Then I tried to close my eyes against it, my lashes pushing the moisture out over my cheeks and into the pillow.

“What did they do to him.”

And I thought about the Twitter bomb, which was relatively small compared to some of the others.  And I thought about the news item I saw as I posted the twitter bombs, and the subject of my Twitter bombs changed.

Then I clicked on the news item.

"The most powerful men at Penn State failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who Sandusky victimized," former FBI director Louis Freeh said in prepared statements to the news media. Paterno was among the senior leaders at Penn State who, Freeh said, "never demonstrated, through actions or words, any concern for the safety and well-being of Sandusky's victims until after Sandusky's arrest." – Source,

Sandusky’s victims.  They were children.

And that’s who I thought about.  That’s the sentence I couldn’t get out of my head last night.

“They were children.”

And I thought about Mr. Freeh of the FBI, who supposedly headed this investigation.  And I wondered where he was when Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were gunned down in their home trying to bring this mess to their attention.  Maybe Mr. Freeh needs to look in the mirror when asking why this was squelched for “14 YEARS”!

And I wondered where Mr. Freeh was when Senator John DeCamp was desperately trying to get an investigation started on Boys Town, and the D.C. Call Boys scandal, and the “Finders” CIA cult, which were all tied in.  Where were you, Mr. Freeh?

Where were you when Christine McKinney tried to continue the investigation into CPS after Nancy Schaefer and her husband were gunned down in their home?  And how in the world were you okay with labeling their death a “murder-suicide”?

And I wondered why I couldn’t be “satisfied” with the conviction of Sandusky.  Or why I couldn’t be “satisfied” with the buck starting and stopping with Sandusky, Penn State and Joe Paterno.

Because we know it went much higher.  Who funded the “Second Mile” program?  Where else did these children go?  Who were they getting pawned out to?  Why did Sandusky get 100 years while Larry King of the Franklin Savings and Loan served only ten years and was never charged with child rape and Polanski get none?  Why was Paterno and the others afraid to go beyond the local police they DID report it to?

Why was someone like Joe Paterno afraid to go outside the school?  According to early news reports when this first broke, Paterno DID go to authorities.  The local police were even contacted, and SOMEHOW the allegations at the time were UNFOUNDED.  This was an ASSISTANT coach.  What power was behind Sandusky that neither the LEADERS at Penn State nor the police department wanted to pursue?

According to the website for the “Second Mile” program, and Wikipedia, the program is now closing it’s doors due to Sandusky’s conviction.  What are they trying to hide?

In further reading, some disturbing and familiar faces in other child orphanage and prostitution scandals surfaced:

U.S. President George H. W. Bush praised the group as a "shining example" of charity work in a 1990 letter,[5] one of that president's much-promoted "Thousand points of light" encouragements to volunteer community organizations.[6] Citing Sandusky's work with The Second Mile charity to provide care for foster children, then U.S. Senator Rick Santorum honored Sandusky with a Angels in Adoption award in 2002.[7] Ex-Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil, current Eagles head coach Andy Reid, R.R.M. Carpenter, III, former Eagles owner, Matt Millen from ESPN, actor Mark Wahlberg, golfer Arnold Palmer, and football players Ham and Franco Harris, among others, served on the Honorary Board of Second Mile[8] though questions were raised about how closely if at all the listed members were involved. Cal Ripken Jr. among others was reported to have been only marginally involved or not at all involved and Ripken asked for his name to be removed; and the list was removed from the organization's website" - Source, Wikipedia/secondmile

Most of the funding came from individual, private donors, but the larger corporate donors were interesting as well.

"The Second Mile has three offices in Pennsylvania, with headquarters in State College, where Penn State is based. The charity's revenue, primarily from donations and fundraisers such as golf tournaments, was $3 million in 2009.[10] Major companies and foundations that have given to The Second Mile include Bank of America, the Hershey Company, State Farm, U.S. Steel Corp., the University of Pittsburgh, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, local Walmarts and newspapers. The charity paid its CEO $133,000 a year, and his wife received about $100,000 a year." - Source, Wikipedia/secondmile

Ironically it was the Heshey’s Orphanage scandal that I reported about last year, that also has ties to “The Second Mile” program through Milton Hershey, founder of  Hershey Company and the Hershey School.  I covered all these scandals last year, on “Michael Watches Over the Children Of Our People”.  I link ALL those scandals on that blog.  Now, the Hershey Company and the “Second Mile” program are linked.  The “charity” is now being folded and all assets and records being split up amongst other charities.  If anyone has an additional background on Jack Raykovitz, I would very much appreciate it.

The Hershey school was also the subject of an embezzled trust, benefitting politicians -  And we thought this phenomenon was limited to California and Celebrity trusts.  Weitzman and Watenmaker must have started a school on how to do this.  Oh, lookie!  One of the people listed in description is Robert Cavanaugh of Los Angeles! 

Amongst other things he "He was Investment Banking Professional at Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated and of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc."  Read the other corporations he has worked for here (Businessweek).  Very interesting!

He also attended the Illuminati founded Wharton School of Business and he worked for Goldman Sach’s during the time Michael was fending them off from his ATV catalog, but a direct connection to Michael I could not find since Cavanaugh worked primarily with commercial real estate investments there.  He now works for Vestar and surprisingly lists the “Hershey Trust” on his resume. These people have no shame.

Michael’s Note about Helping the Children

Do NOT let this go quietly into the night!  These are all connected and it is entrenched in the highest levels of our government and the BANKERS families!

If this was JUST Sandusky, the suffering of these children would have been nipped in the bud and Sandusky arrested a LONG TIME AGO.

Who and what are they protecting?  The “Second Mile” program was founded in 1977 according to their web site.  This is about the same time that the scandal in Boys Town, Nebraska began festering under the surface.  Jack Raykovitz was the CEO of “Second Mile” almost from its inception (since 1983).  Ironically Jack Raykovitz attended Penn State as a post graduate student starting the same year that the Second Mile Program was founded, according to his Linkdin page.

"William Colby was secretly hired by the legislature's committee to look into the investigator's (Caradori)  death. Colby warned DeCamp to stay away, or he could end up dead as well, because "sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful." Nevertheless, DeCamp wrote this book, which documents untold corruption in the American heartland." – Source below…

"In his testimony before Judge Urbom, Bonacci specifically named Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) as having participated in the parties--also telling the judge he had "relationships with him" in Washington, DC and was flown to Massachusetts for sex in the basement of Frank's Boston home. [2-5-1999, p. 126] However, Urbom did not subpoena all the photos and did not ask Bonacci to identify photos of specific senators and congressmen, or reveal their names in court transcripts and depositions we examined; nor did Judge Urbom explain why investigations have never commenced regarding which members of congress had sex with children.  The evidence DeCamp presented was so credible and substantial that Urbom awarded Paul Bonacci $1 million for child abuse on February 19, 1999 regarding his lawsuit involving Larry King. This, despite a Nebraska jury having already indicted Bonacci for perjury in 1990, ultimately sending an intentionally damaged, spiritually and physically abused young man to prison for five years--and despite his treatment by King, described in court testimony:" – Source,

And why did a man who’s now presumably dead get accused of a crime that he himself was a victim of, and also a witness to in Hollywood?  Where is HIS justice while his ex-lawyers and ex-accountants and ex-record label and ex-estate planner and “friends-in-name-only” continue raping his name, his likeness and his legacy?

At 0:54 Michael blurts out in a shaky voice that “my childhood was completely taken away from me.” – COMPLETELY taken away.

How do you COMPLETELY take someone’s childhood away?

At 2:03 Michael expressed this sad and hidden reality in our world when he told us the reason behind “many of the world’s problems today, from inner city crime to large scale wars and terrorism, our overcrowded prisons are a result of the fact that children have had their childhood STOLEN from them.

Not long after this revelation on T.V. with his sister and her efforts to prolong her time on stage with him, Dr. Arnold Klein felt that Michael had a “drug” problem and for some strange reason it was “bad enough” that Liz had to take him away from his family to LONDON, home of TAVISTOCK mind control study.  The story they came up with?  “Oh, Michael’s pain was so bad from the ten year old burn on his scalp, that he was now a drug addict”.

Explain to me how he didn’t need the drugs right AFTER the burn while still in the hospital, REFUSING THEM . . . .

But he needed them TEN YEARS LATER?

As that was going on “they” formulated and enacted their “threat” to publicize accusations that Michael stole childhoods from children.  To accuse MICHAEL of what they themselves were doing to cover their own crimes!  (“This Time Around” Use me, abuse me, somebody’s gonna ‘cuse me”…) 

Then right from fighting those allegations, they installed Lisa Marie who’s about as loving and influential as a nest of fire ants.  They couldn’t get Michael into the celebrity brainwashing religion (Scientology), despite “threats” from the Presley family according to one note found in storage, so “Debbie” was installed.  Michael’s children were loved by Michael but they were not planned.  We discussed that here – “Who’s Responsible for Michael’s Daughter” and the fact that Michael looked like he was forced to pose for those pictures with Debbie Rowe for their “wedding”.

Michael’s demeanor changes over time
Interview Montage – starts at 3:08 RE: Victory Tour
thank you, Micheline

Remember Latoya was still trapped in the Jack Gordon nightmare in 1993, being threatened with the death of Michael and Janet if she didn’t say bad things about her family.  Michael was being threatened by people installed around him (and by his note found in storage, some of those threats came by the “Presley Family”) with the death of Latoya.  The Jackson family was trying to get them, but couldn’t because of the people surrounding them.  Some of those people are STILL surrounding them to this day (Leonard Rowe, Majestic the Malignant, Joel Katz, etc…)

Then between 1991 and 1993, three years after Dee Dee left Tito, Michael wrote THIS NOTE”

Note to Dee Dee attached to an
Article about child sexual abuse

There was speculation that this could have been about Janet Jackson’s husband Jermaine Dupre (from some anonymous that posted), but Janet didn’t date him back when this note was written and her first husband, James DeBarge was out of her life by 1986.  That left this man, the “secret” husband between 1991 and 2000 (when they divorced).  Rene Elizondo:

"René Elizondo, Jr. (born July 16, 1962 in Durango, Mexico) is a dancer, songwriter, and music video director but may be best known as the ex-husband of Janet Jackson. The two met in the mid-1980s and married secretly in 1991. Elizondo was heavily involved in Jackson's business affairs, but the two had fallen out as marital partners. Following the divorce, Elizondo sued Jackson for spousal support. Elizondo directed her videos for "That's the Way Love Goes", "Again", and "Together Again" (Deeper Remix) and was a songwriter on The Velvet Rope. It is his hands that cover Jackson's breasts on the cover of the September 1993 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the expanded cover art of her janet. album." - Source, Wikipedia/reneelizondo

So we have another scumbag trying to get another Jackson to get them “to lose the [people] they REALLY are”.  Those badgers that were posting to this blog about Janet’s “bi-sexual” tendencies sure have a persistent need to cover the crimes of others.  Don’t worry, they will be exposed.

Remember the lyrics to a song of hers from the “Velvet Rope” album that we discussed last time (“Janet Jackson, Who Died”)?

Together Again

I put the links to the lyrics in above because the actual words belie the imagery in the video.  And I have to wonder what the real story is behind Elizondo, why the marriage was so “secret” (Like Latoya’s?) and why nobody knew about it for nine years – (almost the same length as Latoya’s marriage to Gordon). 

Believe me, Janet Jackson was not free of the same tortures that Latoya and Michael suffered.  She had her handlers and torturers too!

What “baby” is no longer “suffering”?  And don’t hand me the “lost friend to aids” story, I’m not buying it.  Let’s pretend for one minute that Janet wasn’t somehow spared by these jackals and that Latoya WASN’T KIDDING that Gordon threatened Janet’s as well as Michael’s lives.

I got a search keyword that showed up in my stats approximately five days ago.  It said:

“Janet Jackson Dies”

So whoever typed that in the box, it’s now public!

Back to Michael’s note to Dee Dee – Could the “warning” actually have been about Elizondo?

We don’t know exactly WHEN the note was written.  Dee Dee and Tito separate then divorce in 1988.  Michael’s nephews were looking into a music career in the early 1990’s.  Janet secretly marries Elizondo in 1991.  Michael writes this note between 1991 and 1993 BEFORE the allegations against HIM erupt.  Dee is killed in 1994.  And according to the 3T, Michael was there crying with them.  So don’t tell me Michael’s family did not know what was going on.

@0:36 Valencia Jackson talks about
Seeing T.J. and Michael crying with
Tears streaming down his face

You listen to Tito talking about Dee Dee and he still loves her and reveres her attentiveness as a mother.  Still loves her.  Why they got divorced is his business, but I would venture to say that it is possible that it was to protect the boys and Dee Dee and get them away from the vultures that crawled around that Jackson Family household.  Then again, it may have had NOTHING to do with that.  But it is now without question that Tito was witness to her mothering skills. 

Why was Dee targeted to die?  What possibly happened to one of her sons, one of Michael’s nephews  that Dee possibly wanted to push the issue with?

How and why did she end up in the pool of a "business friend" who killed her?

Who REALLY killed her?  Did one of Michael's, Janet's or Latoya's handlers carry out a threat?

This video was taken on February 19, 1994 – She was killed later that same year.  As you can see the boys are very much old enough to have seen or have been read an article about uncles who “molest” their children.

Beautiful Dee Dee, We’re Sorry
At the end, Taj tries to be cute by
Doing a “Michael” hand on the camera
But trips over his mom’s foot.  You can hear her
Saying “owwww” lightly in the background.

Very seldom have the Jackson’s ever had a chance to actually mourn any of the travails that have befallen them.  Janet put hers into her music as did Michael.  Latoya spent a couple of years just trying to resist the urge to look over her shoulder.

Michael’s song Childhood.  Listen to it.  Knowing what you know now, can you seriously believe for a minute that this song is about lost time at the ballpark?

Another Clue to Michael’s Suffering
Can’t Get Any Plainer Than That

When All he wanted to do was help “the least of these” . . .

Love Them Like Jesus

To those currently taking pride on ownership of “Michael Jackson” ™

It really takes a noble spirit to justify killing an artist to take over his work for your own purposes.  How proud you all must be, to be able to wash the blood off your hands and continue using his suffering to fill your hands with cash.  How long do you think you’re fake, shallow, self-serving little world is going to last?

You’re cameras, your news stories, your re-written history and faked and forged documents can’t “control the minds of those who know”, that you are nothing but a gaggle of salivating thieves, child rapists, deceiving, lying haters of anything good and right and just.  And the ones running Michael’s estate right now, and those selling his likeness behind Sony are not worth the llama dung Michael has scraped off the bottom of his shoe from time to time.

The Jackson Family
Jermaine must be taking the picture.:o)

Of some of the “weird and unusual” search terms and referral links that have shown up in my stats for this blog, one of them was this –

This means that someone posted a link in this thread that led them to my blog.  However I cannot get into it because my I.P. has been blocked.  I’ve never posted there.  It would be interesting to discover what in the world they are talking about in there that neither myself, nor any of the other friends I have asked could access.

Wonder what the big secret is?

Then on another “hoax” forum which showed up as a referral link on my stats lead me to a post by someone who was trying to get people to read the blog topic about the pedophilia in Hollywood, what Michael possibly witnessed or had been a victim to.  She was very urgent in her posting and whoever she is, I thank her for trying to do her best to expose the problem.

However, another member of this board who we’ll call “Bee Bee” (‘cause that’s one of her identities online), not only began bashing this blog and Bryce Taylor’s book as “crazy” but absolutely did not want anyone ELSE entertaining any thought that Michael could have possibly been abused.

Why?  Is he not worth trying to expose what was done to him?  She refused to even admit that he could have WITNESSED abuse to other children during his career.

Who is she protecting? 

I know who “Bee Bee” is.  She’s posted HERE before!  I could call her out right now!  She’s another estate-troll on Twitter and has contributed to other blogs (and had her own at one time. She may still).

One quote from a poster on the forum linked below:

"I big red warning flag came up when in the documentery Life of an Icon (where Rebbi, katherine and others were in) and this old man, a producer or record producer or something, said that when Michael was a boy, he spent 6 days with him in his hotel room, alone with this man."

If you are interested in the conversation, that link is here -

There are other people out there fighting to get the truth out.  There are also people out there fighting those TRYING to get that truth out.

These people do NOT want Justice for Michael or for his family.  Because they are only concerned about the people employing them and that THEY make their money off of Michael before they “resurrect” him.  They are covering a serious, ongoing, pernicious and malignant, horrifying crime against children, committed by those with the power and the money to continue doing this to children without conscience.

When does his FAMILY GET JUSTICE for the hell they were put through and CONTINUE to be put through?

The Resurrection

Does this face look familiar?

How about this one?

These life casts were made, PRESUMABLY for the autopsy re-enactment on Discovery Channel (remember the pack of jackals that had everyone signing a petition and which the estate executors miraculously got D.C. to pull the show?)

Let me ask you a question.

Why would Michael allow a life cast to be made of his face (they could attach this to anyone’s body) for an autopsy show of his own death?

If it was not originally made for the autopsy show, then WHEN did Michael have this done and WHY?  It’s is very obviously an older Michael, with gentle crows feet around the eyes and all.  The mouth is the same, the eyelid folds are the same, even the hollows of the cheek and the shape of the jawline.

What purpose would Michael have had to allow this if not to hoax a death.

And if Michael did NOT do this voluntarily, did they lifecast a corpse as the video below speculates?

Oh Boy....

And what of Latoya’s story in her book, about them wanting ANOTHER hand print from Michael in the crypt weeks after he died?  And why a clipping of his hair?


Now that they’ve “taken” him, “shaken” him, are they in the process of “faking” him?

The likeness to Michael is remarkable.  But they didn’t go through all this just for an autopsy show that never materialized? (or never materialized IN THE U.S.)

And the person producing the video – where did they get the pictures that are of such good clarity?   And why do they want you to believe that Michael is planning a comeback?

I did some investigating of the company who supposedly made this life cast.  They do a lot of work for Hollywood - check 'em out . . .

There are some hoax forums that are still trying to sell the “BAM” moment.  And there will be one – but only for those willing to be deceived.


We Are Desperate for Your Hand

There are increasing fighter jets flying over my house.  Back and forth several time this afternoon they were flying, although thankfully at higher altitude.

Something is afoot.  Keep an eye on the foreign and underground news sources.

God bless you and please, can we keep up the prayers for these children still hovering in terror, the Jackson family and Michael?  Thank you! 

Michael to Schuley (Schmuley tapes)

Michael:  "I’ve seen the worst. The nightmare of – the human condition, the human soul, of what I would never think common man would be capable of behaving in such a way

Schmuley asks Michael “You’re not angry at God, you’re not angry at the world?

Michael responds – “I’m not angry.  I’m very taken by it.  I’m hurt.  I cry an awful lot.


Schmuley asks Michael  “what would you like to say to your father?” 
Michaels answer  “Do you have any idea what you’ve done to me?


"But if you don't have that memory of being loved, you are condemned to search the world for something to fill you up. But no matter how much money you make or how famous you become, you will still feel empty. What you are really searching for is unconditional love, unqualified acceptance. And that was the one thing that was denied to you at birth."  [Michael Jackson, 2001]


I’m going to say something I have never said before and this is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you and God knows I am telling the truth. I think all my success and fame, and oh I have wanted it, I have wanted it because I WANTED TO BE LOVED. THATS ALL!! That’s the real truth. I wanted people to love me, TRULY LOVE ME, because I never really FELT LOVED. I said I know I have an ability. Maybe if I sharpened my craft, maybe people will love me more. I just wanted to be LOVED because I think is is very important to be loved and to tell people that you love them and to look in their eyes and say it!
-Michael Jackson, in a 2001 interview 



  1. I know this has no bearing on this blog, but i was so shocked to learn today of Sage Stallones death. Another "prescription pill" overdose.
    I feel very sad about this, and i have always felt Sly Stallone is essentially a good guy.
    Something is very wrong in Hollywood.

    1. I agree Gregory, I don't think this is an accident. Sylvester either was going to do something or DID do something against their wishes and part of THAT makes me believe that perhaps they learned that Stallone was defecting from the Hollywood Kabbalah cult and was turning informant/witness.

      Travolta's son also died mysteriously and the elite are using their corporate press to eviscerate him because he wants out.

  2. "Pop diva Janet Jackson, 32, and her boyfriend, manager and so-called Svengali Rene Elizondo, age not revealed, after 13 years, according to Jackson's publicist. No details were provided." - Source,,,619892,00.html

    Isn't "Svengali" the same term Latoya used for Jack Gordon during that Dutch T.V. interview???

    1991 - 2000
    Janet Jackson and Rene Elizondo, Jr., were married in 1991 and kept the marriage a secret until Elizondo filed for divorce in 2000. The two share songwriting credits on much of her material produced in those years and it's his hands that appeared on her iconic topless 'Rolling Stone' magazine cover. - source,

    Discussion was that he sued Janet for a beach house and wanted ten million. He did not get that. He got a house and a few millions, but he did not get what he sued for...she later sold the beach house and bought another beach house in Malibu. Elizondo sued for 10 million, but settled for less. In an interview done years after their divorce, Janet said that she couldn't speak on their relationship and divorce because that was something he wanted (implying that he wanted something like a gag order)...she also said she she was too good to him - I'll bet.

  3. Hi Bonnie:
    You asked me a few weeks ago if I thought Sandusky did it? Yes, absolutely, did his wife know something about it, absolutely. Why did it go on so long without stopping it? Well, there in lies the truth. My son went to Second Mile and Jack Rayovich was his counselor. He is now 28 yrs. old, I asked him if anything happened to him. He said no, I believe him because I didn't see any of the signs. But my visits to Second Mile to see Rayovich in the was all about fund raising. Not so much about the kids,...the fund raising!!! I personally never saw Sandusky in the office. I think Sandusky's past has some answers, as well, as the Trustees, major alumni contributors (which is huge, PSU has the biggest alumni contributors in the country, safe to say the world), PA. Governor Corbett was the Attorney General when it was first discovered and he is pointing the finger everywhere else he can. Ray Racar the DA for Centre County vanished along with his laptop shortly after he got the info.
    Joe Paterno's dead so they are using him as the scapegoat. At Joe's memorial, the CEO, owner of Nike was the only one along with some past football players, who said the focus needs to be on Sandusky.
    This is a relatively small town. The trustees knew all about it from the start. The local police are numbnuts, they only do DUI's that's it there have been only 2 murders in the town and they haven't a clue who did it.
    Joe Paterno did football and has a library named after him for his donations, not a football stadium. He did what he was suppose to do...tell your superior. The trainings from HR, for sexual abuse is to tell your superior.

    He's their scapegoat!

    Sandusky took these kids across state lines...where are the federal charges? Did he supply these innocent children to others? Well, now that's an interesting question. Was he a lone pervert...I doubt it!!!

    Second Mile and Rayovich knew from the beginning. But Sandusky raised alot of money. so he just wasn't allowed in the building.

    The anwsers are in Sandusky's past and the Trustees and the Big PSU contributors. This year was the 2nd biggest year for contributions in PSU history. Somebody's buying some silence!!!

    Maybe it's because I live in State College, and this is in our faces, but I'm either not to or beyond crying...I'm really angry.

    I had a doctor's appt. the other day and he said hello and asked how I was doing....Well, I told him I was in the middle of an existenial crisis and I didn't want to live in this country anymore. This ulgly, evil, disgusting, greed, of the 1%'ers in this country ( I know in all over the world ) has me so angry.
    And they thrive off of the weak and the young.

    Literally, the only way to survive the awareness of what is really happening in this world is to align our hearts with God.

    It's an every second realignment. Out of the sadness and anger and into the heart of God.

    Keep the Faith...


    1. Cynth,

      "My son went to Second Mile and Jack Rayovich was his counselor. He is now 28 yrs. old,"

      I bet your heart was in your throat. Your son never heard about any of this stuff going on while he was in the program? No rumors? Nothing?

      Fundraising - Oh there is always money and the greed for it involved in any of these programs. I hear you on that.

      Sandusky's past - Absolutely. His father is very well connected. Art Sandusky developed youth programs in Pennsylvania and was the director of the Brownson House in Washington, Pennsylvania which was a community recreation center for children. He he founded the Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling program and created junior basketball, volleyball, boxing and football programs there.

      "Sandusky, who managed Washington's only Pony League World Series championship team in 1955, has received numerous local honors, including the County Coaches special award and recognition from such groups as the Optimist Club, Rotary Club, Jaycees, Washington County Medical Society and PA. Handicapped Association."

      Yes, I noticed that Penn State isn't pointing any fingers back at their accusers and they're not pushing the issue of the fact that there were people that went to the police and it was swept under the rug. They're just taking their lumps and waiting for the whole thing to blow over, just like they did with the other government porn rings.

      The thing with this mess Cynth is that Hollywood is also connected. You had people involved in the Franklin/Boys Town scandal AND the D.C. Call Boys scandal that were Hollywood affiliated, like the common connector of Rusty and Hunter S. Thompson, Hunter S. Thompson to Johnny Depp to Roman Polanski to Johnny Depp to David Geffen to Steven Spielberg to Katzenberg to Michael Jackson, to Branca and Weitzman and Geffen again.

      And oh, let's not forget that the Second Mile Program was highlighted in George H.W. Bush's "Thousand Points of Light" program! And this which also go swept under the rug:

      Now, radio reporter has told the New England Sports Network (NESN) that Second Mile and Sandusky are targets of an investigation that “pimping” of boys were occurring. Madden first broke a story in April 2011 which revealed the alleged Sandusky child rape cover-up." – Source,

      Paul Bonnacci specifically named Barney Frank as one of the congressmen that raped him. Paul Bonacci was put in prison for purgery, but then he was also awarded $5 million shut up money AFTER the fact, that unfortunately most of his lawyers got.

    2. Sorry Mike, that looked bad. Let me clarify that Michael, as well as others who tried to stop or change things in that industry and were victims and SAW what was going on, and were persecuted and blamed for the crime. Now here's the kicker . . .

      Sandusky ran that program for 28 years. Where are the other victims? You know there are more. They took kids across state lines, just like they did in the "Finders" and the Boys Town case. Why only a few, handpicked victims? Why were other cases dropped or thrown out?

  4. The timing is interesting considering other recent news.


    1. Wonder what's going to happen next?

    2. I had typed that above comment in with regard to Sylvesters son's tragedy. The names that have popped up in the news recently were tied to Sly in the just makes you wonder.


    3. Which names, TL? (answering anon TL about Sly Stallone if this comes up wrong)

    4. Greg, I was just thinking about Anthony and Bert (although Berts name comes up on account of Tom Cruise).


  5. Bonnie,

    After reading about what's going on in the Jackson family, it's doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that they are still surrounded by leeches. And it goes way back.

    Oh, check your email. There is something you missed.


    1. Yes, they are still surrounded. Of course they are. I saw your email. I know about Enid. Not there yet, but thank you. I have to take care of something this weekend, I had to stop typing SOMETIME, LOL!

    2. Oh and P? Thank you for the circumstances you sent me. I wasn't aware of all that. Was still researching.

  6. ************** Blood Falling in India As Rain *****************

    It's happened twice before in the past decade. But this "rain" has "cells"

    Very interesting reading.

  7. Hi Bonnie,

    I've just completed reading all 6 sections of Lie La Lie blog posts. Although I've been following your blog for 2 years now it still never ceases to surprise me or shock me of the horrible things that go on in our world. Every day I pray and ask God to PLEASE end all of this tyranny, to have all criminals and pedophiles brought to justice and finally held accountable for their crimes. The world is a terrible place and it's only about to get worse.

    As for the resurrection of Michael, I figured that's what was being planned for sometime but didn't want to believe it because I think it's tragic and will be a total fail. I don't understand what this so-called resurrection is meant to accomplish, do they want to make Michael 'the beast' or a false 'anti-Christ'? And once the resurrection of Michael happens then what happens after that? I guess we'll find out.

    All of it makes me very angry and very sad for Michael, his family and even for the Michael Jackson fans who have been and will be deceived.

    1. Hi Spring,

      In response to your first paragraph, I can only repost Michael's comment's I posted above:

      Michael: "I’ve seen the worst. The nightmare of – the human condition, the human soul, of what I would never think common man would be capable of behaving in such a way

      I no longer have the security of attributing this to a little boy seeing starving children on T.V. and Spring, this most certainly does not get any easier. I really, really do not know how Michael did what he did. I mean I know how "compartmentally" but no. If I had seen the things he had seen, could I get up on those stages and still sing? No. No way. And I don't even know everything that he's seen. For the most part I am speculating. We get a FRACTION of it through his songs, speeches and interviews. We put pieces together through his family's interviews and those brave enough to come forward with their little pieces of the puzzle.

      Then you see the others that really did not know Michael but fought for the children like the Schaefers and DeCamp and Gunderson and McKinney and Russo and Todd. Then you learn about the treatment of the actual victims like Michael and Latoya and Janet and Dana Plato and Bridges and Haim and Feldman and Bonacci and Gosch and Taylor and Arngram and the lesser known and nameless victims, some dead, some still suffering.

      Spring there are going to be people that are going to believe what is presented to them no matter what we do. That much is also written in the book. We just keep trying I guess.

      I am more than confident that Michael already knows what is going to happen, has made peace with it, and as he says in "Cry" just wants us to "take over" for him. Just keep getting the message of the love of Jesus out there. Because there WILL BE a "too late".

  8. I just sat here and listened to the talking heads on Fox news, piling on the dead guy, Paterno, LYING that he never alerted anyone and "could have gone right down the hall" to inform the president.

    NEWSFLASH LIARS AND PEDOPHILE PROTECTORS - THE POLICE WERE INVOLVED and still nothing was done. So PUHLEASE! Nobody buys your pathetic attempts to cover the real culprits behind this. Why don't you go after George Bush and Barney sicko-Frank!

  9. BONNIE, your 6 Posts are again a fist in one's stomach ! No IMO too, Joe Jackson's whipping belt alone did not traumatize little Michael & Joe can't be a child molester either. Jermaine admitted the whipping in Gary on all the brothers but Michael excepted, they all got on with their life unscathed. Adversely, Michael the child & later the young man in his 20s possessed not only a unique talent but a special grace & sensitivity that "might" have made him a prey of some Hollywood pedophiles : "might" I used as we can only speculate it through Michael' demeanor in adult life, his quotes, interviews & paramount empathy for the children. When remembering Michael, I just dont want to get insane by focusing relentlessly on that horrendous possibility. It is however clear that the pervert & racist US showbiz made Michael always pay for his fame the highest price of suffering & ripping of his dignity. In the old days many thought that only ambitious Hollywood starlets were "manipulated" by moguls but though the emergence of pedophile scandals lately, it now proves that it is sadly much-much worse & those concerned showbiz/governments' men in power have sullied too many children for too long now : I also DO hope for a BIG CRASH in these men's disgussing world.

    1. Line, you bring up an excellent point. The children that seemed to have the most "problems" with fame and have blamed the family are the ones that only DID SO after being SEPARATED FROM THE FAMILY.

      None of Michael's other brothers, INCLUDING RANDY THE YOUNGEST BROTHER had any problems with mom or dad and other than being normal human beings, really did not have the personal problems that Michael or Latoya had. Janet has been so isolated that her ONLY life seems to be performing, and ironically according to her, this is not what she originally wanted to do.

      Janet is still boxed. Latoya is walking a tightrope and Michael is being squeezed for every last penny they can generate off his name and likeness. But all the stuff that happened with MICHAEL was AFTER HE LEFT HAVENHURST.

      Everything that happened with Latoya was AFTER SHE WAS ABDUCTED BY GORDON.

      Janet has never attacked members of her family other than to GENTLY suggest that there was dysfunction and abuse. And when did that come out in interviews?


      So Branca and these escapees from the pit that insist on attacking the Jackson family have NO BACKUP for their propaganda. None. And their infiltration, prying apart and isolating of their victims is blueprint from their study guides on psychological warfare.

      Whatever Michael suffered, it was not because of his family. What Michael said to Boteach about his father "do you have any idea what you've done to me?" was not made because he thought Joe knew. And it is quite a loaded question. What Joe exposed Michael to by involving his family in the industry is the most we can blame on Joe and perhaps some ocassional insensitive responses. What are you supposed to do when you find out that your ambition did what it did to Michael, your son? Joe's strength is his ability to plow through and push the emotions aside and regardless of what he may have done or not done, they NEED THAT right now.

      Sometimes what we think are our character weaknesses or eccentricities are the strengths that God is going to use and put to work at a crucial time. I've learned that in the last three years. Which pretty much puts someone like Michael on top of all of them who tried to portray Michael's gifts as a character flaw.

      Line, there isn't a whole lot of time. Something is happening this year. People really have to start paying attention. This isn't entertaining anymore.

    2. True : from Day 1 at Neverland paradise, Michael became an isolated prey. Living alone is not given to all men, I think. Maybe also in 2009 Michael should have joined back Heavenhurst with his kids & Katherine : he might have spared much money..& his life. BUT privy as he was with also his intent to receive a Propofol treatment, he surely knew his own mother's objection to it. Just an opinion. BTW you probably also read this :

      Fine ! Just to wonder why Michael at 50 had to break his ... to make shows & tours only to repay debts mostly created for years by his lawyers/Accountants/bankers Grrr..

    3. No, I didn't see that so thank you for posting it. Propofol - I still don't believe it but agree with Michael staying with family I think Michael would have been FINE if his PEOPLE would have left him alone and John Branca and the other members of the pit would have stayed in hell where they belong.

      TMZ running cover stories is fine with me. We know where the debt came from and it didn't come from Michael. I'm not so much worried about that because I know Michael took care of himself AND his family. Branca can posture all he wants - preferably bent at the waist for a good foot plant.

    4. .."good foot plant" : I like the idea :o) Branca was to Michael what Talleyrand was to Napoleon Bonaparte in the 1800s.

      Sadlier on Sage Stallone : another lost child. R.I.P in a better world.

    5. Funny I mention a good "footplant" and later that day, news goes out about the "Jackson Family Letter" goes out to Branca and McClain.

      I have some info on Sage. Will post it later today.

  10. The Resurrection..wonder what Michael/fake Michael is going to be a distraction for this time

    1. Well we've never had a "fake" Michael before except for those "doubles" sent out to distract hoards of fans so the real Michael could get to his destination.

      So . . . if the same pattern will play out, I would say that perhaps the "fake" Michael will be a distraction for the real one. But Jermaine said "he won't be back" - So it must be a distraction for possibly the appearance of something else.

      There is something else they don't want us focusing on if and when this happens.

    2. Bonnie,

      Seems like they are using MJ for something big even though it may be a "double" but I don't think they will do that because everyone knows that MJ is dead. So how are they going to explain that?

      Check your email. There is something I forgot.


    3. P,

      You'll see. You read the Bible don't you? Revelation chapter 13. They're trying to follow the Bible too, only they're substituting some elements.

  11. I may be digressing here but has anybody ever seen these?

    1. I remember reading that a while back. I wondered what triggered that. Teddy had no right to beat his daughter like that. Oh, I heard that's not the first time he beat up someone.


    2. Yes, Teddy used to have very personal and visible twitter arguments with his daughters on twitter back in the day when he was a "believer" and a "knower".
      It was around the same time he was arguing with Taj about the tracks on the new album. I remember it well.

    3. P - I never saw that, so color me shocked.

      Gregory - I wonder if all that fighting with Taj was for show? I guess we have bigger things to worry about than Riley. It would be nice if he could remember FAMILY.

  12. Talleyrand under Napoleon I & the French Empire, Wiki : "Talleyrand's exceptional capacity for intrigue and double-dealing enabled him to serve as foreign minister to both Napoleon and his successor, the restored Bourbon king, Louis XVIII"

    Such guys are cloned through the the centuries !

    1. Oiy! And probably have been cloned!

  13. Hi Bonnie,

    The cast made of Michael for the re-enactment gave me chills. It looked like Michael was laying there drugged into a "sleep" that he couldn't wake up from...being held hostage...appearing dead, but very much alive...someone playing a very sick game with his life. I am wondering if this could really be possible, and what could these people possibly be planning for him. Could they really wake him up and continue on with their plan? If someone could really do this, it is so frightening to think of what else they could do. Does anyone else see this, or is it just me?

    1. Well, what I refer to as the "rubber Michael" and the planting of such clues throughout the internet with "cover" stories, all leading people to the center of the stage where they can make "believers" out of them.

      There are those out there that will sell their souls for fortune and fame.

      And unfortunately they are counting on the reality that there are fans out there that will give ANYTHING to have Michael back and will give up ANYTHING, to the point of not seeing the deception. That is what I think the purpose behind the "rubber Michael's" are.

  14. Hi Bonnie,

    I know that you have dreams of Michael and I was wondering if you could help me understand mine. Michael was with me in my home where I grew up as a child, and we were starting to get ready to go somewhere, and I am not aware of where that was. Michael left the room and in a little bit came back and he had changed into different clothes. He was wearing a purple shirt with a purple rose that was in a circle. He looked at me and smiled and put his arms around me and then I woke up. It was so real and it stayed with this day I can see and feel him so vividly. I looked up the color purple and found that it could mean royalty. Was he identifying himself as the King of Pop to me? I am not sure what the purple rose meant. could you help me to know what this could have possibly meant? I know you are busy, so I thank you for your time.

    1. Well, you're right about the meaning of a purple rose. It symbolizes enchantment, magnetism and opulence. The dream might even be telling you that Michael is going to be used to "enchant" people and while he was friendly in the dream and protective, he's telling you that what they are going to use him for is to enchant and deceive people. His changing of his clothes is what makes me believe that is what the dream was trying to tell you.

      Michael is good, but what THEY are going to use him for is not. It may have been a warning, by someone you can trust. :o)

  15. Hi Bonnie,

    First I want to say it just breaks my heart when I read what Michael says about wanting fame and wanting to be unconditionally loved. I heard the tapes and when I read it I hear his voice saying how he just wants to be heart is just aching.

    Second, I was in shock when I scrolled down from where I left off reading the other day and saw...Michael (or a cast of him). I was definitely not expecting that.

    And then the statement you made:

    "And what of Latoya’s story in her book, about them wanting ANOTHER hand print from Michael in the crypt weeks after he died? And why a clipping of his hair?


    Now that they’ve “taken” him, “shaken” him, are they in the process of “faking” him?"

    Funny you should mention that...not funny haha, but funny, well, you know. I've been reading a lot of different things the past few days (which is why I haven't had a chance to get back to your blog). I'm going to post a few links. I read this today, but I also read the same thing a few days ago and I don't remember where. I believe it may have been when I was bouncing here and there regarding the 2nd or 3rd part of this series. I know you have written about cloning and changing the human germline but this article and the the other article I read just within the last week are saying that changing of the the germline and creation of children using 3 humans (cells from 2 women and 1 man) has already been 2001!!! Why is this just being found out now? Here's the link:

    Bonnie, these children with altered genes are teenagers or just about teenagers. If they can do this, they can, and probably have, dam sure cloned a human being. This raises so many questions. Are they going to clone Michael? Even further, is this how the antichrist is going to come into being? Jesus was created using only one human (Mary) and God's "seed". It sounds plausible to me that Satan would use something completely man made (a genetically engineered "human") for his evil deeds.

    Next, I've been reading a lot, and I know this is completely off topic, but here goes...a lot about race riots that have been taking place over the last year or so in bit cities and that the main stream media is not really reporting. Here is a link I read today There's actually quite a few links at the end of this article that you can get a more full picture of what is going on. I've also been reading a lot of different stuff on the Michael Jackson Archives group on Facebook. Michael was the most famous black artist and the media, the music industry, a lot of the public treated him like crap, dirt. I don't condone what these flash mobs are doing but I can kind of sympathize with their thought process. If Michael couldn't get respect, what about the everyday person? The system is pushing this thing and it's not going to end well.

    And then I came upon this one that my son posted on Facebook today This one makes a lot of sense going along with the escalating violence in America. This one actually terrifies me because Obama is signing executive orders left and right whereby sooner than we think we may be in concentration camps, if not dead. One of the things brought out in this article is that the government is watching everyone, individually...apparently they have the technology to see what we're doing in email, on the internet, on phone calls. It says they are keeping tabs on EVERYONE...

    1. Hi Deb,

      Ooooh-boy! For starters, you said - "I read just within the last week are saying that changing of the the germline and creation of children using 3 humans (cells from 2 women and 1 man) has already been 2001!!!"

      >>>>>>>>>> The rebuilding of the temple. The corruption of the natural order of things. The creation of 3-parent (or more) children, designer children, "dial-a-child". Yes they have been able to do this for a lot longer than they are publishing. This is why I ventured into territory about Michael's children and the possibility that they were "created" and not "concieved".

      Michael's "Blood on the Dance Floor" album cover - the "Jachin and Boaz" towers are destroyed and a "new building" is raised in its place - the new species, the "God/human", Michael's song "Billie Jean" - baby cried its eyes were like mine . . .but the kid is not my son. Not what God created. Yes it's scary.

      Flash mobs - This is another creation of the plan. It furthers division. They are no different then the mobs incited with hired plants that brought on the riots in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, South Africa, Uganda, Sudan . . . no different. Makes me wonder if the pit that the angel has the key to is the underground bases from which reportedly "cages" of children were raised as per some of the books on MK Ultra, like Bryce Taylor and Fritz Springmeier reported on?

      Preparing for Citizen uprising, maybe in response to the press conference in Arizona today?

      Things can and probably will get worse. I take comfort in the fact that God and that Book are 100% right.

  16. Bonnie, sorry, I got cut off on my last comment...

    One last thing. When I was in my 20's in the 1970's-early 1980's my father was constantly talking about how this country was going to "fall" to a huge race war. I thought he was nuts. He always followed politics, world events, etc. He read his bible constantly, commentaries, bible references, Jewish news papers, on and on. But you know what? I looks as if he may have been right. What's going on with these flash mobs, the media not publicizing it, no one addressing it, it is only going to get worse. Obama will more than likely invoke marshall law at some point in his second term, if not before this election in November, which is my guess. This may very well be the "event" that people seem to feel is in the air.

    I'm sorry this is so long and I'm sorry this comment is all over the place. If you don't think it's appropriate for posting, that's ok too.

    God bless you.

    1. I think you are right about Marshall law before November. Obama is the last president I think. The Olympics hasn't even happened yet. That will be the key to how on track I am with the Bible.

      The media is not publishing it because they are all on board with this. When the "time" is right to invoke mass hysteria, they will start publishing the "truth".

  17. Bonnie, one more thing that just happened here and I know it way off topic but...

    Strange goings on in Detroit. Last Friday a bomb threat was called in to the Windsor-Detroit tunnel, a traffic tunnel that goes under the Detroit River connecting Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. Tunnel was shut down for hours. Yesterday another bomb threat was called in to the Ambassador Bridge, the bridge that connects Detroit to Windsor, Ontario. Bridge was shut down for hours. Today, another bomb threat called in to Comerica Park, a stadium in downtown Detroit, not far from the tunnel. Tigers were playing there today. Stadium was just evacuated.

    1. They are testing emergency responses . . . that is not good.


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