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Michael Jackson Justice: Part One of An Answer to a Request

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, August 13, 2012

Part One of An Answer to a Request

OLYMPICS – A Short Review and
The Audacity of "Hope"

"I have confidence in you through the Lord, that ye will be none otherwise minded: but he that troubleth you shall bear his judgment, whosoever he be."

Worship Your Holy Name

Amazing Grace

Holy, Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was and is and yet to come

I woke up this morning (Yeah right . . . my husband got me up to make his breakfast, hurry up imrunninglateandyouhavetosufferforitnow).

I stumble sleepy-eyed into the kitchen trying to find the refrigerator let alone the eggs IN it (the blind leading the hungry) and despite half a consciousness and one eye that did not seem to want to focus no matter how many times I rubbed it, I managed to make a scrumptious breakfast (tastes like MORE).

I cook, and while some form of meat is heating up in the frying pan, I’m packing my husband’s cooler, which today would probably have to be registered as baggage with tag at an air port because of the handle and wheels (I am not kidding).  By the time I get that packed with sodas, sandwich, donut sticks, a container of fruit (mandarin oranges today), a snack bag of pretzels and a smaller baggie with four cream-filled cookies for that ride home, the “meat” is done and the eggs are ready to go into the pan.  That “Tavistock” marketing suggestion of pairing eggs (a meat) with bacon (another meat) is alive and well in our house, but today it was sausage.

At this time, while they are heating, I set the table, go back in, turn eggs, get plates ready to put the food on, turn off stove and serve.

My husband and I sit down and I usually say the morning prayer.  He always says the dinner blessing.  We eat, he compliments the breakfast, then while he steals another ten minutes in the easy chair, I read my chapter in the Bible and this morning it is Galatians 5.

I usually walk my husband out to the deck, with food for the cats in my hand and yes, they are usually up on the porch.  They see that light go on now and they know its chow!

I call out to my husband who is already halfway down the sidewalk “Armor of God”, and he replies “He will provide”. 

I go back in, clean up the breakfast dishes which takes me all of five or ten minutes.  Then I sit down here and this morning, I felt like singing.  (No warm up, sorry God! That was rough, wasn’t it?) and this morning, those three songs above are the ones I sang, so I put them up.  I always sing the harmony part if it is a guy singing.  I like to harmonize.

Sometimes I will sing a Michael song in there in the morning but that is usually the  ballads.  I’ve become really comfortable singing harmony with him on “Lost Children”, but I didn’t put that one up this morning.

I had prepared myself to post some video of the Opening/Closing ceremonies on the symbolism in the Olympics.  But something caught my eye on my stats page and I just had to go check it out.  I want to cover the Olympics briefly first, then I will get to the other issue.

Olympics Rituals Not as Bad as Madonna

On Twitter I found an odd submission by USA Today:

The mood at the #closingceremony changes from mod to Gothic, and Annie Lennox's performance is beginning.

Annie Lennox had what I thought the weirdest props in her show, which featured a ghost ship with what looked like horns coming out of it.

To condense this section a bit I found a couple of videos put together showing the symbolism of both the opening and the closing ceremonies.  Below that, there is a link to the 165 or so pictures uploaded to

Olympics closing Ceremony Symbolism

Opening Ceremonies

Olympics Pictures both Ceremonies

An Explanation of Recent Comments

I sent an email to Micheline this morning, titled “’Bout ready to LOSE it”, and I explained to her, in condensed version, what was going on and what I was seeing.

I won’t say that I’ve never lied in my life, because I have.  There are days I didn’t want to go to work, there are days my kids would not settle for a “no” and there are days I just did not want to answer the phone.

If there is anything that has taught me the dangers and the damage that the disease of lying causes, it is the whole Michael Jackson Story.

Lying never, ever just affects you and the recipient.  Never.  Lying, even for what you tell yourself is for sensitive reasons, is still a selfish crime.  Because all you are doing is protecting yourself from the CONSEQUENCES of telling the truth.

So you lie to someone and tell them that their hair looks great, or that the shirt they have on is their color, or that what they just did was not wrong.  You are sparing that person nothing.  What you are is a host to a disease that is about to spread through the person you just gave it to.

That person you lied to, is going to interact with other people based on that lie you just told them.  And sooner or later you have an epidemic that you cannot take back.  You feel you have spared someone’s feelings, but all you did was spare yourself from the responsibility of being a REAL friend to someone asking your advice.  You’re avoiding fallout, you’re not being a friend.  It is in reality a selfish crime to lie.

Even knowing this, I might still have a tendency to spare myself out of habit, but since waking up, I can’t do this anymore without immediately feeling the wound.

Karen Langford and John Branca

Like I said above, I posted some things in regard to search terms being entered both ON the blog and FROM the search engines on the web, which at times have been used by both the helpful and the unscrupulous.  Yesterday I published screen shots of these from both this blog’s management area and a separate counter I installed which goes into more detail.  Sometimes even the unscrupulous ones lead me to information they probably had no intention of me finding, like the one below:

The search term was “Meghan Keeler Michael Jackson” or visa versa, I’m not sure what order it was in and It doesn’t really matter.  It was in my search results and I’m getting a lot of weird ones.

Michael Jackson blood gushing from the mouth” and “Michael Jackson in bad shape” and “Michael Jackson I need you” (Yeah, I know it’s allegedly a song he did with 3T but it’s not listed on his discology on AZLyrics).  It’s never shown up before on search terms on this blog.  I get several “Michael Jackson” somethings a day, usually contradicting each other with the “personal suggestions” and I’m sick of it.

I posted some comments this morning in regard to a Carolyn Walter and Meghan Keeler.  I don’t even know where to start with Carolyn since she’s been jerking my chain since about mid 2010.  Since we have such a long history together I’ll save her for last and start with Meghan Keeler.

Meghan Keeler is pictured in many of the Karen Faye group coven shots that I’ve posted of their “Sony” Luncheon where they can’t seem to keep their hands off of one another, like the one below:

Meghan Keeler is 3rd in from the left.  she is also a SAG actor listed on the IMDB:
I don’t know who hired her but I just bet it was BRANCA, and if it was BRANCA or the estate executors, then that means that Karen Faye works for him too since they’re all practically LOVERS judging by the pictures.

NEWSFLASH – Ladies?  When Michael said that “we’re all one”, I don’t think he meant IN THE FLESH.  Try not to be so obvious in the future okay?  There is something about sweaty, fat women smashed up against each other that is VERY unappealing.  Keep it in the closet!  Thank you.

Carolyn Erika Walters:

I have almost three years in emails with this lady.  I’m not even going to waste the space posting all the emails.  I have tons of them in archives if anyone in the future is interested in reading them.  I’ve had three phone conversations with her – two when I still lived in Maryland and one when I moved down here (and still had my cell phone.) She doesn’t have my home phone.  Only ONE person has that.

The story:  She first made contact with me during the controversy when Charles Thomson was exposed in July of 2010.  She began contacting me at first through the “” website I used to have.   That’s how we began exchanging emails.  Over the phone Caroline had told me she had done some dancing/acting in her past but she got “in” by telling me she worked for a company that managed Michael’s money.

I won’t lie to you, every one of them were usually very supportive if not a little reticent and coy.  This, I was told, because “these people are not nice” and “They scare me”.  I gave her my phone number back in 2010 and I was surprised that she did not sound at all like the same person writing the emails.  (she’s more articulate in writing). She also doesn’t write like someone who would have worked in an office manager capacity which is what she gave me the impression that she used to do at this “company”.

She is the one who helped me identify all the people in THIS picture:

Goldman Sach’s Advisors

If you look REAL CLOSE at that picture, tell me what you see.  What is wrong with Koppleman?  Why is there a shadow where there shouldn’t be a shadow and why are his hands the size of a five year old’s?

She also sent me THIS picture with the caption “See . . .”

Note the cameras and the different wall

During our first conversation she told me that she worked for a company that dealt with Michael’s money.  She did not/would not name the company.  She said she talked to him ONE time, when he actually called in once very angry that someone had leaked his financial information to the press.  She said that Michael had complained about somebody there leaking financial information to the press and quoted him as saying “don’t you know you are hurting me when you do that?”  She told me that she tried to interrupt him to tell him that she couldn’t help him and that she had to transfer him to the guy who had control of that, that she was only answering the phones (she did not give a name, but had no problem naming all the people pictured in the Goldman Sach’s meeting).

We shared a lot of emails, but of those emails, a couple of things did not make sense to me.

She insisted that Michael signed the will in NEW YORK, not in L.A. – This is the same stance that Branca’s drones are trying to tell people who don’t know seem to know the law on how and when Wills and Trusts are signed.  She did NOT seem to like it that I brought up the fact that Branca had put “Michael Joseph Jackson” on the will, that Michael would have never SIGNED a will with his wrong name on it, and that it suggested that the will was not even typed up until post 2005, when Michael was still LEGALLY going by the name Michael JOE Jackson.

She also seemed to want to contradict Michael going through any mind control conditioning.  She came from the angle that Michael was controlling all this and that everything, every detail was to ensnare those that took advantage of him, but from the aspect that this was longest running script (World Book of Records) ever put forth.

She seemed to come from a position of faith (sending me encouragement or Daily Devotionals when I was down or frustrated), and she supported the family and Joe Jackson. But she also said that John Branca was a nice guy.

It was hard to get her to commit to anything other than Michael was alive. But she waited for ME to say it (I still have all your emails, “Hope”) and once I was on that piece of information, her side of the conversation consisted of basically him making a movie and directing everyone to catch the bad guys and he would pop out somewhere at some time.

When I began unearthing the conspiracy, to include the MK Ultra, she seemed to back away emailing me.  She also was of the opinion that the people who wrote books about MK Ultra, were lying.  She did not believe that Michael had been sexually molested, but she was on board with Latoya going through some form of abuse with Jack Gordon.

From the three phone conversations we have had, I can tell you that the person I talked to on the phone seemed to have NO CLUE what we discussed in email.  It really gave me the impression that this Carolyn had someone else call in her place because there was no substance to her side of the conversation.

A couple of weeks ago, when I did a “Twitter dump” of all the people who were trolls, I included people who were following me that had their tweets protected.  Hers was one of them.  When I blocked her, she had emailed me a rather awkward request to add her back (over explaining that she was going to have to change her twitter account because she had too many trolls.  You can’t have trolls unless you INVITE THEM IF YOU HAVE A PROTECTED ACCOUNT).  I replied that I had dumped everyone who had protected accounts and asked her “do you want me to wait until you set up your new account?” and she never answered me.

This is a screen shot of her Twitter Account

These people sure like that “one eye” don’t they?

When I posted the blog about the will and the fact that Branca produced a 2002 will with Michael’s WRONG MIDDLE NAME with his false signature, she wrote to me “yeah and I read your blog.  There WAS A DOCUMENT SIGNED in 2002, that much I do know”.  So I asked her, “okay, was the document THAT WILL?  Did you SEE MICHAEL SIGN IT?   Why would Michael sign a will with his wrong name on it?”

Then I sent her the information I had found on her.

In her last reply to me, when I sent her the exact information I am going to post below on her, she told me “if you’re going to be nasty I can’t help you”.

Help me?

Hey Carolyn?  You can’t help me with information you don’t have and your bluff has been called.  I will give you this though; you are three years good at the deception you played.  Now maybe the Jacksons will know one more of you that they didn’t know before.  Perhaps one of your ex-bosses or maybe even one of Michael’s people will know your name.

The only way you could have people seeing your posts on a protected Twitter account sweetheart, is if you APPROVED THEIR FOLLOW.  Since I was not one that was APPROVED you should have known that I couldn’t see who was following you and who wasn’t.   The explanation was unnecessary, but thank you because it gave you away.  

Her Fake Twitter Account:

She has a whole 12 Tweets in the last two plus years (she had another account she deleted then opened this one.)  She only used it for me.  But I did find posted on the web, a site that pulls from twitter, and found this that she posted to Latoya over a year ago.  I also know (and still have the email) where she admitted to me that she Tweeted Randy a question about the will just to “see what she could stir up”.

The Tweet to Latoya is below:
@latoyajackson Good job on the today show. Can't wait until tonight. Michael has a beautiful SMART sister. God bless you.
1 year ago – Source,

I also found this facebook page with exactly the same nickname with exactly the same number of sevens – what are the odds?  So she has another identity. 

This at first looks like a normal page.  But combing through the likes and dislikes, I saw one of her likes as this:

It had next to no information on the page, so I searched it on Google and found this:

"Sky News: Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust victim in Massive Fraud!!
The UK HM Inland Revenue and Customs is completing an exhaustive investigation into the rapid break-up and liquidation of a multi-national industrial and philanthropic conglomerate which once boasted assets totalling over one billion dollars under the umbrella of the Carroll Foundation and the Carroll Global Corporation being one of the main world wide operating structures of the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust which controlled over 85 corporations. The report will be passed to the HM Attorney Generals Office and Britain's Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). - Read More here,

The background of that:

"The Carroll Foundation Maryland Trust is a major international philanthropic and industrial institution founded by the Carroll family who were members of the founding fathers of the United States of America. Charles Carroll of Carrollton a "signer" of the Declaration of Independence Daniel Carroll "settlor" of the families Duddington Estate lands which became the foundation of what is known today as US Capitol Hill Washington DC and Archbishop John Carroll the "founding father" of Georgetown University which is known throughout the world as one of the finest learning establishments." - Source,

A discussion board on the proceedings, which is pretty recent – Source, carollfoundation

This foundation is among Hope’s/Carolyn’s/Norma’s facebook page –

Another of her favorites is website in Hebrew called “Medical Center Ethics”.  It is a Jewish referral organization for all plastic surgery services/clinics. – Source,

She is also a big gamer – she is a member of several gaming services Facebook pages and posted this on ‘Game Advisor’

Norma Avila
i cant get angry birds to work. what can i do? norma avila

March 27 at 12:11pm

EASupport which answers questions about Sony PS3

AND she also has “Socialbuyfans” Facebook page as  favorite. -

I “liked” it just to see what it was because unless you do the page is blank:

Their website link leads to a webhost company -

I’m not sure which Identity is really her, but she is definitely not who she says she is.

This is what I found under her Carolyn Erika Walter’s I.D. (and she has written to me under “Hope Masters”, “Carolyn Erika” and “Carolyn Erika Walters” – by mistake.

Carolyn Erika Walter

Carolyn Erika Walter

Owner, Actor

Greater New York City Area Entertainment


Owner at Actor


0 connections

Public Profile


Beatriz Peña




29 connections

Public Profile

Carolyn Erika Walter at Fortune Magazine
carolynerika walter
EA to ME at Fortune Magazine
Greater New York City Area Publishing
EA to ME at Fortune Magazine
0 connections
Public Profile

Possible Twitter - 

Places Lived: Hoboken, NJ
New York, NY
Phone:(212) 645-XXXX

High School(s):Marshfield High School — Class of 1981 

Join Now & View the Full Carolyn Erika Walter Profile

Carolyn Erika Walter was born in 1963. Carolyn Erika currently lives in New York, New York. Before that, she lived in Hoboken, NJ from 2005 to 2006. Before that, she lived in New York, NY from 1999 to 2001. Carolyn Erika Walter attended Marshfield High School in Marshfield, MA and graduated class of 1981.

Register for FREE at MyLife to find Carolyn Erika Walter or meet Carolyn Erika Walter. Membership lets you view a full Carolyn Erika Walter profile, which can include Carolyn Erika Walter photos, info on Carolyn Erika Walter married or single status, Carolyn Erika Walter company and work history, Carolyn Erika Walter's address and more!

Why would someone who used to work for one of the companies who 'dealt with Michael's money and wanted to remain secret have a public "dot" page for the Michael Jackson Portrait project?

Carolyn's Dot Page
Personal Information
Birthday: August 17 1963
(48 years old)
ny, ny


Filmography by type for

Carolyn Erika Walter


Jump to: Miscellaneous Crew | Actress

Hide Miscellaneous Crew (2 titles)

2007 American Gangster (stand-in: KaDee Strickland - uncredited)

1999 Simply Irresistible (stand-in: Amanda Peet)

Hide Actress (1 title)

2006 Kidnapped (TV series)

FBI Agent

– Number One with a Bullet (2006) … FBI Agent (uncredited)

Jump to filmography as: Miscellaneous Crew, Actress - TV

Miscellaneous Crew:



American Gangster (2007) (stand-in: KaDee Strickland) (uncredited)

Simply Irresistible (1999) (stand-in: Amanda Peet)

Actress - TV:

"Kidnapped" .... FBI Agent (1 episode, 2006)

... aka "Kidnap" - Japan (English title)

    - Number One with a Bullet (2006) TV episode (uncredited) .... FBI Agent

She has no photo . . . don't you find that odd???

Not on ANY of these databases.





she played an FBI agent in #1 with a bullet  -----



Under “Hope Masters” who is also a “real person”, I found this:

"Hope Masters is President and CEO of the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation. Hope has dedicated her  life to supporting the work of her father, Rev. Leon H. Sullivan, and to carrying on his spirit and  legacy after his passing. At the request of her father, after completing her studies in law at Temple  University in 1989, Hope applied her legal training to developing and supporting programs  within OIC America and IFESH, two of the organizations that her father established. She played a  central role in the planning for the Leon H. Sullivan Summit I and supported the development of t  the Global Sullivan Principle of Social Responsibility in the early 1990s. After her father’s passing  in 2001, with the support of Ambassador Andrew Young, Hope established the Sullivan" - Source,

Hope Masters is also the name of a character in a Mini-Series “A Death In California”, which again would be rather ironic if this woman is just skipping around the internet, picking out identities.  But the “hopeful7777” is rather too much of a coincidence.

How does any of this tie in with what is going on now?

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