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Michael Jackson Justice: Following the Construction of a False Prophet

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Following the Construction of a False Prophet

Hold Onto The Truth

"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth."

Don’t Let Me Lose My Way
Hold Onto Me

Standing in the midst of a maelstrom of abuse and malignant human behavior, the threat of being sucked in was now a distant distraction to her.  She felt as if she had seen it all before.  Their influence no longer had any power over her.

She could turn, reach into the vortex and pluck them out one by one and toss them back in at her whim.

As she walked, it followed her because it vowed for her attention.  But her heart belonged to another, more powerful and they knew it.  They couldn't come any closer. They could only attempt to manipulate her to coming to them.

She walked on, with visions of the man in her head – the one who walked past the maelstrom of his own with flashing cameras, screaming crowds and grasping hands with such a look of peace.  He now stood in a place where he could see beginning, middle and end.  She wasn't there yet. She still had work to do and she awaited her next task like a child adoringly at the feet of her Father, waiting another chance to make Him smile, to please Him.

The ground she stood on three years ago was shaky, filled with briars and unknown to her.  And even though the landscape grew more treacherous, she navigated the turns now with precision – not of her own, but guided.  Her confidence came from somewhere else.

Her struggles to understand were almost over and she knew where he stood.  She didn't have all the answers, but she had enough to still her trembling and eliminate her confusion.  She knew he was safe and soon, so would be everyone else.  Most of the exposure had been accomplished.

As objects of obstruction were thrown down onto her path, she stepped lightly over them now and it angered them.  She looked and asked, “What’s next?  Where do you want me to go from here?”

Who Didn’t See This Coming?

The latest in the Paris Jackson Saga: Lie #1

"Katherine was a vision in a purple long dress and matching jacket paired with black shoes as she walked out the building with Grace Rwaramba, a close family friend and Paris's childhood nanny." - Source,

It further stated in the trash rag:

"A family member has reportedly revealed that the 15-year-old told paramedics that she wanted to live as they rushed her to hospital.  She’s basically kicking and screaming when the paramedics came, saying, ‘I want to live. I do. I just don’t want to live here. I wish my daddy was here,'' they added." - Source,

Point one, who is the family member?  Who?  Why is it that no one in the Jackson family “member” list is ever named?  Can’t trace a ghost!  Maybe it’s one of the 13,265 people on Twitter who have hidden behind the name but call themselves fans that don’t want to be identified? 

Point two, Grace is no more a "close family friend" then Uri Geller. 

Third point, Grace is a CIA handler and if she's shadowing Miss Katherine, that's not good.  I doubt ANY of these children get any quality time with Miss Katherine since they each have a handler, but it doesn't really matter because Paris doesn't really live with Miss Katherine anyway.  They are just "installed" there on paper.  They are not Michael's children, they are only Branca's key to the inheritance lock box.  In these pictures, Miss Katherine sports the same expression that Michael did when he was around this beast's servant.  Dazed and expressionless.

Picture of Grace with another demon, Karen Faye
Look at his face.  He’s SHUT DOWN!

There is also the strong probability that THESE pictures of Miss Katherine are not the real Miss Katherine either.

Point four, they claim Paris said "I don't want to live HERE".  Just when you you've satisfied your suspicions that this whole thing was concocted to wrest the "MJ3" from the custody of ANY of Michael's REAL relatives while garnering more emotional sympathy from the fan base, they publish more trash to confirm their intentions:

"Debbie Rowe could become Paris Jackson's guardian if the 15-year-old wants to make the switch, and sources tell us it's a real possibility. - Rowe has made no attempt to become Paris' legal guardian -- a title which is now vested jointly in Katherine Jackson and TJ Jackson.  But that could change if the judge determines the current arrangement is not serving Paris well . . .

As for Katherine's role, sources tell us Paris has been increasingly frustrated that her grandmother is not "connected" to her life - Debbie voiced concern about the welfare of the kids but accepted Katherine as guardian as long as the kids were protected." - Source, TMZ

It’s a little hard for Katherine to be “connected to her life” if she has to be drug into court day after day over a lawsuit she neither filed, nor wanted to take part in.  Both Panish and Sanders work for the estate.  This lawsuit is the Estate and Sony Music’s attempt to get rid of an entity that knows the truth about everything his label and his ex lawyer and the establishment wanted to do to Michael.  Once this Sony-contrived lawsuit labels AEG as the culprits and their reputation is ruined, Sony is free to continue raping Michael’s music, name and image.  In other words, They’re going to throw Michael’s likeness into bed with Billie Jean the devil, regardless of what Michael told us in the song.

Truth be told, I believe that nothing could be better for Michael's mother, then for her to be disconnected from ALL of them - the fake lawyers Branca hired (Sanders, Panish) and those children that have no more biological connection to Michael then they do to James Earl Jones.

I also fully support AEG's request that they have their DNA tested, regardless of whether they actually asked for that or not.  It should be done.  Not that the press would give us the truth, but I believe Katherine knows full well that they are not Michael's real children.  I believe that DNA should be tested and that those tests should be made public.  Let Debbie have the two oldest.  They belong with her and Klein anyway.  But the DNA tests should be done to alleviate Branca from further responsibility of Michael's estate.  It does not belong to him.  Having a Jewish mother does not entitle him to steal from Michael or anyone else.

It seems as though the closer we get to the truth of what is going to happen and HOW they intend to 'remake' humanity into programmed little "robots" as Michael put it in his drawings, the more rediculous and earthereal this kicked up drama becomes.  And that is exactly the point to this whole thing:


What is REAL is what they are going to DO to you!  What is REAL is what Michael tried to tell you.

Do you SERIOUSLY believe that Michael was just about the trees and the whales, in favor of killing off 80% of his fan base for “the collective good”?

Michael knows the lie deeper than any of you.  He is fully acquainted with it since the beginning.  He wrote “Little Susie”, not because of child abuse, but if you LISTEN to the words it is because HIS FANS HEARD HIM NOT.

Do you KNOW who Little Susie is
In this song?

Little Susie is Michael!  The man who picked her up – Is God.

Little Susie’s soul is taken out of the way and evil is revealed.  Little Susie becomes big Susie in Blood on the dance floor – But no longer singing God’s song, Susie is now the entity fighting Michael in the battle of Armegeddon – inside him.  Fighting for control.  Everything they did to him, most of his fan base is now endorsing.

You helped kill him.  And now you want to reward the killers.

The killers are not AEG.  You KNOW who it is. 

If these people could convince half of his generation that he was a child molester, then getting Michael’s rabid fan base to believe that AEG killed him and Sony is innocent would be EASY!

Karen Faye works for Sony.  The TINI group, ALL OF THEM work for Sony.  Charles Tompson works for Sony as does Taraborrelli.  Justice4some and their writers work for the estate.  Cadeflaw works for the establishment that wanted their man-made Adam. Justice4MJ works for the Estate as does Erin Jacobs.  Tom Mesereau works for the establishment.  His firm is too small for him to have been pulled out of obscurity to represent Robert Blake and then Michael Jackson.  He is John Branca Friendly.

You were told to follow the money.  But you’re not.  You’re letting people that work for the torturers of Michael TELL YOU WHAT TO THINK.

And Michael dies in vain, just like Susie, and his own fan base who claims to love him tries to show it buy fattening the wallets of his real killers.  Beautiful.  Every one of you qualify to play the role of the scarecrow . . . if you only had a brain.

Another song to God
Because his FANS are NOT there!
You Are There

You are responsible for financing the persecution of the Jackson family, the persecution of Katherine, Michael’s mother, and worse, the incredible evil associated with concocting children by two of Michael’s druggers, Klein and Rowe.  Thos children exist for one reason only.  To sport Michael’s last name so the estate, Branca and Sony and the people behind this conspiracy could use them for their own enrichment later.

Seven Bowie – huckster of Michael Jackson charities and estate approved merchandise and false stories with tabloid authors.  Hypocrite, liar and demonic slave to the system she pretends to rail against.  She will never bite the hand that feeds her.  Anything for money – including the killing of Michael.

Erin Jacobs – Sycophant of the funds the Michael Jackson Estate, self promoter and collector of stolen souls of ignorant, younger fans – your lies and sins fester as blistering sores in the depths of what is left of your DNA.  You love nothing let alone Michael because you don’t know how.  Your god is an image of an empty shell and what you seek, you have found.  But he won’t save you when the son of man returns.

Teammichael aka, Taaj Malik – Despiser of what Michael really stood for and who he was.  Your disgust was more than palpable over the silence on the phone when in doubt about the possibility of him being alive.  What a horror it would be for you to find out if he was really watching you and your partnership with an estate you claim to hate.  Neither will you ever bite the hands that feed you.  Shame on you for selling your daughter into the very congregation of the father of lies, thinking you will count your blessings by the number of times she is used by them.   How can you love Michael when you sell your own daughter as collateral for your own glory?

Charles Thomson, Taraborrelli – MK “twins”, sodomites, employees of the label that owned, abused and tortured the servant of God. You sell your souls for earthly glory, spoiled, self-absorbed purveyors of instant and debauching gratification.  There is nothing honest or honorable in either of you.  You are about to find out how expendable you are to them and you know nothing of the love of the truth.  They don’t care about you.  When the real Great Prince returns it will be too late for you.

Samantha Degosson, Yazmeen Carmen aka Muzikfactory, Steph Martin, Qbees, DianeDizzy and Karen Faye and the rest of the multi-name account holders under TINI - You continue to play your head games with the easily deceived, you bash a family you neither know or understand.  Your craftiness has long been exposed in a book written way before your time.  If God’s word called you and your masters out before you committed your crimes, why persist, knowing how this will end? 

You falsify a storyline, stealing the glory of the sacrifice of the Real God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Do you honestly believe God has forgotten?  If you loved the real Michael, you would love the True God.  Instead you attempt to blanket the truth for a murderer in return for . . . what?  A promise that you will be “like gods”?  Didn’t the FIRST victims of that lie teach you anything?

How will it feel when the person you helped them kill ends up being your judge?  It will be no different than when they killed him the first time, for they will also see him again.  You hide nothing.  Your lies are written within you.

The Temple is now Occupied

On “Contending Over the Body of an Angel”, we learned that Israel is desperately and aggressively trying to find missing books of the Aleppo Codex, which were last seen whole in the Codex in Aleppo, Syria – this could also be covering up what they are really searching for, which is the Arc of the Covenant.  We also learned that Russia has seemingly blacklisted the central bank in that country, connected “Christian Science” religion to “British Israelism” and connected the $43 Trillion dollar lawsuit to “ONE People’s Public Trust” and the new age false prophets, the ONE World Trade Center and “Michael Jackson:ONE” World Premiere.

On the blog “Lightworkers Save Paris”, we reviewed one of the under-mentioned topics of foreshadowing:

In Jude we learn of Satan contending with Michael the archangel over the body of Moses.  Satan wanted use it. Satan would use another “temple” to deceive mankind as we are told in Both Daniel 7 & 8, 11, and Revelation 12 and THAT is why our eyes need to be opened.

- We connected “Lightworkers Media” as another false teaching as they put out a less than truthful account of “The Bible” the miniseries.  They are connected to “”, who is connected to other new age, false Christ movements including the OPPT (One People’s Public Trust).

- We welcomed the “New American” magazine and “The John Birch Society” into the family of false witnesses and disinformation artists with their connection to the World Bank Whistleblower, which is connected to the $43 Trillion dollar lawsuit against the central banks and the OPPT.

"Citing the wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers in creating a federal system of government with multiple layers of checks and balances, Hudes said she was confident that the network would eventually be exposed and subjected to the rule of law, stopping the secret corruption.

If and when that happens — even if it may be disorderly — Hudes says precious metals will once again play a role in imposing discipline on the monetary system. " - Source, The New American

Hudes quote in the “New American” interview mirrors that of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, confirming from a former Bank employee (I question this, but they are still setting it up), that there is indeed a reorganization taking place unbeknownst to the vast majority of the global public:

"We’re going to have a cleaned-up financial system, that’s where it is going, but in the meantime, people who didn’t know how the system was gamed are going to find out,” she said. “We’re going to have a different kind of international financial system.... It’ll be a new kind of world where people know what’s going on . . ."  - Source, The New American

The New American was also the same source in which Roma Downey’s affiliation and company name revealed her allegiance to the “New World Order” and the “Lightworkers” of the world via her company name and the insertion of new age, “new world” content of the script of the miniseries “The Bible”.

At 2:00 look at the debut date

At 4:49 Episode 5
“Change the World”

On this web site, a Christian producer turns down an offer to promote the miniseries “The Bible”.  Of the more glaring errors:

- "Prior to being beheaded John exclaims “He [Jesus] will bring a new age of righteousness and justice. His [Jesus’] power will draw all men to a new world.” This entire statement is very new-age and doctrinally unsound. Jesus is not interested in social reform. He’s interested in reconciling utterly sinful human beings to a holy, righteous and good God through: "

- "Jesus sees Peter rolling up his nets and asks him if he needs any help. Peter is tired and angry and rudely declines Jesus’ offer. So Jesus just smiles understandably and starts walking in the water toward Peter’s boat . . . Jesus suggests they go fishing, Peter angrily says “No”. Jesus then smiles and pleads, “Peter, just give me an hour, and I will give you a whole new life.”

- "While Jesus and Peter are fishing, Jesus tells Peter He needs Peter to help Him “change the world.”

- "The problem with this is that the complete Gospel – the only message by which the Bible says we can be regenerated to life by the Holy Spirit – is missing! No sin, to repentance."

- In the last supper scene, Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life".  Omitted is "No one comes to the Father but through me".

Even before I saw the name of Roma's company, I saw enough of the first episode to know that this was not following the Bible and I agree.  This is teaching a reliance on man to "change the world", which is exactly what they did to Michael's songs and messages.

You are NOT going to get to Heaven without Christ.  And you will NOT know Christ without knowing how to love others over yourself.  This has to be in your heart and it has to be genuine.  You are not going to fool God.  He made you and can read you like a book.

What the new age groups, the Michael Jackson deifiers and hoaxer communities, the fan groups (I featured Catherine Gross’s  “leader” mantra on the “MillionTrees” facebook page before) and even the OPPT and their clever reference to musical spheres, Peter Pan and “Never Never Land” are misleading you to believe, is that you can save yourself and this planet.

You can do nothing without God.  You can’t GET to God without Christ.  You cannot get to Christ without repenting and asking to be forgiven.  Your sincerity in your love for God should make this easy.  You should WANT to ask him to forgive you.  Because it is the only thing that is going to free you.

If the deceivers can convince you that sin doesn’t exist, and that you don’t need to ask forgiveness and can access God by just being you, then you are among those counted in 2 Thessalonians 2:2-11

"And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:"

People, this  matters.  They did a lot of things to Michael to shut him up.  I don’t care at this point whether you believe AEG is innocent or not.  Any intelligent human being can follow the money and the history to know who was immediately behind Michael’s pain.

What I DO care about is that you check EVERYTHING with scripture.  Everything. 

They succeeded in torturing Michael, drugging, brainwashing, threatening the lives of his siblings, mother etc, practically all his adult career. 

I KNOW there are new age hand signs, logos, lyrics and messages all over Michael’s work.  But he DID try to get the message out and in parables, especially his last GENUINE album, “Invincible” he tried to tell you what was going to happen.

Between 2001 and 2009, they wanted to make damned sure that Michael would not be able to do that again.

I will get more into this later, but I will tell you this.  If your heart is with God and you cling to him TIGHT, you will be able to start peeling the layers of lies off of the truth and SEE IT.

When the abomination is revealed, you will either recognize it and reject it, or you will be deceived and fall.  It is not man that will save the planet.  If you believe that, you are in for quite a disappointment.

More to come – 


  1. Hello Bonnie.
    These words came to mind after watching that video of Jesus and Peter. '' Goodness, Love, Purity, Truth.......all that is good. Once He ( Jesus) speaks to your heart, that is what makes all the difference. You cannot 'get' this any other way, as He has the power to change people's hearts.
    That snippet of video footage really did move me emotionally.
    I am beginning to see that all the drama being played out on twitter, can only be drama. It is so far fetched what is being said back and forth, you couldn't make it up!
    I am going to be drawing closer to God now and pray that His love reaches many lost people.
    Other things have been in the news which makes me realise that more and more governments want to take away our 'freedom'. They are becoming more and more controlling before our eyes.
    These are scary times we live in, and NO Michael did not endure all this in vain, it's through loving MJ that I have come right back to God's heart. Your work here has become invaluable Bonnie, thank you so much.
    Love Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny,

      That is why I posted that video - what they said Jesus said is not out of the Bible and is not truth. It did not move me because they are putting forth a false message. The message that movie portrays is that Jesus came to change the world. Jesus came to teach us what was being hidden from us - How to reconnect PERSONALLY to God. He showed us what true love is. The world has been corrupted. Every living thing in it. Man cannot "heal" it. The reason I posted it up there was to show how they are using that movie to teach a false doctrine. It's not good if it is not truth and that is what ruined it for me. It's like having your hopes up that network T.V. or even the History Channel would promote the Bible like that, only to have your hopes dashed with the agenda they inflict upon the scriptures.

      That's a good thing to pray for Jenny, and thank you. Because I have been praying for that, and for God to reveal to individual hearts who he is and how to free themselves from the corruption, their burdens - and everyone who prays for that helps. It's powerful - a call for the lost children :o)

      You have the same thing going on on Britain that we have here in the states. Keep an eye on the news about the central banks.

      Jenny, thank you. I have prayed the God reward Michael beyond imagination for what he did. I will never forget the power of what I learned because of an impulsive prayer - and that I realized I could love somebody that much, more than myself, bigger than myself. That is why everything matters to me about the people who are being deceived. God bless you too, Jenny ♥

  2. Hi Bonnie, I wrote this before on your previous blog entry but I'm not sure it you saw it. Do you know if Lisa Marie Presley and Grace Rwaramba are friends? This is a link to the psychiatric hospital in London Liz Taylor and Dr. Arnold Klein put Michael in:
    Debbie Rowe is also friends with Dr. Arnold Klein. I don't know if Liz Taylor fell out with Arnie Klein before she died? Michael also read about psychology. Liz Taylor was rewarded by the elite she was very wealthy so I think she was always on their side. Marilyn Monroe had not the riches Liz Taylor had and she died young. It is very strange Grace Rwaramba is back in the picture or did she ever go away? I know she is connected with Deepak Chopra.

    1. Hi Ilove, sorry, I wasn't ignoring you. Husband was home, had to make dinner and now I'm working my way back up the comments.

      I remember you wrote that but I must have missed the comment. I do not know if Lisa and Grace are friends. Grace is familiar with Deepak Chopra but I have not seen them pictured together.

      According to Karen Fake, Michael was in a "beautiful country home", not a clinic. We know what we were TOLD. We don't know what is truth. That is something we have to fight for and piece together. Since Michael was NOT a drug addict but was most certainly drugged against his will (ref. Morphine song), I believe Liz took Michael to London for "re-education" or in CIA terms "re-programming". Remember the succession of things that happened that year. Michael tried to tell us at the Grammy's with is sister Janet that his "childhood had been take from him". He said in another interview that he had "no memory of being loved". He also said there were other children out there who had their childhoods STOLEN from them. You know what that means. Michael knew and was trying desperately to help children that these people were hurting.

      I don't believe Liz Taylor was on Twitter. I believe that was a fake account set up by someone who did the talking for her. I don't believe there was a falling out. Liz was too sick to be playing this game.

      Marilyn Monroe became a liability. She "fell out of grace" as they like to say in MK Ultra mind control. In other words he programming was short circuiting and she was beginning to remember things she was programmed to not remember, and she was becoming disobedient. It was easier to get rid of her and chalk it up to drugs.

      Yes, I thought that was strange too that Grace was back in the picture. She's not even a family friend - far from it. So you KNOW why she's there.

    2. Hi Bonnie,
      I think both is true. Michael did stay for a while in a big farm house near Basingstoke, Hampshire in England and he also stayed at Elton John's place for a bit. But Michael also stayed in a private psychiatric hospital in London. The Capio Nightingale hospital. Rehab or reprogramming is often done in psychiatric hospitals because people think the stars are going there to get medical help.

    3. Hi Ilove,

      It could very well be that NEITHER is true. Elton John taking part in Michael's torture, I can believe. But the Capio Nightingale? I don't believe that. The reason being is that no one from that clinic or hospital spilled their guts. Also it's not very secluded:

      The bodyguard account that I read was that Michael was taken by private plane to London Heathrow in the middle of the night ALREADY DRUGGED UP. This tells me he was putting up a fight and they had to drug him. He was CARRIED off the plane by a bigger bodyguard and put in a wheelchair, slumped over. When they tried to take his phone he complained he would not cooperate if they took his phone. But he did not go to a hospital he went straight to a private home and he was there for a number of days, left to do some business and came back (escorted). Liz Taylor rode with him in the Limo but did not stay with him. Arnold Klein was NOT on this plane but Klein says he called Liz to get Michael. Why Liz? Because she is TRAINED. She knew Michael's triggers.

      Now, who actually drugged him? It may have been someone who was already with him in Mexico. Who was with him in Mexico? Karen Faye, Michael Bush, Possibly Mcculay Culkin, Possibly Kenny Ortega (was he on Dangerous Tour?), whoever his business manager was then and/or Branca. I would not even put it past Liz to have given him a "booster" but somehow I feel that she would have considered that beneath her and would have employed someone else to do it. There is also the fact that both Dr. Klein and Dr. Metzger have attested to traveling with Michael. Metzger testified in court to medicating him on tour. Neither of these doctors were mentioned as having been on this plane. I find that very odd considering these Dr.'s accompanied him on tour, but not to someplace as important as a transatlantic flight for an alleged drug intervention.

  3. Marc Schaffel is still friends with Debbie Rowe. Is Trent Jackson still around Prince, Paris and Blanket?

    1. So it appears. At one time I believed Schaffel and Debbie Rowe were on Michael's good side. Schaffel was quoted in a news article where he slammed Sony for not letting Michael release "What More Can I Give". Debbie Rowe turned defendant's witness in the 2005 trial - but that was planned, because they never intended to jail Michael. The whole trial was scripted. D.A. Sneddon allegedly messed up the evidence so bad that he was made obvious of his vendetta.

      Six years later, we finally get an example of what went on during that 2005 trial with MURRAY'S trial. During that trial they forged evidence right in the court room, submitted photos with non-compliant or matching dates, testified to three different accounts of the condition of Michael when paramedics entered the room and this blog is the ONLY ONE that pointed out these inconsistencies. The ONLY one.

      If these fans had ringside seats for Michael's trial with those same conditions, they would have been screaming for his blood too. This is how hypocritical these people are. And this is why we must endure watching this horseplay go on. Because the agenda is becoming quite clear and in the process, God is separating the wheat from the tares.

  4. Diana Ross wants to help Paris Jackson. I hope this link works.

    1. Don't believe it . . . it's just a story.

  5. You know Bonnie, I read the things you write and I have to stretch my imagination to the outer limits to try and see some of the things you write as being 100% truthful knowledge, because it's like you live inside Michael's head. "Michael KNOWS this and Michael KNOWS that. How can anyone be completely certain of exactly WHAT Michael knows except Michael. He never told anyone everything he knows. He knew a lot I'm certain but WE have no way to know what he knew except the things he told us. So no one can walk around saying they know what Michael knows unless they are psychic. So after trying to give the benefit of the doubt on some thing you write, You come up with this garbage about Michael's children should have their DNA tested and the results made public!!!! HOW BRAZEN of you!!! You have no feelins or sympathy for those children and how difficult the loss of their father has been. IT does NOT matter who's children they are. Michael took them to raise and Loved them like he had never loved anything and they loved him the same. HOW DARE you feel you are entitled to know something so personal. Can you imagine if you had a child that you had raised from birth and then some blood sucking know it all came along and insisted that your child be tested and then spread the knowledge to all the family and friends and neighbors and communities. How awful do you think those children would feel. All the ridicule that would subject them to. AND there is NO reason or excuse that would make such a thing OK.

    I can't believe the audacity you have to say such a thing. This big fantasy you have that Michael is somewhere reading this blog and that you will win his undying love for exposing the truth is a little far fetched. You cross the line with your ridicule of knowing who everyone is and what they think and how they feel. Have you had ONE conversation with any member of the Jackson family?! It's funny that all the information you post here about the Jackson's come from TMZ and the other tabloid news sources, more than anything else. Michael begged people not to read them and you consistently post them here for people to read and you quote them. I'm beginning to wonder, WHO is paying you to attack Michael's children so fiercely??? Would you bet your LIFE that you know for a fact 100% that Paris just pulled some publicity stunt?

    You need to ask God for just a tad bit of Wisdom, if you are going to write things about other peoples lives that you have never met and spoke with, otherwise this blog just falls into the category of another crazed fan gossip column like all the others you speak of. I guess they think they know what Michael knows too, but I could never bring myself to read any of them. Poor Michael he can't escape even in death people's judgements. I can't help but laugh when I hear that groups of people think he will return. And you must think that you know with certain fact that Michael is dead, because if you didn't think that, you couldn't think that his body is going to be possessed by Satan. Because the alive Michael that is a servant and child of God would never be overtaken by Satan. If you want to prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt, prove that Michael died with 100% certainty.


    1. Hi Taylor,

      I hope you got your venting out of the way and off your chest. Because I am going to NICELY try and answer your questions. It's really very simple and no, you don't have to be psychic. In the SIMPLEST terms possible -

      I don't live inside Michael's head and I don't know everything. What I LEARNED I learned by LISTENING to Michael, to his songs, to his speeches, to his interviews, but MOSTLY to his songs, since they are the one outlet Michael had. And what I KNOW Michael KNOWS are IN HIS SONGS.

      I don't have time to educate you on all that, but it's in the past blog topics, right here. Have fun.

      DNA Tests - You're right. I don't have a RIGHT to know what the DNA results are. And that is not what I said. I said "I think it should be done". And I said " I support AEG's request to have them tested". Michael did not take those kids, they were INSTALLED into his life. Michael told us that his children are all over the world. He also said he is married to his work. Niether wife was Michael's choice and if you cared about Michael AT ALL, you would be asking the same questions as me instead of finding a way to justify the MONETIZING of them that the estate and Sony has done.

      If the DNA tests were made public, it might go a short way to APOLOGIZING for manipulating the public and lying to them about it. It would also help heal Michael since those children were used against him in every way imaginable by the same people who are making money off of Paris' alleged suicide.

      You must understand that I am not the one living in the fantasy world. I'm not the one that was bamboozled into believing there was any "love" between Michael and Lisa Marie. I'm not the one that is so eager to sweep Michael's suffering under the "Michael Jackson:ONE" rug. I'm not so gullable as to believe that John Branca was Michael's dearly departed lawyer who just happened to be fired before Michael's 2003 accusations and hired on miraculously eight days before he died . . . RIGHT!

      I'm not attacking Michael's children. Trust me, what they did to Michael, the WILL DO to those children as they have done to ALL prominent Hollywood tools. Freeing them would be doing them a favor.

      Taylor, you obviously have no understanding of Michael, his suffering, the Bible and what these people are doing.

      Paris was a publicity stunt. Just look at Karen Moriarty's Facebook page - "Paris' acting debut.

      I'll tell you what Taylor - I will bet my life that Paris is just a publicity stunt if you can convince me that Michael lied when he said that the history books lie and the news lies. Because in order for me to believe that Paris really slashed her wrists, you would have to convince me that Michael was guilty of child molestation, because both pieces of news come from the same sources. Now grow up and admit that you're just pissed because I'm right.

      My conversations with God are shared here. Everything is cited with scripture and you know it. This is what Michael wanted all along - EXPOSURE for what is going on. Why do you think "Little Susie" was written in the first place? Because YOU DIDN'T COME SOON. Because you wouldn't listen. Because you wanted YOUR FANTASY performed before your very eyes while Michael was suffering and CONTINUES TO SUFFER because NONE of his alleged fans care for anything but their own selfish desires.

      I shouldn't say "none" but a vast majority of them.

      Michael told us what was going to happen. Since you won't believe it just shut up, sit back and watch like a good little slave.

  6. You can go tell Prince, Paris and Blanket that they weren't wanted by their father and they were just INSTALLED in his life. You make it sound like Michael was just some puppet and that he had no will of his own, nor that he knew how to live his life. I listened to everything Michael said to. And there are a dozen different ways that his songs can be interpreted. They came from Heaven as he said, to touch people's heart in many different ways. They certainly have a message, but that is for each individual to take in, not for you to put your interpretation in stone, and criticize all who don't see it that way.

    I am a slave to no one, but I am a disciple of Christ just as Michael is, and I don't care what any tabloid says, I care about Michael's and his children's privacy and their dignity, it seems that to many are just all to curious to see just how far those children can be dragged down because they are his. They are his children regardless of their DNA. Anyone with common sense can look at how he cared for them and see that they were more his, than any biological parent.

    It's not anyone's place to continually drag Michael's life through the mud and under the microscope. That doesn't do one thing for my or anyone else's relationship with Christ. I'm sure Michael was aware of his enemies and he chose to let God fight his battles. The time to stand up for him by those that called themselves fans, was when he was going through the bashing. Pointing fingers at all the bad guys isn't going to help him now. Do they and will they continue to make money off of him, absolutely, and there is nothing that you nor I or anyone else can do about that. Why? because it is not our place. Jesus never told us to go around pointing people out and listing all the corrupt things they do, because that is not crucial to salvation. Anyone that has the true spirit of God dwelling in them will know who the enemy is. That is God's job at judgement day to list all their evils and judge them accordingly. I have no desire to be someones judge. Our jobs are strictly to point people to Christ and to lift him up.

    The world does a fine enough job of bashing one another, the world doesn't need people that are suppose to be follower Christ to chime in, otherwise, they can't tell us apart. When I look at the Fruit of the Spirit I don't find finger pointing listed anywhere. But then if that is your nature and what you feel you must do, then that is on your head.

    1. Taylor,

      If you are a disciple of Christ, then why don't you believe scripture? And if you love Michael (not just a fan but love him), then why can't you help him?

      I have been researching this, from the very surface down into the depths of this thing. There are other blogs that have done the same although not every one has attached Michael to Biblical prophecy.

      You say Jesus didn't say go around pointing fingers at people. Are you familiar with these verses?

      Matthew 3:7
      But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

      Matthew 12:34
      O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

      Matthew 22:18
      But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?

      Matthew 23:13
      But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.

      Look at the last verse - that is what THIS is all about. How about this one?

      John 8:44
      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

      Ephesians 5:11
      And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

      There is a difference between exposing liars, exposing deceptions and bashing. And if you are a true follower of Christ, you will not be afraid to stand up for the oppressed which Michael most certainly was.

      Michael also called out the liars, the evil ones, the deceivers, the greedy and gluttonous (Money, Tabloid Junkie, Privacy, D.S., This Time Around, Dirty Diana, Blood on the Dance floor, Be not Always . . . )

      So according to YOUR understanding of Christ, neither me, Michael OR Jesus himself is not Christlike, because we won't sit still while evil people oppress, use, rape, racketeer or torture others for their own gain.

      Would you consider that accurate?

      I am exposing the lies, and the liars. What are YOU doing to help expose what happened to Michael?

  7. Bonnie,

    B...R...A...V...O !!! I'm crying as I read your above replies, and so happy that you answered what my heart was saying. Anyone who dares to keep silent about the torture and torment these people put Michael through are the worst hypocrites of all. God bless you, Bonnie!


    1. Hi Micheline,

      Replying then going to bed. Thank you for your support. Really. It's really hard without the support of some friends who understand this.

      I really hope the person above sees how incredibly selfish this statement was:

      "The time to stand up for him by those that called themselves fans, was when he was going through the bashing. Pointing fingers at all the bad guys isn't going to help him now. Do they and will they continue to make money off of him, absolutely, and there is nothing that you nor I or anyone else can do about that. Why? because it is not our place. Jesus never told us to go around pointing people out and listing all the corrupt things they do, because that is not crucial to salvation."

      This is EXACTLY what the "New Age Christ" movement is teaching. Jesus said to love others he he loves us. Jesus went out while here in the flesh and he healed, and he revealed false teaching, and he called those out who sought to deceive, lie and manipulate - and he DIED for us, putting us first, himself last.

      That is Christlike. If all you want out of a relationship with Christ is salvation and the heck with everybody else, you have learned nothing.

      What did Michael say? "I'm gonna need somebody's help" and "take over for me" in his song Cry.

      "And they have not a clue when it's all gonna end again". You better believe he was worried about and CARED that people were missing the signs. And he was one of those signs.

      Michael also sang (in response to "you can change the world") "I can't do it by myself" - He was also referring to needing GOD to do this. I'm tired of people believing the LIE that songs are left up to the interpretation of others and the HECK with the ARTIST'S ACTUAL message. It's the same principle with "your truth/my truth" - everything is subjective which means there is NO STANDARD of truth at all with these people.

  8. Bonnie,
    What a shame some "fans" have still not awaken to the suffering Michael went through to tell us the TRUTH! Everything he did, he did out of love, he did it out of love for God's creation. I have learned so much from that man, so much about God and this world and how amazing we really are. We belong to God and we should walk with God and have faith and be innocent like children. And Michael has always done that and showed us what God intended for us to be. That man is nothing less than a hero, wherever he is I hope he know's how much we here love him and will continue to fight for the truth.

    Let me tell you that you have my upmost respect and all my support for the continued work you do on this blog, in Michael's name and for humanity. You deserve so much love and God knows your heart and what you stand for. We're in this together and I love you and so does Michael & God.

    1. Hi Jill,

      Romans 12:2
      And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."

      I think about this every day and especially after going through an exchange like the one above. It is hard to fight this battle and remain "like children". Especially when you get angry :o) The approval I seek is from God, not from men (or women) and I didn't used to be that way.

      Michael took out his anger in his music. That was the only medium where he was LESS oppressed and I'm sure he knew that people were going to misinterpret his music - but that others would get it. YES he's a hero and not only that, those who live in countries who are not bombarded with T.V., radio and magazines - the less material KNEW Michael without that infusion of propaganda.

      I TALKED to some of the people I called out above. I KNOW what Karen Faye's intentions were because she ASKED ME to do something dishonest and at the time, I offered to do it until something hit me that it wasn't right. I even wrote back to her (on Facebook) and told her WHY I couldn't do it and I was UP FRONT with the very people who KNOW that I know and continue to lie. Taaj Malik and I used to talk on the phone! I know from the tone of her voice and I could have cut the space of silence with a KNIFE when I told her I believed Michael was alive. Her reply when she did finally speak was not from someone who loved Michael. It sent shivers up my spine.

      Isaiah 53:10-12
      "Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him;
      He has put Him to grief.
      When You make His soul an offering for sin,
      He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days,
      And the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand.
      11 He shall see the labor of His soul,[b] and be satisfied.
      By His knowledge My righteous Servant shall justify many,
      For He shall bear their iniquities.
      12 Therefore I will divide Him a portion with the great,
      And He shall divide the spoil with the strong,
      Because He poured out His soul unto death,
      And He was numbered with the transgressors,
      And He bore the sin of many,
      And made intercession for the transgressors."

      We should take comfort in this. Because what Michael went through is written, and so is his reward. Many read this as being Christ, but this chapter and chapter 52 is specifically about the end time servant. The reason Christ is also present in this prophecy is because God's "prudent" servant is one with Christ. And his reward will also be great.

      In Revelation 12, the "man-child" is caught up to God and to his throne. The devil does not get to devour his soul even though this man child offers it to God, to do what God see's fit. And if you notice, both God's part and the servant's part in those passages in Isaiah 53 (His and His) are capitalized. So Jesus' prayer is answered in Isaiah before he even prayed it in the Garden of Gethsemane.

      John 17:11
      Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are." - Michael was also here, one with Christ as Christ is one with God and as Michael is now one with God - and as we will be.

      When this is all said and done, Jill, this is going to be such a beautiful story.

    2. I love that piece of scripture, it's beautiful!

      Yes, I absolutely agree about not seeking mans approval but Gods. And to not let negativity from people consume you. Because God is inside of us, and we're bigger than any ignorance of negativity and judgements. If you feel in your heart and believe that you're supposed to be doing whatever it is you want to do or are doing, then that's your calling from God to do that. Because you feel so inspired and you feel a tug on your heart when you do what you were meant to do. That's the work of God I believe.

      Yeah, that's true, Michael knew most would get it. I also feel the same way about some fans interpreting an artists music to say what they want it to say. And they just ignore the whole message the artist was trying to give. I hate that! You put all your work into something to have someone not see what you intended is a shame.
      Oh yeah, and the indigenous tribes of people, even they know of Michael and know the true Michael not the one made up and corrupted, but his true heart.

      I know, I've read all your posts. I used to think she was good and on Michael's side until I read your blog and researched for myself. And Karen Faye is still friends with those people on twitter! I don't see how these people loved Michael, honestly. How can you love someone and go behind their back and use them for your own gain? That's not love, that's greed and selfishness!
      And for that girl you talk about, Taaj whoever, to act like that just goes to show you their true intentions.
      I believe in my heart Michael is alive & safe and God is protecting him always. These people will soon be exposed for who they are, which they already have been.

      I love when you post such beautiful bible passages, how can anyone not see the truth? I always pray for healing for humanity, God is watching over us and I hope the lost children soon find him.

      God bless you!!!

    3. Hi Jill,

      Those Bible passages ARE beautiful. And they are indeed a big attraction for those who also want to use those for their own agenda. I also believe that God chooses people to do certain things. I hear some ministers poopoo people like Michael and other self-studied people on the Bible and they proselytize about how you need the proper training in a good theological seminary. But what about Jeremiah? What about Paul who was ANTI-CHRIST before God stopped him in his tracks on the road to Damascus! That man's experience was so overwhelming he became one of the most active Apostles of the New Testament. His story about his conversion is just beautiful. It makes me love Paul. I can't imagine how Jesus must feel when someone SEES, is completely crumbled in tears of remorse and rebuilt into a new being through his love.

      I believe Michael is protected. God told me in probably the most physical encounter I've ever had with him after praying. I can't ask for any more proof than that.

      God bless you too, Jill ♥

  9. Hello Bonnie. It's really a shame of all of what happened to MJ. I don't see why MJ would allow that to happen to him. Bonnie you said in MJ's Susie song, that MJ was crying out to his fans, but they wouldn't listen. But the reason why the fans didn't listen, because they couldn't didn't know the song was about MJ, but about some little girl named Susie. If MJ wanted help, why didn't he just speak out directly?

    There's a song called 'Eaten Alive', written by Barry Gibb, with MJ singing chorus. In that song, it has the lyrics "Another victim of your ritual, for you my skin is shed". Do you think that was somewhat about infecting MJ with vitiligo!?

    1. Starla,

      Probably for the same reason Jesus allowed what happened to him. Miracles unheard of are going to come out of all this. Part of that is exposing the evil by opening people's eyes to the suffering he went through . . . to SHOW us this evil.

      On the "Little Susie" song, I didn't even know the song existed before 2009. Michael couldn't speak out directly because the message would have been squelched. There were songs left off of records that Michael probably wanted in. Remember what happened to "What More Can I Give"? Sony refused to promote it, but they don't mind making money off of it now!

      Invincible - all full of what Michael's plan and God's plan was. Sony shelved it so Michael had to pay to promote his own album and Sony STILL got their cut out of it. Michael didn't care because the message was important.

      Thank you for telling me about "Eaten Alive". I didn't know about that one. I will try and find a recording of it. But "ritual" in that song probably is referring the use of people's bodies - the selling of souls for the establishment to use artists to put out their message. Kind of like Michael's "take my name and just let me be" in "Stranger in Moscow".



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