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Michael Jackson Justice: December 21, 2012 - Jacksons Running Interference?

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Thursday, August 30, 2012

December 21, 2012 - Jacksons Running Interference?

Outbreak of Evil
“Things That are Coming to the Earth”

" Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken."

Dear God They Hid It From Us

This is what I thought the lyrics ORIGINALLY SAID when I heard this song the first couple of times “Dear God they hid it from me, Dear God hear it from you, Dear God they hid it from us, we can’t take it, we’ve already had enough.”

Until I saw the lyrics this is what it sounded like it said.  And if you listen closely this is what it sounds like.  If you look at the published lyrics it also sounds like he’s singing “They gotta hear it from me, they gotta hear it from you, they gotta hear it from us . . .” and perhaps we were meant to hear both, because both are true.

I am working on more help for children but until I get some more information read through, I wanted to finish up with what they are doing/did do to Michael and his family.

Take off from “As It Was In the Days of Noah”

Michael JOE vs. Michael JOSEPH
Continued from  Previous Blog

I said there was more.  In summary, we went over the question of the MJ3’s real origins.  And to be fair let’s look at the argument that one anonymous posted that Joe Jackson wrote in his book on the section where he mentions the “ancients”.

We know who is behind this conspiracy.  We know they are going to announce themselves later this year. (The preludes of course being the Superbowl halftime show and the opening/closing ceremonies of the Olympics).

We know that both Latoya’s book and Jermaine’s books were published by Simon and Schuster and we know that both had ghostwriters.  And without an appearance of acceptable scripting in those books neither Latoya nor Jermaine’s book would have ever seen the light of day.  They can’t tell the truth.  Not in this country.

Simon and Schuster were investigated here before and they are establishment/elite owned publishers.  We know that little of what Jermaine and Latoya would have LIKED to put in those books are not what their ghostwriters submitted.

I have had a HECK of a hard time finding a link to Joe Jackson’s book that anonymous alluded to, so I can’t tell you who published it (a little help, please?)  I thought it ironic that the “ancients” were mentioned by this person considering the meat being discussed behind this conspiracy.

Pictures of Jacksons

What the Jacksons put out in entertainment or in print is only what the establishment will allow.  We have no reason to believe that publishers like Simon and Schuster would have suddenly had a change of heart about publishing POSITIVE THINGS about Michael while the same said establishment is aiding and abetting Branca and his hired trolls to bash this family, further dividing them in the eyes of the fanbase. 

It really makes our job harder because we’re defending the Jackson family and the lies told about them as well, and their names are on books that don’t seem to tell the truth.  So Latoya tells everyone to “read between the lines”.  (This is about the time we throw our Styrofoam bricks at the playbook in frustration).

These people are shamelessly trying to cover the horrendous treatment of Michael and this family, by BLAMING this family for what THEY have done.  Which tells me that this is the same “Aphrodite Jones” syndrome of jumping platforms  (Karen Faye on Twitter – “Taaj change direction”).    This is not just about money, and it never was.  The network behind this is WAY too big to divide even the likes of Michael’s estate.

“Let The Performance Start”
Michael’s “Bring It On”

They believe that they have the “real Michael” out of the way, so the “fake one” can now be “defended”.  We scratch our heads while listening to the “Oh I was wrong before I was right” pattern between Geraldine Hughes, Aphrodite Jones, Charles Thomson, J. Randy Terrible-Ellie and of course the big switchback artist – Branca and his Sony establishment and other “enemies-turned-friends” of Michael. 

Branca is a Zionist in Catholic clothing.  There are lots of those.  He’s no one special.   He’s not even good at hiding his intent because he no longer cares who sees it.  I surmise he doesn’t think God sees it either.  Like most of these people they think God is dead or . . . THEIR god is king.

Contradictions in articles have Branca’s recently hired damage control P.R. firm unable to keep up with consistency.

"He couldn’t believe it. Michael had just rehired the entertainment lawyer eight days earlier, the latest chapter in their three-decades-long mostly-on, sometimes-off relationship." - Source, California Lawyers

This article below contradicts the much earlier article :

Again at the re-writing of history, we were told that Michael hired Branca back eight days before he was “murdered”.  Now it’s THIS story:

"Branca was rehired by Jackson a month before he died, with instructions to draft an agenda for future business deals. Branca presented the plan a week before Jackson died and it has been the roadmap for the estate's posthumous enterprises.

In addition to the new Las Vegas show, a new album and a concert DVD will be released soon celebrating the 25th anniversary of Jackson's "BAD" album. And a two-hour documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee on the making of "BAD" will show at the Toronto and Venice film festivals next month.  Read more:

Now it’s a MONTH before he died that Michael hired him?  And Branca came up with this miraculous plan for future business deals in less than a month?  Wow!  One has to wonder where the hell he was the FIRST twenty plus years he worked for Michael!

Branca’s name is real close to the word “bulls**t” in the American Dictionary alphabetically, he has such a close relationship to the word.*********


Who had power of attorney?  Obviously if Branca never turned over a supposed will he wrote up in 2002 when Michael fired him in 2003, chances are he never turned over power of attorney either and CONTINUED TO USE IT TO FATTEN HIS WALLET!

Did Branca not know how to manage finances in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and part of 2003?

Did it ever occur to anyone what took Michael so long to fire the embezzler while Weitzman was teaching Branca what he did with Cobain’s estate during the course of Michael’s “debt accumulation”?

Where were you Branca?

Now he’s using the social security numbers of the children to set up corporations – EXACTLY what Weitzman and Wanamaker did with Cobain’s daughter and Courtney’s Socials . . . EXACTLY what Wanamaker did and IS DOING with Randy Quaid’s identities they set up.


So where were you Branca during the decade of the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s?  How come you couldn’t get Michael into the black back then?  It’s not like he could run out to the antique shops and outspend you, he couldn’t even get his accountants to pay the PEOPLE HE ALREADY HIRED . . . so where did the money go? 

The entertainment industry shut down every single attempt by Michael to do ANYTHING constructive because he wouldn’t play the devils game, so no money was spent there!

Just what were you DOING all this time you were receiving money from Michael, Branca?  For TWENTY YEARS . . . WHAT DID YOU DO TO EARN IT?

You “ARE MICHAEL JACKSON NOW”?  Don’t you wish!

Below is the original letter from the five family members to Jackson’s estate executors.

The EXECUTORS, meaning JOHN BRANCA and WEITZMAN leaked this, NOT the Jacksons.

This is the one with all the signatures on it.

It was the EXECUTORS that removed Miss Katherine from the home.  How do we know?  Because  the BROTHERS were ON TOUR when this took place and in a different state from where she was taken.

The interview with Tito, Marlon and Jackie revealed a very upset Marlon who would NOT NAME the person he talked to on the phone who REFUSED to let him talk to his mother.  I don’t think that person was Rebbie.

The fact that FAKE PARIS was twittering that her grandmother was missing for ten days when she didn’t seem to miss her the other NINE DAYS is very telling.

The fact that FAKE PARIS seemed to know that Dr. Metzger was “with her grandmother” before it was out on the news.  Who told her this?  She hadn’t talked to her grandmother so how did SHE KNOW?  Did someone TELL HER to say it was Metzger?

Who paid Metzger all those years Michael was on tour, while he and Klein and Debbie Rowe were infusing Michael with drugs to keep him under control?  The Jackson family who couldn’t even get in to see their own brother for YEARS . . . or SONY!

Jackson Family Bashing

Comments from Lipstick Alley:

The Haters Comments -
"The possibility exists that Katherine Jackson is not now (& has never been) a great guardian of minor children.
--She let Joe beat her own offspring for years (w/o catchin' beats herself?).
--She forsook MJ's kids for 10+ days & did NOT call to check in on them.
--She provided the opportunity for Randy, Jermaine, & Janet to push around MJ's children in the driveway of the Cal compound.
--She believes the latest info without establishing credibility. Gullible KJ doesn't check facts proactively. She's easily lied to -- & effectively!"

And the Truth -
"His letter is on point. He didn't have to put out this statement. Whether I like Jermaine or not, he did not have to address any of this with the public. It is funny how many people cannot stand him, but yet will go to his page to see what he has to say. It is funny how people clown him, who are interested and want the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but when he issues a statement that makes complete sense, yall still tear him down. He didn't have to release a thing, but he did it for people that are on the outside looking in, because he knows that some of the public is genuinely concerned with his family.

Regardless, the estate is playing hardball, and if they want to see their mother, they have no choice but to give in. Sh*t, it seems like Mrs. Jackson is under oppression if you ask me. She can't have her kids over to her house because the ESTATE says so? Now if that ain't some sh!t!"

And for those over there that believe Branca is Catholic, Branca is JEWISH by his grandmother and mother.  Mottola was also "Catholic" until he converted to Judaism.  All Branca is doing is masquerading as a faithful person when the only thing he really worships is money.  (So you go to church and read the holy Word but in the scheme of life it’s all absurd – you don’t care, you do it for the MONEY).

Those CHILDREN are just a commodity to him - something to buy, sell and trade on.  His collateral for the fraud he is perpetrating with Michael's estate.

This my friends is what most of our countries are doing with OUR IDENTITIES.  We have been sold as collateral to the central banks in which they are in debt.

They are not even Michael's real children.  They are only a tool in which to use to take posession of Michael's identity.  That is ALL John Branca cares about.


Since a commentator to the blog brought up AEG and the confusion over who added what to the actual FINISHED film documentary “This Is It”, I thought I might remind people the deceit that went on between the releasing of the film FOOTAGE to the news stations, and what came out as the documentary AFTER Sony bought the rights and edited the film to show what THEY wanted people to see.

While Michael was supposedly rehearsing for shows, Sony’s plants were already being installed.  Karen Faye and Bush/Tomkins, the gangstalkers like Degosson whom Karen Faye enabled to get close enough to ALLEGEDLY Michael to help their campaign “This is Not It” which was ready to go before June 25, 2009.  It was planned.

Some highlights from one of the Blog entries from 2010:

"Media temple is a very expensive high end super professional web hosting site. They work with Sony, ABC, Starbucks, Toyota,NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Loreal and more. Not exactly budget friendly especially compared too other domain servers....

Are any of THOSE COMPANIES having technical difficulty?

This was a copy of an email with headers on that same link above, sent to me by Yazmeen Carmen or  . . . Muzikfactory2

I have been threatened, I have had my family brought into this, and I have been told that I am “destroying years of work”.

Years? Did somebody slip up?

They were there from the beginning? "

Muzikfactory2 who’s Tweets are now blocked (from me),is the one who told me I was “destroying YEARS OF WORK”.  And that they “were there from the beginning”.

YEARS OF WORK . . . IN 2010???

Well Carmen, you can tell the rest of your coven I’m about to destroy some more.

Tale of Two Michael’s

Since we know John Branca’s family is ESTABLISMENT or ZIONIST if you will, (Dad and uncle both pro-ball players, dad also policitian and youth sports association head, Mom Jewish/high society descent), I thought a little deeper digging into the “Branca” family of Sicily might reveal some interesting finds and I wasn’t disappointed.

"Reconstructive surgery techniques were being carried out in India by 800 BC.[3] Sushruta, the father of Surgery,[4] made important contributions to the field of plastic and cataract surgery in 6th century BC.[4] The medical works of both Sushruta and Charak originally in Sanskrit were translated into Arabic language during the Abbasid Caliphate in 750 AD.[5] The Arabic translations made their way into Europe via intermediaries.[5] In Italy the Branca family[6] of Sicily and Gaspare Tagliacozzi (Bologna) became familiar with the techniques of Sushruta.[5]" – Source, Wikipedia/plasticsurgeryorigins

Source number 6 listed there came from ^ Maniglia A.J. (1989), Reconstructive rhinoplasty, The Laryngoscope, 99(8), page 865. 

"Branca was born in Bronxville, New York. His mother, Barbara Werle, was an entertainer and Harvest Moon Ball winner who danced on The Ed Sullivan Show. She moved to Los Angeles when Branca was four to pursue her show business career. Branca lived with his father, also named John, who later served as the New York State Athletic Commissioner. (His uncle, Ralph Branca, pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers for many years, including the 1947 World Series.)

Branca was also involved in the formation and sale of Interscope Records [jeffre Phillips], the sale of Rhino Records, and represented Rick Rubin and his American Recordings label. He also has served as counsel to numerous music industry investors, including Vivendi, Matsushita and Richard Branson.

Branca is currently the chairman of the large corporation, The Michael Jackson Company." - Source, Wikipedia

Isn’t that interesting?  How does one get away with appointing himself as chairman of a corporation belonging to the dead man for whom he also manages the estate?

We also know from the Wikipedia pages of his father and uncle, that John Branca is also Jewish/Zionist –

"His mother, Kati née Berger, was Jewish and immigrated to the United States in 1901 from Sandorf, Hungary (now Prievaly, Slovakia).[1] His uncle Jozsef Berger was killed at the Majdanek concentration camp, and his maternal aunt Irma died at the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942.[1] His father was John Branca, a trolley car conductor from Italy.[1]" - Source, Wikipedia/RalphBranca
Ralph is listed in the Jewish Pro-baseball players list.

Ralph is John Branca’s uncle.  So Kati ne’e Berger would also be John Branca’s DAD’S mother which would make her  John Branca’s GRANDMOTHER which would make him JEWISH.  John Branca, the trolley car conductor from Italy is his Paternal grandfather married to Kati Berger and John Branca Jr. would be John Branca’s father, brother to Uncle Ralph.  But I covered this back last year on “Michael Said If We Don’t Stop It, Then Who?

I had made a LOT of connections to Bryce Taylor, Bob Hope, the Jackson 5, John G. Branca (Branca’s dad) and Elizabeth Taylor and Ed Sullivan.  Do you see the network?  All of them around Michael.

"Nasal reconstruction goes back to very early times; it was practised in ancient India about 1000 B.C. The first reports in the Western World come from the Branca family in Sicily (mid XV century) and from the Vianeo family in Calabria (mid XVI century): this art was later taken up by Tagliacozzi and published by him in 1597. A review of the literature reveals that the numerous procedures now available to repair the nose had already been devised by the middle of the nineteenth century in Germany and France as well as in England. Outstanding contributions were also made in Italy and the United States." - Source, - and “Annals of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery!  Well now!  What a nose-ble family history to fall back on!

Branca and Hoefflin were paired together allegedly watching films of different angles of the Pepsi commercial accident:


And this was written by Stacy Brown in “Behind the Mask” when Steven Hoefflin was still appearing to play ball.  Apparently Michael’s plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, General practitioner and his LAWYER were very close and shared Michael’s intimate medical details on a constant basis between them all.  Perhaps some of them were even instrumental in plans for reconstruction of his DNA?

Magic and Madness excerpt

Branca and Dr. Metzger

Metzger admitted under oath that he traveled with Michael and INFUSED HIM with I.V.’s while he was ON TOUR. 

Perhaps it wasn’t even drugs at all but something else?  Why did Jermaine say in his book that he checked the IV tubing to make sure it was clear?  Isn’t MOST IV’s clear with or without medication delivery?  I’ve had surgeries in which both narcotics and various antibiotics as well as nutrition were pumped into my veins via I.V. and the ONLY I.V. that had any color to it was the I.V. meals I got twice a day.  Every other medication I received and it was numerous and varied, was clear.

This would have been BEFORE MICHAEL FIRED BRANCA because Michael did not tour after HIStory which ended in 1998 . . . so GUESS WHO WAS PAYING HIM?

Yeppers!  Branca.  The same man who’s paying Tanay, and Trent-fake-cousin Jackson and the other fake, who had Katherine taken out of the house while producing fake pictures of her with a 45 year old Rebbie playing Uno (with no cards in front of her mind you).

Meanwhile the fake Paris is also getting paid to twitter false information and suggestions that her own “aunts and uncles” are liars and have kidnapped  their grandmother via the doctor they’ve witnessed drugging Michael in the past when walking in on his hotel room during the Dangerous Tour.

"Dr. Metzger was brought into Jackson’s Calabasas, California, home “under false pretenses” by saying he was sent by her primary care physician, Ribera said. “We came to find out that her doctor has no association with Dr. Metzger.”

The doctor advised Jackson that it was better for her to take a plane on a trip planned for the next day, rather than ride in a RV driven by Trent Jackson, Ribera said." - Source, CNN

The mystery of Katherine Jackson’s whereabouts was compounded by a recent visit from her son’s former physician, Dr. Allan Metzger, who examined her July 14 after being brought to her home in Calabasas by someone close to the family, said Katherine Jackson’s attorney Sandy Ribera." – Source, PostandCourier

It says by SOMEONE CLOSE TO THE FAMILY . . . not a FAMILY MEMBER.  Could have been a lawyer or a bodyguard hired and paid by the estate.  NOT A FAMILY MEMBER.

Let’s get something straight here right now.  Dr. Metzger is a LOT CLOSER to Branca and Sony then he is to anyone in Michael’s family.  Dr. Metzger is one of the ones who was instrumental in keeping Michael FROM his family all those years while Branca made sure HE was paid.

That same source also reported this, as did I during the actual time of Murray’s trial:

"Despite being a defense witness, Metzger aided prosecutors by telling jurors that he refused Jackson’s request and warned him of the risks." – Source, PostandCourier

Metzger was a WITNESS called by the defense.  That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a HOSTILE witness or that the whole trial wasn’t a fake.  Again . . . who was making sure Metzger was paid and that he accompanied Michael on tour????


John Branca & Dr. Klein.

John Branca and Klein had no enmity between each other until POST-June 25, 2009.  Prior to that Klein was just one of many on the Jackson-handler payroll.  He was instrumental in drugging Michael, his office was used for more than just dermabrasion, he is also MK Ultra trained as was Evan Chandler (a dentist/screenwriter and accuser of Michael in 1993).

Arnold Klein also traveled with Michael while he was on tour.  He was key in entrapping Michael with Liz Taylor who squired him away to London – Something Klein admitted to getting Liz Taylor to do, right after Michael’s surprising admission on the 1993 Music Awards with his Sister Janet who desperately positioned to get eye-contact with her brother.

For THIRTY YEARS as per his own website and bio, he was Michael’ Jackson’s Dermatologist.  AGAIN, he would NOT have been if he weren’t paid and for most of THOSE years, John Branca was his lawyer, pulling the financial strings.

All these people were brought in, in the 1980’s as Michael was being “built” into the INCON now under control by Branca. 

It’s not money people.  Money is the manipulating tool, but it is NOT THE MOTIVE.

In  the next four to seven months, we are going to see why the MONEY is not important at this time.  If it were important, there would have been no need to create another "entity" named Michael JOSEPH.

The Controversy of the Children

John Branca was Michael’s lawyer through the 1993 allegations and through the 1996 harassment by Tom Sneddon.

John Branca was one of Michael’s advisors/lawyers when Chandler was shoved down Michael’s throat.   Branca was Michael’s advisor/lawyer when he was “advised” to “strip” for photographers and doctors in his home, a completely illegal, and criminal request.

John Branca’s “30 year friend” Taraborrelli was given intimate details of the episode to write his his filthy book “Magic and the Madness”.  John did nothing to stop it.

John Branca did nothing to stop ANY of the filthy books put out about Michael either from Diane Dimond, From Stacy Brown (Behind the Mask), Ray Chandler, who also described a drugging incident where Evan Chandler asked Michael “are you gay?”)

John Branca did nothing.  He did nothing.  He was too busy drawing money from Michael’s Sony earnings and sending it offshore to Tommy Mottola and Alvin Malnik.

Branca not only owns "Michael Jackson" Inc. He also owns Prince, Paris and Blanket, Inc . . . what do you think he is going to do with those?

Why did they even need to install children in Michael's life?

We have dead Jacksons, we have dead EX-Jacksons, we have one, possibly two dead children (Marlon's twin Brandon and possible Janet's baby).

There is a lie about to be perpetrated using Michael's alter-ego, Michael Joe.  Michael's "created" children are going to be key, if their plans go un-interrupted.

The Jackson’s Tours

I will close with this.  The plans and “schemes” were being put together way back then.  Look at the themes of the tours, starting with the Jacksons.

The Introductory “The Jacksons” Tour which lasted all of six days in May of 1977.

Then a slightly longer “Goin’ Places” tour, six months between January and May of 1978.

Destiny Tour ran 20 months, January 1979 through September 1980.

Victory Tour ran only five months in 1984, from July to December.

Unity Tour is posthumous Michael and ran only six weeks in 2012.

Destiny – Whos?

Victory – OVER who?

Unity – Oh yeah?

Michael’s concert themes were even more interesting. They included a lot of “hero” or “savior” type themes, soldier/war themes and of course . . . spaceship/alien themes.

Destiny Album Cover

Destiny, the Jacksons are sitting on “Destiny” on high ground out of a raging flood.  There is a tornado in the background (one’s I have dreamed about, I’ve had three tornado dreams in the last three years) and lightning.

And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined."

Victory Album Cover

Victory Album is another animation/cartoon of the guys, this time they are standing on a road that leads . . . to the heavens?  And as someone pointed out last year, Michael is the only one with ‘Illumination’ – The “chosen one”.

“Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one, who will dance on the floor in the round . . .”

I also found this on the Victory Tour Promo:

Victory Tour Ad

Michael is the “Phoenix” rising out of the flames to be “reborn”?

In January 2009, Michael Jackson said we have 4 more years to get things right and start looking after eachother instead of fighting and killing one another, he knew of the illuminati’s plan for 11:11am on 21st December 2012. We all create negative energy everyday when fighting and arguing with eachother, this is what they want because negative energy can make evil things manifest around the world." - Source, Abovetopsecret

I don’t know how accurate the hour and minute is, but we know the New Agers are all focused on December 21, 2012 as the “Paradigm shift” and wonder of all wonders, the same “date/month/year” that Michael points to on the clocks in This is It.

The lie then gets handed to us on the silver platter.  And Branca and everything going on with Michael Jackson, his money, his estate, his fake or real children, none of it will matter.

Wanna know what the lie is?  Want to know where Michael fits in?

They are so clever!

Who says the Devil doesn’t read Gods word???


  1. Oh, the bit about Michael receiving the IV drip on tour and his parents discovering it...I read about that in what was called Joe Jacksons book online and it seemed to be translated from another language because the sentences were a little muddled but Joseph (if it is in fact Joseph) claimed that Michael couldn't go out to dinner with them because he had to have his IV and apparently Sandy Gallin was behind this according to Joe. I only read this a couple of weeks ago.

    I don't think Jermaine is a bad guy in all of this although it does seem like many have it in for him. Katherine said once on telly that Jermaine is the one who keeps her updated on the goings on moreso than the other kids (this was years ago).

    Bill Branca's site (brother to John) is very new age and he's tied to all those 'others' that rile me but I've mentioned this before. Its amazing how its worked out at this point in time that we have the internet and the ability to be able to connect with people all over the world which means as much of the bad can link up as the good, if not more...its a handy tool for all these groups to link up and become a real force and when you look at just ONE of their sites you see how they continue to link from one to another and covers almost every unsavoury mob I've read about,,,every last one of them tied. Would have been so much more difficult for them before now. From the UN down to grass roots groups via govt, media and so forth. Mind boggling. Its like a battle going down, not quite an unseen one though.


    1. Hi TL,

      I read it in Jermaine's book only it was Jackie that actually checked the I.V. tubing and Jermaine and the other brothers just witnessed Michael being hooked up. He was sitting up in bed and it was Bob Jones that tried to stop them from going in. Sandy Gallin does not surprise me if that was Joe's account. I never thought Jermaine was a bad guy. He too is kind of kid-like and those that have it in for him are the same trolls that bash anyone/anything that disagrees with the estate.

      Bill Branca is weird. I remember reading his blog before and he reminds me of the people who came out of nowhere to attack some blogger who was questioning Joel Schumacher's conduct with children.

      Unfortunately for these people TL, the internet also affords us the ability for the GOOD GUYS to network and get the truth out. And you're right. The war in heaven is coming out into the open.

  2. And yet another awesome article, Bonnie.What i the lie,i am curious and cant wait on the next blog.Are the going to use Michael as the Antichrist,that is a scary thought,if true.I know what i have noticed with Micheal is he always portrayed himself as an angel,a soldier,and there are also images of him with some kind of alien/spacecraft theme.Is this Micheal warning us and telling us who he is?Or is it the handlers that are trying to deceive us,into accepting Micheal as the returning Messiah.I am a bit confused,and terrified.

    1. Michael is part of the lie yes. That part of it is in his songs. But what they did to work up to this is a lie that has been in the forming since the beginning and when you see what it is, all this stuff, this drama around Michael will seem very unimportant in comparison.

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    Do you remember The Triumph Tour? The Triumph Tour was a concert tour by The Jacksons, covering the United States from July 8 to September 26, 1981. The tour grossed a total of $5.5 million, setting a record breaking 4 sold out concerts in Los Angeles, California.
    Johnny Jackson the drummer in the Jackson 5 was murdered back in 2006. David Jackson a cousin of Michael Jackson also died a few years ago.

    1. Yes I remember it but it wasn't listed on Wiki! I wonder why? I'll find the info on that and add it above later today. Husband is not feeling good today. Thank you very much on the info too! I didn't know about David Jackson. Mind if I add that above too?

    2. Hi Bonnie,
      Yes please add the info about David Jackson. I will see if I can find the info about David Jackson I have it in a book about MJ somewhere. I guess you knew about Johnny Jackson? I guess David Jackson must be related to Joe Jackson on his side of the family. Michael Jackson has a cousin called Nicole Jackson she has a nice voice she was singing with Tito Jackson in his blues band.
      Katherine Jackson has a younger sister called Hattie she lives in Phoenix. Hattie has a son called Tim Whitehead and she is married to Joe Jackson's stepbrother Vernon. I guess he is Vernon Whitehead. I know that Joe Jackson's parents divorced when he was about 12. Joe Jackson's father Samuel Jackson I think married about 3 times. Katherine Jackson's parents also divorced.

    3. Thank you Ilove. I was never sure if Whitehead was actually a real cousin or not. I have to do more research on him. He was the one spraying Michael's private area with perfume in the back of the limo on their way to the house in Gary in 2003. And I've done a lot of research on Joe's side of the family because I suspected him in the beginning of discoveries on the MK Ultra/Monarch. There is a picture of Joe with Randy Michael and Janet as children and Randy looks VERY unhappy. He is being held by Joe and Joe looks like he's squeezing the crud out of Randy's leg. Either Randy was misbehaving before the shot or Joe was.

      There is a few other things about the Jacksons that most people don't know and if they did, they would not have any doubts about the family. They have their own money. They don't need Michael's. They just need different lawyers and accountants. Sound familiar?

    4. Hi Bonnie,
      I wonder if 'Hattie' is short for Harriet? If Tim Whitehead is Hattie's son then I guess he is a real cousin. Katherine Jackson used to be known as Kattie B. when she was child and her mother was Martha who I think was called 'Mattie'. So I guess they were known as Mattie, Kattie and Hattie. I know Katherine Jackson's parents divorced but I don't know if either of her parents married again.
      I remember the clip of the perfume in the back of the limo and Karen Faye was there. I dislike Karen Faye. I think Tim Whitehead was also the kid who pushed Michael into his swimming pool in 'Neverland'?
      Maybe the MK ULTRA stuff started with Samuel Jackson? I always wondered if Joe Jackson had any white blood in him it might be from an elite bloodline? But as you say we don't know if Joe has white blood and/or 'Choctaw' Native American Indian blood. Katherine was said to have 'Cherokee' Native American Indian blood but we don't know that is true either. I heard that Michael's African heritage is from Nigeria.
      I've not seen the photo of Randy Jackson looking very unhappy. Maybe you could post it up? Poor little Randy.
      What do you mean by the Jacksons have their own money? Does that money come from the government? I didn't think they were a wealthy family until the Jackson 5 got big?

    5. Hi Ilove,

      Think in the scheme of things, their relatives and heritage is really immaterial right now. It's not going to solve the crime. I believe Michael's heritage if important, will come out, but we'll have to see.

      Jacksons and money. They diversified. They're not beholden to the estate executors. They're just made to look like they are in the press.

    6. Hi Bonnie,
      The stuff about the Jackson family, their money, their business deals and stuff just makes my head spin. I don't understand it all it seems so complicated to me.
      You right that going into Michael's family heritage isn't going to solve what happened to Michael. I have an interest in family trees and history. But your right I was going off topic a bit.

    7. Hi Ilove,

      LOL, I'm sorry! Don't listen to me, I said that wrong. It's important in finding connections or even finding the lies the press told about the family, so it is important in that respect (Plus I'm sure the family cherishes their relatives too!) I too have an interest in family backgrounds and heritages. You weren't off topic at all. I was trying to respond quick because I was on my way out the door with my husband and I made a MESS WITH THE SQUEEZE BOTTLE JELLY! Talk about off topic! LOL!

    8. Hi Bonnie,
      Phoenix, Arizona was where Katherine Jackson was taken to recently wasn't it? I wonder if she went to visit her younger sister Hattie there?
      The Triumph Tour does seem to be on Wikipedia:
      If Joe Jackson was part of MK ULTRA also known as project Monarch then he would only be a 'handler'. Not a 'programmer' or a 'controller' there are people much more powerful than Joe Jackson involved in MK ULTRA people higher up in the elite. I've been feeling quite down about all this stuff recently all the child abuse it's so horrible.

    9. Yes, Ilove, ALLEGEDLY that is where she was taken. I still don't think she was taken by family. Marlon was too upset for it to have been family that took her. She went with Dr. Metzger according to one article, NOT Rebbie.

      Yes Triumph is on it's own Wiki page but I was looking at the page of The Jacksons it it wasn't listed on there. That's weird. I wonder why? I listed them in order on that page too. But yes, there was the Triumph tour which goes along with "Victory" but before Victory.

      IF Joe Jackson was recruited to be his son's handler, yes you are right. The programmers work with the CIA and are trained through there as are the controllers. Controllers more or less manage the handlers from what I understand.

      I am very much hoping all this is blown wide open. You know the Bible mentions the "stealing" of souls. I believe this to be mind control.

  4. Bonnie, this blog is absolutely mind boggling in its revelations about the conspiracy! I am flabbergasted and it sends a shiver down my spine at the thought of what is being planned for the future.

    Something else gave me the shivers and put an instant weight on my chest. And that was seeing the Victory Tour poster ad above. OMG...the picture of the brothers with the flames only under Michael's face! The tour started in July 1984. Michael's Pepsi burn occurred six months earlier in January 1984. I still am of the opinion that it was deliberate. Do you think there's a dual connection to that piece of artwork above?

    We discussed the possibility that Michael's safety was intentionally compromised on the Pepsi production set. Despite all the fire experts present that day, the Fire Marshall went on record that he was never informed of the changes on that final take that nearly cost Michael his life. The horrific "accident" was filmed for a good four seconds before anyone showed signs of panic, but it was Miko Brando who burned his hands to put the flames out.

    Where were the fire safety experts at that moment? Not close enough, because they were never informed that the director told Michael to stand closer to the pyrotechnics! Hey you, Bob Giraldi - you're the director Michael never hired again after the Pepsi fiasco. Are YOU one of "them" also? I will burst a blood vessel in my brain if I don't calm down from this!

    Was the Pepsi injury a warning to Michael of what could happen if he didn't comply with certain demands? And now we see those flames only under Michael's face on the Victory poster - an ad that was clearly done after Michael was burned. Is someone having as sick joke at Michael's expense? Phoenix rising from the ashes?...or a subliminal message to Michael that what happened once could happen again if he tried to break out of the program?

    1. Micheline,

      Take a closer look at that picture. Do you see the bird's head to Michael's right? It looks like a bird caught fire and Michael's face is above that.

      Now that you mention the Pepsi burn perhaps there was more significance to the accident then just an attempt to bring Michael into compliance! I don't think Michael's label would put a burning Michael on the promo cover for the Tour to make fun of him. This was a symbol. I believe the PEPSI accident was ALSO just as much a symbol.

      The "Phoenix rising out of the flames" also coincides with the "Dangerous" album's theme of new creatures created by DNA manipulation. Then we have "Blood on the Dance Floor" in which Michael is depicted as the "New Creature" - replacing human DNA (chromosomes/Jacob and Boaz/Pillars/Twin Towers) and Michael "rises up" in place of the "natural order" of what God created us to be.

      If they really wanted to put Michael out of commission they could have done it back then. They could have done it at ANY TIME. That's not what they wanted.

      "Here they stand brothers them all
      All the sons divided they'd fall
      Here await the birth of the son
      The seventh, the heavenly, the chosen one.

      Here the birth from an unbroken line
      Born the healer the seventh, his time
      Unknowingly blessed and as his life unfolds
      Slowly unveiling the power he holds

      Seventh son of a seventh son [4 times]

      Then they watch the progress he makes
      The Good and the evil which path will he take
      Both of them trying to manipulate
      The use of his powers before it's too late


      Today is born the seventh one
      Born of woman the seventh son
      And he in turn of a seventh son
      He has the power to heal
      He has the gift of the second sight
      He is the chosen one
      So it shall be written
      So it shall be done"

    2. Heya,...

      The Fire on Baphomet's head is described as following from Eliphas Levi's Baphomet - The Goat of Mendes

      The flame of intelligence shining between his horns is the magic light of the universal balance, the image of the soul elevated above matter, as the flame, whilst being tied to matter, shines above it. The beast's head expresses the horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, solely responsible part has to bear the punishment exclusively; because the soul is insensitive according to its nature and can only suffer when it materializes.

      -- hope this helps... this symbol is not necessarily freemasonic, as though Albert Pike was also not critical with texts... however this symbol fits into satanic agendas.


  5. I wonder how all these years what was Branca doing? Behind Michael's back like a snake stealing and working with his hired gangs to make his freakin plan. There needs to be a trial to expose all their crimes, and I pray they'll be ashamed and turn away from their evil ways at the same time.

    I remember Klien on larry king talking about he had to put a balloon under Michael's scalp to help with healing. It's all utter trash, there's so many pictures of Michael after the accident and he has no bandage on, no hat on. He was all healed, how does Klien get away with his lies and some believe it? It's sickening, lying to cover up all the years he drugged him, why, just why!!! And on top of that keeping his family away from him, this is sickkk! How could all this be done to Michael and he still remained so sweet and was so strong all that time? Only one reason, because God was always by his side.

    Bonnie, I'm so, so, so upset about all of this, I sometimes can't look at Michael's picture without crying. I hope justice comes very soon for everyone.

    God bless, keep on keeping on and fighting because I'm doing the same.

    1. You never know how much I love you for your last words!

      GOD bless you,and BonnieL for all you done,and do again!

      from faraway

    2. Hi Jill,

      You're right. These people have no shame. They don't even see the Jackson family as people. And you'll have to forgive me but I just severely lost my temper over something stupid here at the house and I don't even feel qualified to talk about any of this stuff right now. (I officially hate jelly in squeeze bottles . . . never again)

      Anyway all the stuff that Branca is doing, Sony, others on Michael's coat tails is sickkkk as you said, but is probably not a surprise to Michael at all, OR his family. They've been living with the knowledge of what these people are capable of for at least 40 years and like us, they discovered worse and worse crimes as time went on.

      God is on Michael's side or more to the point, Michael is on HIS side. Branca's spoils will amount to nothing. It would be nice if he would come to that realization but that is up to him.

      Mihaela, I love your name, It almost looks like "Michael". I love you for ALL your words :o) God bless you and I hope he forgives me for cursing a bottle of jelly. :o(

    3. Because all they are interested in is using people for their own gain. But what will they gain from all this? Nothing good that's for sure.

      Aww Bonnie, I get you, my mom gets upset sometimes over little things, I guess we all do but we shouldn't lol.
      Squeeze bottle jellys are not my favorite either, used to buy them but when it's almost finished you can never get the rest out! LOL

      I just pray for them and pray for justice, because this has to be fixed somehow.

      I agree, Branca won't succeed no matter how hard he tries.
      Yes, Michael is all about God, like what Latoya said in the Barbara Walters interview, Michael is the closest thing to God, that made me smile because it's true. He gives off such a magical feeling.

      Hope your sabbath is relaxing and happy. : )

    4. Jill,

      About the Jelly bottles, I know this, or at least you would THINK I would have remembered that. There was half a bottle left but it did NOT want to leave the bottom of the bottle! My husband was laughing. He said, "I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall" and I replied, "No you wouldn't have!" You know, sometimes he is not very nice to me, LOL!!!

      When you started your next paragraph with "I just pray for them and pray for justice" I thought, "for the jelly bottles???" LOL! Just a split second of getting re-railed on the thought process but I agree with you! This stuff with the jelly bottles has GOT TO BE FIXED somehow!

      Back to seriousness, Latoya said that to Barbara Walters (who smirked through the whole thing) and she also put that in the foreword on her book.

      I have some work to do on this for Monday. Of course we know it's not just Branca involved :o)

      Thank you and what's left of it in your time zone, you have a relaxing Sabbath too. ♥

    5. Dear BonnieL

      Yes,my name is the feminine name of MICHAEL(in my language).
      I want to tell you why I come here again-just because a part of all you told I infered.But I never thought that have so many hide things.
      I must THANK YOU- ALL OF YOU AND ESPECIALLY TO YOU BONNIEL for all this precious informations I found here.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
      I pray allways for all of you,and I think about you every day.

      from faraway but with my heart near
      (please forgive my errors)

    6. Thank you Mihaela,

      Please do not worry about "errors". I think caring comes through in any language as does love. I love your "heart is near" and I feel it.

      Love you♥

  6. Considering the outcome of Michaels burning at the Pepsi event it makes you wonder why others do the same thing just for kicks. Of course the music and entertainment business has real stunt people too so folks should not try stuff at home like first vid noted .Get the experts.


    1. I don't know what you are trying to say with this. Are you saying that Michael's "burn" was just a stunt?

  7. Bonnie,

    This is mind blowing what Branca & McCain are doing. There need to be some criminal charges brought up because this is downright wrong! Keep the information coming. I had send some info about Johnny Jackson that you should look at. So sad....


    1. I agree, but their probably won't be. People will know the truth though. I think Branca's "justice" will come not from man. I will check your email later . . . I'm supposed to be "resting" today and observing the Sabbath and keeping it holy which I have already failed at doing today because I have no patience.

    2. Hi Bonnie, This is a Johnny Parter Jackson link:
      About Omer Bhatti I know he isn't Michael Jackson's son so I still don't understand why Joe Jackson said he was MJ's son. Some think Donte Jackson is Joe Jackson's son. Donte Jackson was said to be Randy Jackson's son he is the same age as Randy Jackson Jr. And Jermaine adopted Donte.

    3. Omer Bhatti also "installed" around the same time as some of the other "kids". Not sure who he is or why he was in Michael's life.

      Michael wanted to save children from the horrors he was going through because he KNEW what was being done to a lot of them in the industry.

      His inner circle knew this and used this to plant people, kids, in Michael's life. Some of them turned on him, some of them didn't. Omer Bhatti was wearing some suggestive symbols in his "Life is a Movie" video. And the video/song itself? Well, wouldn't it just fit right in to their plans? Life is a movie, it's all an illusion, Michael comes "back to life" and the "tape runs out" on December 21, 2012. A "new religion that will bring ya' to your knees . . ." Omer is seated next to Michael's family, he hangs around with kids that we've all believed until recently were Michael's . . .

      Not a healthy picture we're painting of this boy is it?

      Donte looks like Jermaine. IMO but . . . I could be wrong. I like Jaafar's message better. All of Jermaine's children's names begin with a J.

    4. Hi Bonnie,
      By the way I meant Johnny Porter Jackson not Johnny Parter Jackson. Donte Jackson to me looks a bit like a young Randy. I've read Donte's Twitter and he seems very New Age, he seems to be very into the New Age religion. Not sure whos son Donte really is? Randy's, Jermaine's, Joe's? But Donte is defo a Jackson he has the Jackson look.
      Like you I feel Omer Bhatti was installed. Omer seems close to MJ3. I also feel Omer is an MK'd kid. I think a lot of the kids around Michael were MK Ultra kids and from elite bloodlines. It's a worrying picture poor Michael.

    5. ILove,

      I knew who you meant. I make typos all the time that I have to back and explain.

      I noticed that Donte tweets a lot of new age and Jaafar would tweet ANTI-Illuminati messages/images. I kind of thought they were doing a back and forth there for a while. Games. I'm not following either one of them anymore. I think the only Jacksons I am following right now are Latoya and Jermaine.

      Donte and Randy Jr. look too much alike not to be brothers. I don't think he is Joe's son. In this picture here -

      You have Austin Brown, Jeremy Jackson (Who is that? And look at his arm!!! Looks like someone gave him a good indian burn!), some woman, Donte Jackson, Jaafar (who definitely looks like Jermaine) and Randy Jr.

      I agree with you on Omer. Michael was used, and used, and used and used...

  8. Hi Bonnie,
    The Jacksons also got back together for The Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special in 2001 in New York City.
    Didn't The Jacksons do a MJ tribute concert in Japan after Michael died?
    Why wasn't Jackie Jackson, La Toya Jackson and Marlon Jackson on the letter you posted above? Why didn't they sign the letter?
    I heard that Joh'Vonnie Jackson isn't Joe Jackson's only love child. I heard he has other love children. I know that Michael Jackson was very upset when he heard about Joh'Vonnie he was upset to hear he had a half-sister and that Joe was unfaithful to his mother.

    1. Yes, but that was a one time concert - not a tour (The 30th Anniversary Special). I don't think the Japan concert materialized.

      I don't know why the other Jackson siblings didn't sign the letter. They appear to be split on that issue. Maybe that was the intention. Personally I've even played with the idea that the letter was a complete phony except that Randy vouched for it online. Shoot! They faked the kids, perhaps the Jackson twitters are phony too (or hacked).

      Joh Vonnie. She's another one that could be "manufactured" since she has a hard time being accepted by the Jackson family. Other illegitimate children seem to be welcomed, what's up with her? Makes you wonder if Joh'Vonnie is not another "story". They have done everything they could to split this family. If they can fake Michael's children JohVonnie would be easy. They've lied so much everyone would believe it.

      "If you tell a lie often enough people believe it...."

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    I just wanted to share with you our experience of how God cares for His children. Yesterday while my son was coming home from college, about an hour's drive and usually boring and uneventful, a semi lost control, crossed over the median and was heading for my son...head on. He said he turned his wheel sharp, jammed on the breaks, and turned his head because he knew they were going to hit. He said if He didn't believe in Divine Intervention before, he does now, because there is no other way to explain why they didn't hit and he ended up in the shoulder after sliding sideways down the Interstate. The car behind him was far enough back that he ended up the same way...right beside my son. The semi continued on with what seemed a Deadly outcome...going into the ditch and having his trailer swing around and come down on the truck, twisted and crippled. THEY BOTH WALKED AWAY UNTOUCHED,and my son still doesn't know how the trailer missed him when it swung around. I said,"Yes you do...God was with you:)" He smiled and agreed that God is the reason he is still here today, and that he realizes he had a near miss with death. Eternity is that close...that CLOSE. It was an eye opening experience for him, and my husband and girls and I are praising God that we have him with us today. We feel that God isn't finished with him yet, or he would have taken Him home to be with Him yesterday. The past 2 weeks, The Lord has been making Himself known in amazing ways in our ways that we just can't explain away...and yesterday reminded us that HE IS THERE. In a world where everything is turning upside down right now, God Is there, and very much aware of who we are and where we are, and that He loves us all so much. Maybe there is someone out there today who is discouraged and feels all alone and that no one cares. I want you to know that God knows your name, and He knows your every thought and He knows your broken heart, and He knows each tear you have cried. While we are in this world we will have to endure some things that will absolutely break our hearts, and shake the very foundation that we stand on, and make us question what we believe in. But God will NEVER let us down, and we can trust Him with our lives, and our families.I am still in shock as I consider the miracle that took place yesterday. My son has a whole new lease on life...and for that we are so thankful:) Just wanted to share this example of God ever present in our lives. I thought it might encourage someone. God bless you Bonnie:)

    1. Anonymous, That is a remarkable story! And I love to hear stories like that (hope the trucker was okay!) I could almost feel the sliver of fear shoot up your son's back and close his eyes in resignation. I bet he was shaking!

      I bet God feels every bit of that and depending on the situation, the person and if they completed their purpose hear on earth to go home and rest, God either takes them or saves them for something else . . . you're right!

      I've been involved in situations like that and I've WITNESSED situations like that (My son and the tree branch - Have to tell that story another time).

      Thank you very much for sharing that and give your son a hug for me from far away. :o) God bless you and him! ♥♥♥

    2. Hi Bonnie, son was still trembling when he got home, realizing how close he had come to leaving here and being in the presence of God. It has made such an impact on his life, and opened his eyes to God always being near him. He is a Christian, but he became very aware of God's constant presence around him on Friday. He is 18 years old. We don't know what caused the trucker to lose control and cross over the median into the lane that my son was traveling, and we do pray that he is well. He had gotten out of the truck and was walking around when the police were asking my son what he had witnessed, so that much is good...and amazing that He walked away. My son is fine...just a little shook,and no damage to his vehicle except needing 2 new tires put on because he slid sideways down the interstate. He said the smell of his tires "burning" was awful. Every time we get in our vehicles, we pray for God to protect us and take us safely to our destination. Those prayers were answered on fact, I commit my whole family to God's tender care everytime they leave the house, knowing that He loves them even more than I do, and when they are in His Care, they are in the best place that they can possibly be in. I breathe a prayer of gratitude when they walk back in the door in the evening. Some people that we have shared this Miracle with just don't get it, but when you KNOW the Lord and His love and goodness, You can easily RECOGNIZE HIM in your daily life. Thank you for rejoicing with us Bonnie. I WILL give my son that hug from you:)God bless.

    3. Awwww . . . thank you. Give yourself a hug too. No neglecting! :o)


    Bonnie, not sure if you've read this one ,,,, the last paragraph is most interesting!!


    1. ""I am not going to say Michael was Jesus Christ," Lee told a news conference at the festival. "But if you look at the performance, he was somewhere else. That was one of the greatest performances, ever, ever, ever. He is not of this world."

      Read more:

      Yeah . . . very interesting.

      I was reading both 1 and 2 Thessalonians last night. Coincides with Iron Maiden's lyrics and a few other things. "Call Me When You're Sober" from Evanescence. Music scene is all into this, being used to convey a message to one side or the other. More on this later.

    2. i love that Sheryl Crow said that the molecules changed in the room when he was there

    3. I wonder why they got rid of her after only one tour?

    4. I"ve seen two much older video's here in Australia where Sheryl Crow is not nice about Michael. She was grumpy, impolite etc. This was back when she finished up with him no doubt. Once he'd 'passed' her interviews regarding him were a lot less negative than those mentioned above. Not to forget she sings one of the Jackson five songs(I want you back) these days and does a good job of it. They all loved it at the White House function in honour of Motown.


    5. Sheryl Crow will forever be the toilet paper girl to me. I remember her courageous request for everyone to use "one square of toilet paper", while her limo was running outside for an hour with the air on....

      It's about that time that I felt really REALLY sorry for whoever did her laundry.


      A 2004 snippet from this she says he was here to save the children!

      She and Frank Di Leo had issues too I believe.


    7. Some people have an unrealistically elevated sense of self worth.

      He Sheryl . . . You're just Sheryl - the toilet paper lady. Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson. If he spoke to you at ALL in 18 months perhaps you should just be grateful and stop complaining that a chimp was apparently more interesting than YOU were.

      "Blender magazine readers submitted questions to Sheryl Crow and one asked about the period where she was a backup singer for Michael Jackson, and if she felt he was a bit odd. “Uh, hello?,” Crow responded. “Yeah. There was plenty of weirdness going on. For one, he barely spoke to me in 18 months, and that’s weird, because I’m fascinating, and I can’t believe that he didn’t want to speak to me. But the chimp was out on the road, and the Pepsi kid was around. It was like a weird circus. You sensed that this guy really had no sense of reality at all. It probably wasn’t even his fault. It’s so sad. He told me that his purpose on the planet was to save the children. From what, I don’t know.” - TL's link above.

      Save the children from people like you.

    8. Sorry...I don't particularly like her... I just thought that was a very interesting comment to make about MJ. Many people have said something similar and it just seemed like something nice coming out of her mouth about him for a change.

    9. I don't like her either. No argument from me. As far as something nice coming out of her mouth about Michael . . . there was A LOT of that AFTER June 25th 2009. She's told to promote whatever fake they will have coming out. She's just doing what she's told and I'm sorry but that doesn't make ANYONE fascinating in my book.

  11. BONNIE, yes, what did Branca do while he worked for Michael during 20 years ? I liked how you formulated the criminal treachery Branca used to conspire, steal & destroy. With Dr. Metzger &...(the list of conspirators of all boards is too long) : all in a big bag attached by a huge stone for the deep waters. Janet seems to be the last chance for a legal investigation against the Estate but will she really pursue or even be able to pursue ?

    AEG : They knew exactly Michael's financial, career & emotional situation before they signed any agreement with him in January 2009. Compared to Sony/Branca they dealt with Michael only a very short period but what was their real connection with Sony/Branca in 2008-2009 ? The Jacksons' family letter of July 2012 to the Estate accused :

    "...There has been no objection from you, the Executors of Michael estate, regarding the heinous and heartless threats toward our mother, our family or his children. Why ?

    However you do not hesitate writing a letter to Judge Palazuelos presiding over the wrongful death case, wherein, you ask the Judge to keep ALL documents handed over by AEG for discovery under court seal, clearly protecting AEG, but not protecting our mother nor our niece and nephews, Paris, Prince and Blanket. Who are you working for ? What is that you don't want to be known ?..."

    Many people despised that family letter but I found it very definite & incisive : Branca should still answer many questions to the family..& not only on the financial audit situation.

    1. Line,

      Let's hope the big stone Branca tried to throw has a rope that got unwittingly rapped around his own legs. He's not doing so good a job covering up his intent, his motives or his hired help.

      Janet - If that is her goal behind this push against the estate yes, I believe she would more than be able to persue it but she needs the backing of Miss Katherine or a judge won't even look at her complaint. It would have to be INVESTIGATED through an attorney general. And considering this thing crossed state lines, probably a federal grand investigation.

      AEG - The only connection AEG had to Sony/Branca was licensing rights to perform the songs. This is why I half believe the Jacksons came up with this letter to begin with. AEG has no bearing and nothing to do with Michael's estate at all. All their rights were signed away when they sold "TII" footage to Sony. Their done. I have another theory as to why they were even mentioned and CC'd but for now I want to see where this goes.

      If you think about it REAL HARD . .. you will probably guess why AEG and those particular people within AEG were even copied in on this.

      There is a supposed lawsuit coming up in 2013 with AEG. Somebody is not turning over documents to do with Sony and Branca . . . and I don't think it's to protect AEG. Sony is MUCH BIGGER than AEG.

      Just answer yes or no if you have an idea about what's goin going on there. I don't want to say too much :o)

    2. Type first sentence - rapped should be "wrapped".

    3. My only answer for now is that something BIG must be cooking behind-the-scenes of some law offices, for one just Janet Jackson vs Estate (if she ends what she started). Besides Brian Panish office is as always silent but might launch a bomb next year leading not only to AEG (smaller player but close in business with Michael in 2008/2009) but to know who they are ;o) hope anyway.

    4. BONNIE, another BIG issue you raised : will Katherine Jackson give her backing to her daughter Janet's legal suit intent against the Estate ? Still scratching my head on it.

    5. I still don't think AEG had any active part in Michael's passing or even in planning. I have not forgotten ANY of the details surrounding the Sony infiltrators. AEG holds certain keys - documents that could probably bury some people. But more than that . . . There is a past concerning Michael. This most certainly did not stop and start with the events in 2009. The people that hurt Michael were not hired by AEG. They were brought in by Sony after certain contracts were signed. That's what I can't wait to see.

      Katherine Jackson is going to have to bow out of this at some point for her own protection. I THOUGHT that was happening last month, but it was a false alarm.

      Line, it may come down to God being the one to mete out justice. For us to depend on anything solid coming out of the government of California is foolish. There is no justice there.

  12. Hi Bonnie,

    First, I'd just like to say that I can't believe it's September already and summer is coming to an end, it's quite sad to see it go.

    As for the situation with Branca, Weitzman and Sony's crimes against Michael and his family. The more I read the crimes they've committed against Michael the more upset I get. I get so angry. I really want all who are complicit in the persecution against Michael and his family to finally be accountable for their crimes. I know that it's going to happen but when? Like you, I'm also an impatient person, I'm the type of person that needs things to happen now, not later. And I'm sorry but I laughed when you mentioned you lost your temper over a jelly squeeze bottle because I also lost my temper when I couldn't open a jar of mustard in order to make a sandwich..LOL. God needs to teach us both on how to be patient..LOL.

    Also, I'm wondering why the stories spun by Branca against the Jacksons in the media have suddenly gone silent and wonder what else the crook has up his evil sleeves?

    I also wanted to comment in regards to Michael's non-biological children and wonder why we never see them in photos with Janet, Randy or even Rebbie. We see Janet with Austin, Rebbie's daughter Yashi or Marlon's daughter Valencia but never with Prince, Paris or Blanket. This confirms for me that they are not Michael's biological children. The only Jacksons that we see PP&B with are Katherine and La Toya. I also find that when Michael siblings and even mother speak of PP&B they seem cold and indifferent toward them. They are not Michael's children and I can't wait for the truth to finally come out.

    While reading my Bible today I came across two verses

    Jeremiah 29:11 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


    Proverbs 3:5-6

    5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    6 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

    These apply to the way I'm feeling right now and when I came across them I knew that this was God speaking to me, to have faith in Him, to trust Him and to let Him lead the way. When God is leading and in the driver's seat there's nothing to worry. He has a plan for every single one of us.

    God also has a plan for Michael, the Jacksons and know that Branca and his trolls will not get away with what they're doing, God will not let them not only in His Kingdom but I believe even on Earth. We're going to see major exposure of Branca's crimes and fraud, it's all about to come out and Branca will not be able to run or hide.

    1. Hi Spring,

      Last night I was reading 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Now the Bible passages I post here are usually either from the Geneva Bible or the old King James Version. BUT, my Bible is actually the New King James Version and they modernize some of the language in it (more plain speaking English without all the "wherefor art thou's").

      Well in reading both books last night (both are rather short, only 5 and 3 chapters respectively) I read this:

      1 Thessalonians 4:15-18:
      "15 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. 16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.

      7 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. 18 Therefore comfort one another with these words."

      2 Thessalonians 2:3-11
      "3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin[b] is revealed, the son of perdition, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God[c] in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

      5 Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things? 6 And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time.

      7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He[d] who now restrains will do so until He[e] is taken out of the way. 8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.

      9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,"

      Look at how 2 Thes. 2 verses 6 and 7. Do you see what I see here?

    2. Cont....

      Now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his time.

      The mystery of lawlessness is already at work. only He who restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.

      The person who is taken out of the way is RESTRAINING the evil. because THEN it says that the lawless one will be revealed.

      I will get more into this with the "signs and lying wonders". One thing that did not escape my attention:

      The one who restrains the evil and is taken out of the way? They capitalize "He" each time.


  13. I think see where this is going and what's going to be revealed and how it's going to be revealed. The capitalized 'He' refers to Jesus Christ being taken away in order for the lawless one to be revealed. The evil was restrained, held back, by Jesus until he was taken away into Heaven and then the lawless one would be revealed.

    This is parallel to Michael being taken out in order for the lawless one to be revealed who will then be consumed and destroyed.

    And here we're supposed to believe that the devil and his Earthly demons don't read or believe in Holy Scripture of course they do and just like the devil imitates and wants to rob from God, John Branca imitates and is robbing Michael.

    Let's continue to rely on God who will reveal all lies and corruption to us, let's keep our eyes and ears opened and most importantly let's continue to pray the prayer of protection of love for Michael, his entire family and for all innocent people caught in the crossfires.

    1. Spring, remember in Daniel, the angel tells Daniel what will happen in the end times, up to and including the mess that went on last year in Libya, Egypt and some of the Arab countries, but Libya and Egypt were mentioned by name.

      in Revelation 9-10 when the Angel reveals information about the ceasing of the daily sacrifice he is ALSO talking about Christ, so there is like a dual prophecy. Jesus coming and being sacrificed or "taken away" was the BEGINNING of the end times prophecy.

      Then in the New Testament Jesus gives us more of the story in Matthew 22-24. Paul fills in a few more holes and then John closes it up in Revelation. I still have to keep going back and forth.

      I will show you why reading through different versions of the Bible can actually help put some pieces together.

      There is an overlap of a couple of characters in the Bible. I think this was written like this on purpose. I just love the way God laid this out. It is not only meant to give us hope, it helps us open up our brains from the sleep they sought to keep us in.

      More on this later. Don't want to give it all way.

    2. Bonnie, do you mean Daniel Chapters 10 through 11 when Daniel sees the vision of a man with a face of lightning, his eyes as lamps of fire and arms and feet like the color of polished brass? This would be Jesus showing Daniel what's to come in the end times because only at Daniel Ch.11 vs 43 are Egypt and Libya mentioned by name.

      Also, to put the pieces together even more we should also make note of Daniel Ch.12 vs 11-12 because it gives us a timeline as from the time that Jesus is taken away to when the lawless one is revealed and destroyed.

      Daniel Ch. 12 vs 11-12 11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

      12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

      I also love how God laid it all out for us to understand it and it also shows us how consistent God is throughout the Holy Bible. He reveals all the mysteries to us it's up to us to study His Word and to pray to Him everyday for wisdom, the truth and discernment and He will show it to us.

      I will stop there for now but I just want you to know that I know and understand. Through God's Holy Word and His guidance He is showing us where this is all going and leading up to in relation to Michael as well as events occurring all over the world.

      And I agree let's not give it all away just yet.

    3. Yes, but chapter 9 is also important (Thank you, you're right. It's chapter 11 on the Libya and Egypt).

      Yes, in Daniel 11 and 12 there are two prophecies being given parallel to each other. Jesus has not come yet when Daniel is hearing this and it is Jesus who makes the daily sacrifice obsolete. But the abomination of desolation is what the lawless one brings about when he announces his own covenant once he is revealed after the one who restrains is "taken out of the way".

      I have mentioned this last year, I mentioned it again earlier this year, and the next time we will be putting more pieces on this puzzle.

      Michael was hated for a reason. And you would be surprised how many songs in the music industry were written and/or performed by other artists in relation to, or on answer to him and his "mission".

  14. Hi Bonnie,

    As I am reading the comments this morning before getting ready for Worship,and drinking my coffee, I am amazed because do you know what the verse is that is on my coffee cup? Jeremiah 29:1l. This verse was given to me by someone when my mother was dying with Colon cancer. It has been special to me ever since...interesting that I should read it on here this morning. Coincidence? I don't think so:) God bless:)

    1. I know and I didn't post that, someone else did. It's a very loving, caring verse. I believe that when someone is in anguish, God feels it and puts his finger on that person's heart, and even though the person is crying and in sorrow, they feel that and it makes them cry even more, just like someone hugging you sometimes breaks through a wall that keeps the tears locked up until that time. Your barriers crumble and that is what God wants to happen, so he can get in there.

      Thank you for sharing that anonymous, and I'm sorry you lost your mom . . . temporarily. I hope you don't miss her too much♥♥♥

    2. Hi Bonnie,

      You are right:) Sometimes that hug can break through the defenses that we put up to protect ourselves from the hurt when words can't. Yes exactly..."locked up until that time". I have experienced that,I think we all have, and God's love is the key to unlock our hearts. I lost my Mom 25 years ago this September, and I do miss her, but I know I will see her again, and she is safe with God. She died so young, but her work was finished and He called her home.She was a wonderful mom, and a precious friend, and I pray that I can be the kind of Mom to my kids that she was to me. I am so thankful that you are there to talk to Bonnie. God bless you:)

    3. Awww anonymous . . . both my parents are still with me but my relationship with my father is currently a work in progress (big hunks of my childhood without him) and my stepfather, who was part of our family (grudgingly at first as far as myself and my sibs were concerned) from the time I was ten into my adulthood. He died when I was twenty eight and he was only 46. Younger than I am now. My mother was two years older than him. He did not go easy. Lung cancer that went to the brain. Feeling his fear was the worst. He was like a little kid, clapping his hands in the middle of the night to stay awake because he was afraid he wouldn't wake up. But he was saved and Baptized, and when the Lord came to take him, my mother said you could see it in his face right before his spirit left his body. It wasn't until then my mother could cry.

      I can't say that my stepfather was wonderful, I can't say that he was perfect because he wasn't. But despite his short comings and in the beginning, his foul mouth he still had a childlike quality to him, and he was VERY loyal to mom and very, very protective of us kids. I hope he knows that I loved him and appreciated that.

      God bless you and thank you for allowing me to share this, and for sharing your beautiful mom with us :o)

    4. Hi Bonnie,

      Thank you for sharing your heart with me. It's amazing how God makes us One in the family of God, isn't it. There are times that I feel I have always known have that kind of heart.

      My Mom passed when she was only 49 and I was 24. The cancer had spread to her brain as well in the end. She had been in a coma for about 2 weeks, and the nurses said she could still hear me so keep visiting with her like she could respond back to that's what I did. They said the hearing is the last thing to go when a loved one is dying, so what we say needs to reflect our love for them.
      On the morning that she passed away, she opened her eyes, looked up and EXCLAIMED..."OHHHHHHHHH" and with that, she took her last breath. I believe she saw something too beautiful for earthly words. Her face appeared to be "brilliant". Her nurse came running in, because she heard it, and listened to her heart and turned around and told me that she was with the Lord. She was a Christian and God had surrounded us with His presence as He was preparing us to take my Mom home with Him. I will never forget that day. My dad is still living at age 79.and has had serious health issues for quite some time now. I think he wishes he could go home, too. He never got over losing my Mom. She was taken so young. The pain and the loneliness follow him everyday, but someday we will see her again:)She is still my Mom...She didn't cease to be who she was because she went to be with the Lord.I carry her with me in my heart everyday...her love and the many life lessons that she taught me. When you are connected at the heart with someone you love, and they pass from this life, that separation and "loss of connection" hurts. This is what I also feel for Michael...whether he "passed" or has just been "taken out of the way", either way, we can no longer see him with our physical eyes,and that separation hurts.BUT... we CAN see him with our "hearts", and hear "his voice" because of the "Legacy of Love" he has left behind for us...His "example" of how to love each other...really love:)
      God bless you today and everyday:)

  15. Hello Bonnie, I am angry right now. I don't know if you have seen this but it appears to me that this is a bunch of crap (excuse my language) it appears to have been purposely leaked out in this manner.,0,2359376,full.story

    1. Ang,

      You're right. This is a manufactured story. And I wouldn't get too upset about it because it this is being leaked, it means that Branca/Sony are under threat of something getting revealed. I copied this part below:

      "A week later, AEG filed a claim for the entire $17.5-million insurance policy and said publicly that it was out more than $35 million.

      But within a very short period, it became clear that Jackson's demise, however terrible for those who loved him, was a commercial boon for his heirs and for AEG.

      The celebratory documentary "This Is It," which AEG co-produced alone grossed more than $260 million worldwide."

      First of all it's common knowlege now that the $17.5 mil policy has been turned over to estate executors and was never paid out because the estate executors are still trying to sue Lloyds for the money. (Since they are the ones that put out the drug addict rumors I find this rather hillarious because it backfired on them).

      "Also it says that This is It" grossed more than $260 world wide . . ." Uhmmm guess who benefited from that? Not AEG, they had sold all the rights to it for $60 mil. They got a mere share of 10% split between all the other "producers". Sony is the one that made this killing as well as Branca who brokered the deal (and made money on both sides).

      Note that Sony is completely taken out of the picture in this article. Not even mentioned! Who produced the documentary? Sony?

      Something tells me that Branca his trying to cover his ass with blanket that keeps getting smaller and smaller. And the copies of emails? Probably fabricated or pieces taken out of context. They're good at that.

      Sony/Branca = in trouble.

    2. Did you know that John Branca's law firm does not even have an online web site? Because the gutless, Zionist wonders know that people are going to bomb them with the fact that they are fraudulent, murdering, thieving liars who steal from celebrities.

      They're too CROOKED to have a website.

    3. Exactly! I believe they were altered or made up. Who in their right mind would keep incriminating emails that could be discovered??!1 No one. I am sorry this in my own opinion from all the reading I have done. I feel they know that Michael is not dead and they are freaking out. They do not know his next move. I remember watching him say they think they are smarter than him but are they? I can not help but to laugh out loud.

    4. I think they are freaking out because some of the evidence that people had who were previously "killed" or "committed suicide" is starting to turn up in depositions.

      :o) :o) :o)

    5. This rather points to a fake Michael being afraid. I don't buy that story a single bit but rather it makes me laugh, because I just can't imagine Michael acting like someone who carries a big responsibility of being some big name music legend. This behavior rather suits someone who has the ROLE of being Michael Jackson and has his pants full ... :-P :-)

      Thanks to you I get to see how things are not what they always seem. It feels great to know that slowly I'm beginning to ask the right questions.

      Big hug, Miriam <3

    6. A fake Michael being afraid and/or the people FINANCING/MANAGING the future appearance of a fake Michael being afraid. (Miriam, high five!)

      Has his pants full? LOL!

      The REAL Michael said that "Billie Jean is not my lover". He never caved to the "contract". I believe him.

    7. (High Five back, Bonnie!) LOL

      Now, wouldn't it be great if they come out into the open with a fake Michael and then - hello! The real MJ turns up to bust them completely? :-) It sure seems to me, that Branca/Sony and all the media outlets so far point to a (desperate?) try to keep things under control. That wouldn't be necessary were they feeling 'safe' with their agenda, but obviously it is most important to have the public see things a CERTAIN way.

      Love Miriam

  16. I am getting a LOT of searches for Taymoor Marmarchi. Is that dude doing something he's not supposed to be doing in Michael's name? I have not seen any news on him and the last video I saw on Youtube with him had to do with "1,000 Points of Light" charity over a year ago.

    Anyone heard anything? He used to claim he worked with Heal the World Foundation but he's a liar.

  17. Bonnie,

    Check this out! I have already sent a email to you but I wanted to post this.

    Rhymes with Snitch | Entertainment News | Celebrity Gossip

    Maybe Janet and Randy were on to something. Three years after Michael Jackson's death the trust fund set up for his children Prince, Paris and Blanket is sitting on empty...

    From NY Daily News

    The planned trust fund for Prince, Paris and Blanket remains empty three years after Jackson’s tragic demise, despite almost $600 million generated posthumously from Jackson’s music, legendary likeness and salvaged assets.

    Lawyers and accountants are still sorting through the singer’s towering pile of debts and legal bills, and the process could take another two to five years, one lawyer told the Daily News.

    In the meantime, Jackson’s kids live on a family allowance tightly controlled by estate executors and overseen by a judge.

    “The probate is still pending, and although almost all of Michael’s personal debt has been or is about to be paid in full, the estate is technically still in debt,” estate lawyer Howard Weitzman said. “Once all of the creditors’ claims, taxes and pending litigations have been resolved, the trusts will be funded per court order.”

    I don't know about you but I see a BIG RED FLAG!!!


    1. P,

      Maybe they should check the corporate accounts set up in the kids names in Delaware, PPBI and PPB II?

      The estate generated over a billion more than a year ago. Most of the fans are not dumb enough to fall for any assertions by the embezzlers of Michael's estate that Michael generated less money after he died.

      There is $260mil from TII alone which they constantly brag about. Then there is posthumous sales of merchandise and albums from Michael - a big pop after he "died".

      Then there is the estimated 20 to 40million a year JUST FROM THE ROYALTIES on both catalogs . . . a YEAR and that was estimated during his TRIAL, not after he died.

      Then there is Cirque du Solei, then "Michael" album which even though sucked did make a profit. Then there is the DVD sales of reproduced music video collections, books and concerts.

      They are covering their butt in the press. But we already knew this is what they were doing. They are paying off legal bills? They are paying of their legal lobbyists and P.R. spokespeople. So while J.Randy Terrible-Ellie is busy buying lavish dresser top gifts to leave for Charles Thomson after their friendly romps, all that money that Branca is paying his trolls is coming from the estate.

      Then again . . . all this could be stories to try to draw Michael out of hiding, if they believe he is still here.

    2. Oh yeah! Let's not forget about BAD 25th anniversary they have planned. Spike Lee is doing a documentary on Michael Jackson.

      Pepsi Partners with Michael Jackson Estate for Bad 25

      (AdAge) - Pepsi is paying homage to the King of Pop one more time.

      The brand is working with Michael Jackson’s estate to create a limited-edition package featuring the singer, according to an executive close to the company. The package coincides with the 25th Anniversary of the “Bad” album, which was released on Aug. 31, 1987.

      The package will be a 16 oz. can available in convenience stores and grocery stores around Memorial Day, according to Beverage Digest. The can, said to have a blue background with an image of Mr. Jackson dancing, is expected to cost 99 cents. Pepsi declined to comment.
      Pepsi sponsored the 1988 Bad World Tour. The tour spanned 16 months, with 123 concerts in 15 countries attended by 4.4 million fans. It was the largest-grossing tour in history and the one with the largest audience.

      The brand’s relationship with Mr. Jackson dates to 1984 and the “New Generation” campaign. The singer’s hair caught fire during a commercial shoot that was part of that campaign. Mr. Jackson appeared in a number of ads for the brand over the years, performing versions of “Billie Jean” and “Bad,” among other songs.

      Pepsi has a long association with music but has been emphasizing it in the past year. It poured $60 million into a sponsorship of “X Factor,” Simon Cowell’s music competition, and featured the show’s winner, Melanie Amaro, in a Super Bowl spot. The tagline for the ad, created by TBWA/Chiat/Daywas “Where there’s Pepsi, there’s music.”

      Earlier this week, Pepsi confirmed to Ad Age its relationship with singer Nicki Minaj, who is said to be appearing in a new global campaign for the brand.


  18. I have a hard time believing the trust fund would be empty, I thought the estate couldn't touch that? Or Branca's putting this out in the media.....
    I think Branca needs his brain checked, he's pretty insane.....God please help.

  19. I found a duplicate paris jackson. More like a look alike here . Since when does a teen who is yet to achieve something need a double?


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