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Michael Jackson Justice: Denizen Cain

God: Reconnect to Him

The Conspiracy against God is about "The Word", and the profaning of His Holy Name within us. Adam fell in the garden, breaking the direct connection to God. Jesus, the "last Adam" was a quickening Spirit, the Word made Flesh, and the only one with whom we can re-establish our relationship with God. Michael's story is still unfolding. He is the one who is, is not. But Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. Many are trying to rewrite HIStory. We were given a help to instruct us. Learn more "here".

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Denizen Cain

Migration of the Promised Land

"And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.   20. It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there.

21. But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there.   22. And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged."

I wish that some could see the things I see.  I pray for that.  Increasingly I am seeing people professing the name of Christ and those that quote scripture following the same humid path which put a stumbling block before the children of Israel.

They don’t offer up scripture citing their reasoning because they can’t, so they quote other books they call scripture.   Am I supposed to just walk away?  Do I fight them or fight FOR them?  Most times I just swallow down the retort “are you for real?”  They probably feel the same way about me.

Is it right to get angry over a labor of love rejected?  Does a man turn and walk away from his true love when she spurns his efforts of courtship, or does he pursue her and prove his sincerity? 

God gave man time to reciprocate a relationship.  He gave his only begotten son to pay our debts.  He prolonged this existence so that His children would have time to remember the ransom paid for them, repent, accept the gift of the restoration with their Father and get to know Him again.

John saw the great angel with the little book.  John heard him call for an end to time.  The iniquity is about to be consumed and there is little time left.

While the red carpet is being rolled out for the coming “Messiah”, very few are noticing the pits that carpet is covering.  The slaughterers will call for peace and the deceivers will campaign for truth; lies will look like truth and if you are not careful and question everything, the illusion will appear real and you will be cut off on the wrong side of the curtain.

A celebrated siren overestimates her allure.  She thinks she’s writing the script, but she forgets the tale she had to tell of her fall.  And now she sings about a messiah she believes she can attract with “no light of her own”, “rolling in the deep” -

"I am the promise
That you cannot keep
Reep what you sow
Find what you seek

I am the sorceress
Down in the deep
I am the earth
Under your feet

I am the moon with no light of my own
You are the sun guarding your throne

I heard the angels whisper to me
Look for the signs
He is the one

I'll light a candle here in the dark
Making my way
To your heart" -
Madonna :lyrics, "Messiah"

She has no light of her own.  Neither now, nor when she sang of knowing where beauty lives.  The light he couldn’t see had already been given away with her soul.

This they seek of him, but they haven’t succeeded.  And you are never going to convince He who authored truth that it has been misinterpreted.

A Re-Upholstered Babylon

I was doing some research over the last week or so into a “denomination” of some people that began as friends on my husband’s Facebook page.  Two others of the same religion are friends of both of ours and as a courtesy, we attended a church service with them.

The program was laid out a bit different than what I was used to in most other churches who teach Christ in that the service was three hours long instead of the almost two (including Sunday School) that my Baptist upbringing adhered to.

That was the weekend my in-laws came to visit and consequently when I became so sick.  The church had sent visitation missionaries to our house so that we could ask questions.  I was not keen on this at the time because I was still running fevers and I unfortunately had to turn them away.  I thought that would be the end of it, but my husband wanted to go back to church and was interested in learning more.  I was not happy about this . . . at all.  But I supported him and agreed he had to make up his own mind; so we attended both a “counseling” and a church service with him once I recovered from the flu (counseling = question and answer).

The first question I had could not be answered by them because the question asked them to test what their doctrine book said with the scripture in the Holy Bible.  The same thing happened when the conversation was continued through email later, and over the next few days.  I had tons of other questions, and we couldn’t get past this one.

The “religion” in question is the “Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” and their “Book of Mormon”.  They believe it is scripture.  I do not.  We had briefly discussed the Mormon Church along with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology and a few others on blog topics two to three years ago like “Michael Jackson and Scientology”, “Illuminati Had Big Plans”, “Jesus And Michael The Great Prince” and “Urgency in His Message”, and their founding by Masonic leaders.

There are plenty of stories out there and various sources reporting that the Mormons were persecuted for their religion, or at least that is what is reported on the LDS Research website.  What that link says about the persecution was this:

"It would be wrong to say that the Mormons were treated badly simply because they had theological disagreements with their new neighbors. In his book The Mormon Hierarchy - Origins of Power, former LDS historian D. Michael Quinn wrote,

"Fear of being overwhelmed politically, socially, culturally, economically by Mormon immigration was what fueled anti-Mormonism wherever the Latter-day Saints settled during Joseph Smith's lifetime. Religious belief, as non-Mormons understood it, had little to do with anti-Mormonism. On the other hand, by the mid-1830s Mormons embraced a religion that shaped their politics, economics and society. Conflict was inevitable" (p.91).

On page 82 of the book, The Story of the Latter-day Saints, LDS historians James B. Allen and Glen M. Leonard wrote, "Impressed by the Mormon image of group solidarity, some old settlers expressed fears that as a group the Mormons were determined to take over all of their lands and business." - Source,

Does this sound familiar?  It follows the same pattern as the stories told of the “pogroms” and the expelling of the Jews from different countries – both religious groups claim unprecedented persecution . . . while accumulating wealth and power in their organizations.  That in itself is no crime, unless you are oppressing and killing others in the process.

Just about every organized group can boast that strategy; however it they had even more in common with the Jews.  It is hard to advocate for a group as a persecuted people while their founders held prominent positions in government.

Mormon’s founder Joseph Smith was a Freemason as was his brother and his father.  Joseph Smith was mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois, where the first “temple” was constructed.  Brigham Young was the first governor of the Utah territory which later became a state.  He founded many of the major towns/cities in that state and it was admittedly governed as a “theo-democracy”.

While Young was governor, few could deny his organizational and business skills.  But there was an incident that occurred while he was in power that also sounds very familiar not only with the tactics the Jews used in the time of Jesus, but also in what our own government is being used to accomplish today and I will wager that you will not have much trouble seeing this tactic in this account of the incident.

It was called “The Mountain Meadows Massacre”.

The Mountain Meadows massacre was a series of attacks on the Baker–Fancher emigrant wagon train at Mountain Meadows in southern Utah. The attacks culminated on September 11, 1857, with the mass slaughter of most in the emigrant party by members of the Utah Territorial Militia from the Iron County district, together with some Paiute Native Americans.

"The militia, officially called the Nauvoo Legion, was composed of Utah's Mormon settlers (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS Church). Intending to give the appearance of Native American aggression, their plan was to arm some Southern Paiute Native Americans and persuade them to join with a larger party of their own militiamen—disguised as Native Americans—in an attack. During the militia's first assault on the wagon train, the emigrants fought back and a five-day siege ensued. Eventually fear spread among the militia's leaders that some emigrants had caught sight of white men and had likely discovered the identity of their attackers. As a result militia commander William H. Dame ordered his forces to kill the emigrants.

At Lee's sentencing, as required by Utah Territory statute, he was given the option of being hanged, shot, or beheaded, and he chose to be shot.[34] In 1877, before being executed by firing squad at Mountain Meadows on March 23, 1877, Lee professed that he was a scapegoat for others involved.[35] Brigham Young stated that Lee's fate was just, but not a sufficient blood atonement, given the enormity of the crime.

The massacre has been treated extensively by several historical works, beginning with Lee's own Confession in 1877, expressing his opinion that George A. Smith was sent to southern Utah by Brigham Young to direct the massacre.

Some of the property of the dead was reportedly taken by the Native Americans involved, while large amounts of their valuables and cattle were taken by the Mormons in Southern Utah, including John D. Lee. Some of the cattle were taken to Salt Lake City and sold or traded. The remaining personal property of the Baker–Fancher party was taken to the tithing house at Cedar City and auctioned off to local Mormons"

The first thing that struck me was the date – September 11, 1857.  I don’t know what else has happened on that date aside from the worst mass murder that ever was perpetrated in this country in 2001, and the Benghazi attacks, but this is a very young country.  I don’t see how it can support three “coincidences” in such a short span of time, of this enormity.

-Source URL

That is the screenshot from the CBS page denoting the date should there be any question.

The patterns that a certain, late pop star alluded to in a cryptic yet telling interview as he was going through he own trial in 2005 are evident in all three of these events:

- The date, September 11
- People dressed as/acting as an ethnic group they had planned to blame the attack                       on.

- A “false flag” designed to garner popular support for the group who was behind the attacks and/or to garner support for war against those who’s land which they wanted ownership or control.

In the case of the Meadow Mountain massacre, the territory the Indians had control of was the target. 

Brigham Young was also credited with leading the first Mormon settlers to Utah, where the settled around “The Great Salt Lake”.  It is the largest “terminal lake” in the Western Hemisphere (nothing flows out from it – it is cut off).  Coincidentally the “Jordan River” in Utah is one of three rivers that dump minerals into the Great Salt Lake.   Isn’t it “coincidental” that the only other “Salt Sea” known around the world is the one mentioned in scripture, the “Dead Sea” into which the “Jordan” of “Israel” and “Jordan” empties. – Source, William W. Slaughter and Michael Landon: Trail of Hope – The Story of the Mormon Trail. Shadow Mountain, 1997.

Why was Brigham Young so set on that area?  It wasn’t “crop-growing” friendly.

Young and his followers were also responsible for establishing hundreds of other settlements in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, California, Canada, and Mexico.  These included “Las Vegas, Nevada; Franklin, Idaho (the first white settlement in Idaho); San Bernardino, California; Star Valley, Wyoming; and Carson Valley, Nevada." - Source, William Clayton, edited by George D. Smith: "An Intimate Chronicle: The Journals of William Clayton", p. 300. Signature Books, 1991

I surmise that the migration and spread of the Mormons in the west had less to do with persecution and more to do with gold and silver, or maybe something deeper than that – “History Nevada State”.

Remember what we discovered about Las Vegas – that “great city spiritually called Sodom and Egypt”?

On “Spiritually Called Sodom and Egypt” we discovered some curious familiar “symbols” for the State of Nevada and Las Vegas:

The “Morning Star”


Back on that blog topic I pointed out evidence that there were plans not only for this country, but that town specifically – this is where the two witnesses are put to death by the beast that comes up out of the pit –and it says “also where our Lord was crucified” . . . remember this is “that great city” SPIRITUALLY called Sodom and Egypt as told in Revelation 11

The Bible says the “messiah” is crucified there.  Everything in Biblical history points to a crucifixion in Israel, but modern preparations point to this very country, the United States where at least some of this will take place.  Remember the “beast” or the “vile one” in Daniel 11 will “return to his own land”.

"24 He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.

Remember “a time”, when measuring by the “time, times and half a time” in Daniel 12:7 and Revelation 12:14 is “a year”, of the three and a half year tribulation (times = 2 years).

Another rather exquisite “coincidence” I found with Mormonism, Brigham Young’s “establishment” of Utah included the symbol on the State of Utah’s flag:

Utah’s State Flag

This was also Brigham Young’s idea.  Of this it says:

"Young had an expansionist's view of the territory that he and the Mormon pioneers were settling, calling it Deseret – which according to the Book of Mormon was an ancient word for "honeybee" – hence the beehive which can still be found on the Utah flag, and the state's motto, "Industry." - Source, Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: "Church History in the Fullness of Times." 1989

Where else have we seen the “hive” prominent in religious institutions?

Beehive building – Parliament Building in New  Zealand.
Beehive – Great Mosque of Kairouin, Tunisia
Beehive – Brihadeeswarar Temple, India
Beehive (atop a pyramid) – Chicago’s Metropolitain Tower, Illinois, USA
Beehive – Stained Glass in an Orthodox church, USA
The Beehive – London City Hall, UK
The Beehive – Culver City, California, USA

We haven’t even really tapped the religious buildings yet.  Most of these are municipal buildings in different parts of the world.

Beehive – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Brigham Young (Brigham University).
Beehive Tombs – Dongola, Senegal.
Beehive (Pulsing) – Milan, Italy for 2015 Expo.
Beehive, Papal Headress – Vatican, Rome Italy
Beehive Building, “Dome of the Rock”, Jerusalem , Israel
Beehive – Symbol of female diety? Salt Lake City, UT – Several buildings
Beehive – Angkor Wat Hindu Temple, Cambodia

The Beehive and pine cone are common images as well as the “dome”.  Domes can be explained easy enough without attracting too much attention but the “beehive” as a symbolic image shared with not only Freemasonry, but with the newer "Theosophical Society".

Straight from the Lodge of Texas Freemason web site:

"The early 19th century lecture of the Master’s degree contained the following. “The Bee Hive is an emblem of industry, and recommends the practice of that virtue to all created beings, from the highest seraph in the heavens, to the lowest reptile of the dust. It teaches us, that as we come into the world rational and intelligent beings, so we should ever be industrious ones; never sitting down contented while our fellow-creatures around us are in want, especially when it is in our power to relieve them, without inconvenience to ourselves.” - Source,

From the site explanation on Honeybees, workers and drones:

"Drones are larger than the worker bees, however they do absolutely nothing to promote the welfare of the hive. They do not gather nectar, make honey or make beeswax. They do not cap off each cell of honey that has been stored nor do they fan the cell to dry the bees wax. They also do not perform any housekeeping tasks toward the common good of their fraternity nor do they educate the younger bees in how to perform the work.

Needless to say, the drones do not worry about having enough honey stored to take the fraternity through the long Winter. The worker bees must feed the drones or the drones would starve and die. The only reason the drones are kept alive by the worker bees is to promote the reproduction within the hive. As you can see, the hive needs very few drones if it is to function properly.

If too many drones have been produced by the Queen Bee, their excess numbers drag down the abilities of the entire hive because each working member has to attempt to care for and feed these non-working members of their fraternity without receiving anything in return.

In the bee world, their excess numbers are internally counted and when the drones numbers exceed their usefulness, the worker bees drag these non-working members of their institution to the front door of the hive where they are left, alone to perish…not because they feel no charity, but simply because for their fraternity to survive, they cannot continue to nourish and support non-working members." – Source,

Now you understand the “mentality” of the “Bee Hive” and hence the “philosophy” underneath your “global warming”, “fake vaccine genocides” and the “useless eaters” by some of your more quoted “elitists” and “Zionists”.

"28 Then shall he return into his land with great riches; and his heart shall be against the holy covenant; and he shall do exploits, and return to his own land.

29 At the time appointed he shall return, and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter."

Saturn Stones?  On a Christian Building?

In correspondence with a Mormon on the church, I couldn’t get questions answered other than “pray about the Book of Mormon and read it”.  I couldn’t get them to point out in scripture in the Bible where some of their teaching was “The Word of God”.

I sent back another reply to them and as I awaited their response, I did some more reading.

The term “Mormon” is even an Egyptian word combined with an English word.

Mormon (n.) -
1830, coined by religion founder Joseph Smith (1805-1844) in Seneca County, N.Y., from Mormon, supposed prophet and author of "The Book of Mormon," explained by Smith as meaning more mon, from English more + Egyptian mon "good." As an adjective by 1842. Related: Mormonism.

The “stones” on their temples (sun stones, moon stones, Saturn stones, earth stones, etc…) are Egyptian sun god in origin, the “planetary alignment”, the pyramids in Giza and as I told our friend, this is exactly what got the “children of Israel” in trouble with God time and again throughout the Bible.

The “golden plates” that started it all with John Smith were were allegedly written in Egyptian:

The language on the plates is called reformed Egyptian: which remains unknown today.” – Source,

None of their prophets . . . not a one is named in the Bible even though they claim they are descendents of Jacob and Joseph.

Then there is this – on the Nauvoo Temple.  They call them “morning stars”.

Mormon Nauvoo Temple

MJ 2014 Mormon Salt Lake Temple

From Masonic Author Manly Hall
"“In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power…The star with two points upward is also called the “Goat of Mendes,” because the inverted star is the same shape as a goat’s head. When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, it signifies the fall of the Morning Star.” – Source,

The link above points out every esoteric and Masonic symbol on their temples and lists it’s Babylonian and Egyptian origin.  This was offered as an explanation for the “inverted” five pointed stars:

"The five-pointed star is often represented as the morning star. The descending ray of the Nauvoo Temple's inverted five-point starstones (there is only one surviving example and it is damaged) was extended downward. Such an orientation suggests the rising morning star. This "star" is not a star at all, but the planet Venus. Venus' brightness is a reflection of the sun, which invisible below the horizon. The extended ray portrays the source of the morning stars brightness, not the planet itself, but the sun's brilliance. " - Source,

The LDS web site itself does little to explain how these “graven images” on a building have anything to do with Christ’s teachings.  As a matter of fact the images not Christian at all.

Located directly above the earthstones, the moon is depicted in its various phases around the temple. The changing moon can represent the stages of human progression from birth to resurrection or represent the patron’s journey from darkness to light.” – Source,

That sounds like it comes straight from Wicca. But it is older than that, from ancient Egypt and Samaria.

One of the most prominent features of the pilasters were the base-stones. The base-stones included a deeply carved relief crescent moon facing downward. Although William W. Phelps stated that the moonstones were “new moons” (Lundwall, Temples of the Most High, p. 47), they were clearly crescent moons. Each moon also had a carved face in profile. The personification of the moonstones was perhaps meant to also represent those who dwell in the Terrestrial Kingdom, because the moon represents the glory of that kingdom on the Vision (D&C 76:71, 78).” – Lisle Brown

A comment found which expresses my sentiments exactly:

I keep saying one of the best bible studies that opened my eyes to the historical aspects of the Old Testament was the book of Jeremiah (See Jer. 42:15-16).  It also cleared the fog of confusion for me that I kept having with the Book of Mormon.  Just about everything God commanded the Israelites not to do is found as righteous behavior in the Book of Mormon. – Source,

There is also, on the Salt Lake City Temple, a giant statue of the angel “Moroni” holding a “book” (of Mormon), blowing a trumpet with a “square and compass” above his head.  A square and compass:

"There exists no account for reason of the placement of the square and compass on the weather vane. One scholar has suggested that, since the compass, which is used to draw circles, points towards the bowl of the sky, and that the square, which is used to draw squares, points towards the earth, that the combination of the two symbols respresent the powers of God in creating the bowl of the starry heavens and the four corners of the earth (Brown and Smith, Symbols in Stone, p. 105). Since the symbol is associated with "the angel flying through the midst of heaven" (D&C 133:36), it may suggest that the gospel will be "declared by holy angels" (Moses 5:58) from above to the four corners of the earth, even "unto every nation, and kindred, tongue and people" (D&C 133:37)." - Source,

Strategically left out is the Masonic association of the square and compass, because we know which the Masons call “God” and It’s not the God of Abraham

Not the God of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob

Every bit of symbolism in the temples of the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” is Masonic, sun-god oriented.  The organization itself has uniquely positioned itself and it’s doctrine with that of Judaism’s eschatology, even though in appearance they split at “Jesus Christ”.

Joseph Smith's Drawing

This is a drawing of an image Joseph Smith made was found in the “book of Abraham” as the sun god Horus.  Smith insisted this was “God sitting on his throne”.

In the 1913 publication of Spalding’s booklet, “Joseph Smith, Jr., as a Translator”, we find Egyptologist Dr. Samuel Mercer’s findings.  According to Dr. Mercer along with ten other Egyptologists, the drawing in Facsimile 2, Figure 3 in the Book of Abraham is the Egyptian sun god Horus.

 Yet, Joseph Smith was adamant this pictorial is “God sitting upon his throne”.  We can only be left to conclude the god of Mormonism is Horus, not the God of the Bible.  The drawing is from the Book of Abraham Facsimile 2, Figure 3

Directly from the LDS Website, the explanation on the “Saturn Stones” which they say represents the dwelling place of God?

"Saturn Stones are located directly below the parapet on each side of the six towers. They represent Kolob, the dwelling place of God."

This is the webpage screenshot of that section about the Saturn Stones because you don’t see reference to this frequently on the LDS web site.

Reference to Sun, Moon and Saturn Stones

None of this is Christian based.  None of it.  This has more in common with Egyptian sun god worship than it does Christ’s teachings.

In discussion of most of this (I had to approach this with our friend in parts because there is so much), I was surprised at the lack of response.  Not even an attempt to scripturally address this.  The responses I sent back were pretty full with scripture addressing the issues that concerned me about the Book of Mormon and what I had learned during that Saturday question and answer session.

The response I sent back and his reply addressing absolutely NONE of my questions was one thing.  But checking my stats on the blog that night took me completely by surprise.  Especially since I had never given him the name, address of the blog nor sent him a link.

There is a temple in “Jordan River, Utah”

About five days I waited for the first reply to my email that I sent, which I expected because it was over the holiday weekend (Labor Day).  But what I did not expect when checking my stats later that same night was over 24 hits to twenty different pages of this blog, from one source . . . in West Jordan, Utah.

West Jordan, Utah: 14 hours, 59 minutes, 26 seconds
21 different pages/topics.

Fourteen hours – almost 15 hours they were on the blog, with what looks to be a five hour break (to sleep?).  Same I.P. Address, same location going page to page to page.  Four of those topics (one visited twice) had the words “Israel” in the title.

The very first topics I circled above are the last two topics they went to.  Below are the first starting at the top.  I did not take screenshots of all twenty one because many of those were archive links with several topics on them.

Not that this would be surprising, but I did a little look-up on West Jordan and sure enough, there was a list of “West Jordan” stakes of the LDS church in the “Jordan River District:

LDS Jordan River District serves West Jordan stakes

I took a look at the list of names of officers of that church and a former President of  the Jordan River District was President Ben B. Banks.  That last name was very familiar to me because it was the last name of one of the “missionaries” that came to our house, and also met with us that Saturday during the “counseling” session.

President Ben B. Banks, 2002 – 2005

There was something else I discovered while researching the LDS church, their claims to “Jewish” tribes, and their pro-present day Zionism movement:

"With large families, a deep love of Israel and the Jewish people, simultaneous dedication to our faith and engagement with the broader world, dietary restrictions and modest dress, and being misunderstood (even by our coreligionists), Orthodox Jews surprisingly have much in common with one of the fastest growing religions in the United States – the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS), colloquially known as the Mormons." - Source,

They go on to say -

"Mormons were persecuted and killed, but are quick to point out that the persecutions of the Jews are unparalleled.

Mormons are disproportionately represented in many walks of life, including the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and 2012 presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are members of the LDS. The founders of Marriott Hotels and JetBlue, as well an increasing number of high-level lawyers and bankers, are Mormon." - Source,

F.W.  Blake was one of the Mormon “pioneers” who traveled from England with those that would be coming from Europe to grow the Mormon organization with Brigham Young.  You can Google him to find that he first went to Salt Lake (on the Brigham Young U website for Mormon Migration), Diary of F.W. Blake.  If you read through this LDS link, you will find an almost miraculous organizing of a mass immigration (even from Copenhagen and England), Mormons all coming to the grand “territory” of Utah, Salt Lake to be exact.  24,000 of them in just a six year time span, most with help from “the church”, and all in days before cell phones, Facebook, or even “Western Union”. 

Miles Romney was another British immigrant who began in Nauvoo and moved to Salt Lake Where Mitt Romney’s father was born.  Some of the family migrated to Mexico and spread LDS down there.  Miles Romney was the architect that helped plan the construction of the temple there.

You might ask, how did people in Copenhagen and other parts of Europe even hear of Mormonism, learn the doctrine and decide to mass immigrate all by 1843 - within just a couple of decades from its 1830 American founding by Joseph Smith?

After Salt Lake, F.W. Blake was one of the Mormons who established towns in California, and started a bank – in Weaverville, California.  The “fireproof” building is now a saloon called “The Diggins”.  The screenshot below of the building today, and the building when it was still the bank.  The “present day” photo for the Weaverville website I circled the logo on the tab.  Can you see it?  It’s a six pointed “star” – like the Israel flag.

Bank Note

Western Expresses
Blake & Company - Sep, 1855 to Jan, 1859
Francis Wheeler Blake was employed by Rhodes & Lusk as their agent in Weaverville late in 1852. In September of 1855, he resigned from Rhodes & Co. and formed F. W. Blake & Co.'s Express, operating between Weaverville and Shasta. While advertising that he connected with both Wells Fargo and Pacific Express at Shasta, he was most closely aligned with the former. Blake purchased Rowe & Co.'s Express in Oct, 1856. His new building in Weaverville was co-occupied with Wells Fargo and by most accounts he was their agent. Wells Fargo closed their agency in Weaverville in Jan, 1859 and transferred their relationship to Greenhood & Newbauer, at which time Blake exited the express business.

The F.W. Blake Bank was indeed founded by the same F.W. Blake that crossed the ocean to "become a Mormon".  It is easy to see how Masonic influence so quickly grew the Mormon Church.  How many small, newly founded churches brought so many recruits from foreign countries to one hard to get, unsettled area in so short amount of time?

It would not surprise me that “persecuted” people could become “disproportionately represented” in positions of wealth and leadership.  It does however surprise me that a Jewish source such as the "" so readily admits it, and ties the pattern to Mormonism as well.

At Kavvanah Wordpress, it is hard to tell whether they are complaining or celebrating the “Big Love” Orthodox Jewish leaders have for Mormons, but they are certainly announcing it.  While looking through that topic I saw the distinction of the Noahide laws and reference to Mormon’s agreeing with them, even as they don’t consider themselves “Noahide”, basically due to the fact that they don’t consider themselves “Gentile” Righteous but instead spiritual members of the children of Israel and therefore can’t be Noahide.

The U.S. Congress endorsed the Noahide Laws in 1991, via President George Bush Sr. at the time.  Yes, that includes “beheading” as a “civilized” law.  Where that led me was the “unprecedented” familiarity with the “eschatology” of both.

From here, I ran into more coincidental parallels between the Mormons and Jewish religions and this led me deeper into God’s True Word.  We will continue that by clicking here.

(Please be patient, I will install the link, it is a lot of information.  Please keep checking back).

True obedience is the refusal to compromise in any regard our relationship with God, regardless of the consequences. - A W Tozer

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