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Michael Jackson Justice: Waiting for Christ - No One Else

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Waiting for Christ - No One Else

Fighting the Devil


Some of you may have noticed, If you tried to get to the blog earlier in the day, that you have gotten a message that you had to sign in to see it.  Then after signing in you may have gotten the message that the blog was open to invited readers only.

This was something I did earlier instead of taking it down altogether.  I am making some changes and I am learning very acutely what the emotion of discouragement feels like.  What happened to my ability to steel myself against it?  Michael’s song “Little Susie” comes to mind.  Little did I know is that Michael is the one that threw her down the steps in the first place.

For the last three years I have watched God, and the Bible and the subject of deception take a back seat to Michael Jackson, tabloid and Twitter fodder, and drama between his family members, the estate, the fake fan groups, etc...  God is only responded to on this blog if Michael Jackson is discussed WITH Him.

I watched the activity on this blog spike in response to controversy involving Michael, his family, his children, and fall off the radar whenever God takes the front seat on this blog.

I don’t know why that hurts so much but it does.

I spent the last two days crying over this.  I must be doing something wrong.  Is there something I am not communicating to you about Michael and his message?  Was Michael about “look at me, forget God, I’m the one who takes precedence in your heart”?  If that is what is in your heart, then the devil has won and those who “killed” Michael succeeded in placing the beast in the “seat of God” in the “Temple”.

Whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, accept it or not, You, we, I have been given a gift . . . a CHANCE.  Michael was ONE of the communicators of that chance.  Instead he’s been made into an object of worship by the establishment that sought to kill him – and spiritually speaking they will USE HIM AND HIS IMAGE/NAME to KILL YOU.

We’ve spent the last three years being run around by the fan groups, the Sony Trolls, the media, the press, Michael’s family, Twitter posts and we continue to let it happen.  We still continue to be led around by the ring they’ve placed in our noses DESPITE EVERY LYRIC IN EVERY ONE OF MICHAEL’S SONGS WARNING US NOT TO SANCTIFY IT.

But that doesn’t seem to matter.  All that seems to matter is that discussion, controversy and absorption of the matters of his estate and personal life fill everyone’s days while Jesus throws up his hands and says – “Have you learned nothing?”

Personally, I am done “wondering after the beast”.

In the last two days, I published two blogs.  One about the subject of fallen angels and the lie about Nimrod, and last night the relationship between Freemasons and Cabalists.

Out of those two blogs there were six comments that were NOT mine, and THEY all came from ONE person.  That’s really impressive.  It speaks VOLUMES!

The only thing I can deduct from this is that everyone else is only interested in “Michael Jackson”, gossip about him and controversy about him or his family.

I honestly don’t know where to go from here.  I prayed.  Early this morning before I closed everything down, I got this message:

"sometime god don't change your situation because he's trying to change ur heart"

and I got this message:

"will you be there?"

and below that I got this message:

"as a thief in the night"

I also got this message:

"michael jackson crying"

These were all search key words entered in the box at the top of this blog.  Some of them were image searches on Google of images that were on this blog.

I can tell you that I would rather have strips of skin pulled from my body with tweezers than endure what I have hanging on my heart right now.  You put yourself out for three years defending a man who was trying to get God’s message out, only to find out that the majority of your readers care more about the USE of the messenger then God’s message.

That is about the same as Jesus dying for no reason, because the people he died trying to save only care that he’s not here to cure their ailments anymore.  Closer still is  the analogy of Jesus’ message getting drowned out by Twitter controversy with the daughter of John the Baptist.  This is about what this amounts to.

It is about this time when people trying to find the truth get so buried under the lies they just give up trying to climb out from under and die there, suffocating.

I will take my lumps. I will keep trying to climb out from under.  I will keep trying to hold onto Jesus’s hand as I struggle to overcome my own weaknesses.  I will persevere to see through the clouds of confusion that those we’re trying to help continue to throw over us.

It is so very hard loving people that you suspect are playing you.  No one bothers to ask why Randy Jackson, or Rebbie Jackson would allow their mother to go back to a residence if they really believed her life was in danger.  No one asks why this is all taking place through the fan community and only social networks.  No one asks why Michael is vilified then defended by the exact same people two different times over two separate allegations?

No one asks why Michael is “allowed” to speak to the public with a statement about “false allegations and the truth will be told”, because of the same types of leaks with almost VERBATIM the SAME speech in both the 1993 and the 2003?  We’re just supposed to ACCEPT IT, just like the next square on the chess board.

We are all just expected to buy it hook, line and sinker.  And we do.

We’re supposed to believe that out of all THREE of Michael’s children absolutely NONE OF THEM have ANY AFRICAN AMERICAN FEATURES.  And I do not care WHO this pisses off because it is the TRUTH.

Are Michael’s children the first designer babies?  Did they conspire behind his back to give him “charge” over Jewish children so they could use them to emotionally extort Michael’s fans later, to take “ownership” of them? 

Not one kinky, curly hair on ANY of their heads.  Not one flared nostril.  Not one that even has his smile.  SOMETHING!!!  And the efforts of SOME to try to convince me otherwise have been unbelievably pathetic.  Lie to YOURSELF, don’t lie to ME.

Could it be that Michael left them behind because they are NOT his children?  He left all his other “children of the world”, why not them?

Could it be that Joe Jackson really IS an MK Ultra trained handler and sold his children into fame and fortune?  Could it be that Michael WAS telling the truth when he described Joe Jackson’s hanging him upside down, oiling him down and beating him with an ironing cord?

Could it be that the Jackson’s value their financial security and the comfort of the seduction of Babylon over fighting for what is TRUTH and RIGHT?

Could it be that the Jackson brothers and sisters really ARE on board with this N.W.O./Religion and are running this three-year-running drama so that those who live and die can be sorted out?

Why is it that the ONLY person In Michael’s family that has EVER used the name JESUS in public was MICHAEL HIMSELF?

The Apostles of Jesus DIED for the truth.  They didn’t take part in trying to manipulate those Jesus gave them charge over, or sell their souls to the Pharisees.  They didn’t “lie” and “love their lives” over witness to truth.

It’s one thing to expect and ask people to “reach for the truth” but DAMN!!!  A little HELP PLEASE??? Some support?  Perhaps some kind of sign that the family is not partying somewhere at the Beverly Hilton, eating caviar and laughing their butts off at the gullible little sheep that have been following their bullshit for the last three years?  

How do we know that Latoya and Branca aren’t high-fiving each other somewhere, waiting for a cue from someone behind the curtain for the perfect time?  When are we going to be “ripe” for them to “drop” the “messiah” back onto the world stage with his arms upraised saying, “come into her my people, I am your god, don’t listen to the other guy.  I am the Christ, the Madhi, Buddah, Krishna, Ra, Moloch, Kalki, Javada etc, etc, etc . . . . “WE’RE ALL ONE”.  Forget the Bible, TRUST ME.  After all, I have gold pants on!

Aren’t we sick of the marketing of this drama for them yet?  Maybe all of us should put in claims with the estate.  Hell, everyone else gets to profit from it and WE are the ones keeping the product alive!

This is why people retreat into numbness.  Faith in God is one thing.  Faith in people?  They only hurt you.  They like throwing stones when you’re not looking, so they can laugh when you jump and turn your head.  People are to be played with, manipulated, experimented with.  This is what “elitists” do to feel superior to those they control.

I distinctly remember Michael in two different youtube videos talking to camera men.  He wanted them to “capture the emotion”, like he SUCKLED from it!  Talking to Brett Ratner about the “power” performers had over people . . . . well we GET IT MICHAEL!  Thanks for the lesson!

I’ve said my piece.  That’s how I feel today.  I may regret it later but right now, I am mired in misery and hopelessness.  I am sick of the games and I am sick of watching Michael Jackson being SUCCESSFULLY USED to prove the enemy right.   Maybe we’re not worth saving.  We can’t put aside the carnal for the spiritual, and we can’t seem to comprehend the distinguishing between the two.  And until we do, we will be nothing but chattel to those we allow to control us in this way.

I will have to seriously consider whether or not I am going to continue with this blog.  I am tired of having my soul ripped out of me and I’m tired of watching this god-forsaken game.


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I know that you are angry, hurt and frustrated but you have to realize that some don't or can't fully grasp what Michael and his family are being used for by the evil cabal.

    I can speak for myself when I say that I fully understand and that first and foremost my faith and trust lies with God. It is God that drew me to Michael in 2009. Yes, I've always liked Michael's music growing up but that was the extent I've never been one to be consumed by the gossip and personal lives of celebrities. So, why is God drawing me to Michael when He knows that I don't focus on the lives of celebrities?

    It's also God who drew me to your blog. Why is that? I don't know why but God knows and is about to show me and us why, we need to be patient and just have faith in God not Michael or his family.

    The world is a very ugly place but that's because the devil's got his grip on it but that is soon going to end because God's going to take this world back.

    I believe God is making us focus on Michael because all of the persecution that Michael and his family have suffered and still suffering all ties in to what is currently happening in the world. John Branca and Howard Weitzman are also part of the same mob of Russian/Mossad criminals we see surrounding Obama during his signing of the 70 billion dollar Israeli legislature. They are ALL connected and like Michael was persecuted so are we.

    I'm sorry for such a long post but I just want to emphasize that as much as it all appears ugly right now, God has a plan, He's on it and He's in control of it all. He is using the evil cabal for His purposes. All we need to do is not give up faith and hope in God. Do not walk away from Michael because it's really not even about Michael, it's about God. Just watch and see what God will do, His wrath is coming and it won't be pretty for John Branca and the evil cabal and elite, they've already lost and God is about to show their defeat to us. So, please Bonnie do not lose faith and do not walk away.

    God bless you, Bonnie

    1. Hi Spring,

      I'm sorry It took me so long to be able to answer. I'm going to attempt to get something on each of these posts.

      It hurts to loose faith in people. Especially people that you spent three years trying to help and defend and they do things that leave you thinking that it doesn't matter to them. They do what they do to sell a book or milk sympathy to jump start a career and you feel used. What hurts worse is that you believe God is behind these people and on their side. It makes you unable to trust.

      There is not one Jackson family member that I have heard talk about or invoke the name of Jesus or Christ during any interview . . . ever. Michael is the only one. So when you see Latoya starting a new show on OWN network or you see the brothers going on tour AFTER two years of talks shows and book signings and you see Janet continuing her career like as if Michael were a shadow she stuffed back into her closet (The Jacksons don't cry . . .) Well EXCUSE ME! Here . . . let US do it FOR you! And we have for three years . . . some of us EVERY DAY. Did God call me to watch this? No. I THOUGHT it was to DEFEND THEM.

      Then the drama that went on last week and for what? What was all that for? Who started all that? Who sent that letter out to the press? Then Randy he tells us he fears for his mother's life AFTER THEY BRING HER BACK?

      Yes, I am having a lot of trouble with this. This is the equivalent of someone overdosing on just enough sleeping pills to draw attention to themselves. Then they post about following the "righteous" road.

      I'm so sorry that attention has to be put on children that are being raped or people that are getting killed by drones, or bankers planning the next genocidal legislation for countries. So sorry this drew attention away from their TOUR or their trip to the beauty parlor and Janet . . . nice abs. How glamorous. People are losing their homes and their family and their souls.

      I know God has a plan. I was really hoping they were part of it. But no. They have to aspire to the behavior of most attention-starved, shallow "vessels" of self indulgence and promote it on Twitter.

      If it ISN'T about Michael, then maybe someone should tell the Jackson family that.

      My faith is in God, Spring. That's all we have. Thank you and God bless you too. I wonder how Jesus deals with the pain of being thrown away, because I am not handling so well right now.

  2. We only have to turn on a TV or switch on our laptops or open a magazine and notice that there is a flow in a certain direction which in my personal opinion is going in the opposite direction to which it should. Obviously much of it is aimed at the youth and anyone who is aimless which equals an awful lot of people. There is a plan in the works which goes against the Word of God....many many from these varying tangents and groups all aimed at putting Man before God or even worse (if that's possible) claiming Man is in fact God. The more God goes out the window the more immoral our world is becoming. I'm not being preachy here but its just quite plain to see. I cannot imagine the size of this web that's been woven,,,the more we search, the more we find. Every person must make an individual effort to follow the Truth - Gods Truth. And it is ones responsibility to try to live that Truth and teach it to your children....for the sake of everyones souls.


    1. TL,

      The "flow" and the direction in which it goes also has a lot to do with God's plan. The earth is corrupted. Everything on it because of our lack of strength to say no to the corruption.

      We want the instant gratification. We want satisfaction of self and we want it NOW. I still have people posting on Facebook about the supremacy of the United States or "Pride in the American Way" and they are still fighting over Romney and Obama when BOTH of them protect and serve the SAME GROUP OF PEDOPHILES. It sickens me.

      Then yes, on top of that we have "Man is God" and that mentality.

      We are the temple of God. And the one who will be revealed "in his time" wants to lay claim on it.

      I'm just sick of crying.

  3. Bonnie,

    Please don't give up- you are doing a service. Today when I was locked out I checked around the Internet for your contact info and so many other blogs or websites use yours as a reference especially the way you tie The Bible in with the times of today.
    I stumbled on your website last month and have faithfully visited every day since then. I am impressed with the Bible knowledge and research that you've committed to relaying to us. I have not commented until now but I am spreading the word out the to those I know.
    For me, Michael's so called death was the beginning of me Waking up to all of what the elitist have been doing behind our trusting backs. Everything from flouride to The Strawman- something I rarely see anyone talk about. (google it along side illuminati).
    My thing is how can we all come together to put an end to this way of living? I like you get frustrated because I feel people aren't taking this serious enough: they listen for a minute- then life as usual!
    My prayer has been "What do we do?" How do we come together? I'm still waiting for an answer.

    1. Hi - I think I know who you are. I'm sorry about the lock out. I didn't expect it to be that long but I got called away from the computer in the middle of this "meltdown" I was having.

      I have seen some sites in other countries just copy this blog and that's another thing I forget sometimes, I have to maintain control over my own outbursts as well as those that want to disrupt. But I'm not going to blindly follow people and endorse their behavior because of misappropriated sympathy. What they did is not right. You know how hard it is for me to say "Muzikfactory was right"?

      You mention the Bible knowledge and I have to tell you that I really did not know that much about the Bible until I began researching Michael and learned about the depth of his faith. HE is the one that sent me through the Bible, scouring it for every last detail. I had never read the Bible like that before. Michael has pretty much been the reason all the verses, chapters and books are no longer separate passages "compartmentalized like spokes in a wheel". The Bible came to life because I found evidence of Michael and his, whatever it is he is doing IN THAT BOOK.

      Michael's story is in the Bible. So is ours. Just like evidence of Christ and the cross is in our DNA.

      You said "What do we do"?

      I don't know other than have faith and "all cry at the same time" which I thought most of us did the first couple months after Michael's "death".

      The Jackson family right now seem to want to keep us separated with their behavior.

      I have to think about this some more . . .

      God bless you and thank you for your words of encouragement.

      Oh, and the "Strawman" is something I covered, albeit lightly, last year, and maritime law and the UCC code. But because of your suggestion I took another look at that yesterday. There IS something we can do, but I'm not sure how that would work in other countries.

  4. AMEN...through tears. Crying for you, Bonnie...for all the hard work and research you put into this blog to inform and enlighten. Your blogs don't set out to entertain, nor do you profit by it, and much of what we read brought us a lot of pain, which was necessary to expose the ugly truth of Michael's pain. Not once did you resort to posting Michael in gold pants, and your blogs were riveting!

    Crying for the crumbling world around us that some choose to ignore and even encourage through their misguided drone-like mentality. Crying for Michael's twenty-five years of persecution. God did not put him on this earth to suffer, but to lead by example. Crying for the fact that an adult with goodness and purity of soul is no longer honored or revered, but ridiculed! Or was it just Michael?

    Crying because I know this is exactly what we are being made to feel by the powers that govern us. A slow breakdown of the spirit, until we are ripe for being taken over!

    I don't know what the Jackson family is doing right now...or why. But the power bases that control the entertainment industry, government and law enforcement were all in collusion to nail Michael for the better part of two decades. No one can convince me that they went through such lengths to get a piece of his music catalog. The conspiracy is not the catalog and the family knows it, which is why they are not free of the threat that plagued Michael. In one breath, Jermaine blamed it on the catalog, and in another interview he clearly mentioned the government conspiracy. BINGO.

    If the messenger can't be programmed to their will, they are a danger and must be silenced, which leaves a mass of people at the mercy of a "new message!" Therein lies the objective. Not to ruin Michael for any personal vendetta, but because his message of love, faith and family was a major influence at a time when world policies are changing radically. Michael was a liability that did not fit in with the NWO.

    After three years, I am really beginning to feel the absence of Michael's smile. God bless you, Bonnie. Please don't leave us! ♥ ♥ ♥ Love, Micheline

    1. Spotlight I agree with everything you said.

      @Bonnie:I don't know if you remember me or not but I did post twice here last year on two of your blog entries.
      What I want to say is that I have been reading your blog almost everyday since late 2010, and every post I have been more and more informed of what is really taking place.
      I was one who was a "fan" or whatever since 2008, I loved Michael's music and what he stood for, I also looked up to him as a father as my Dad wasn't always around. Michael was comforting for me,I turned on his music and I felt so much love and happiness just hearing his voice. But one thing I must admit is that I truly thought I knew Michael "before". I knew he was a wonderful man that just wanted everyone to get along. But I didn't know the conspiracy going on in the world, I didn't know what they really did to him and his family until I read your blog. I didn't know what they've done to children, I hadn't known any of this before. Maybe cause I was still 17 and maybe I had blinders on or was confused, I don't know. But what I'm trying to say is that if it weren't for your research and time put into Gods work with this blog, I might not know what I know now.

    2. Sorry this didn't fit into the whole post:

      Anyway I would always be confused as to why certain fans on some of those message boards were always so concerned with Michael's personnel life and his gold pants! It's as if that's all they talk about sometimes, you know what about his message, what about God, what about the children. Those are the people that need to be woken up to who Michael really was, who he was trying to tell us about.
      It's all about God, God is the light and will help us through it all, I pray all the time.Spotlight I agree with everything you said.
      ng to say is that if it weren't for
      really was, who he was trying to tell us about.
      God is what's important, God is love.

      Bonnie please don't close this blog, there are so many other people out there with blinders over their eyes that need truth, need to ne woken up.
      Bonnie I love you so much for all the work you've put into this for three years, hang on we're almost there, we have to be!!! *A MILLION HUGS TO YOU* "You're not alone, for I am here with you!"

      Please don't give up, because I won't, neither of us will.....God will be our guide.


    3. Micheline,

      I'm sorry, I'm trying to keep up with your post and your phone call about the latest (Don Imus/Geraldo/Jackson Family). That will teach me to keep my thoughts to myself until more of the story comes out. Looks like the Jackson family is getting piled on. And Geraldo's claims don't make any sense do they? Why would Janet need Michael's money? She's probably a billionaire in her own right. So no, I'm not going to add to their burden. I've already done enough. I know who the REAL crooks are and so does most of the fan base.

      Your post was beautiful as always. You and I have shared so many tears over the phone and when you called yesterday it was minutes after my husband caught me crying over the sink as I was doing dishes. I started to tell you about it and broke out in tears and never got to tell you what my husband said.

      I don't feel the "absence of Michael's smile". I instead feel an intense sense of focus coming from him instead.

      "Greater things are yet to come, Greater things are still to be done in the city . . . ."

    4. Jill,

      This is a bit backwards, answer these posts AFTER your newest post. I'm trying to catch up nursing a headache. Lots of planes flying over the house today, THANKFULLY at respectable levels.

      If you are the same Jill, yes I remember you. :o) I don't know if I see Michael as a father figure myself (cause he's only six years older than me) but perhaps a brother and a teacher. I have grown to love him so much and at times to the point where I can feel him in me. At those times I feel so content and my husband hates me talking like that - because he's my husband of course and I don't think he quite understands that kind of love. I think men have a harder time breaking from the carnal frame of mind. My husband is a "newer" Christian than I am and probably not as mature spiritually. He's had to learn a lot about himself in the last couple of years (hope he doesn't get mad at me saying this on the blog). He is not as close to seeing the actual part Michael is playing in all this as I am. After all, Michael is just a man.

      What I do know is that my husband is and is capable of loving from the soul and although he gets angry too (like I do) about unfair things and injustice, he has a good and charitable heart. Any man that can sit here and watch Michael's 1993 Neverland broadcast and say "OMG, that almost made me cry . . ." has a good heart with an ability to care and love that only takes time for him to understand.

      I think men feel threatened to have feelings of love toward another man and THAT is only because of what the system has done to society. Everything has to have a physical and carnal counterpart. It's just like some people's inability to associate love without accompanying sex. It's a corruption of the meaning of the word.

      I think war with Syria is eminent. There are fighter jets flying over my house like there is a major thoroughfare over my house. I better go . . .

  5. Bonnie,

    I can only imagine what you are dealing with right now. But I want to say this speaking for myself and others. I appreciate EVERYTHING that you are putting in this blog! Like I have told you before, God chose you for a reason because he knows your heart and dedication to finding the truth. And He couldn't have chosen a better person. I know this has been a bumpy ride for you during the past three years. But I'm sure that you have learned a lot throughout your journey. Ever since I discovered your blog I have learned so much! You don't know how much you have influence to research and find the truth for myself. Like many others, I use to take things as face value and believe what the newspapers, television, and yes the tabloids *hanging down my head in shame* said and wrote. Even Michael even said at the Sony protest in Harlem when he was there with Al Sharpton, that the history books are lies. Michael has been saying it all along.

    And due to the research in your blog, you have proven that he was right all along and is telling the truth. We weren't really listening and needless to say it took his death to wake us up to realize what is really going on.

    I have to admit, though, I'm always on the lookout for what you will put up next especially regarding the Jackson family. Because I know if anyone can dissect what's going on in that family, it's you. Especially with the incident that took place this past week. You made me see that the Jackson family is being held hostage so to speak because they are aware of what's going on so they have to play it safe. There are others to consider like the children and grandchildren. I had no idea that they were around so many leeches including Michael who he had to deal with by himself. It sickens me what he had to deal with everyday. So you have opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. That includes other conspiracies involving the masses and our health. I have never heard of Pineal Gland until I read your blog. So you have given knowledge and to think for myself.

    Right now, from what I'm reading you seem to be frustrated now and I can understand. You want to reach as many people as you can to get the truth out but come to find out some people are on here for the wrong reason. You have already put them on blast and I hope you continue to do so. Bonnie, whatever you please don't leave. We need your message because this is the only way some of use will get the truth even though a lot of people still don't get it. And the truth is: I WANT JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON AND HIS FAMILY. Especially after all the hell he/they been put through. And the only way they will get it is through your blog.

    Hang in there. You are not alone.


    1. Hi P,

      I absolutely agree with you. Yes, the Jackson family is being held hostage. I guess some of this is disappointment that they are not more in control of the situation (and they may be, I'm just saying what it looks like on the outside). You want things to be true so badly and you have all this hope built up. When it comes crashing down, or people's behavior seems to contradict the trust you have in them I won't lie to you . . . it HURTS. I only hope they see through my anger to how much I have grown to care about them. I say things to hurt them and that's not right. Michael wouldn't have done that and neither would Jesus.

      I would like nothing better than to see the Jackson family NOT have to deal with this anymore. And I can't do anything about it. It is very frustrating and hurtful to watch. Did they sell out? I wonder after seeing stuff like this, even though I know better.

      Did you ever see a wounded animal backed into a corner trying to lash out at the people trying to help it? That's how I feel about the Jacksons sometimes. And that wounded animal gets interchanged between me and them or anyone else trying to pull for them. I still think of them as deer. :o(

      I WANT JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL AND HIS FAMILY TOO - darn it! (stealing your all-caps). And not just them but all those THEY were standing their ground for - the children, the oppressed people. This isn't the only blog and I'm not the only person fighting for that . . . I can't believe that. Like you said, we are not alone.

      God bless you . . . ♥

  6. Bonnie,

    Please do not be offended by what I'm going to say here. I mean it in the most loving way I can think of and I hope you receive it the same way.

    I think I know what you're going through. It's hard knowing that everyone will not be saved from certain destruction. The bible makes that clear. God wants NO ONE to perish, however, Matthew 7:13 and 14 say: “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy[a] that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few." Many will perish, few will live. That's a very hard pill to swallow. It's sad and it's heartbreaking.

    But Bonnie, God has given you a "job", if you believe that's what this blog is all about for you. If that's the case, then your job is to give the message that God has given to you. It doesn't matter how many are receiving the message. Remember Noah? He preached and preached for years to everyone around him. How many people ended up being saved? Just his family, and the animals, of course. But do you see where I'm going with this?

    You, with God's help, have done a tremendous job here. You've passed on information a lot, if not all, of us have never seen or heard. And I thank you for that. If you believe that God is now calling you elsewhere then that's what you should do and I will say God bless you. But if not, if God hasn't called you away from this blog, then really, it would behoove you to continue on, no matter if just one person takes your message to heart. No, even if NO people take your message to heart should you stop what God has called you to do, if he has truly called you to do it. And I know it would be very discouraging if only one person or no one at all were to hear and accept what God, through you, has to say. I'm sorry about that, truly I am. But I pray that God speaks to you and that you follow the way he has chosen for you.

    As more than one person here has said, you are not alone here. I love you and so do many others here. I just ask that you listen for God's direction and whatever God tells you to do, I, for one, will support you 100%. I'm sure everyone else here would do the same.

    Take care of yourself Bonnie. I'm praying for you.


    1. Hi Deb,

      You said:

      "I think I know what you're going through. It's hard knowing that everyone will not be saved from certain destruction. The bible makes that clear. God wants NO ONE to perish, however, Matthew 7:13 and 14 say: “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy[a] that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few." Many will perish, few will live. That's a very hard pill to swallow. It's sad and it's heartbreaking."

      >>>>>>>>> Yes I know that, and that is what hurts. That is what frustrates me when this drama gets broadcast on Twitter and what not (don't want to keep harping on that).

      God gave me a headache to deal with this today, LOL! Headaches like the ones I get FORBID me to get over-excited about anything. So when Micheline called me today about Geraldo's interview on Imus, I was not incited. It's almost like I was being told this is not what you think it is or may think it is.

      I love you guys too. I'm sorry I put anyone on blast but I do care. This urgency almost gives me panics because I know we don't have a whole lot of time left.

      I never met Noah, but I remember him (LOL, I read that wrong the first time).

      I don't think God has called me away. Just the thought of that felt like the pain of having your soul ripped from you. I think you KNOW IT for sure when you are taking something out on God, or you are angry and you victimize the job he gave you as a result. You feel that in your very soul. You just know its wrong. It sears your heart. I don't ever, ever want to do that. God is apart of us and that is why it hurts us so much when we disobey or say things to hurt him. Those that do not feel that are in a lot of trouble I think.

      I'm sorry Deb that I put you guys through all this. This is some kind of fight in faith. Just blows me away.

      And I hope you know that I love you . . . all of you and care that you have a place in Heaven. God wants us all back but he needs to make it our decision for it to be geniune.

      Thank you and God bless you too. :o) Oh and don't forget ♥

  7. No, Bonnie - you are not alone. I haven't commented lately but I have been READING. My computer has been having issues again - lost sound for awhile and now videos play in sections unless I let them load all the way first. My grandson has been visiting also so mostly reading late until my eyes won't stay open. I have been blown away by all you've reported recently(yes, and in the past too - I would be so in the dark if it wasn't for you). The deal with the Jackson family has been unreal- literally. I don't follow, don't see the news and don't really believe what they report anyway. I recently was reminded of the quote, "All I know is what I read in the papers". That other version I sent you of Dangerous, Michael says the same thing- you know what you're told. I listen and listen to Michael's songs. At first they brought me great joy, then I started hearing the pain and suffering and the anger - all the warnings and I think of Michael crying over the starving children with the flies around their faces. When touring the world, he wanted to see the worst of it and, through what you've written, it appears he's seen worse than I could ever have imagined.

    I have to admit, at times I wonder if he wasn't mind controlled into all of it - leading up to what "they" had planned for him, but I know in my heart that he was given a mission on earth and he serves The Lord Almighty. How he has remained strong, only God knows. So he threw Little Susie down the stairs? That's a different thought! Something new to ponder.

    Bonnie, I know you are hurting right now but don't give in. We are all under attack. We are paying attention (God told me to pay attention to Michael - that he had something to teach me and I sure didn't expect all of this) and that makes us dangerous and a threat. Prayer and knowledge is our weapon. My prayer? Not one - not one lost. It is not biblical I suppose but it is not my desire for one person to be lost. I pray in tears - it hurts so bad. What satan has done to this world. What has been done to us all. I think of Michael and I see that beautiful child with such hopes and dreams and as reality sinks in with the entertainment industry and our own governments seeking to destroy everything, and horrors kept secret! How brave Michael was through all of this (and stubborn it seems, bless his heart). All will be well in the end, it's getting there that is unnerving. I watch and wait as the mystery unfolds and ask God for peace in my heart and the strength to do whatever He requires of me.

    Michael, if you are reading this I want you to know that you've changed my life. You may not be a Jehovah Witness anymore, but to me, your whole life has been the best possible witness for Jesus Christ. You are a blessing, not just because you are/were "Michael Jackson" the performer but you are Michael Jackson, a compassionate and loving soul who wears his heart on his sleeve along with that arm band - expressing your commitment to all of us suffering children, young and old. You've said you are a warrior - and that I do not doubt. I would be proud any day to stand beside you in this fight. I guess,in spirit, I already am. If only I could wipe away your tears or at least replace those cried in pain for those cried in joy. Some day soon God promises to do that for all of us.

    Bonnie, I pray for you - that Michael the arch angel and his angels come down from heaven with swords drawn to fight away all the demons surrounding you. Push them back! Push them back! Lord, give her some breathing space to be renewed in Your strength. (Actually, I think we all need that prayer.) May God bless you all!!!

    1. No, he didn't throw little Susie down the stairs. :o( I said that in anger as the only thing I could compare to what I saw as his family doing - throwing themselves down the stairs.

      I don't know what you prayed. I prayed too last night, on my knees in front of the recliner (have to use pillows under my knees or I won't be able to get up). And it must have worked. I felt kind of light headed all day and when I crawled into bed last night. I felt something on my temple. Air and pressure. I just pictured it was Jesus hand and fell asleep like that. I've been calm all day but a few tears here and there. And still lightheaded. Don't know what that is about. I'm not feverish. I'm not sure what it is. Not faint, not feverish but light in the head and don't laugh, but like something got taken out back behind my sinuses, in my brain LOL! (I can't wait to hear the wise cracks) and it's kept me calm all day. Quiet. Just what I needed.

      My mother and I were talking about Michael the archangel just tonight. She just brought him up all of a sudden when we were talking about battles, and she said, "I think the archangel Michael is cool. He's the warrior". I just smiled then laughed a bit. Had to agree with her. It wasn't hard. Then all I could think about was how awesome it would be to meet/see an angel face to face. When I saw the one in my dream standing next to Jesus, he looked just like a person. But he appeared as the shield and Christ as the sword before they turned into people.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you Blake. Your prayer - worked. Very powerful. God bless you and hugs as tight as you can stand them. ♥

  8. Great new direction on the blog Bonnie, I totally understand where you are coming from. I haven't looked at the blog in quite a while and reading it was actually one of a number of confirmations I had today. Also interesting: right as I was reading about how you were going to stop following the Jackson family drama I thought to myself, "what is she gonna do now?" and just at that moment the Internet icon on my phone popped up (I was reading this on the bus) and asked me if I wanted to join the TRUST IN THE LORD wireless network. Pretty crazy huh? I would write more but doing this on my phone is tedious... Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling a shift right now as if we are moving into a new level of awareness. Last night when I closed my eyes right before bed and began to pray I felt a rush of warmth and light flowing into my head. It was a first for me. Very strange.

    1. Hi Lindsey - You changed your pic. Now I can see your eyes, :o) That's funny about the "Trust in the Lord" internet Icon!

      Your warmth and light . . . my "air-like hand" on my temple (like someone would lay their hand on a child's temple to comfort them) and just this peaceful feeling all day today. I need to pray that for myself when I get into a corner like that and not feel guilty for praying for help. Have you felt kind of light today because of it? Like I described above?

      Thank you for coming, Lindsey. ♥♥♥

  9. Bonnie...seu blog é tão maravilhoso,leio todos os dias,por favor não desista ,acredito que estamos quase lá querida amiga!
    tenha fé,continue seu trabalho,ele é fantástico,e Michael é sim um ser especial,não tenho nenhuma dúvida sobre isso.
    Você leu o livro dancing the dream de Michael, lá está a mais profunda expressão de sua linda alma!!
    lhe dedico esse poema de Michael..."Deus"

    com amor...

    "uma grande fã de Michael Jackson"

  10. Well I can't copy and paste Deepak's latest but once again he's trying to attain 100 000 000 followers to achieve 'critical mass'. So many of 'them' trying to hit this one hundred million mark for the same purpose. I have watched 2 vids on Deepaks new channel(Chopra's Well) out of interest...the Fertility Festival vid and the Elvis one. Trying to reach a younger demographic for obvious reasons (as I said early today in my comment above). Honestly, this sickens me.


    1. Deepak - I wonder what he is trying to accomplish?

  11. Bonnie, I love you. I want you to know how much I have appreciated your presence in my life over the last three years. It was Michael’s day on June 25th that jump started my journey to bring me closer to God, but you have held my hand here on earth while I walked, and helped me from walking lonely circles. My hope is that you will not leave, but my wish is that you KNOW how much you have done for me. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I love you, and will always hold you in my heart.

    1. CAthy,

      I love you too. Thank you for your support, so much! I'm sorry I caused this, I really am. Someone keeps posting to me on this blog to pray (they don't get pubished) and It's usually either right before or right after something really challenging happens . . .

      What if it is we are ALL being tested?

      God bless you too Miss CAthy Rose. :o)

  12. BONNIE, I fully join the readers who sent you heartfelt comments but wished to add this :

    1. One day you defend the Jacksons like a hen defends her chicks although I myself do not get it why e.g. the fan world was suspended to La Toya's lips with her "illusion" word; another day of change of humour, you think e.g. Michael "threw Little Susie down the steps" or La Toya & Branca could be "highfiving each other somewhere". This is very extreme..though I still understand your doubts except for what concerns Michael.

    2. As much empathy, sympathy & respect I do feel like other readers for your person & your admirable & educational Blog, why should I feel guilty as I did not comment on your last Blogs on the Bible, Fallen Angels, Ufos or Freemasonry, False Jews (although very educative & interesting) which do not always correspond to my own intellectual or spiritual level/interest or just simply my mood at times ? As a Jesus believer I do respect the Scriptures but do not unfortunately feel the same historical & spiritual focus/interest as you do : sorry to be just who I am. Your educated analysis & knowledge in many fields would sometimes also deserve adequate specialized commentators (who I'm not) but I found your reaction towards the ones who did not comment lately somewhat injust. God may take me any time & punish me if I did not read the Bible accurately but I do hope He will also judge me on some of my good acts. There is a time in life where heavy heart, heavy burden & crying 24/7 on the world or oneself is just not always sustainable for my sanity.

    3. Many tabloids displayed inuendo & lies on the Jacksons lately mainly under the direction of the Estate. Confusing & ambiguous situation but yes, as a total outsider who feels a deep empathy for Michael, I also feel by extension concern for the Jacksons'drama with the Estate : no gossips only but a serious issue that could have lead maybe to Justice for Michael but I understand that Jermaine somewhat also backed off. What Paris tweets or some nieces say about Katherine Jackson I couldn't care less but who controls Michael's wealth or manipulates to hide the truth on the events surrounding 06.25.2009, yes I am still interested...& Michael to me was a genuinely kind & Jesus-like man, but no God, no divinity taking over God : no evil entity could ever dupe me on this.

    Hope the comforting messages you received before find you in much better spirits. As to me, I'm done with dramas today so sorry, I can't even add comforting & kind words for will come back I guess. God Bless you.

    1. Line,

      Bet you were wondering if I would ever get to this comment. I'm sorry for the delay.

      First, know that I love those people (the Jackson family) and if all this didn't matter, it wouldn't bother me so much.

      You are probably a little more level headed than I am. But if it doesn't bother you for me to say this, I love watching you/reading you when you are upset, you are so out there with it. Very Refreshing and sometimes funny because I can picture you as you were typing it :o)

      No, am not obligating you to comment on every single subject. And I think you know what was REALLY bothering me and really didn't have to do with individual comments but my perception of what I believed was a need for people to have the controversy. If you saw what I originally wrote to the Jacksons, you would know what was really bothering me. I got rid of it.

      God bless you Line. Always an anchor :o) ♥♥♥

  13. Hi Everyone,

    I read each one of your posts and I cried through every one (thank you that you all didn't post at once and gave me a break).

    I want to respond to each one as I usually do, but I don't even know how. I am so tied up right now and half the time I can't even breathe, I am so angry.

    There is so many things running through my mind right now. I know . . . BASICALLY . . . what is supposed to happen. I am having a really hard time watching it happen. That's the short of it.

    But the thing that hurts so bad is somebody I grew to love being part of it, either willingly or unwillingly being part of the deception, and his family, whom I've taken on, just knowing they are deceiving people . . . either willingly or unwillingly. So successful at teaching us that love and devotion is something to be manipulated.

    I don't want to be or take any part in helping or promoting the deception. I can't do this anymore.

    I have to decide whether I want to continue this blog focusing on on God only and leaving the Jacksons out of it . . . or just shutting to down altogether. And I can't shut it down because I don't think God wants me to do that. Just thinking about THAT just adds to the pain.

    I can't make any decisions feeling like this. Maybe it serves me right. I asked for it, didn't I?

    1. Bonnie,

      Assuming that you are referring to the Jackson family and Michael I can see where you are coming from. It's like you are going up and down with this and it shows on your blog. I know it hurts because you feel that they are hiding something but one thing that you have pointed out is that they could be in danger fighting this battle therefore we don't know what they are really up against. We all are on the outside looking in.

      As for Michael there is no doubt in my mind that he did this for a reason. I'm sure Michael knows this is not a game so he had to take whenever avenue available to him to get the message out and that's through his music. And he had to do that using codes in his lyrics. He even said himself that he can't say any more during his interview with Ed Bradley. God knows he wants to come right out and blow the lid off this conspiracy and what's going on.

      So I don't think there is any deception on the Jackson family's part. A lot of stuff is surrounding the family right now that is beyond their control. You can see what's happening. It's the same pattern they did with Michael. They separated Michael from his family and now they are doing the same thing with Katherine. The difference is that it's all out in the open now we have the internet, facebook, twitter, etc.

      My question to you Bonnie. If Prince, Paris & Blanket weren't all out in the open to the public would something like this could have been avoided? Michael took great pains is protecting his children and now you see why.


    2. Hi P,

      It hurts because it's like losing trust. And since I believe God is on their side, you never know if their behavior is hurting Michael and THEN on top of that it's hurting you. When all this overwhelms you, you tend to forget the LITTLE signs that you picked out like a year ago. It gets buried under all the new drama.

      I just don't want any more. There's enough suffering in the world without adding the emotional to it. Michael was hope to a lot of people so you hold onto that with everything you've got.

      I don't believe that the kids are out there without protection. At the same time, I don't believe they SHOULD be out there PERIOD. This is why I believe Michael is still here somewhere, in some way. I don't think his family forgot how to be human beings. They've been through too much to subject the kids to that and Michael would kick their butts!

  14. Hello Bonnie.
    I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling so angry.I have been having some early nights over the past few days,so tonight was my first chance to really properly catch up with your blog.
    I'm glad you have lifted the 'by invitation only' restriction on your blog..I won't ask if I was one of the one's allowed through.....!! :-)
    Last night before I went to bed I signed into my you tube account, and listened to 2 Christian songs. I added them both to one of my playlists, as one in particular was not only soothing to listen to but also VERY encouraging.
    The lyrics are simply this:
    ''Not by power, ,not by might, but by my spirit, says the Lord''.
    This spoke to my heart, and encouraged me so much. It means for me personally that the struggle I personally have at the moment is not something I can make right simply by my own efforts alone.......but that God himself has this one.......that's what came across to me as I listened to it, and Bonnie I'd really like to share that song and my thoughts on it here.
    I hope this encourages you in some small way as it helped me so so much.
    ''Not by power, not by might, but by my spirit.''
    Much love to you Bonnie
    Love Jenny

    1. Jenny, Thank you so much for sharing this song. I haven't heard it in a while but that stretch of scripture gets me to singing that song every time. You shared your walk with Christ below and your story touched me. We all have a special history with The Lord. My decision was made in the middle of the night when I was in my early teens. I'd been reading a book on the Baha'i faith (Seals and Crofts was popular at the time) and my dream seemed so real. There was a verbal fight for me going on around my bed. I got up and pushed the bed against the wall, thinking I'd push them out and make the argument stop. It continued on in a language I did not understand. I yelled out "In the name of Jesus - leave me alone!.....Silence. What more evidence did I need that Jesus was THE ONE! When I was in my late twenties, I led worship in a small mountain church, just me and my nylon string guitar. Nothing fancy. I'm a folk guitarist and I can't read music. I play by ear. I'm not showy. I just love The Lord and it was easy to play songs of praise. I have two favorite songs: "Create In Me A Clean Heart" by Keith Green and "I Exalt Thee". Where I got that from was Phil Driscol. My heart just soars!

      I hadn't followed Michael Jackson except when a song came on the radio -that was special. My heart leaped. I can't explain it any other way. I heard he died on the radio on the way to work and it seemed unreal. When "This Is It" came out. I wanted to see it in the theater but didn't. When I rented the movie I was struck by songs I hadn't ever heard before. "Earth Song" and "Smooth Criminal" stuck in my head and that's when I started collecting CDs. In listening to his songs I starting picking out "I just want you to recognize me in the temple" and "nations turn their swords into plowshares" - what was that? That's when I started digging.

      Bonnie, that's when I found your blog and a few others. The others I've quit following. Your blog stands alone. You have avidly been seeking to reveal the truth - God's truth. The truth that Michael,as a messenger of God, was trying to get out to us despite the opposition.

      You asked in prayer to take on Michael's pain. God,in response, lead you to start this blog. I don't know how you do it but for the grace of God Himself. You are perfectly qualified to do just as you are but the endeavor does come with a price. Spiritual battles are a part of it.

      I prayed for Michael the Arch Angel to come to your rescue. I've done that prayer from way back when - before Michael Jackson inspired me to get back into my Bible and really pay attention. I've felt buried and God has pulled me up from the depths when I've prayed this. It's funny, in re-reading this before posting - I see Jesus as the ultimate savior but as far as "Whipping some demonic you know what" I call the warrior Michael? Interesting.....

      I thank God for loving me. I thank Him for all of you. I'm glad that Michael has brought us all together. You are my friends, my family. I can be me here. This world is an awful place and God will bring us through and out of this. We just have to have faith.

      Bonnie, as with Michael, don't let go of my hand. I love you, Sis!

      When someone starts to fall let's all reach out and say "I've got you!"

      Jesus is The ONE! With the L.O.V.E.

    2. Hi Jenny,

      No, the "invitation only" was actually the "privatizing" in general. They don't give you the option of doing anything else other than put the whole thing on private and send out invitations for people to "join". The only other option is to delete it and I did not want to do that.

      Thank you for the song Jenny. Yes it does help and it's a good message that I need to keep at the forefront of my mind. Love you! ♥♥♥

    3. Blake,

      Your story and mine is very similar in regard to how much we knew Michael BEFORE 2009. I remembered probably more of his Jackson 5 stuff then his solo stuff and I didn't know ANY of the Jacksons songs at all (OBVIOUSLY, LOL) like "Show You the Way to Go". So embarrassing!

      Spiritual battles - and we all go through them. I was talking about that to my husband in the car, trying to express to him why I was crying over the sink the other day because he totally didn't get why. He hurt for me but he was like "it's not worth it" . . . YES IT IS! And I explained to him the closer you get to God and all that "stuff" in you is turned on, you FEEL it more when your doubts or struggles hurt God because it hurts you! It sears your heart and you feel that with every particle in your blood! Without God you wouldn't even feel that pain or anger over what other people are doing to themselves, you wouldn't care.

      Whipping butt, LOL! That reminds me, there is a blog I wanted to do about the seven spirits of God. Jesus is the one - WITH LOVE. Thank you Blake.

  15. I just wanted to add, that it was my love for Michael Jackson that brought me to read your blog initially. But as the months and years unfolded, and as you began to unravel and reveal Michael's message through his song lyrics, did I find myself wanting to re-ignite my faith in God following an incident which led me to enter a very dry barren time spiritually, grief stricken and miserable, in Aug 2008. This misery flowed over in June 2009 when MJ passed.......and unbeknown to me God was bekoning me back to Himself.....I didn't hear Him or see Him as I was blinded by my grief and sorrow and anger also at the time.
    Here's a little history on my own personal walk with God......I'll try to just mention the key important parts!
    I had become a Christian when I was 20 yrs old,on Feb 20th 1988.Would you believe that this was a result from a dream I had? God has always used dreams with me also it seems to communicate with me.
    I had total immersion baptism in Oct 1988 at the age of 21yrs.
    My heart was totally sold out for God. I loved Him with all my heart sould mind and strength.this being the most important commandment, but it wasn't an effort! I didn't struggle with this. At first I did. I said to Him......''How can I love you with all of my heart soul mind and strength, when I don't know you Lord?'' I set about getting to know Him!!! I read the bible avidly, my mum teased me that I read it like it was the latest novel evey evening when I put my baby son to bed!
    I still wasn't attending any church at this time. This was just me, praying, listening and reading my bible evey night.
    One day I popped into my local bookshop where they also sold greetings cards, you know, for birthday's, thank you card's one of my old school friends dad had died. ( sorry if this is becoming long and uninteresting...I just thought it might encourage a few own story of what happened to me....?) Anyway I asked the lady working in this shop whether she had any cards which didn't have bible verses on? as my friend wasn't a Christian......she quietly said to me...''oh, but you could say you were praying for her couldn't you?''.....''you are a Christian aren't you?''.......''er....well, I don't know if I am one.....I want to be one, but I don't know whether I am one or not''.
    I told her about my dream, and how I had prayed and read the bible......willingly, and enthusiastically, with no persuasion or encouragment from anyone else at all........I said I just feel compelled to pray and read the a longing and a yearning I can't explain......
    She looked at me with a gentle smile, and said....''that's the Lord God calling you to Himself''.
    You could have knocked me down with a feather...I was so stunned.''What THE God who made the heaven's and the earth is interested in me??!''........... she nodded a slow nod of her head with a smile.....tears came to my eyes, this was all so new to me.
    That dear lady introduced me to her friend who lived above the bookstore.....which incidentally wasn't obviously a Christian bookstore from the outside!.....and then I began attending the church that she went to.
    I just thought I'd share that with you all. I hope and pray that somehow yu might catch the realness of my testimony.
    And Bonnie....if ever you just continue this blog for us to share the bible, then that would be wonderful. I don't attend any church, and speaking about God here is the only place I do share my spiritual feelings and thoughts.
    We sharpen eachother!!
    Love Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Funny you mention "feather". I still have my three taped to the computer monitor. :o)

      Yes I believe you about the dreams, then these little words of encouragements or sparks like the lady in the card store I think are sometimes angels that just light on the shoulders of someone they use to give you the message.

      Michael is still the one that spearheaded my interest in understanding the Bible. And I believe the spirit of God used him to open me up/wake me up. There is nothing unwholesome about wanting to take someone's pain or asking God to give it to you. And you're right. We sharpen each other. :o)

  16. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

    Its frustrating for every single person who has noticed that something is amiss with the whole Michael Jackson 'thing'. We can read and listen, watch and search out all sorts of information and obviously that's what everyone here does and has been doing I'd say, for these 3 years.....but still none of us can know exactly what is going down. Two plus two does not seem to make four in all of this. We do know though that somethings not right and its a headache trying to sort the wheat from the chaff. Just when you think you have figured something out, another piece of info arises to throw a spanner in the works.

    Some days I've thought to myself, Michael died or knew he was dying and so plans were made in advance to set things right financially (if in fact he did have the financial problems noted). Other days I say, there is no way he could possible be gone because there are far too many little hints being left that he's around.....that could also be the handiwork of a certain group of people who want his name shining again for a certain reason. Or he could have been forced into hiding because he really was a concern to certain high profile groups etc. Lots of choices. I'm sure though that either way we've all been (dare I say) enlightened to more problems than we perhaps realised existed in the entertainment industry and I'm sure we were already aware of the Bankers, Govts and so forth who believe its their right to run the show. And we also know about young people, the poor, the homeless, the greenies etc etc but its not knowing how to fix the problems soon enough that is frustrating. And the other thing is human beings simply don't always agree on issues so very difficult to get everyone to come together....even though Michael would have liked that. Easier said than done unless there is a major catastrophe that's worse than anything , ever......the only thing I can think of that might snap people out of things a bit. We don't want a major catastrophe to have to make the world a better place........ There are definately plenty of dark people at work in the world and they really are busy planning away to achieve a particular aim and its very true that God is not God in their eyes. Sounds strange but its true. You cannot believe such things go on until you actually pay attention to some of these people and then realise they are very serious and have a great following. People really need to pray to God. You know, someone had a go at me a couple of months ago in a social setting because I said I believed in God. It blew my mind because I'm one of these fools who thinks everyone knows God is God but apart from that it was the attitude of the person I was having the one on one with. She was so brazen in her mocking of any person who believed God was real. I won't tell you what I thought in my mind but I just gave her a hug when we all said our goodbyes.....

    Anyhow, rambling here. Bonnie, we won't know what any of these charachters are going to do until they up and do it. The only way any of us could know is if Michael Jackson told us in advance. Have a good day people.


    1. TL,

      Thank you for expressing that. You brought up a good point. Maybe we're not supposed to FIX the problems. We could never without God anyway. Maybe changing our HEART and letting God shine through it will help OTHERS want to change THEIR HEART. And that is all we're expected to do. The ones that won't accept that are bent on corruption, we already know God is going to make sure they can't corrupt ever again. The "New Heaven and New Earth" he is making.

      I know what you mean about people having a "go" at you. It just blows you away, the hatred they have for someone THEY profess doesn't exist.

      God bless you TL, and thank you for your contribution.

  17. Bonnie: You know I've struggled at times with what you write, sometimes it is beyond my understanding and other times I'm just not where you are at. So I read - I don't feel qualified to comment - so I read.

    When I'm at a crossroads I ask myself if I were to flip a coin (heads -the one thing I'm deciding on and tails the other) just when I'm about to flip the coin I get a strong feeling that leads me to step in the direction I truly wanted to go towards but was unable to decide on in my mind. I feel that you know where you need to go. It is the path that will serve your mission; your voice that needs to be expressed. I see alot of people finally letting go of Michael - I mean that. Sometimes I wonder if all this drama isn't being created to allow some to move on. Is the work finished (for what is needed at this moment. Is our holding on - trying to understand keeping the true understanding from happening? Do we need to get out of the way for God's work to be done? I don't have an answer. I know you will bring God into your heart so that you can find the answer to your confusion. Whatever you decide - whatever direction you are called to take - there is no wrong answer - this I firmly believe. ~LorLor

    1. Hi Lor,

      I understand what you are saying. I definitely do not feel that the work here is done. I don't see the people "letting go" of Michael but then I'm not out and about in the MJ community as much as I was when I first started this. God is not even done with Michael's work here, not yet. That's why I believe that Michael said "take over for me" in the song "Cry".

      Thank you very much for your support. You just gave me a very good idea for a blog topic ;o) Wait until you see what it is. ♥♥♥ God bless you Lor!

  18. sometimes we just need to be still..........quiten our own thoughts an ideas.............
    love Jenny

    1. Thank you for the song Jenny! :o)♥

  19. Hello Bonnie.

    Please pray for me blog family. A virus is affecting my eyes, making it difficult for me to read or drive. This blog is a blessing to me. I have learned so much here and my heart has found some healing. Keep God and the truth as a priority!

    I don't know you Blake, but your words make me feel better. Thanks for your beautiful expression and for being yourself.

    Love to all,

    1. Trinia, Take good care - I DO pray also for you

    2. Trinia - Praying girl! I'm very sorry. I will do that right now.. Thank you Line for the prayer for her.

      God bless Trinia, and Heavenly father, please let the healing hand of Christ and the power of his restoration heal Trinia's eyes and affect her with relief from pain and discomfort. Thank you Lord for your compassion and love for us, I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen♥♥♥

    3. BONNIE : Thanks for your patience with me. "Little Susie" I find one of the most sensitive & wonderful Michael's Songs on the childrens' tragedy. I will always love that man for his deep humanity. His family I like but Michael was a unique gem of a human. TMZ said about Katherine latest Aug.2nd written declaration "The declaration flies completely in the face of the statement previously made in an interview with ABC News.." unfortunately true. Lies or inconsistencies maybe forced by outside elements so I can't judge anyway. Jermaine statement also gives a hint that the Jacksons published this very private letter (as I understood), so what started with a family letter of substance was monitored during 2 weeks miserably..& we the public ran in all directions :o{ Next round, hope the Jacksons manage it better. Whatever nothing to be desperate about, now that Michael is gone, their fights are not ours & our dispair, anger or disappointment is not their concern anyway : they are good people but will go with the flow of the industry. I too am through with it & just feel like an empty for now. But Justice for Michael, yes, I pursue.

      Therefore if I may, take renewed spiritual strength, harmony & quietness by praying our Jesus Who is the only One Who can heal. As much as your analysis of the prophetic verses of the Bible on the Harlot of Babylon & the fallen angels, etc.. indeed correspond to the decadence of our modern times, pls however take some comfort in God Who is in the Nature, animals & all beautiful gifts He gave us (same applies for me :o) Let Him show you quietly the natural direction you may take next to fullfil your spirituality & writing talents & gain in the process more inner peace♥

    4. Hi me again,

      No misunderstanding in my writing mistakes : for "empty" = an empty shell 2."same applies for me" = to take comfort too, not that I take myself for a "beautiful" gift ;o)

    5. Line,

      Thank you for the TMZ update. I haven't seen it yet and the last couple of days at home, I hadn't even had time to see if there WAS an update. So obviously I can't comment (Line palms face in shock!)

      I have an idea for Branca and firm too. I hope you guys will help me with it. (Jackson Family, do not give up hope! Something will happen, action with prayers. You'll see!)

      Line your prayers too, have pushed back the demons of panic and hopelessness.

      Yes, Miss Line you are a beautiful gift.

  20. Hi Bonnie,

    I have tried to post 2 times and it seems the internet swallowed up what I wrote before it got to you, at least I don't think it reached you, so in case it didn't, I will try again.
    I just want you to be encouraged today... this hour... this moment, because you do have so many of us you ARE with you, and who believe in you as you search for the truth. God led you to Michael, and because he led you to him, He will be faithful and lead you through this.When He has a mission for our lives, He gives us the tools and resources to complete that mission. His Word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish that which He sent it forth to do. He has a mission for you Bonnie and you have obeyed as you followed His lead.I know you are getting weary of all the "noise"... It is a distraction... trying to keep you from finding the truth. You are getting so close and that is why you are experiencing the opposition that you face. Keep the strong and don't grow weary in well doing. I thank God for you, and I knows Michael believes in you, as well. You are feeling him...there must be a good reason for that. I believe he is standing by you, so hold fast to what you know it true. I believe in you, and God bless you and keep you in His loving care...always:)

    1. Miss Anonymous . . . I will get back to your comment but I have to run out the door for now . . . I won't for get you. I will be back!!!

    2. Okay anonymous, I'm back.

      I'm sorry to be so long at answering this. I cried through every one of these messages. And I want to apologize to everyone and thank you for being patient with me.

      Everything you said is truth - God does not give us a job without the tools/strength to complete it. He is also very good at taking you by the shoulders, turning you around and saying "I'm not taking no for an answer. Have your hissy fit but you're going to finish what I put in front of you. I never said you couldn't ask for help."

      I know from experience that his Word will not return to Him void. His Word has come to life before our very eyes and spawned hope.

      If Michael believes in me, I don't doubt that he's thrown up his hands and walked away a few times. Or stood there with his hands on his hips and said "Now Stanley . . . I mean BON-nie . . ."

      I hate it having to jump off the wall every once in a while and getting this upset. I wish I could be better support for them but I don't know how to defend some of their actions when they don't make sense. But you're right. I KNOW TO BE TRUE that they, the whole Jackson family, are a persecuted people. That much I know to be true, and I know WHY they have been persecuted. And I know why Michael was persecuted. It was the wow moment way back when I started this. People in that family have already been killed. So this isn't a game. I feel kind of responsible for this because it happened right after I posted all that about Branca and Weitzman, and the two Jackson wives (Enid and Dee Dee) that had been killed.

      I WANT Justice for this family and for Michael, and I WANT them to be rewarded for what they've been through. Because deep down I know they are not going through all this just for their OWN COMFORT.

      I have been blessed to be able to feel Michael. And I am telling you I sure feel it when I disappoint him too.

      Wherever Michael is, I hope he knows I am standing by him too. Even if he has to grab my wrist occasionally to keep me from falling out.

      And now I got phone call and I believe I might have an idea as to why the Jackson's did what they did recently.

      CHILDREN....Another porn ring exposed - very bad. The OLDEST victim was four years old . . . I don't think I want to read this.

      God bless you anonymous.

  21. My God . . .

  22. Hey Bonnie,

    What was the update on TMZ?! I must have missed it. I hope you write about why the Jacksons did what they did. Does it have something to do with the guardianship of PP&B?

    I saw the link about the child porn ring. I didn't want to read the article because my heart couldn't take it. I can only imagine what they were doing to those children.

    Oh, Before I forget. I have sent something via email that may help you.


    1. I haven't gotten over there yet P, but I will. Moving slow today - don't feel good.

      I did not see the update on TMZ, but I did see something posted on Janet Jackson's site in regard to a statement written by Blair Brown, Janet's attorney. I posted it on tonight's blog.

  23. Bonnie, when you mentioned "Show You The Way," I just had to post it here. The song is so infectious and uplifted by spirits instantly. I love these boys so much! Michael at 19 was sheer heaven the way he took command of the stage and held his brothers together - so unique and magical. Watching him made me think ahead to the nightmare and suffering that was to mark his life. (Just had a good cry over this.)

    To Trinia - I am sending my prayers to you for healing and sincerely hope your eyes will not suffer any permanent condition. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    I wish to thank you, Bonnie and everyone here who continues to pray for my brother. So far he had two encouraging increases in his blood platelet count and we are waiting for the next result on Tuesday. If it rises high enough, the doctors can avoid chemotherapy. Keep praying!

    Bonnie, I will call you tomorrow. Forgive me for my outburst on the phone today - sometimes it all gets to be too much. But I can feel it in my heart and soul...change is coming. And like a domino effect, we may start to see the collapse of the pedophile network's House of Cards. I have a stomach for almost anything, but not the abuse and torture of children and babies. Michael kept going despite the forces that were against him, because he believed that everyone newborn is God's way of saying there's still hope for humanity. It's also a new temptation for Satan, so we need to keep going as well to beat back the devil. Get ready - we're going to need a lot of warriors!

  24. To Kathi - Who's comment I read but didn't post on her request:

    Kathi - I haven't deleted your comment yet as I wanted to re-read it to remind me why I am doing this. Your comment was a blessing and so are you.

    Reading what you wrote reminded me of a dream I posted here early in 2011 about Miss Katherine and Latoya. In that dream Miss Katherine was walking out of a church (an A.M.E. church) where no one knew her and they both wanted me to meet them there. When they came out Miss Katherine told me not to doubt what I was doing and not to listen to people that wanted to instill doubt.

    I should go back and review those dreams should I ever have any doubts again . . . and Michael's line "respect to believe in your dreams". God bless you Kathi - and Michael wherever you are.


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