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Michael Jackson Justice: The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares - Michael's Discernment

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares - Michael's Discernment

Unholy Alliance Part II
Judaism Rarely Questioned

And they will deceive every one his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity."

She’s Dangerous

I’m getting a lot of friction through email, comments (only one of which I posted recently) and on other blogs.  I shouldn’t say a lot, but it’s been picking up.  That is usually another sure sign that something is on the horizon.

One of the sources of friction is kinda my own fault.  Following a key word inquiry on my own search, I came upon another blog in which I believed the owner was INNOCENTLY misinforming their readers of a certain Bible issue and yes, it had to do with the “Jews being the chosen ones.”  I should have known better, but I didn't and I thought I was helping out.  Talk about getting ensnared into "foolish questions, genealogies and contentions and strivings about the law" being "unprofitable and vain" (Titus 3:9) . . .

After two exchanges of amicable information, the owner of the blog kept trying to make her point by misquoting scripture.  One of them was Romans 1:11 where Paul is informing the church he is writing to (the Roman converts of Christ), that he is not against the children of Israel, that he is trying to save them and that he is indeed one of them from the tribe of Benjamin.

Well, you find out really quickly that if someone is deliberately trying to misconstrue Bible verses, things are going to get ugly real quick when you use scripture to prove that they misquoted scripture.  And just like that, I was reduced to an anti-Semitic.  I guess this is now an accusation thrown at those that SHOW someone what the truth says because it is then that I most frequently face that charge.  But what happened next was a surprise.

The person, who’s blog I had never seen before and didn’t even know existed until two days ago, said this to me:

By the way, Michael’s dead and he is in hell, not in heaven because he’s a Muslim”.

I asked her what our conversation had to do with Michael and now I’m wondering if any of the fake fan group trolls/stalkers are named Marianne?

The whole discussion was on the Babylonian Talmud and the twelve tribes of Israel to begin with.   So I ignored the question about Michael (no sense in getting involved in THAT pointless debate.  It was hate directed and nothing more), I made my closing points with the Bible verses that addressed her claims and told her she could do what she wanted with the comment.  The rest of the happenings today I will post below Part II of “Unholy Alliance”.

As you read this, I want you to know that between yesterday and today, it has come to my attention that whoever put this blog up seems to completely want to draw focus away from the religion of Judaism being involved in any of the New World Order events.  I will tell you why below.

The one exception is their example of Billy Graham’s remarks about Judaism in the third paragraph under the “Billy Graham” subheading.

Unholy Alliance Part II

This is Part Two from yesterday’s part I

Christianity and NWO Alliance-Part II
The Unholy Alliance -Christianity & The NWO Part II

by Eric Jewell

Part 1 of this article, "The Unholy Alliance: Christianity & The NWO" dealt generally with the relationship between this nations' leading evangelicals, Rev Sun Myung Moon, and the U.S. Intelligence community as strange bedfellows. This short follow up will attempt to go deeper into the makeup of these organizations, and how they work together. Every attempt to document the claims, statements and facts herein have been made so as not to unjustly accuse or impugn the integrity of those mentioned. But in the end, if such an unholy alliance exists, there are manifold truths which likely will never surface to the light of day for exposure and examination. We will deal with what can be verified be reasonable sources.

Amazingly, most of these organizations are almost entirely made up of the same individuals. Trinity Broadcasting Network, Christian Broadcasting and most leading evangelicals/pastors in this unique electronic limelight are also directly associated with these groups, or have been in the past. The vast majority of these men have spent decades making forays into political groups of this nature.

The question is, what are they doing? Where would these 'Moon money men' lead the flock they say God has charged them with as shepherds? Is it untoward to ask such questions, to scrutinize their political involvement with Moon? We think not. In fact, we feel it is imperative.

We have already shown that some evangelicals have unabashedly admitted Moon sponsorship, such as Jerry Falwell. It seems that most though try to sweep this dirt under the rug. Is their ultimate goal to lead the religious right blindly and willingly into the NWO, something openly hailed by preachers and president's alike?

Billy Graham
In 1992, broadcast across the US on Graham's radio program "Embrace America 2000," after Bush Sr. gave his now infamous New World Order Speech, the Rev. Billy Graham said that we should "embrace" this "New World Order".

In Erwin Wilsons book, "The Assimilation of Evangelist Billy Graham into the Roman Catholic Church" the renowned Bob Jones who wrote the forward said, " "Some of us who grieved over Graham's first downward steps toward compromise with apostasy and biblical unbelief knew that he was pursuing a direction from which there would be no turning back. While we grieved over him and prayed for him, we had to warn men against his ministry as we had warned Billy against his direction."

Protestant Church Life Magazine quoted Graham in its Sept. 29, 1956 issue, 'Referring to the Billy Graham New York Crusade scheduled for May, 1957, Dr. Graham said: "We're coming to New York not to clean it up, but to get people to dedicate themselves to God and to send them on to their own churches -- Catholic, Protestant or Jewish." This has remained the practice of Graham to this day. The Charlotte Observer reported on a press release of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, where Billy Graham lashes out at Southern Baptists who desire to evangelize Jews for Christ. Graham makes it clear that he firmly opposes "proselytizing" the Jews; Billy Graham's unbiblical teaching is that, if you are a Jew, you are already part of the Body of Christ, even if you reject Jesus. All Jews, Graham states "are engrafted into the Christian Church." And yet, many of Graham's past statements have proved to be antisemitic, as recently embarrassing Nixon White house tapes have revealed.

In 1982, Billy Graham was awarded the Templeton Prize for "progress in religion", a cash reward of roughly 1 Million dollars. Graham in turn endorsed Sir John Marks Templeton's books in "Christianity Today" magazine. Templeton is a universalist (1), just like Moon, preaching/teaching the unity and unification of all world religions. Other recipients of the Templeton award have been Charles Colson (1993) and Bill Bright (1996), founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. Templeton's New Age unification principles and teachings were introduced dramatically into the Christian mainstream by Robert Schuller in 1986, who continues to endorse the man and his doctrines. For decades Graham has offered a confusing doctrinal stance. Billy Graham said, "I found that my beliefs are essentially the same as those of orthodox Catholics. We only differ on some matters of later church tradition. I find that my beliefs are essentially the same as those of orthodox Roman Catholics" (Jan 1978, McCall's Magazine).

In the book "Billy Graham, A Parable of American Righteousness" by Marshal Frady, we see a very different picture of Graham. Frady has spent much time interviewing Graham, and those close to him. He documents that Graham at a New York Crusade refused to allow street people into the crusade because they were dirty, a loathsome violation of every Christian creed toward the poor, to whom the Gospel Jesus made declaration. This is tantamount to the Galatians incident in scripture when Peter, fearing the reproach of certain Judaisers of wealth and status, withdrew himself from associating with gentiles, and the Apostle Paul had to oppose him to his face publicly, "for he was to be blamed" (Galatians 2:11, The New Testament). With the release of the Nixon tapes we see a very shaky, strangely unchristian past for Graham.

He is also quoted as saying, "Pope John Paul II has emerged as the greatest religious leader of the modern world and one of the greatest moral...leaders of this century." (The Saturday Evening Post, Feb, 1980.) Though Graham is stating a fact, how does it reflect on his ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a Protestant position? More examples of a homogenization of the message and messengers for the sake of public appeal. "Pope John Paul II, often called "The Marian Pope," has stirred countless millions of Europeans to have faith in strange, supernatural Marian apparitions which directly challenge the Word of God, the Supremacy and Divinity of Jesus Christ and the Scriptural means of salvation ("Messages From Heaven," Eternal Productions,  )"

In "The Deadly Deception", by Jim Shaw, an ex-33rd degree mason (Masons are believed by many to be associated with the Illuminati, and to be the driving force behind the NWO) p. 104-105, Shaw relates how Graham was present at his ceremony initiating him into the 33rd degree. Only freemasons are allowed to attend these ceremonies. Huffington house refused to publish this book until after Grahams' name was removed, and in place a simple reference to "a well known evangelist" was supplemented. Robert Schuller (Crystal Cathedral/Self-help pulpit guru), Norman Vincent Peale (Positive Thinking apostle), and Oral Roberts (Godfather of the "seed-faith" doctrines in contemporary fundamentalist-charismatic Christianity) are all admittedly 33rd degree Masons. The rites of the Masonic order, the writings of Albert Pike and the requisites for Masonic initiates are distinctly and undeniably counter to Christian doctrine and faith.

He is a supporter of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, where a belief in Jesus Christ is a nonessential. He has been quoted in an interview with Robert Schuller that there are 'many paths to God' [this sounds like something Oprah claimed several years ago] and he 'respects them all.' Of course, as was mentioned in the previous article, he participated in prayer offered up to the god of Mohammhed (Allah). At that gathering were many Jews, Muslims, Christians and many other faiths gathered together praying to the god of Islam as the God of Abraham -- a distinct moment of "unification".

Is Billy Graham working toward the goal of a New World Order? Is it merely a matter of decades of compromise with the world, or something more strategic? I wrote to the Billy Graham Evangelical Ministries, to ask what moved him to participate in a prayer to the god of Mohammhed, and to date have received no answer.

Kingpins In The Unholy AllianceEvangelists & Politicians

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder, leader & self-proclaimed 'Messiah' to the Unification Church & the world.
Tim LaHaye, evangelist & Christian author of best-selling series "Left Behind."
Beverly LaHaye, wife of Tim LaHaye, author and spokesperson for several Moon funded "Christian" orgs
Paul Crouch, Founder and Chairman of Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of the largest tele-evangelical corporations
Bill Bright, Founder and head of the international evangelical association, 'Campus Crusades for Christ'
Robert Schuller, Pastor and Tele-evangelist from the famous 'Crystal Cathedral' in Southern California.
Rev. Billy Graham, recognized world-wide as one of the most influential evangelical preachers; author and syndicated religious columnist
Pat Robertson, Television Evangelist, Founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network & 700 Club anchor; founder of Operation Blessing; one time presidential candidate

Rev. James Kennedy, founder & pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries, outspoken television evangelist
Rev. James Robison, TV evangelist; Life Outreach International Ministries; associated with many Moon organizations
Ralph Reed, former director of the Christian Coalition and member of the conservative think-tank "Heritage Foundation"
Gary Bauer, Conservative politician and Executive Director of the Christian Coalition; unsuccessful Presidential candidate.
Dr. James Dobson, Pediatrician, author and publisher, head of Focus On The Family, a Christ-centric organization and magazine
Phyllis Schlafly, Christian political activist who says a woman's place is in the home... even though she's not
Jay Sekulow, Christian political activist and attorney involved in family values issues from abortion to parents rights

Tim LaHaye's relationship with Moon goes back at least 17 years. In 1985 as was reported earlier, LaHaye was addressing several hundred evangelical Christians, the flock he claims to guard and feed, and did he exhort that they draw closer to his God? No, unless his god is the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He exhorted that they go willingly to jail with the Rev. Moon in demonstration to his imprisonment over tax fraud. (The spin on the story has been that LaHaye and others were supporting Rev. Moon's "religious freedom")

While in prison, Moon continued to spout out to the world that he is the anointed messiah, and also at that time, he pronounced a day when he claims he opened heaven. LaHaye visited him and apologized for the actions of the U.S. Government which imprisoned him. Also visiting Moon in prison was the president of one of the groups chaired by LaHaye This was the AFC (American Freedom Coalition) president, Don Sills.(Truth is my Sword' Vol 2, by Bo Hi Pak, 'The Watchman Expositor')

LaHaye is also the founder of the ACTV (American Coalition for Traditional Values). Bo Hi Pak, Moons #1 man, formerly Korean CIA and the operative that was liaison to American CIA, gave a very sizable donation to help steady the new organization, after which, LaHaye agreed to sit as a member of the board of directors for the Rev. Moon sponsored "Christian Voice" group.(Americans United For Separation of Church and State/Feb 2002)

The highly influential "Left Behind" author was also associated in a group called the Council for Religious Freedom, but when it was made public that this was another Moon front, LaHaye apparently resigned from the group, though his name was not at the time stricken from their membership roster. Though LaHaye resigned, others after him signed on, continuing to bolster its credibility. These include Paul Crouch of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Among the other bizarre goings on within the Moon/Conservative alliance, a young, black Zimbabwean claiming that he is the reincarnation of Moons dead son has also spoken at functions of the American Freedom Coalition. (CRI Journal-CRJ0092A). Moon himself has revealed that this claim of reincarnation is true.

The LaHayes were also involved in a meeting sponsored by Moon in 1996, through the Family Federation for World Peace as well as the Women's Federation for World Peace (two Moon sponsored organizations), a 3 day seminar in Washington D.C., from July 31-August 2, along with several other highly visible evangelicals. Beverly LaHaye received between $80-150,000 for speaking at the event. (2)

In 1999, Tim LaHaye and co-author Jerry Jenkins wrote (3) that the Catholic church was very likely the Great Harlot sitting on the beast in Revelation 17 and 18, their reason being that they believe the Catholic church may attempt to unify the worlds religions, though they wrote differently in their "Left Behind" book series. LaHaye and his family are involved directly with groups sponsored by and in some cases founded upon money from a false messiah whose objective is publicly stated, and loudly at that, for the unification of world religions. So where exactly does LaHaye stand if in doctrine he warns of unification brought about by Rome, and yet associates with the Unification Church?

Rev. Moon states in his address, 'Life on Earth and in the Spirit World' :

"This is why God created so many different religions: to be training grounds to make a path for every people, culture, custom, and tradition. Religions polish people to be qualified to enter the region of the original homeland. Because of humankind's many different cultural backgrounds, God sought and set the standard of comparison and has been leading the way toward one unified religious world." (4) This is rather peculiar in light of the apparent diversity of world religions in doctrine, practice and teachings, each with their own sense of exclusivity of one another, sometimes to the very inspiration of holy war.

According to 'Group Watch,' a cult watchdog organization, Don Sills is another evangelical leader who stated that he would recruit members from a group directly associated with Rev. Moon, CAUSA, to become members of his AFC (American Freedom Coalition) organization. In March of 1988, Sills appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Networks flagship program "Praise the Lord" warning people away from listening to 'cult watch groups', being concerned for the division and fear they may bring. Of course these anti-cult groups tell us that since Moon claims Jesus will worship at Moons feet, and inflicts mind control techniques over his followers, his religion is a cult that should by all means be avoided and certainly watched. Paul Crouch is another who seems to shy away from the overall doctrine espoused on his "Christian" television network, and appears to work for religious unification.

The Tangled Web Revealed...

The Council for National Policy  (

We touched on this council in Part 1, but now we shall take a closer look at it and its members. This group was founded by Tim LaHaye in 1981. Again we have shown definite ties between this "Christian" organization and the Rev. Moons openly anti-Christ organizations. This will be addressed later more fully, but this group is also associated heavily with the controversial and cultic Church of Scientology, the John Birch Society (known for its espionage work), and the intelligence community. (Note: we attempted to get JBS board member lists but the Society returned a response that it was their policy not to reveal names of its board members).

It was stated by Congressman Woody Jenkins (Newsweek,1981) "I predict that one day before the end of this century the Council [for National Policy] will be so influential that no President, regardless of party or philosophy, will be able to ignore us or our concerns or shut us out of the highest levels of government." In October, 1999 George W. Bush addressed the CNP. His campaign refused to release the full text of his remarks. Why the secrecy??

Beverly LaHaye, as was previously noted, is the wife of Tim LaHaye. She also was and still may be part of the CNP, and also founder of Concerned Women for America. She joined forces with Citizens Council on Human Rights, a group affiliated with Scientology, and Gary Bauer's Family Research Council, which has benefited as well from Rev. Moon organizations and money. This all under the umbrella of social change and "Christian family values" in America. Mrs. LaHaye and Bauer appeared and spoke together in a 1995 rally against psychiatric practices on children. The question is, regardless of a good cause, is it necessary for these evangelical leaders to join forces with Moon, Scientology and the Intelligence community? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that many groups use charitable giving/participation, patriotic associations and demonstrations of community or national good will to obfuscate their true objectives and agenda, or to conceal and deflect attention from their wrong-doing.

LaHayes group, the Council for National Policy, is just one example of evangelical organizations being filled with Intelligence officers, Moon representatives and Scientology members. To name all the members who were and are involved in the intelligence community and cults would take too long here, but here are just a few; (5)

* Howard Ahmanson Jr. (CNP Board of Governors) Contributed to the Council of Foreign Relations according to their 1990-1993 reports

* Thomas R. Anderson (CNP Board of Governors) Also sits on the board of the Moon front Family Research Council.

* Rep John Ashbrook (CNP Board of Governors) Also a member of Moons front group "Christian Voice".

* Richard Bott (CNP Board of Governors) Former writer for the Moon owned Washington times.

* Jeffrey Coors (CNP Board of Governors) Coors brewing Co.

* Joseph Coors (CNP Board of Governors) President Adolph Coors Company

* Arnaul D'Borchgrave (CNP Member) Editor in chief of the Moon owned Washington times, member of the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR).

* George Gilder (CNP Board of Governors) Program director for Rockerfeller funded Manhattan Institute, friend of David Rockerfeller, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR).

* Ron Godwin (CNP Member) Former Vice President of Falwells Moral Majority, Sr Vice President of the Moon owned Washington times

* Allan Gottleib (CNP Member) Board Member of Moons front group, the American Freedom Coalition. In 1983 the Moon group CAUSA, founded by Bo Hi Pak, former Korean CIA and liaison to the American CIA, and Moons right hand man, granted Gottleib an all expense paid trip to Jamaica for a CAUSA conference

* J. Peter Grace (CNP Member) Council of Foreign Relations, Knights of Malta, and worked with the CIA to remove classified info concerning former Nazi scientists so that they could immigrate into the U.S., supposedly so they could carry on their work (including mind control projects) here in the good ole U.S.of A.

* Lt. General Daniel Graham (CNP Board of Governors) Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Deputy Director CIA, Military advisor to President Reagan, publicly endorses the Moon owned Washington Times. Also a member of the Moon org, World Anti-Communist League, and board of Directors for Moons CAUSA. Member of the American Freedom Coalition. Vice Chairman for the U.S. Council for World Freedom, which also is closely related to Moons CAUSA. Member too of the Council of 56, Religious Roundtable.

* Robert Grant (CNP Directory) Founder of "Christian Voice", and the American Freedom Coalition, both are Moon sponsored orgs. Graduate of the fuller Theological Seminary, and member of the Religious Roundtable. Bo Hi Pak has praised the union between these Christian organizations and Moonie orgs saying " shows what a great since of humor God has." Grants "Christian Voice" claims to be the nations largest Christian lobby, and according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, merged with Moon in 1987.

* Sen. Jesse helms (CNP Board of Governors) also of the Religious Roundtable, endorser of the Moon owned Washington times, and a member of the Council for Foreign Relations(CFR).

* Max Hugel (CNP Member) Former special assistant CIA Deputy Director for Administration, and Deputy Director for Operations

* Jack Kemp (CNP Member) Co Director of Empower American, whose board is dominated by the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR).

* Alan Keyes (CNP Member) Former Ambassador to the United Nations. He was also part of Reagans National Security Team which was dominated by high level Council of Foreign Relations men(CFR).

* Edwin Meese (CNP Executive Committee, CNP President) Former Attorney General, former Chief of Staff

Notice that many mentioned, (as well as many not mentioned) are members of the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations). This is a group espousing the New World Order and have actively and openly worked toward it for decades. Not surprisingly, the man who popularized the phrase "New World Order," George Bush Sr, was also at one time head of the CFR.

So now we must ask ourselves why are these people associated together under the front of "Christian" organizations? Is it merely coincidence? To assume such is to be remarkably naive and woefully remiss in learning the lessons of past history. By comparing the members of the CNP and cross referencing them with any large Christian or Moon organization, and many of the politically right-wing PAC (Political Action Committee) organizations, you will find essentially that these organizations are made up of the same people.

Is this a ruse, to draw evangelical believers and right wing patriots into the NWO? It certainly seems to be. Moon states his goal is to unify the worlds religions thereby unifying the world. Bo Hi Pak states; "We want to awaken the world. We want to turn the tide [so] that this totalitarian, godless system must go....It is a total war. Basically a war of ideas." (6)

These organizations work together tightly, and nearly every major evangelical name that can be named is involved with these apostate organizations, fleecing their sheep in order to help fund these groups; A large number of these "great men of God" can be found living in palatial homes, driving exorbitantly expensive automobiles and owning personal jets and relishing accolades as great teachers of the faith. These men seem more like the Pharisees of Jesus' day, who denied Him as well, yet 40 years later came to their destruction following a false messiah. They speak at each others functions, support one another monetarily, and cause many to believe that they do it in the name of God and in harmony with God's will (many claiming direct divine revelation, inspiration and in some cases unquestionable supernatural authority). The Bible they themselves espouse refers to them as hirelings.

Full acceptance into the mainstream of American religious life is a cherished goal of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. Ironically, Moon's recent imprisonment for tax evasion [not recent, this happened in 1982, quite a long time ago, almost 30 years ago] appears to be bringing that dream a step closer to reality. - Source, 

***********   END   *************

I ended the article right there and I will tell you that although much of the alliances listed are correct, there is a LOT of third-hand associations that, should we hold to those standards each one of us could be anti-Christ for the simple fact that we had a relative that was either a John Birch member, a Boy Scout or a Mason.

Being present at a prayer in which a Muslim or a Jew says a prayer in their custom does not mean that person follows that religion.

Christ evangelized to both gentles, Jews and Arabs.  He sat with “sinners” and ministered to them.  He healed them.  By this person’s standards, Christ himself would be the anti-Christ so I do not agree with everything this article writer has put forth.

This Author covers a lot of the Satanic connections in her other blog entries with the CIA, MK Ultra and experiments with children that I covered back last year.  I found their site because their link showed up in my stats as referring visitors to my page.

Both these blogs have a few pieces of information that can be added to what I've already covered.  I had connections they didn't have and they have connections that I didn't have.  But I would be careful  before condemning everyone they have listed.  We don’t know who is doing God’s work in “the field”.    If ministers only reach out to those already saved, then who have we won for God?


Anther wolf in sheep’s clothing.  I found the below Bible verse on the “Cuttingedge” web site.

"The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also." [Matt 13:24-26]

The explanation, which I thought was excellent is below:

What is a "tare"? Many in today's Western societies might not really know what a "tare" is, and therefore, will not realize Jesus is speaking here of a counterfeit wheat! A tare is a plant that looked like wheat in every way until the final phase of growth. Only at this final stage will the seeds look different; a genuine wheat will produce a substantial head of brown seeds, but the tare will produce a small head of black seeds. Thus does this illustration perfectly demonstrate the problem with many professing Christians and counterfeit leaders; both will look so much like the genuine wheat that they are deceived and they deceive others. When Jesus' explained this parable, below, He seemed to place an emphasis on the End of the Age, the true harvest of the world. While He certainly meant that all tares of all ages would be revealed at the final harvest, I believe Jesus was hinting here that the situation with tares would become much more of a problem as the End of the Age approached.

Explanation of the Parable

"... the tares are the children of the wicked one; that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world ... And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth." [Matt 13:37-40, 42]

When Antichrist arises, the need for credible religious disinformation specialists will be at an historic all-time high! At the very moment when Antichrist is making his claim to be Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah, Buddha returned, Mohammed returned, and Maitreya the Christ -- all in one person -- the opinion of the peoples of the world will be hanging in the balance. The situation may be thought of as the time when the Battle of Normandy or the Battle of Stalingrad hung in the balance.

Right at this moment, hundreds of pre-selected religious figures from every religion on earth will step forward to publicly urge their followers to accept the claims of The Christ -- Antichrist. Certainly, pre-selected "Christian" leaders will be primed to step forward, to urge Christians to follow this Antichrist, to accept his claims that he is Jesus Christ." - Source,

Imagine my surprise when I read the rest of this article further down and found a certain religion has been “excluded” from the deceived.    I kept reading and it was never mentioned. So I posted this comment on the blog comments:

"You know, this site TL is a prime example of the very thing they preach the NWO will do which is - "75% - 90% truth" with lies mixed in. Paragraph further down on that site:

"Thus, Buddhists, Mohammedans, Hindus , and Christians will be told that this "Christ" is their Messiah and they are to follow him, giving him their allegiance and worship. Which Christian leaders will step forward, urging their followers to follow this Man of Sin and give him their allegiance? Before you can entertain this question, you have to understand that Rev. Moon has been charged with "uniting the world through religious forces", i.e., play a huge role in the religious deception once Antichrist does arise. As we proceed through this article, you will see that Moon has evidently zeroed in on the Christian Right-wing as his major field of endeavor."

Do you notice a very large RELIGION missing? Can you guess which one it is?

Rev. Moon is another distraction. Another fall guy JUST LIKE the Catholic church is being used.

Which Religion condemns Christ, accuses him of being a deceiver, and to which ALL MONIES in the industrialized world flows?

Why no mention of them here?

The monies did not come directly from the moonies. He was and HAS BEEN financed by someone. You don't become a billionaire by serving in the Korean CIA for crying out loud. I'm deleting my other posts. These people are misdirecting from the true source of this crap."  At “Blog comment link”,   

Right after posting this comment -

We had high speed fighter jets fly over my house at high speed.  They made three passes over my house at lower altitudes each time (I wasn’t as freaked out as the first time this happened last year).  My husband slept through all three passes even though the third one was rather loud and shook the house.   During the FIRST pass of the jets, my printer started hiccupping (it was turned off. It is STILL turned off) as they ink carriage moved back and forth as if it were getting ready to print something.  But it was OFF.

Then after I woke my husband to tell him he missed all the excitement, I asked  him if he was ready to go out (we had to go out and get fire ant killing stuff).  I began closing down the computer  and when I pushed the button to turn off the screen, “Michael” came back on (I have his picture, Smooth Criminal TII, as my wallpaper, because he’s looking right at the camera in that picture). 

I said outloud, “hey!”  My husband responded “what?” because he thought I was talking to him.

I said to him, “the screen came back on!” 

I reached over to shut it again and turned to walk back to toward the bedroom and the screen was on again!  Finally for the THIRD TIME, I leaned over to push the “off” button and told Michael, “Go to sleep!  Rest!  Stop looking at me!”.

The look on my husband’s face – I wish I had a camera.

So from all this I am to concur that:

“Don’t type anything about Judaism that has anything to do with Anti-Christ because you are probably right.”

The Jets don’t like it.  The printer doesn’t like it and Michael?  I don’t know what his deal was.  He can come back on anytime he likes, but just please, time it better okay?  You’re freaking me out.

This concludes our “Unholy Alliance” series even though I think the Title would be better suited for the next blog topic coming up.

I want to talk a little more about Austin Brown’s “Narco Nation” and some more on some of the people in Michael’s life.  Just a refresher and where this is all looking like it’s leading.

God Bless you,

Remember the Time
We were young and innocent then . .
Before the corruption of a Paradise


  1. BONNIE, as you expose since many months scabrous issues on religions, governments' pedophile rings, etc..some agree or disagree with, it's OK as long as they do it constructively. But the type of vulgar short comment you received like lately from "Olga" is SO mean. If these people look at themselves in a mirror, their image can only be distorted.

    The TV Christian God-preaching I guess is a US specialty which we experience at a much smaller extent in Europe. Some preachers may be honorable but generally I assimilate their teaching to brainwashing. As you now exposed it, even worse many preachers mix with governments & dangerous sects : where is God in all that ? Moonies, dangerous for the least. As TL said, they were & still are suing Michael's Estate. The evil Moonies's story with Michael & his family has been going on since the early 1990s I think, & it's far from over yet.

    Your yesterday's incongruous pic of Spoon Twister with Al Gore & other officials : Poor Michael, he was really framed all over & not only by showbiz.

  2. Well, yes I can say I remember your comments Bonnie (re the missing religious group) !!!!

    If we wrote a list out as to who David Rockefella alone is linked to we'd be here forever and a day. The Council on Foreign Relations is said to hold more power than the govt itself....which is no surprise either.

    The comments about some of these 'Great Men of God' living in palatial homes etc....we never heard of Jesus rushing off to be seen with the Kings and Generals or anyone else of supposed importance in his day....nope, he just went about his business chatting to one and all, spreading the word of God, not putting his hand out for payment, not primping and preening, just being his humble, ordinary self and simply telling the Truth about his FAther in heaven. He didn't hook up with other powerful groups of the times to get backup or more power among the people either. Those who loved him just followed. In fact, he was the opposite to these current churchmen.....all hooking up and linking in with God knows whom to gain power. So NOT what Jesus was about. He got cross in the Temple when he saw it was nothing more than a money pit.

    I have always liked the story of Martha and Mary when Jesus visited. Martha was fussing and not happy coz Mary was just sitting and listening to Jesus whislt she was left to tend to everything for their special guest....but Jesus lets her know that what Mary is doing is the 'important' thing. Sitting and listening to his words. Don't worry about all the fuss and fancy, just deal with what's really important.....the Word.


  3. Hi Line,

    With Olga - I've definitely seen worse. She doesn't bother me other than the disbelief that people exist that care so little about wanting to find out what happened to Michael and instead prefer to cover up the crimes of those that REALLY hurt him. (Now the song "Unbreakable" comes to mind, right?)

    I remember the PTL Club from when I was a kid, and I believe the first scandal I ever heard about that was Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. Then Jimmy Swaggert and his on air confession about going to prostitutes and it goes on. I'm not sure ALL those mentioned above are bad guys. But even if we come back to Michael circles, we know that there are some good guys that have to (for now) consort with the bad guys either because of entrapment or espionage. That's why I say say that.

    The Moonies - CIA. I was not surprised to see that connection. No billionaire would work for the CIA unless that became his "reward" afterward. Look at how fast he "came up" in the world after his tax evasion bust? What did they do to him in "prison"?

    Michael's story breaches just about every sector in the conspiracy. Connecting the dots is getting easier and so is finding the other victims in that industry.

    1. Line,

      On a side note - back when I was NEWLY married and before I even had children, I had a dream about "Moonies" or Hari Krishna's trying to break into our window. I was twenty one years old when I had this dream and it was so real, I didn't know it was a dream until I sent my husband out with the gun to look for those "trying to break in".

      In the dream, we were sitting up in bed, the light was on, and my husband was reading with the t.v. on beside the bed.

      I saw the window slide open and the curtain get pushed aside on my husband's side of the bed and my husband was oblivious! So engrossed in his "magazine".

      There was about three or four people all trying to lean into the window. All were bald, all dressed in these white robes and one of them had a hypodermic in his hand and was going for my husband's arm.

      I said "Greg! Greg!" And I PUSHED at his shoulder to get him to wake up from his hypnotic stupor of that stupid magazine. I pushed at him harder and he finally said "What!"

      The room was suddenly dark, the t.v. was off and my husband was rolling over in bed to answer me. I said, "Someone's trying to break in! They have a needle!"

      My husband, who was Air Force Security Police jumped out of bed and ran to the window (which really wasn't that far from his side of the bed.)

      He pushed the curtain aside and said, "I don't see anybody". I replied, "They were LEANING in the window!"

      So my then husband goes to the bedroom closet, gets his gun out and LEAVES ME in the bedroom in the DARK to go look around the outside of the house! (This was on Dover Air Force Base in Delaware - Base housing!)

      Between the time he left the room and the time he came back I realized . . .

      - Hey, wasn't the t.v. on and the lights on when they were leaning into the window?

      - Wasn't my husband and I both sitting up in bed reading when I saw this and . . .

      - How come when I got his attention the light and the t.v. were off and he was laying down?

      - and where was MY book?

      Before he came back in, I STRUGGLED to find a way to tell him that no, Greg, this wasn't an intrusion, this was actually a dream. But I told him and he was not happy about it. Because the night before I had punched him in the back of the head because of another dream.

      Imagine the nightmares I had when he was called to Saudi during the Operation Desert Storm!

  4. Bonnie, I'm reminded of a cult that came to town when I was quite a bit younger! (Thinking about saying I've never actually met any Moony's although I've read they are everywhere). I'd never heard of this particular group that came and settled in my town in the 80's....they were suddenly there and what a controversy. They'd come all the way from Oregon USA to the bush where I live. Sixty minutes came to town all the way from over was a big deal. There was a nasty cow running the show called Ma Sheela and her boss was the Baghwan Shree Rajneesh (osho). Anyhow, nevermind who she thought she was or all her purple, pink, orange and red clothed zombie followers....our locals wouldn't have a bar of them, free love or not. I'm soooooooo proud of my townsfolk to this very day. To them we were as boring as bat sh..t coz we didn't approve but we all knew they were honestly, the devil incarnate. They did not work and received govt welfare every 2 weeks....bloody dole bludgers.
    Just after all this Ma Sheelah was charged for trying to kill the Bagwhans doctor and she went to prison, they were a nasty bunch and I say to all people,,,,,,you don't have to tolerate any group who uses the word LOVE to trick and lure people into something so demonic. STand your ground. I don't know if you all remember that line of Sheela's...TOUGH TITTIES,,,it became famous when she went through all her trouble over here .....memories !!!


    1. Geeze, my stepfather used to use that expression all the time. I hated it. Is that where it really came from?

      I'm glad you all stuck together and kept that lot from infecting your children. Your description of "Sheelah" reminds me of a hippie friend of a friend of my mother's who for a time lived with my aunt Kathy (who wasn't my aunt but a high school friend of my mothers). I think her name was Laurie or Lori. She played guitar and had long, strait hair and she drove a VW Beetle, LOL! My mother sold her the Opal after we lost our house in Gap, PA. She was very "flowery".

    2. Oh if they'd been hippies it wouldv'e been ok coz they proved themselves to be rather useless when they moved to town about a decade before these Orange People. I get so upset when I see Donte Jackson quote this lunatic that tried to invade my town .....I only pray he realises that Osho or Bagwhan was a really reallyy dangerous man who removed children from their parents, encouraged wife/husband swapping and group sex and so many other things such as sterilisation etc. A really nice Christian investigator of cults, came to town at the time and wrote a book (which I still have) on the cult. You know I was reading a few months back about a powerful European leader and it turns out his own Mother was in with the Bagwhan big time...its extraordinary to learn which people get sucked right in with these cult leaders. Anyhow, I've had my trip back in time....just thought about it when thinking of these Moony people. Hitting the sack, goodnight.


    3. The "orange people". I've never heard of them. The "Bagwhan"? (how do you pronounce that???) Osho. I didn't know Donte was quoting them, but then Donte usually quotes the pro-cult, pro-NWO new age stuff and Jaafar quotes the opposite, anti-New Age/NWO stuff. I was watching their patterns for a while but moved away from it to keep from being influenced. Need to follow the breadcrumbs I have before me.

      There have been fighter Jets over this house (and over our CAR on the way to the store! That freaked me out! The shadow covered, or went over our car and they were not that much above the tree tops! They don't need to be that low, they need to QUIT that!

      I'm looking on Al Jazeera right now to see what could possibly be going down. LOTS of activity and I am in the country!

    4. Oh yes, I see what the Jackson kids are doing on their sites and I'm praying its part of something that was preplanned for a particular goes to show though that young ones that follow them can be easily inspired when they don't even have a clue about what some of these guru's really do/believe/promote.

      As for the planes...the only planes we ever had here were the 'flying doctors' or 'water bombers' for bushfires but in recent times a new route has been set for jumbo's and my friend told me 'trails' remain in the sky above her farm........makes you wonder, doesn't it. Obviously I'm in the country too Bonnie. Lots of bush around me.


    5. I know on the younger set being "influenced" by the younger Jacksons. I had problems with that too - the deception. I don't think it's right.

      Oh yeah! We're the chemtrail congregation over here!

  5. OMG Bonnie - Thank you for sharing these "adrelanine" dream experiences. Yours are amazing as always. If some of my dreams could be interesting, their memory evaporates when I awake: Alzheimer probably :oD

    Seriously now, I too never forget that we are all still looking Justice for Michael & with all the pists you already explored (Moonies/CIA now), it doesn't make the task easier. The bad guys behind Murray will be very difficult to expose.

    1. Yeah, adrenaline dreams. They made my life miserable not to mention my ex's! Imagine trying to stiffle laughter while your husband is holding the back of his had, spitting out the word "bullsh**!" when you try to tell him through laughter that you're SORRY and that it was a bad dream, LOL! I STILL laugh to this day when I think about it. Two days in a row I did this to him! It's a wonder we even HAD children after that!

      Michael/bad guys behind Murray . . . "wheels within wheels".

  6. I wonder what this means? Parliament called back to work by Morsi? Is this a good thing?

  7. Pakistanis march against NATO supply line

    Police in Sudan have used tear gas to break up a student protest at the University of Khartoum in the latest crackdown on public dissent against President Omar al-Bashir.

    About 1,000 students chanting: "The people want the downfall of the regime" and "Down, down with military rule" tried to force their way out of their campus, but were driven back inside by police who fired volleys of tear gas at them, witnesses said.

    "Some 150 students temporarily broke through the cordon after throwing stones at police, before also being driven back inside, a student and an activist told the Reuters news agency." - Students again. What it this a communicable disease?

    "UN chief calls for change in Syria mission"

    The 15-member council approved in April the deployment of up to 300 unarmed military observers to Syria to oversee a ceasefire that has failed to take hold. The mission is part of a six-point peace plan proposed by international envoy Kofi Annan."

    Is it just me, or is Hitlery Clinton starting to look as demonic as Madonna?

  8. The "Destruction of Damascus"?

    "International envoy Kofi Annan has arrived in Damascus for a third round of talks with President Bashar al-Assad amid increasing indications that his peace plan is a lost cause.

    The Sunday visit comes a day after Annan, appointed by the Arab League and United Nations, acknowledged in an interview with a French newspaper that efforts to find a political solution to the escalating violence in Syria have failed." - Source,

    "Syria's Assad says he is not afraid of meeting same fate as former leaders of Libya, Egypt." - Source,

    "More deadly floods hit Black Sea
    A 'supercell' seems to have been responsible for torrential rain which swept through Krasnodar in southern Russia." - Source,

    "Putin orders probe of deadly Russian flooding
    President calls for investigation of flood-prevention methods in Krasnodar region after deaths of at least 150 people." - Source,

    "Strange scenes inside the jet stream -
    Everything from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, to tennis at Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, have been hit by exceptionally wet weather. In fact, this is the wettest start to a British summer in more than 100 years.

    But that's not the end of our story. The jet steam has turned sharply and brought about heatwave conditions across much of Eastern Europe.

    Those high temperatures have been the catalyst for some massive thunder clouds, known as supercells. These have brought serious flooding and deaths to the Black Sea coastal regions of both Turkey and southern Russia." - Source,

    Yeah - strange scenes indeed.....

  9. "He is the first attorney general in US history to ever be found in contempt of Congress. On Thursday, the US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to find the nation’s top law enforcement official, Eric Holder, in civil and criminal contempt.

    Republican members of Congress charge that Holder is deliberately obstructing a congressional investigation. They claim he’s refusing to release documents related to a botched government operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

    The government’s plan allowed guns to be smuggled into Mexico, in the hope it would lead authorities to top Mexican drug cartel leaders. Instead more than a thousand weapons went missing. Some of those guns were later found at crime scenes, including one that killed Brian Terry, a US Border Patrol agent."

  10. TL said "TOUGH TITTIES,,,it became famous when she went through all her trouble over here .....memories !!!"

    Bonnie said "Geeze, my stepfather used to use that expression all the time. I hated it. Is that where it really came from?"

    No, I don't think Ma Sheelah originated the phrase. She was born in 1949, I was born a few years later and I remember my aunts and mom saying the expression "tough titty said the kitty but the milk was good" in the early to mid 60's and on. I think "Sheelah" may have re-popularized the term. A little research of mine says that it originated in the mid-west around the 20's, but I'm not completely positive on that.

    Also, TL said "Oh yes, I see what the Jackson kids are doing on their sites and I'm praying its part of something that was preplanned for a particular reason"

    I hear you TL. I follow Paris Jackson on Twitter...I know you don't think she's the real Paris, Bonnie; I'm inclined to wonder myself because of some of the stuff she tweets. I also got curious a few days ago and looked through her "following" list and I was amazed to see that she follows Gene Simmons of know, the one who accused Michael of being a pedophile. Why on God's green earth would a child follow someone who said such nasty things about a father who she claims to love and adore?

    1. Deb,

      I remember the "milk's still good" phrase. Maybe Sheelah is the one that popularized it over in Australia.

      Yeah I saw that too about Paris following Gene Simmons. She also follows people that have torn into her grandmother/uncles, etc... and the only people I have seen ACTIVE with her are the ones from Justice4Mj and some of the old TINI championeers trying to CONVINCE people it is Paris. And you have to wonder why Paris is the one getting all the attention.

      There are several "appearances" by "Michael with children" on the same dates in different countries and at different functions/shopping trips with paparazzi and all. So if the "children" can be doubled for those? Who knows? We have fake Michael's by the dozens. Kids with scarves would be easy.

  11. Bonnie, I agree about the children being faked. I thought that might be the case way back in '09 when I read somewhere that the kids were kept masked until early 2009, right before Michael started the This Is It rehearsals. It does seem to make sense that they could be fake.

    1. Truthfully that thought did not really enter my mind until I saw Paris on Twitter. Then I started thinking about the masks . . . and the reason behind them TRULY. :o) He's simply smart. Of course we cannot forget the bigger plan encompassing all the smaller ones. Their plans have already been written down long before THEY wrote them down.

      So goodie . . . I'm not alone. Thank you! ♥♥♥

  12. Bonnie,

    I'm sending this as a post, it is a little off topic, but I just had to send it.

    I ran across this story on my Facebook timeline and it just struck me as odd. I've read about increasing numbers of scientists dying lately and over the last few years. Scientists that work in fields that touch on areas that NWO & illuminati would find threatening (bio-hazards, chemical warfare, etc. etc.)

    Here's the link|newswell|text||s

    This woman was shot in the head before the July 4 fireworks in Lansing, Michigan just last week. The police "believe" she was struck by a "stray bullet fired from outside the park and that she was not the intended target" (kind of like Breitbart?). She did "pioneering research in bio-systems engineering and made an impact in the medical community" according to her family.

    Wikipedia says bio-systems engineering is "a field of engineering which integrates engineering science and design with applied biological, environmental and agricultural sciences. It represents an evolution of the Agricultural Engineering discipline applied to all living organisms not including biomedical applications."

    The police captain thanks the ATF for collaborating on this (??)

    She was finishing her doctorate in bio-systems engineering at MSU and was sponsored by the US Department of Defense's SMART Program.

    She previously worked for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and spent the past several summers working as an intern at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

    From Wikipedia "LLNL has a mission of strengthening the United States’ security through development and application of world-class science and technology to:

    Enhance the nation’s defense;
    Reduce the global threat from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction;
    And respond with vision, quality, integrity and technical excellence to scientific issues of national importance.

    LLNL is also one of three laboratories in the United States where classified work on the science and engineering design of nuclear weapons is undertaken. The others are Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories."

    I don't know about you but her death sounds mighty fishy to me. Furthermore, what do the areas of agriculture, environment, defense security, terrorism and nuclear weapons have to do with one another...she was active in all these areas. Yup, sounds mighty fishy to me.

    1. Thank you. I will read this more in depth a little later. working on tonight's blog if I can get it posted. This is very interesting and YES I had seen articles about certain scientists in high-profile projects being killed. Very interesting indeed.

  13. Oh girls, I'm sure Ma Sheela didn't invent the phrase Tough Titties but she brought the phrase back to the fore for a bit....and at the time I don't think anyone was used to hearing a lady speak that way to anyone. Course its commonplace these days, sadly.


    1. I know TL - I tried to make that distinction above.

      Sorry the blog has been so quiet. I should have one up tomorrow night. Had an "issue" tonight. And lots of things going on in the world to keep up with.

      Michael? (((((Hug))))) Keepin' the faith, mister!

    2. Hope the 'issue' is nothing you can't handle Bonnie.


    3. TL,

      Thank you. The issue is small compared to the email I got in last night before I went to bed. Someone else needs prayer more than me.

      Someone who posts here all the time needs prayer for her younger brother. He's been fighting lymphoma for the last seven years or so. He was in remission, but was taken to the hospital last night with some serious symptoms, one being bruising showing up on his arms and under his arms.

      I don't want to put her name on here without her permission since it's a family health matter, but if we could please pray for her and the health of her brother, that Jesus will hear and God in his will, will pull him out of this. (and that he be saved).

      Thank you ♥♥♥♥

    4. BONNIE, I will also pray hard for your reader's brother, family & everyone in this affliction♥ I too know how crual it is. God Bless.

    5. To the Reader in question. We are all sending our prayers for your brother, God bless him and you and all your family.


  14. Respect to believe in your dreams??? Any idea why Michael would be wrestling a llama??? He looked to be winning... :o)

    Bonnie, Praying your 'issue' issues forth new revelations.
    Psalm 30:5 Weeping my endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

    Love you, Sis

    1. Michael wrestling a llama? This was YOUR DREAM?

      Well, as cute and innocent as llama's appear to be, I would probably assume that the llama (since Michael used to own them and therefore they were associated with Michael at one time) that perhaps this was symbolic of Michael wrestling "the beast" in the dream - and he was winning! :o)

      And two hours after I FINALLY get off the phone, between my husband calling and my mother, I can FINALLY finish this post -

      New revelations - yes.

      Love you too, blake!

  15. Looks like I'm not going to get another blog up tonight! Nasty, nasty thunderstorm clouds coming this way. Pray they don't rotate. I should take a picture of this. They're awesome looking!

    Over and out for now. Shutting down . . .

  16. Hi Bonnie,

    I will be remembering your prayer request for your reader and her brother in my prayers. Even though we don't know her or him personally, Jesus does, and we are all one in Christ.
    I hope all is well with you and your's Bonnie. God bless:)

  17. Bonnie, thank you so much - and to everyone else who prayed for my brother, because I believe it did help. The doctors released him from the hospital early today because his platelet count finally got up to 33,000 - higher than they had anticipated, so it was enough to send him home as an outpatient. But Gil must be monitored carefully for any sudden drop, or it's back to the hospital. He gave our family quite a scare (my mother!), as this was the first life threatening emergency since his diagnosis in 2002 of Stage 4 NHL...and we feared the worst. We realize he is not out of danger with the cancer, but is holding his own now for the immediate future. And much like Michael knew the importance of enriching the life of Ryan White, it is also about the quality of my brother's life as much as prolonging his life. Just knowing he's back to his secure routine at home with his wife and doggie means the world to him, and us. I love my brother dearly, and if our sweet Michael is able to see this and send a prayer his way, I would be so grateful and send you a thousand hugs and kisses!

    I don't mind sharing this information on your blog, Bonnie, because I know my brother and his family would not be reading this, but I would not embarrass them by posting such personal things on Facebook. Thank you again...and I love you all! - Micheline ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  18. Micheline,

    Sending your brother visions of pac man eating up the cancer.

    With prayers!


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