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Michael Jackson Justice: Spirit of God is Living, and He Won't Let This Be, No

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Monday, July 8, 2013

Spirit of God is Living, and He Won't Let This Be, No

Forget Your Heroic Forefathers
Sorry, My brother put Michael Jackson in the background, please ignore...

Continued from “Michael Jackson:ONE – This is NOTIt”, we left off with the Vegas blog description of the plot for “Michael Jackson:ONE” where the four personalities of Michael were battling the “Mephisto and the elite force of villains” and where “Darkness and light become ONE”.

I had also asked you to review “Killing the Light in Michael Jackson” and “Contending Over the Body of an Angel”.  Because the information here is going to expand on what we discovered in those two subjects.

On those two blog topics, we discussed and linked the framework of this system that will be changing everyone’s way of life and as Glenn Beck said, you WILL have to make a choice.  And to keep it simple, that choice is in the Bible, foretold and sung in many a song through to the present day.

Take note of the dates mentioned in “Contending Over the Body of an Angel”.  June 1st, 2013 and that was the message I received that day.

June 1st was also the expected launch of something we will discuss below.  It has since been  stalled because everything needs to be perfectly (or near perfectly) timed.

On that blog topic on June 3rd (began writing it on June 1st), we linked several celebrities to the “Christian Science” religion and the “British Israelism”.  We linked British Israelism to Zionism and setting up of the political state of Israel.

We linked that event to the movement of Russian and Bavarian “Jews” to this new “state of Israel”.  We linked the “news from the north” in the Bible to the most recent remarks by Vladimir Putin who it is claimed demanded the Rothschilds leave Russia and all citizens close out their accounts in Rothschild banks.

We covered Israel’s deportation of thousands of black and Semitic African immigrants to an unknown north African country, the lawsuit in the U.S. concerning illegal aliens and the $46 Trillion dollar lawsuit against the banks from the supposed OPPT.

We also learned that the war between Israel and Syria could be connected to Israel’s search for the missing books out of the Aleppo Codex and possibly the Arc of the Covenant itself, and finally those missing books just happened to include most of the five books of Moses (Book of the Law) and the book of Daniel which consists heavily of the end times and Michael’s part in those end times.  It includes a list of foreshadowing of other events in the Bible and it is a very interesting read.  “Contending with the Body of an Angel”.

The second and most abusive comments for a blog post were inflicted on the blog topic a few days later titled “Slowly Killing the Light in Michael Jackson”.

On that blog topic we expanded on the topics in “Contending with the Body of an Angel”, reviewed the topic prior and the “Lightworkers Media” Bible series on HBO being connected “” and their misquoting of the Bible to create a “New World” Jesus and a kingdom here on earth.  That made me angry.

We then connected Maxine Water’s interview about Obama’s created “Organization with a database never before seen in life”, to the database in Maiden, North Carolina and the “Cloud” computing, data and DNA data processing and storage.  And we are going to refer back to this a lot so while you’re reading, please keep this blog’s window open.

Founding Fathers No Heroes

Only God knows how many of our founding fathers will make it to Heaven.  I’m betting if they were Masons . . . not many of them.

This has been covered long before, back in 2011 and in 2012, but it bears repeating, just so you can see that Lucifer is very much a part of the United States Government, and the purpose “for which it stands”.

Pentagrams, Owls and Obelisks, oh my!,  The Occultic United States.

You heard John F. Kennedy on the previous blog topic.  Here he is again for a refresher:

John F. Kennedy Predicts
The use of the need for
Increased security to subvert
Our civil and God given rights
Secret Societies, and the use of media
To create instead of report reality

No it is not about Communism.  Communism is just an means to an end.  JFK specifically mentions secret societies and the plot to subvert our rights in the name of “a need for increased security”.  After the bad communists in Russia, the “Muslim Extremist” was employed as the next boogey-man.  Now, it’s patriotic and people of faith who are “on the list” of terrorists.

One of the societies least exposed is mentioned on Pakalert:

Seven Society

Seven Society
At the University of Virginia, Seven Society is the most secretive as well as (ironically) the most famous and visible on campus. It’s unclear when or how they were founded (one rumor is that seven men gathered for a card game created the society when the eighth man didn’t show up), but they first became public in 1905 when a white number seven was painted on school grounds. Since then, the group has become a charitable powerhouse, buying a campus carillon, raising thousands of dollars for student loan funds, and awarding their own Seven Society Graduate Fellowship for Superb Teaching annually, which donates $7,000 to a teaching assistant nominated by students. Membership in the fraternity is so secret that it isn’t revealed until after a member has died. When this happens, a wreath of black magnolias shaped like a “7″ is placed on the grave and the University Chapel’s bell tower chimes seven times in seven-second intervals on the seventh dissonant chord at seventh past the hour. The only way to contact the Seven Society is by hiding a letter at the base of the Thomas Jefferson statue inside the University’s Rotunda.” – Source, Pakalert Press

Remember what the number 7 looks like in the Hebrew Alphabet.

Hebrew Alphabet (7) shaped “vav or waw”
Gematrian Value of 6 both Hebrew and Aramaic

Again, Michael Jackson – Labeled in plain sight
777 = 666 (English # 7 covers Hebrew Letter #6)
This is the "hand sign" of three sixes

Michael Wearing the Number of his Name
They changed "Joe" middle name
to "Joseph" = 6 letters

Three "bams" of the "seven pose"

From the video HIStory trailer
Straight out of Revelation 12 and 13

Michael’s pre-coming out “teaser” was all done and set up by Sony, Michael’s music label and the cabal behind them, our government, OTHER governments, bankers and the Luciferian plan.  The trial with AEG and the plants they are surrounding Katherine Jackson with, the stories with Wade Robson, the stories with Anthony Pellicano, The stories with rogue “fans” trying to “taint” a jury – all of it to saddle AEG with Sony’s crimes.

Does anyone remember that picture above?

This is shown at 0:55 minutes at this video that Karen Moriarty was promoting on her facebook page:

This is a three year old video.  She posted a “call to arms”.  Anything to distract.  But in the video that accompanies her post I caught an interesting “move” on stage by Michael and it made my blood run cold:

2:29 The Act of Stabbing Someone?

The first thought that came to my mind?  Sacrifice.  We know from our research on the “Franklin Case”, “John Todd”, “Bryce Taylor”, Bohemian Grove and the Satanic underbelly of this “movement” for world government that it does go on.  And they use children.   There is not a move or a flick of a finger on stage that Michael made where he wasn’t trying to tell us something.

Michael Jackson not only knew it, he probably witnessed it, being as high up as he was.  After all, he was the “King” and in their eyes, still is.  And his love for children was not carnal in any sense of the word.  There was urgency to his message.  Children were being killed and nobody listened.  The man of sorrows, acquainted with grief in Isaiah 53 – can you think of a more horrific thing to witness for someone as sensitive as Michael then to be forced to watch children being sacrificed?

His message was consistently oppressed and covered up with the stories his own label put out including those slandering and defaming him.  You go search out all those old articles and not once . . . NOT ONCE did his own record company defend him!  Not once!  What any of the press or the fans put out about AEG or Tohme or Phillips or Anschutz is worth GARBAGE because if their hearts were with Michael at ALL, they would not be blocking out the years of torture and MURDER committed through the people who “own” Michael’s image now.  And as far as I’m concerned all of you who ignore this deserve the punishment that is coming to  you.

What else is going on in the world?  Well, Google put this out today on their front search page:

Roswell story’s 66th birthday – Isn’t that special!

If that isn’t enough to make you nervous -

New Pope Calling for One World Religion – Source   This is especially notable since the date that the Pope (Benedict) called for a ONE WORLD ECONOMY just happened on July 7, 2009 during Michael’s memorial.

Just more proof of how deeply and high up this network is embedded.  But let’s dial it back a bit. 

Local Control Subversively Implemented

Wait until you see where this lead me!  While we’re watching what our governments and more visible religious leaders are doing (Christianity has it’s “we are one” pope’s too – Osteen and Rick Warren, TBN Network etc…), what is going on in local governments is the ramp being slid underneath the vehicle of state sovereignty by this cabal.

On my Facebook feed, a newer “friend” posted this:

Facebook - What's the big secret?

The Search took me to this one:

The group has only one post and was only started in the middle of April this year.  Note the circle in red - Oath and Bond  page.  This is now what was FORMERLY KNOWN as OPPT.  The OPPT has been “dissolved”. – (info on that here).  This gets real good.  I clicked on this page and found this:

Note the glazed over "404 The Page Cannot be Found".  I ran my cursor up to the "I M Power Absent Limits"  (the great I Am?)  I saw this:

White on White - Truth in Plain Sight

The navigation is horizontal along the top, almost invisible until you move a cursor over it.  Then it comes to life.

I clicked around on a couple of those links and much of it is the same as the other OPPT sites except this one has an slight explanation of an additional "program".

Project 13 I UV Ixchange

I clicked here and looked around and found something rather disturbing.  I will post a screen shot, then copy a couple of the sentences below it:

On that page in the first sentence is a forty minute video with Caleb Skinner explaining what I UV exchange is and how the "Project 13" system works.

I scrolled down a bit and I'm not going to read this whole thing, but these few paragraphs should give you an idea of what is being put together here.

Take a look at the items circled.

"Project 13 is expected to be launched June 1, 2013"

Obviously this did not happen yet or it would have been updated here.  Perhaps we will find something further down the web page (I found more, keep reading).

This "software application" as it says, is designed to allow people to surf, post, share data with their chosen contacts "harvest free".  It's like a closed shop on the internet.  An exclusive club only for those that "OPPT IN".  But this is what really sent my wires singing:

"When the 'mechanism' of the tool known as the I UV Ixchange is released, it will be one of the many tools that subscribers of Project 13 can access."

Now look at this:

"By 'mechanism' we mean the component that gives people access to their value in a way that is 'spendable' and can be used to buy a loaf of bread or purchase a product or pay for a service or an experience."

I took a deep breath, then copied this:

"And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

16. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  17. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

The verse below that of course, verse 18 is the last one in that chapter.

"18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

We remember who sported that "number" don't we?

Michael Jackson history Trailer

Hebrew Alphabet "7" the Vav/Waw symbol
With the Gematrial Value of "6"

That letter in the Hebrew Alphabet represents the sounds for "w" or "v".  The acronym for "World Wide Web" is "www." and it begins every internet address after the hyper-text transit/transport protocol.  The Gematrian value of the www in Hebrew is "666".

American Dollar Bill - 1776
and the sequences of the Roman Numerals

OPPT and their logo has all these components.

Michael Jackson was labeled in plain sight back in 1996-97 promoting his "HIStory" Album.  We know who their "King" is; he who "was, is not yet will ascend out of the bottomless pit" (Revelation 17:8).

Now screen shot number two of this same OPPT I UV web page is a list of the devices that this application is available to download on "June 1st", if they were ready by then.  Note the underlined and the arrow near the "delay" on the one Microsoft "Silverlight" program.  Interesting isn't it that it should be this detailed if it were a bunch of hooey?

The web page did not exist two days ago, so I had done a search for it on Google.  I will show you what that revealed in a minute (be prepared to get livid).  Tonight when I clicked on the link it brought up this web page:


On the about page:

"Project 13 was originally created to facilitate data exchanges between groups of people who had reasons to know each other in the real world. It was the brain child of a software dev who was looking to create a solution that didn't sell your information or advertise to you. The VEXS protocol, based loosely off of Isaac Asimov's I Robot, was born out of a desire to see software fall under the hands of the people it was written to serve; not create a creature that runs amok of social norms. We hope that you'll participate in this experience. Join forces with a team of people who believe that thus far the role of software in society has been misused - who want to see software used in it's proper place. Help us in correcting that balance..."

On the “Contact Us” page there is just an email address, info.projectxiii.

On the “News” page contains three links of news about various online social network security holes.

On the “Data Policy” page:

"We at Project XIII have no interest in your data. We have not built any back doors into the system that allow us to see what's going on. We refuse to do so. Your data will be safe with us. We have no idea what you are talking about and will strive to make every effort to do so. We keep your encrypted data for three days. Your friends have that much time to download your updates, messages, comments, etc. After that period of time the server deletes the data.

That being said... You have to remember your password! We have no ability to reset it. Only you can do so. So please make sure to remember your password or write it down in a safe place . . ."

That is the totality of the “software” Project 13 page.  I bolded the one sentence because it reads like “we will strive to make every effort” to know what you are talking about.

This looked so much like the quickly constructed web pages of some of our rather nefarious MJ people (Like Raymone Bain’s “cough” business) that it looked more like a front then a future developed web page for an all encompassing software.  So I went back to my searches from the day before.

Remember I told you that the day before (Saturday, June 6), the web page was not up or I could not get to it from the link on their page.  I searched to see if there was a web page for “Project 13” and this is what I found: -

What I found was quite a different web page.  Considering that the I UV and the “Project 13” software will be used together to allow you to “purchase” things like “bread, food, services”, etc, I wondered when they were going to bother telling you about this at all!  This search on Google I did was for “Project 13” as it is spelled on the I UV web page, not as it is spelled on the link at the top of their page “project xiii”.  This is what I found.

Screenshot Home Page

I surfed.  My first link led me to a little blurb about conserving one natural resource.  This is a program no doubt linked to Agenda 21 and the U.N.

Screenshot Problem and Solution

The second link from Home page, “Executive Order” took me to a copy of a “draft” for an executive order, written in a way where #fields# can be automatically populated depending on which governor from which state or country you are once you sign onto this thing.

Screenshot Executive Order

Take note of the items I circled in red and arrowed.  This is Governor Pataki’s “outlaw the Supersize” on steroids.  How are they going to keep the lamb chops out of Kissinger’s oozing jowls?  That’s what I want to know.

I had scrolled down so you can see the links to the sites it links to.  One of which is “” or

On that Google search I found that the “Mypyramid” was replaced with “”.  This is where the “super tracker” is located.  The “pyramid” is still at work but it is on a PDF for you to “download”.  Mypyramid.pdf.

First, why would they call it a pyramid?  And why would the logo have to be shaped like one? 

Because it is part of what will be wrapped into this I UV program, government watched and enforced by various agencies, once they have everything in place.

Here is the scary part, if you scroll further down on the "Executive Order" link on the web page:

"3. The Department of Health Services will educate all citizens at least once with the same knowledge provided in the class for the schools mentioned above (individuals that received the class at school are exempt). A simple tracking system will be used to ensure 100% contact. Bilingual trainees will be employed as required. This training will be accomplished by December 31, 2026.

4. The Department of Revenue will provide a $2,000 tax credit for any individual that maintains a healthy Body Mass Index for 8 months out of a calendar year (documented by a Nurse, Physician Assistant, Chiropractic Physician or Physician) and documented proof of the use of a daily calorie budget. Overweight and obese individuals may have documented weight loss of at least 1 pound a week through the use of a daily calorie budget for at least the last 8 months of the calendar year. This tax credit will be available for the calendar years 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027."

Their “simple tracking system”?  Would that happen to be the “I UV” or “Project 13 Software” they want you to “OPPT into”?  The next paragraph down:

"5. The Commission on Conservation of Natural Resources (CCNR hereafter) is hereby established. Its mission is to monitor consumption levels of all natural resources in the State, provide consumption goals for individuals regarding natural resources, provide an overarching plan and evaluate the implementation of the plan on ensuring all individuals meet consumption goals by the year 2035, coordinate with the Department of Education to ensure all 8th graders have established conservation habits by the year 2027 and ensure all high school graduates have maintained and further developed their conservation habits by the year 2032. CCNR will remain in effect indefinitely in order to ensure the establishment and maintenance of a culture that conserves all natural resources." - Source,

Well, if they are talking about the United States, that would pretty much leave out most foods since next to NONE of it is a natural resource anymore.  If they would remove the GMO’s and stop outlawing necessary nutrients like B-17 and natural herbs we wouldn’t have the obesity problem, but then they already know this.

Project 13 as described on the web site is supposed to be a secure online system, even though they are using devices and operating systems ALREADY OWNED BY THE CARTEL they are supposedly fighting.

The I UV checklist for what you can do to spread “awareness” and “oneness”.

You can look through this site at your leisure.  An explanation for the delay from the June 1st Launch date was on this page -

Remember it was eleven days after this that Glenn Beck made his radio show announcement of the "whole power structure" coming down and the country being "greatly divided".  There were also clue thrown out there by Maxine Waters:

Alex Jones promoting OPPT, both these sources we talk about it on THIS blog topic.

Glenn has since played this off as an announcement of two different events, NONE of which have "rocked" anything other than his audience's confidence in his integrity, we can’t ignore this for the other big names who are setting up web pages announcing their partnerships but NOT announcing them . . . YET.

Truth up front, they are just not ready.  And perhaps they are purposely pulling back a little bit to make people like me loose interest and follow more "visible" and newsworthy things.  But they are still building and I am still watching.

I had found one more linked web site/forum that explained that the new launch was July 1. 

This included a June 29th post that gave the announcement that "Project XIII is ready for launch on July 1st - hold tight!"  And they gave this link:

On this same page is the "we were handed ONE document, ONE.  This ONE document could pretty much take down the whole power structure" - Glenn Beck, TheBlaze on June 12th, 2013 – That Glenn was probably referring to.

One more thing before I bow out of here.  I want to REMIND you of the connection OPPT has to not only the U.N. and consumption management programs ushered through the U.N. like Agenda 21.

- but also the DNA and databanks and their references to Michael Jackson, which I covered on “Killing the Light in Michael Jackson”.  The dots connected are all there, and now we have some more (forgive the repeated info, but redundancy breeds retention):

Again, Maxine Waters Admits the “system”
The Database, and the organization

They’re not ready yet

But it’s coming.

And again, even this I UV “software launch” web site sports the link about “friends in high places” – bringing in the “spirituality” part of this:

And then their partners in this – Google

Michael Jackson’s “Angel of Light” =

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."

The vessel you knew as Michael Joe Jackson is no longer Michael Joe Jackson.  The flesh is no longer occupied by he whom you loved.  Understand this and what Jesus told his disciples.  You really do have a short time left.  When Michael said “This is It” he meant “This is It”.