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Michael Jackson Justice: One More Chance, This Is It - Final Curtain Call

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Saturday, August 25, 2012

One More Chance, This Is It - Final Curtain Call

One More Chance Before He Left

"Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:  14) In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:  15) Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:

16) For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:  17) And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.  18) And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

19) For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell;  20) And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.

25) Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God;  26) Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints:"

It is amazing that in my daily, morning reading, I begin Colossians 1, where it discusses the evidence of Christ in the beginning of time, the beginning of all things, and whom in all things he has preeminence.  And in verse 25, we are told that the “mystery” which had been “hid from the ages and from generations” is made manifest to his saints, which is those that believe and WILL SEE IT.

The Substance of all living things

Louie’s Witnessing of the Bible Verses above

The mysteries of God are becoming unhidden.  The things they kept hidden so that they could manipulate them unbeknownst to you. 

We spoke yesterday of Michael’s story paralleling stories in the Bible and what they did to Michael they were doing to us, if a bit less pronounced.

They used the press and the media to cover up who he really is (“ . . . try to get me to lose the man I really am . . .”), the use the press and the media, and they pitted different family members against each other IN the media and USING the media to portray a family’s character that is complete fiction.

Now what is going on, is an escalation in the illusion of family vs. everybody else to keep you blinded to what their real plans are.

Does anyone wonder why the Estate executors have not gone after Taaj Malik for trashing them on her blog “TeamMichael”?  Does anyone wonder why the Estate has not gone after or denounced the likes of me or other bloggers out there for pointing out their lies?

Has anyone questioned why they are still trying to focus fans on the battle over an estate who’s basis of value will soon become obsolete?

This battle is not about Michael’s money.  It’s not even about Michael’s children (in the familiar sense) or his family.   This battle is, and has always been a spiritual one.  Everything else cycloning around it is DISTRACTION.  It is illusion used to blind you and keep your head turned from the truth.

Michael’s Identity in His Song Lyrics.

You don’t need fan club presidents telling you who Michael was.  You don’t need Karen Faye or any of the other fake friends making their appearances on T.V. and Twitter telling you who Michael is.  If they can’t TELL the truth, they certainly haven’t SEEN the truth and their job is to keep you FROM the truth.

Karen Faye was a MAKEUP ARTIST/HANDLER.  Elvis had one too.  His name is Larry Geller, Uri Geller’s cousin.  Larry did Elvis’s hair.   There isn’t too much to the imagination here and way too much coincidence not to see the network.  You have to be some kind of blind NOT to see it.

You want to know Michael and who he was, listen to his songs, read his lyrics and look into his eyes when he is talking about God, faith, Jesus, praying and reading the Bible.

The Keys In Michael’s Songs

We began in the Jackson5 yesterday through a couple of the songs in the Jacksons albums.

We linked Billie Jean to “This Place Hotel”, “Torture”, “Dangerous”, “Dirty Diana” and someone posted on comments “Things I do for You”.  Key words linking these songs were “hotel”, “room”, “evil”. The name of the woman varies.

We also found keys in “Billie Jean” linking to keys in “Cry” “Will You Be There”, and “This is It”.  Key words were “stand”, “the one”, “truth” and varied words for “schemes and plans”.

We discussed that between “Will You Be There”, “Billie Jean”, “Cry”, “This is It” and other songs like “This Time Around” and “Is It Scary”, we can pretty much narrow it down to who Michael REALLY is, but also who THEY want YOU to believe he is when the time comes.

Let’s look at some other key songs which incorporate numbers.

Billie Jean – “for forty days and for forty nights the law was on her side” alludes to Biblical keys, such as the forty days of the rains which ended the world in Noah’s time (we will get to this in another blog).  But when Michael sings “on her side”, we immediately think of Ezekiel 4, where Ezekiel was told to lay on his right side for forty days to bear the iniquity of Judah (the Jews) after spending 390 days on his left side for the iniquities of the house of Israel.

The forty days and forty nights also allude to Moses in the mountain receiving the law in Exodus 24, The years Moses and Israel wandered the desert after disobeying God and committing adultery with other gods (Numbers 14).  Important also is the number of days that Jesus was tempted by the devil in Matthew 4 and Mark 1 and Luke 4.  Ironically Michael was tempted 40 years in his career in the Music industry before he left it.  Michael and the Jackson5 signed their first Motown contract in 1969.  Michael “passed away” in 2009.  This I believe is exactly why timing on his “being taken out of the way” was so important.

In Thriller – “The funk of forty thousand years”, the number forty was used in this as well.  Thriller is a warning that ‘the beast is about to strike’.  It is a song about the opening of the pit.  The key word “beast” is also in “Is it Scary” (am I the beast you visualized) and “Threatened” (‘you’re fearin’ me, ‘cause you know I’m a beast’).

When “BAD” was released, it was packed full of songs with symbolic meaning.

The album’s title single “BAD” is an announcement to the elite that he’s taking off his kid-gloves and revealing their game.  “The Way You Make Me Feel” a cute cat-call of a song telling us he’s working and doing everything he can to win us over.  You can interpret this as Jesus to individual hearts or to his church as a whole, Michael of course singing for Him.

Speed Demon” is about the race between the devil to usurp prophecy and Michael to get the message out.  “Liberian Girl” is also Christ singing to his church of the day they will “wed” and the clue there is the line “You’re love so complete, you kiss me then ooooh the world,  you do this to me . . .” And “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” is also very spiritual and if you look at the lyrics, you can hear Christ and his “lady” the church singing to each other.

We know “Dirty Diana” is about the temptress in the music industry, or any temptation leading one away from God.  Just like “Billie Jean” and “Dangerous”, it is a song of the fight against committing adultery against God.

Michael’s later songs, the posthumous releases of both “One More Chance” and “This Is It” ironically almost seem to be synchronized for his disappearance.

One More Chance” is the last calling out for love before he leaves – before he is “taken out of the way”.  Clue is he is looking for someone to help him make “these mysteries unfold”.  Someone to “make him whole”.  He wants help putting all this together to spread the message.  This matches up with the request to “take over for me” in the song “Cry”.

In “This is It”, well, we’ve covered it before and it is self explanatory.  It is packed with symbolism and reference to the Bible.  “This is It”, “This is real”, he’s the “light of the world run away” and he’s felt that he’s known you “for a thousand years” – Christ’s rein in heaven.  And this is personally delivered to each of us as individuals because of the lines “I never heard a single word about you, falling in love wasn’t my plan” and “you said you don’t want me hangin’ round” alludes to the struggle of the back and forth “is he?  Or isn’t he?”

“This is it, I can feel, I’m the light of the world this is real” – it is real.  Have faith, open your eyes and see.

One More Chance

One more chance video above (Mike it’s a video because that’s not YOUR finished product) or rather the concept that MAY have been started with Michael shows the audience on the stage and the performer out in the audience’s area.  (Take over for me).

Judgment day is coming.  Our conduct is being watched.  We can no longer hide in the wings or out in the audience, we are now expected to perform.  We have one more chance to accept love before “This is It”.

This is it, this . . . this is really it.  This is it. This is the final curtain call.”

He is so wanting us to pay attention, because this really is it.  It’s not pretend, it’s not fantasy.  It’s not fable.  And we don’t have much time left.

You know what he told us in “Don’t Walk Away”.  You know what he told us in “Don’t Let Go of My Hand”.  You know what he told us in “Cry”.  And  you know what he told us in “This Is It”.

This is It – December 21, 2012

"What you have just witnessed could be the end of a particularly terrifying nightmare.  It isn’t . . . It’s the beginning.” – Threatened Lyrics

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed."

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour."

But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets."

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever."

And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done."

It is done.  The Mysteries that need unfolding.  This is it.

Do you get it?

It is all for love.

That’s why he was here.  That’s why they wanted to silence him.  And ironically that is who they want to imitate.

More clues on the way . . .

Michael This Is It


  1. "...ironically almost seem to be synchronised" (from what you posted above regarding One More Chance and This is It) - personally with regard to One More Chance, I believe it was a crucial element in a much larger plot and slotted in as planned with other happenings around that time...and certain events thereafter and prior (which would eventually include " this is it" ).

    And yes,,,I have often wondered why certain sites and blogs haven't been 'dealt with' by the Estate. They seem to be concentrating on anyone who has anything "Michael" which they want under the one helm.

    Isn't it strange that the video you showed of One More Chance goes for 4.44 *thinking about the references to 40 days and nights and so forth.


    1. "One More Chance" and it's incomplete version of this story does tell a story in in itself if that's what you mean. Michael supposedly was called away in the middle of filming to be "arrested" or "persecuted". A story about "one more chance at love" and they shut him down.

      Also if you watch the now "complete" video, you are fully aware that a very un-looking like Michael is in the video.

      One More Chance also can be read (lyrics) as the "other" guy mimicking the one looking for love.

      This is It was not recorded in the early 1980's. That's the story they originally gave us. They took a younger Michael's voice ("1-2-3-4") and pasted it in over a much more mature Michael's voice (the actual song).

      I'm going to get more into this - Lots of fakery going on.

      Ha! Yeah, you're right on the 4.44!

    2. I can't really put into words very well what I mean about the ONE MORE CHANCE business....but yes, there is a lot of fakery going on.


    3. TL, when was it that the first photos of this unfinished shoot began showing up on the internet?

    4. OH I couldn't give you a date on that Bonnie, sorry but it was a bit like 'other' stuff that popped up after HE left...Pepsi burn shots as an example. I came across the video one day whilst reading all things Michael. It just doesn't sit well, it seems too manufactured, not just the video itself but the fact he just happened to be doing a song by that name, at that time, and then everything went...well, south. Its like something out of a novel. Not being disrespectul to Michael here.


    5. TL,

      Okay, same thoughts here. I don't even think that is Michael in the video. Not one full shot of his face, no closeups and the man in the video looks quite a bit heavier than the guy who supposedly was arrested just days after some of that footage was shot.

    6. I agree with that, a less chubby Michael at the meet and greet at the airport.


  2. Bonnie, Please help me understand ........As long as the
    REAL Michael is alive then HOW can they ever Fake Him in the future?

    As long as the REAL Michael is alive, they are Disarmed and there is nothing to worry about.

    Or am I missing something?

    1. The same way they've BEEN faking him. They've been doing this long before 2012.

      Josie, think Biblical prophecy. The Devil knows Christ is not dead but he's going to try and fake him anyway - to impersonate him. He thinks he can "beat God to the punch".

      Same thing with what they are planning to do with the fake Michael. Burden of proof is on the accuser. If the fake one comes out first, guess who has to prove he's the real one?

      Clues are in the Bible. Yeshua left us clues. I will be going over some of them shortly.

  3. Unless they find Someone Else to take Michael's place.

    A Totally Different Person Altogether.

    Am I on the right track here or not? Please let me know cos I REALLY want to understand this.

    1. It IS a totally different Michael, yes. We've been given clues to this as well. This is why the documents from the family emphasize Michael JOE Jackson and the estate and everything promotionally Michael since his passing in 2009 say Michael JOSEPH Jackson.

      This was a big clue as to the children NOT being Michael's REAL children. Prince's legal name is "Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr." - But the REAL Michael's name is NOT JOSEPH, so how can Prince be a "Jr."? Unless he is named after the imposter . . .

  4. Hi Bonnie.

    I have been away from the blog and I have missed a lot. Thanks to everyone who prayed for me. The virus is gone and my vision has returned. I am able to drive and read again. Still trying to get my energy back.Prayer is powerful and it does work!

    I saw Spike Lee on TV yesterday and he was wearing a tee shirt with a picture of Michael from the "Bad" album. I tnink he was sending out a message.

    A few weeks ago, I woke up one night because I could hear myself crying in my sleep. It was a deep sobbing and I was shaking. I was crying about all the things that were done to Michael and I could clearly see his face. I don't know what to make of this dream. The intensity of my crying that night is still disturbing.
    As I am writing these words, the movie "National Treasure" is on and Nicholas Cage is pointing to the All seeing Eye. Good night blog family. God bless you all.

    1. Hi Trinia,

      I am so glad to hear that! You've been gone so long I had forgotten that you had that virus, but I did pray for you back when you had asked, right here at the desk as soon as I saw that you had posted you were battling that virus. That was a long time!

      Spike Lee directed Michael's "They Don't Care About Us" films. I'm surprised he wasn't wearing THAT shirt :o) But to Spike, maybe "BAD" WAS the real Michael. But he could also be shilling for Sony's "BAD 25th" too.

      Dreams like that - I don't cry a lot in my dreams, but the ones that are that intense I can identify with. One such dream is that three-parter I had shortly after moving down here that was all about Michael and him being "Christ/Maher" or whatever that spelling is. Each time I woke up, I would fall back asleep and the dream would continue. THAT is when you know God is definitely trying to drum something into your head.

      Michael at times reminds me of the kid in "The Golden Child", who is pure but is surrounded by evil. There is no telling what he has seen or witnessed. But there are times when I sit here and I'm quiet . . . just thinking and I can't really see what he saw, but I can feel terror or pain. And that's the stuff that you don't really know where it is coming from, you just know that there was something terrible that he saw and you feel his FEELINGS about it.

      It's the same kind of feeling I get when, in the picture I posted one blog back, I see Karen Faye leaned into Michael's hair whispering something to him and his face is completely glazed over, like he's retreated back into himself. Why would I get this intense dislike for her at that moment? I mean where does that come from? Same seeing him with Uri Geller.

      When I was researching the crimes against children last year, Oh my word!!! Stomach-clenching crying and so much anguish, praying to God, "How can this happen? Why do you let this go on . . ." all that pain. It's all you can do to clutch at the hope that seems at those moments, so far away.

      I'm sure with your dream, you were feeling him. I have no doubt.

      (Thanks Nicolas . . . ) I wonder how HE'S doing now? They took control of his son.

      God bless you too, Trinia and praise God for healing you!♥

  5. Thanks Bonnie.

    But now I have another question.

    WHAT is the PURPOSE of them Faking a Michael Jackson in the future?

  6. Bonnie, tell me if I got it right...........

    They are going to fake a Michael Jackson to help them usher in the New World Order.

    Then the Anti-Christ (Satan) can come and take over from there.

    Is this right or am I still off base?

    1. Josie,

      First of all . . . hi! :o) Haven't seen you for a while!

      Yes you got it right. Michael was a big part of their plans for gathering support from the masses for their one world religion - he's STILL a big part of their plans.

      There are TWO beasts that get power from the dragon in Revelation - The "Beast" and the false prophet who advocates for the beast and has all the powers to create illusions and "miracles" and "lying signs and wonders".

      Michael sang about the "beast" in three songs that I'm aware of . . . Thriller, Is It Scary, and "Threatened".

  7. First of all I will ask you to excuse me for my english.I don't use it every day that's why I can make errors.I come here fortuitous and it's so interesting the way you see and describe Michael Jackson.I never thought about him this way until now. I thank you you opened my eyes.I will wach you but just because I don't write corectly always I dont write again but I reed you every day with much intrest.THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING!!!I would you know somebody from a great distance watch you with much attention.


    Mihaela from BUCHAREST-ROMANIA

    1. Hi Mihaela,

      I use English every day and I STILL make a lot of errors, so please don't let that be a hindrance if you feel you would like to contribute. I would welcome your input.

      Michael loved Romania and the people there. It's evident in the way he talks about visiting there. Everyone has seen now the footage of him visting the orphanage there.

      We have all been abducted children from God. That's the way I see Michael's message. And his whole career has been about bringing all the orphaned and lost back home.

      They have hijacked Michael's image and identity for an unwholesome purpose and Michael was trying to warn us about that.

      Can you please give a prayerful hug to all the people over there in Romania for me? If I could do it for Michael I would, but consider it shared. I feel like Michael opened my eyes so I'm just trying to help him open others. :o)

      God bless you!♥

  8. If a fake Michael Jackson replaced the real Michael Jackson 1. When was this? 2. Why didn't the real one object? and 3. Why didn't his mom & family make it known it was an imposter?

    How was it possible to get a person that was so similar to MJ in looks and able to sing and dance exatly like him. Where would they have found such a person and how? You can't exactly put an ad in the job vacancies for this kind of thing.

    I am not saying it isn't possible, but need to know how you think it was acheived.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I'm going to tell you something that may not be in tradition with some of the other bloggers but here it is:

      "I don't know everything".

      I do not know the ins and outs of how they would do this. I have a heck of a lot of background work on this blog though, in how they would fake him.

      We already know that Science can basically grow a human being from a petri dish with just a few stem cells. Plastic surgery can smooth over any non-identical characteristics. As far as singing like him? Michael Album. A classic example of cutting and pasting sounds from previous recordings into an over processed, over produced fake voice. Then of course you have the example of the hologram Tupac, which of course couldn't really sing, but playback sure fills in a lot of holes.

      Dancing? Easy. Lots and lots of well-practiced tribute artists out there that CAN dance as good as Michael and some even better. Examples of past fakery?

      Not the real Michael. Not real singing either.

      To answer your questions:

      1. Who knows when that started. It could have started as far back as "Thriller" or when he began showing signs of vitiligo.

      2. Why didn't Latoya object to debasing her brother in public? You had three siblings separated from the family by handlers, all being threatned with the lives of the other. He COULDN'T object. He could only slip it into his songs n the "ablibs". Brilliant.

      3. I'm sure they tried. How many times has Michael's REAL middle name been emphasized? Latoya was being threatened by Jack Gordon on the lives of Janet and Michael. What makes you think Michael didn't receive the same threats by HIS handlers?

      And worse . . . We don't know what they subjected Michael too. Michael's emphasis and crying over children: "He dies Michael unless you shut your mouth".

      I have no doubt that and worse went on. We know Michael was abused/tazered. He showed us evidence of it.

      THAT'S why the family couldn't say/do much other than try to alert us in music.

      I know the blog has become quite large, but I did cover the Monarch and MK Ultra mind programming last year on all this, and Latoya talking about it. Hope that helps with some of your questions.

      God Bless♥

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    Having my eyes opened to Michael's songs and what he is really trying to warn us about in them has been amazing. I see him in a whole new light, as you point us to the truth in God's Word. I write down the scriptures that you give us for study later when I have more time to dig in on my own.I feel like a sponge...wanting more and more of God...hungering for Him. I only wish that I could help my family and friend's understand who the "real Michael" is. I have one friend that I am very close to and I share Michael with her all the time. She doesn't totally understand him but she lets me vent. The other day she said she understood that I wanted to believe in his innocence...and I told her that It wasn't that I WANTED to believe in him...I DO BELIEVE IN HIM...that is the difference. I met him 38 months ago when he passed and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND it, but he has become a very important, precious part of my life...closer than a brother. Since then, I have read many accounts of others who have experienced the same thing. It's hard to take it all in and process what it means...some kind of awakening of the human heart that has been asleep and unconscious? I am alone in my quest to know him more as far as my family goes. They just don't get do I make them understand? I know...just plant the seed, right? It really concerns me when I think about how he is going to be brought out... "their image of him...the idol they have created" into the open. What could this possible mean? How will I ever be able to reach my family with his message then? They will only tell me that they were right all along, and I shouldn't have believed in him. When I think about this, it makes my heart so anxious inside. HOWEVER; God is greater than any plot or plan "they" may have and I believe We have a great big wonderful God who is in control... TOTAL CONTROL. So I will cling to HIS WORD, because He is the only one we can really trust to tell us the truth...the WHOLE TRUTH. Someday, and I feel it is coming sooner than we think, He will destroy "their " plans and justice will be served, and Michael will finally have the peace he deserves. God bless you Bonnie on this Lord's Day:)

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    You made me smile, what you wrote about feeling like a sponge and hungering for more of God. This is EXACTLY what happened to me and I have been a Christian since I was 12 or at least "born again". Goes to show you that you never know when you will get "the call". And it took me a while. I had to learn about Michael first and I can tell you that when I listened to the first interview I searched for and I heard him talk about Jesus to the lawyer he was giving the deposition to and right there I knew exactly what happened to him. I didn't know the DEPTH of everything surrounding it, but I knew the initial reason for his persecution. From that point on, I don't think he could have gotten rid of me if he tried.

    After seven or eight weeks of collecting, cataloging and studying videos of his interviews, depositions, speeches, home movies, etc... those walls I had up for pretty much all my life were breached an after finally getting to the 2003 Ed Bradley interview (a couple of days after his arrest) I heard the sentence "Well, I'm always more cautious, but I will never stop loving and helping people the way Jesus said to...." And I was just done. I never cried like that for someone I didn't know and I could not shut it off. An hour later I hear Stranger in Moscow for the first time ever (I was not a fan and had never heard this song) and that is when I prayed the prayer that I had no idea where it came from but I prayed for God to give me his pain.

    For TWO MONTHS I couldn't tell my husband what happened. Two months! How do you explain all that? To another man? LOL! And Michael was so far removed from our world . . . we went to church, I was a volunteer at Awanas and a Missions Committee member, sang in the choir (til my surgery) and the last thing we were about was Hollywood and celebrities. So to tell my husband that I had THAT experience over Michael Jackson? Yeah, I had to work up som courage.

    I still deal with it with family. Not everyone understands. Some thing I'm obsessed, and my husband is not always understanding or on board. He's overwhelmed with just trying to work and keep food in the house. There has been some jealousy in my family as well and this is what I have the hardest time dealing with. How do you answer the question, "Well, why you? You're not a prophet or anything." Or I'll get, "Well your husband is supposed to be the spiritual leader . . ."

    Yes, that's what the Bible says. But the Bible also says that In Christ there is no Jew or Gentile, there no free or bond, no man or woman, we are all one IN CHRIST. Do you tell God, "No God, I can't do this because it's supposed to go to my husband"? God doesn't work that way.

    With my mother, I had to just plant the seed. She still doesn't understand TOTALLY but she no longer dislikes Michael and no longer believes the garbage that the media put out about him. When I sent her the "Will you Be There" performance with the gold-winged angel hugging him . . . that kind of helped. :o) She said, "That was beautiful, but I couldn't understand what he was singing", LOL.

    So yes, just plant the seed. God will do the growing.

    God bless you and thank you. This was a wonderful comment♥

    1. Wow! Bonnie, I can relate to what you posted here.

      My family can't stand Michael Jackson! I mean everyone in my family hates him! All I have to do is mention his name and they start calling him every disgusting thing you can think of.

      So I have to keep to myself and am so glad for your blog. I can share with you and others and that helps.

      The REAL Michael will be 53 years old in a few days. Wow! Time moves on.

    2. Fifty four I believe.


    3. Josie, I have family members that are indifferent about Michael, I have others that are slowly starting to come around, but I haven't talked to anyone the specifically hates him.

      The REAL Michael will be 54 on August 29, 2012. Remember he was already 50 on June 25, 2009 (sorry Michael for the reminder! LOL! I'm not that far behind ya!)

    4. Hi Bonnie,

      It seems that so many of us who have been "awakened" to Michael and his mission in life, have the same response when it comes to our families. So many of us have had the same experiences concerning him and so many of us are dealing with family that think we have lost our minds:)My "Michael Moment" I call it...started the day of Michael's Memorial Service. That morning, I turned on Good Morning America and everyone was "about" Michael that day... remembering him and his talent. There was a group outside in the square that started to sing" Will you be there"...well...THAT was the moment.SOMETHING or SOMEONE, as I believe, reached out and touched me like I have never been touched before... except for the day I gave my life to CHRIST as a child of 11 years old. That song SPARKED something deep inside my soul, and as I sat there and watched them perform, something was happening deep inside my heart. I didn't understand it that day, and I still don't understand why it seemed that God chose to wake my heart up...through Michael. I didn't know the name of the song at the time...had missed the had my son find out for me on the Internet and he told me it was,"Will you be there". I fell in love with the message and I fell in love with the man behind the message. Now...don't get me wrong...I love my husband with all my heart, but I have a love for Michael now that he could never understand. It is placed there by God I believe, and I know that God has a reason for it. It is a not a mushy, gushy, warm, fuzzy, feeling, but a spiritual love, and appreciation for him,that grows deeper every day.And every day, I am made aware that Michael is aware of those who love him. I really believe that because as weird as it sounds...I can feel it, but I can't explain it. I have this desire to protect him when my family "trashes" his name, but I don't know what to say, so I just pray and give it to God...trusting Him to vindicate Michael. Just yesterday, my father-in-law was talking about celebrities that think they have to have "their drugs". I held my breath, because for some reason I knew it was coming, and in the next breath he said, "like Michael Jackson". In my heart I was shouting... "YOU DON'T KNOW HIM, SO DON'T JUDGE HIM".It hurt me and I knew it hurt Michael...this type of judging he had dealt with all his life. This is what the media has accomplished...trashing a person's life...jumping to conclusions...without taking the time to discover the truth. How do I stand up against that, Bonnie? I have to show my husband and my inlaws respect, so Michael takes "another beating" and I can't help him, and it just breaks my heart. They are so sure they are right and they would never believe that they weren't. I know... just keep praying for him...right? I can surely do that, and all of us who love Michael...let's come together and stand strong with God's help and Love, and trust Him for the courage to remain faithful to the "call" we have received from His heart. Bonnie, I did not intend to write what I have written, but I guess God had other plans this morning as He has been the One to guide me. Let me say this...I am so THANKFUL for you and for all of you who love Michael.Somedays I feel so alone because I can't talk to anyone but God about this...but He has given me some dear friends who can identify with the same "call" as the one that is in my heart, and for that, and I so BLESSED. Thank you Bonnie for always being there. You will never know what that means to know that you are just a "keyboard" away:) God bless you so much this day:)

    5. Hi Anonymous,

      I remember the first relative that attacked Michael and it was my step father's brother when he came to visit after moving back to the east from Washington State. I had not seen him since before my stepdad died back in 1992 (and this was in late 2009). And I remember him repeating the same "wanna be white" and "ped***" accusations and I was NICE but I simply told him "people get falsely persecuted throughout history, Michael is one of many". But with my uncle I got more into it than that. I debated him on the vitiligo issue, the accusations and the lies that the media put out and they just do not see it, they don't WANT to see it. They would rather bask in the false illusion that SOMEONE is there to tell them what to do, think and how to behave and what to believe. You plant your seed then "wipe the dust off your feet" as Peter said in the Bible.

      It took me a long time to get to that point where now when I see someone attacking in comments (as opposed to asking honest questions) I just don't post it. They aren't here for the truth, they are here to distract. And you will have FRIENDLY distractions too, suggesting where you should go next, what you should believe etc... Now at least face to face challenges I just give them enough info to do their own thinking or research. Tell them, "Just think . . . if all it took was a story in the press to decide justice, we wouldn't HAVE the problems in the world that we have . . . IF they were about the truth." There's so many examples you could give someone like that.

      Respect should also work both ways in a marriage too.

      It's going to get worse you know. They have plans for Michael that are not wholesome and THAT is going to be another battle for you when that happens.

      God Bless you too. There is no shame in praying for strength (the Spirit of God, the "helper" will tell you what to say when in defense of God) so remember that too. ♥

    6. Hi Bonnie,

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. It hurts to stand alone for what I believe in, but I have come so far on this journey with Michael...holding his hand... that I couldn't turn back now if I wanted to...even though it is a lonely place to be. I remind my husband that with the measure we judge others, that same measure is the measure we will be judged with. I know it is going to get worse...that is what scares me so much. Knowing that someone I love and believe in, is going to get hurt, and I can't stop it, makes me panic. More and more I am "feeling" him and I know that you can understand what I am saying, and what I cannot say. That "pain" makes my heart it's being torn apart. It makes me wonder just what is coming that God is trying to prepare our hearts for. This one thing I know...we have God on our side, and He has already won the battle...we KNOW that by the promises in God's Word, so we can trust and rely on Him because He is the only one who will never, ever let us down.
      I know He will give me the words I need by His Spirit, and the strength that it takes to STAND...even if I STAND alone.I know God has got this, so I can totally trust Him as we see prophecy unfold. I know He will take care of us, and I know He chose to speak to our hearts through Michael...why? I don't know, but maybe there is something in the hearts of those of us who have heard His voice that He knew we would listen to what Michael had to say...when we really listen.
      Do you know the song,"The Warrior is a Child"? If you don't, look it up when you have a free minute. It is a beautiful picture of a soldier who has a childlike heart, and it is how I feel right now..."They don't know that I go running home when I fall down, They don't know who picks me up when no one is around...I drop my sword and cry for just awhile...cause deep inside this armor...the Warrior is a child". From one "warrior" to another...God bless you this day, Bonnie:)

    7. Warrior is a Child? Yes. Guy Valeniciano and Twila Paris and I haven't listened to it in a long time but I remember the lyrics and I get you. Sure does remind me of someone I know :o) and yes, I feel like that too. To everyone else who doesn't know we sit here crying in prayer when God shows us something we are going to have to fight that is so horrible, it knocks us off our bicycles and we run home crying before he strengthens us and gently helps us back onto the seat. :o)

      God bless you too♥

  11. Bonnie,

    The reason I haven't been posting for a while is because my computer wasn't working right.

    After my son got me another one, we had family issues to deal with and then my son got married and we had the wedding to prepare I've been busy.

    Through it all, I kept following your blog. But most of the time I truely did NOT UNDERSTAND most of what you were saying.

    I have been confused for some time now and didn't know what to post or even how to word the questions I had.

    There were many times I couldn't even get through some of your blogs because they were OVER MY HEAD.

    I'm NOT the "Sharpest Knife in the Drawer".....if you catch my drift.

    But now that things have slowed down around here, I am able to post again.

    Thanks for answering my questions.

    You can see my Son's Wedding pix on My Facebook Page.

    My son's name is Michael. I've Always Loved that name and named him after Michael the Archangel.


    1. We in Romania are saying,,HAVE A STONEHOUSE!"that is LONG LIFE TO THE WEDLOCK!It is I wish for your son!


    2. Mihaela,
      Thank You for the warm wishes for my son and his New Bride.

      May God Bless You and everyone in Romania.


    3. That's right! I remember seeing that on your facebook page! God bless their union and may they always be equally yoked in Christ♥♥♥

  12. Bonnie,
    I can remember around the time Michael was doing The History Tour, I stopped listening to him and cut him out of my life.

    I thought he'd gone off the deep end with the 9 Statues he had made of himself and the shows where he was playing as Jesus Christ.

    At THIS Time, I had no knowledge of him as a person and I only listened to whatever the Media said about him. Plus I was busy raising my kids, too.

    So I got real turned off my him and thought he wanted everyone to worship him like he was God.

    It wasn't until he died that I found your blog and started to take a real good look at him. I studied him the way you did.

    I'd listen to his interviews and between his interviews and your blog, I realized I was wrong about him.

    Thanks Bonnie for opening my eyes.


    1. Josie,

      See, I didn't even know all that until AFTER June 25, 2009. I was never a fan even though I liked his 80's songs when I heard them. I didn't know about statues or the "Christ-like" Earth Song finale. And the only thing I remember from the media is the accusations in 1993, the trial in 2005 and I didn't even know about the rumors of "Michael trying to be white". I thought it was just stage makeup and he was making a point (I became unaware of anything after Black and White, except when Free Willie came out). I never had any knowledge of him being egotistical or weird. I did recall the hyperbaric chamber but I thought it was just tabloid lies and I already knew those were garbage.

      My only pre-2009 conceptions of Michael was he was a "nice boy" who was really talented and because he was on top people went after him. That's about as much thought as I gave to him at the time.

      Awwwwww! You're welcome Josie. Love you too, and God bless you and your NEW "in one" children. :o)


    THANK YOU BonnieL for your kindliness and for your encouragement.I'm afraid from ,,language pearls".I have a great question for all of you:DO YOU THINK THE REAL MICHAEL WILL APEARE SOMETIME???Because I FEEL he IS NOT DEAD.


    1. To Everyone,
      In this day and age nothing would surprise me. And with all the research Bonnie has done on this blog, it makes sense that Michael is ALIVE.

      Thing is: Michael will be 53 years old this Wednesday so, if he does appear, he will be a Middle-Aged Man and NOT a Young Whipper Snapper!

      Something to keep in mind.


    2. Mihaela,

      Big hug to you too, Mihaela.

      I cannot say about the real Michael showing up. If he comes back at all, I dont' think he will look the same and I have no idea why I feel this way other than a dream I had (and someone else had).

      I do not believe he is dead either. The rest I will wait for a future blog.

      Josie - Michael is TOO a young whipper snapper! In his heart! :p

  14. When I saw those statues of Michael, I got really worried. I thought, oh no, you are going to draw the attention of the true power structure against 'black American artists' to you, in a a dangerous way. I held my breath; when 6/25/09 came, I was not surprised. Frightened, sickened and distraught beyond belief, but not surprised.

    1. Oyan,

      I thought the statues (after I heard about them for the first time in 2009) were all his label's idea and not Michael's. Note they were all in Europe . . . not here.

      Also consider that Christ was not accepted by his own people either. So many parallels - by design...

  15. Bonnie, I do think if Michael is still alive he would not allow for people to be deceived, he would have to be held somewhere against his will. IMO.. I ran across some information yesterday about the TII it was said by (I believe AEG) that this was just a docomentury and was meant for MJ own personal library and there were just 2 cheap camera's (non unprofessional) used but if you look in the credits there were a lot of camera's used. Also where they chose the dancers there are I believe 3 that were linked to ( dang can't think of his name but its not a good person I will search for his name again) the 3 dancer's Mekia Cox,Tyne Stecklein, and Timor. To mean all this means they had every intention of releasing this as a motion picture. Just thought I would share.
    God Bless and praying for everyone.

    1. HI Ang,

      Not so fast. First - Michael's lyrics. He sang about leaving (and not wanting to leave) before TII ever happened.

      Second, The CREDITS happened after the film was bought by SONY. As you can see Kenny Ortega is NOT LISTED AS EDITOR, four other people are, three who previously worked for Sony.

      Third - SONY had CREATIVE LICENSE with the film as part of the contract to purchase the rights to TII FOOTAGE. Michael is NOT Michael on much of that film. MIchael is Michael on the footage released BY AEG to the NEWS stations a few days after Michael's passing.

      YOu can see how hard the Branca Bloggers and TINI (who is sony financed) were going after AEG. Funny this didn't happen until after sony BOUGHT the footage. I guess they had no problems with AEG BEFORE then. Funny that. :o)

      I've done this research LONG AGO. Check back first year of this blog, and I covered the dancers too. Truth be told we don't know WHO added WHAT between Sony and AEG.

      The truth will come out. Can't WAIT to see WHEN this will happen, but that's just me . . . ms. impatience!

      God bless you too . . . And thank you for bringing that up.

    2. I meant that they tricked him into thinking it was for his own personal library. I don't believe Michael was thinking movie. It is a shame all the hate and deception in the world and the media has taught kids how to bully. SMH.. God have mercy on all our souls. God bless.

    3. No, I know who you meant. AEG. But I dont' think AEG PLANNED on a movie. I remember back two years ago I likened AEG to a sort of mouse trap. Well not AEG itself but the concert and trust me, I am still waiting to hear about this lawsuit. Apparently AEG is holding depositions and one of the leaks (if true) say they were grilling Zilkie about her claims that AEG killed Michael. Funny thing is, Zilkie is like a very bit player in this. They've not called in Faye, Bush, ANY of the TINI people who claimed to have SEEN Michael in bad condition, and they're not calling in the Jackson family - all of the above have done more to debase AEG then poor little Zilkie.

  16. What is "N" Day?

    God Bless.

  17. Bonnie, LOL I thought to myself Ang , She has probably already noticed or went over that. (I am still reading past blogs and like you I get to thinking getting side tracked looking for hidden information. I am Ms.Impatient as well. LOL I will try to get caught up on your past blogs now that I have an 8 week break from college classes. :) I think I am getting old (almost 40) I just don't have to energy to get all done in a day but will certainly go through the past discussions. Your great! Love your spirit it shines even through your words.
    God Bless.

    1. Ang,

      Sorry! I don't expect you to go back over EVERYTHING, there's too much there. I'd consolidate but I can't do that AND research deeper and write - I barely have time to do all this!

      No, it's good that you brought it up because there is SO MUCH info out there, I'm sure Sony and Branca would like to cover up their little deceptions, but it all fits into what they are doing and planning.

      Just to save you some time, I used to be extremely angry with AEG in the very beginning of my research. It was BECAUSE of my research that I believe AEG has a different part in all this. I'm not even totally sure what that is yet, but the "War in Heaven" rages on . . ."

  18. Hello Bonnie.
    It's been good to read all these comments. I feel so priviliged, blessed and humbled to be a part of this blog 'family'.
    I am looking forward to reading the 'N' blog tonight. Did you have a blog with a main photo at the top of Michael with the curls for my girls t shirt on? Only it came up as a newer blog to read, saying 1 day ago, but when I clicked to read it, it said 'blank page' :-( Arh well I expect it's just a clerical error. I'd hate to think I couldn't read one of your blogs.
    When I first became a Christian, accepted Christ as my saviour at the age of 21yrs old, I quickly ''fell in love'' with Him. I truely did. I actually sobbed bitterly when I realised that I would have to wait to be with Jesus. When I went to church I hated having to do my turn in the creche, as I wanted to be involved in the worship. My own devotional times were an absolute delight. Praying wasn't burdensome, reading the bible was a daily pleasure, etc. BUT Bonnie I am so sorry to say, I don't feel this way anymore. I wish I did, but I just feel empty, and cold inside. I cry for Michael now and it seems as if all the love and devotion I once had for God is now transferred onto Michael. I don't want to be guilty of idol worship. I love Michael Joe Jackson as if he is a brother,like a mother I truely do. I miss him so much.
    I feel very emotional and tearful, with so many thoughts running round in my head. I want to have this feverent prayer life I once knew, but I don't know how to get it back.
    I can't even pray properly anymore. The sentences get stuck.
    It's almost as if my brain wires have gotten confused, and now all the love I felt previously for Jesus, has transferred onto Michael. Perhaps you might pray for me please? To help me get my heart and head back on track with God.
    Much love to you Bonnie.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Your comment above is, geeze, it covers a LOT of territory!

      For one second, separate yourself from Michael, just for a minute. Just long enough to focus on Jesus and think what is the core reason you do NOT feel pleasurable or take delight in reading the Bible anymore? Is it because of Michael or is it because of others involved locally in your faith or church?

      The love and devotion you say you've transfered onto Michael, if you are feeling GUILTY about that, could be the reason for feeling cold inside (I've been through this over and over, back and forth).

      You should seek in your own heart if Michael is the reason you feel this way. Do you feel he's replaced God TRULY? Or is it a mistaken sentiment because you can't find any other reason why Michael would effect you this much.

      This is where the hairs get split because THIS Jenny, is very much what they are going to use to DECEIVE PEOPLE.

      Michael the man and Michael the IDOL are two entirely different people/personalities.

      When I would get lost in this way I would go back to the Bible. Michael is mentioned BY NAME in the Bible. BUT . . .

      We also know that the devil will take the work God has done and try to manipulate it in our minds, meaning that he will STEAL a personality or an image of good and try to impersonate it.

      This is going to have to be your own path to travel Jenny but I do know this. If you focus on GOD FIRST, Michael will be there. If you focus on MICHAEL JACKSON first . . . they gotcha.

      the REAL MICHAEL revered God, and wanted to be like Christ. This is where the split happened and the bad people are using this (even though they attack when you mention this, think reverse psychology).

      At emulating Christ we have the REAL Michael who truly lived it, and we have the IMAGE OF MICHAEL whom the establishment has taken control of.

      Please Read Matthew 24. That is Jesus talking practically throughout the whole thing. He will tell you what to look for but know this . . .

      The "establishment" would NOT be imitating Michael if there wasn't something powerful in him and the Devil would not be trying to imitate Christ if Christ wasn't God.

      Read Matthew 24 and 2 Thessalonians 2 and Daniel chapters 10-12 and Revelation 12. The picture will come together and more of the Bible will make sense. I will also put something up tonight that might help with how bad and how intensely Michael is being used in all this.

      God bless you and TRUST GOD.


    2. Oh and yes . .. Jenny! Of course I will pray for you!

    3. Hi Bonnie. Thank you for your reply.
      I have read those bible passages you gave me, and I remembered reading them from before when you have posted them, as I always take a note of bible notes so I can follow them up if I can't at the time.
      Incidentally the bible I read is a rather tatty one now.
      I don't want a new one. My late mum bought this for me for my birthday back in 1989 and it has countless hand written notes and dates in it, making it so personalised to me, notes from sermons I attended, and also my own personal bible note ref's at the back....also personal prayers!
      I used to keep little prayer diaries...and I still have them.I'd love to find that box of hidden treasures of past prayers and answers to prayers, dreams etc.
      I am feeling so much more positive tonight, so thank you for your prayers.
      Michael is the one who brought me back into fellowship with God after he passed in 2009. I had fallen away disheartened and heartbroken in 2008 following the still birth at full term of one of my grandson's. Previous to this I was so close to God, especially in 2005 following a dream I had about the 7 plagues! So me loving Michael as much as I do isn't something I feel guilty about. In fact this time it seems my renewed faith in God is down to Michael's passing, and to be honest following this blog and you exposing the lies and revealing the truth.
      I DO have in perspective that God is first and foremost. I was having a tough time but feel so much better. :-)
      Thank you Bonnie, and thank you Line for your comment too.
      Love Jenny

  19. Thanks Everyone for the Blessings for my Son Michael and his Bride, Dolly.

  20. You guys are right! Michael will be 54 this Wednesday.

    Sorry about the mistake.


  21. BONNIE : My yesterday comment passed to the trap : dunno why :o]

    ETERNALMJ : My comment also mentioned Michael being to me no God, etcc...& now I read about your Michael faith almost overcoming your God faith lately. Many of us, I included, went through this. What matters is that one realizes it & prays God to forgive & help us. I personally salute your honesty & courage to expose your feelings.

    JOSIE : Welcome baaaack :)

    1. Line, that was a beautiful post, thank you. And I don't know about the trap either. Was it THAT comment or something else?

    2. Thanks Line. It's Good to be Back!


    3. Line,

      Thank You for the Warm Welcome. It's good to be back!


    4. BONNIE, you first published my 1st comment last Sunday & later cancelled it. Just that you know I know.

    5. Line, I did not delete any of your comments. There wasn't any comments on this particular post that I did delete AFTER publishing.

    6. Now I get it as I just checked backwards ! You published my previous comment on your Blog of 08/24/2012 as I had erroneously sent it from there instead of above. Sorry, my mistake :o[

    7. Aahhhh! You had me worried! Thought someone else was in my account! I go to answer comments after I post them and LOSE them because I forgot which blog entry they were on, so no worries. I do that all the time :o)

    8. Thank you Line. I am feeling so much more positive.
      And hello Josie. :-)

  22. Bonnie,I'm wondering if you'd read anything about the Bad 25 song titled 'abortion papers'. It seems, from the small amount of information given, that Michael was trying to pen a message about this touchy issue. I guess once we hear the full lyrics we'll know if its one of his or not.


    1. No, I haven't TL. I guess we keep an eye out (no pun intended) :o)

  23. nigga who is it song was cool. was only his voice cool. he is muslim. he cant say it. he disses in "who is it" the people, who want to control the world. who is the bitch, is the question, what he means. he never says it in his songs, but i understand it. my nigga michael lives on.

    1. Hi Don,

      I love that song too. I don't believe Michael was Muslim. His brother Jermaine never answered that question. I don't believe Michael was associated with any religion. He put God ahead of religion. From his songs I take it he believed that the set up of all the different religions were the work of the devil to divide people and keep them from the true God.

      I'm glad you love Michael. And I agree. I too believe "Who Is It" was about those who have conspired to control the world. God bless you.


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